Paris – Saturday 3rd March 2012-NO TAV – Gathering and road blocks in Paris


NO TAV – Gathering and road blocks in Paris


Translated from informa-azione by B.pd/act for freedom now             

Paris – Saturday 3rd March 2012. About fifty people answered the solidarity call of the NO TAV movement. During the gathering, speeches on the events in Val Susa and the mobilizations all over Italy, then the points of the meetings: what are we going to do besides the solidarity, simple but necessary, with the prisoners; how can we bring the movement to France; what are the links between this movement and us?

Followed by policemen in plain clothes at a certain distance, the small group started marching and blocked the traffic in Sebastopol and on Rue de Rivoli, and eventually reached Place du Chalet, where a demo for the Syrian people was being held.

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