Donostia – Solidarity gathering with the NO TAV struggle and Luca


translated by B.pd/Actforfreedomnow

Donostia – Solidarity gathering with the NO TAV struggle and Luca

Saturday 3rd March

NO TAV Solidarity gathering


Opposite the Renfe station in Donostia, Paseo de Francia 22


For more than 20 years the NO TAV people have been struggling against the construction of the Turin-Lyon high speed railway. This resistance was born in a small Alpine valley and has now become a symbol of strength and determination against the perverted powers of the market.

Sabotage, direct actions, popular meetings and direct control of the territory are some of the strategies of resistance of this movement, which has managed to stay united in spite of all the attempts at splitting and criminalizing it that power has tried against it.  

NO TAV men and women have responded with even more strength to all the attacks that the Italian State unleashed in order to take possession of their land. They didn’t surrender after the eviction of the resistance camping, known as ‘Free Republic of the Maddalena’, or after the repressive wave that threw 25 comrades in jail because these comrades tried to block the construction of a useless and damaging work, which only obeys to the logic of economic profit.  

Comrade Luca Abba’ of Val Susa is seriously injured after falling from a pylon. As a cop was trying to force him down, Luca got an electric shock. His condition is serious because of the electric shock and the fall from about ten metres, and also because first aid was delayed for more than half an hour. All this happened in the context of the protests against yet more expropriations in the valley on the morning of 27th February.



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