Chile: Claim of responsibility for the attack against luxury car dealer


from liberaciontotal, translated by war on society:


In the early hours of February 29, we directed ourselves with stealth and determination to break with a normal night for a few families. We tore their security and peace into shreds, this time in Ñuñoa [Santiago].

A truck of high social and economic value was our target. For this we had at our disposal a bag with a fire extinguisher full of black powder, a bottle of benzine and a slow combustion wick. We gave two minutes of insurgent life to the bag.

Under the clouds that protected the deed and escape, with hearts overflowing with adrenaline and conviction in what we feel and think, we bring ourselves to praxis while we still live.

We regret that the explosion did not do more material damage, but we overflowed with laughter from the deafening rebel noise that terrified the fucking citizen.

An Indomitable and Warm embrace for Tortuga.

Strength and Encouragement for the kids of the Security Case.

And we hope that Fire forever illumines the path of Clandestinity for the Fugitive comrades.

Enemy of the World Insurrectionalist Cell
Célula Insurreccionalista Enemigx del Mundo

Chile: Bomb explodes outside the home of a luxury dealership owner

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