chile- Aliste/Fuentevilla/Villarroel: Words of War from the Maximum-Security Wing


From Hommodolars Contrainformación (February 25, 2012):

From the invisible maximum-security wing punishment area inside High-Security Prison in Santiago, Chile, I declare:

  • We have been on hunger strike since Friday, February 17, not calling for precise improvements in the intraprison sphere, nor demanding some change on the legal level despite being immersed in one of the most farcically irregular processes involving penal rights reform since it was implemented in the metropolitan area in July 2005.
  • We are on hunger strike as a specific, active demonstration of solidarity with everyone in the world who struggles day after day against prison as an instrument of repression, control, and punishment. This is an act of insubordination. It is our cry of rage and war against this prison society, this dictatorship of capital, this putrid social spectacle of the powerful called Democracy.
  • This is our way of insistently saying that there is no prison or punishment capable of putting an end to the practice of Rebellion, much less Social Revolution.
  • Each will think for themselves, supporting us, showing solidarity, but also saying: “Let them rot, they are criminals, that’s ultimately not the way.” But in the face of all that, I say: “Despite all the punishments and lies of repression and harassment, here I am and here we are—standing tall and firm; dignified and fearless; living against the current of capitalist normality; refusing to be slaves; although imprisoned, masters of our path.”

While there is misery there will be rebellion!

Marcelo Villarroel S.; Anarchist Prisoner; February 24, 2012

These letters aren’t just letters. They are a cry, a howl that escapes the imprisonment, cement, and bars that confine us—accused, persecuted, and condemned to death by the murderous police state in this land called Chile. Over four years involving the investigation, harassment, and kidnapping of our family members by the police; submitted to prison regimes of maximum- and high-security; currency to be exchanged between states; we are one more drop of blood that identifies and provides evidence of the DNA and genetics of an Operation Condor still in effect.

The only real objective from the beginning was to annihilate us, to murder us. It still is today, but gradually and in small doses, through one farcical trial and infinite prison.

Here we are standing tall, with our heads and our dignity held high, principled and happy that “solidarity and internationalism” will always be a boundless weapon for the poor people of the world. Our real, true crime, which it’s worth being guilty of, is to be protagonists of our own stories. We were born and we will die guilty, and the guilty will continue to be born, until victory.

Freddy Fuentevilla Saa; Maximum-Security Prison; February 23, 2012; Santiago, Chile

This is a small action with our bodies, through which we acknowledge the solidarity, support, and complicity of many others.

In other words, from here we issue forth a cry of anger against the power of the rich. The dew of freedom covers our faces. It’s always time for us to rebel!

Solidarity is a weapon. We are alive and ready: eight days on hunger strike and years struggling against the system, with memory, conscience, and subversion.

While there is misery there will be rebellion!

Juan Aliste Vega, Subversive Prisoner

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