Latina (Italy): anarchists protest at visit of a member of the Greek KKE (knat) (Stalinists)



From orizzontelibertario.

Translated by B.pd /act for freedom now


Today, 7th March 2012, a meeting was held in Latina organized by the popular left with the Greek KKE. The Greek party sent one of his members to talk about ‘how to face the crisis of capitalism from Greece to Italy’ along with Rizzo, a member of the popular left of Latina.

To start with, Rizzo welcomed the presence of so many young people before he found it out that ALL the youths in the hall (aged 16, 17, 18 and 23) were anarchists and were about to protest at him and his Greek friend. As soon as he saw the symbols of the young people (encircled A and black flags), Rizzo started raving things like; ‘Anarchists never did a revolution, anarchy never put a spoke in the wheel of capitalism’, and he carried on by mocking squatters and praising the Soviet Union, which according to him managed to represent a problem for capital (really?) When this raving finished, one of the youths stood up and started asking the member of the KKE uncomfortable questions. He asked why the KKE decided to charge the rebels outside the parliament in a hot day in Athens and why this party collaborated with antiriot cops on several occasions. The Greek denied everything and asked for evidence. He was told about the many videos that clearly showed the KKE charges, but the Greek didn’t admit anything. The discussion ended there, with someone in the hall supporting the young anarchists and some others just laughing ironically, not knowing what else to do in front of the total silence that followed.


Cops-unionists of the KKE assault a rebel in Athens


                                                                THE ATTACK AGAINST THE   

                                            HELMET-WEARING THUGS OF P.A.M.E. 
                                                        IS NOT A CIVIL WAR THAT 
                                              “SUITS THE STATE”
                                             ITS AN ATTACK AGAINST 
                                                  THE STATE ITSELF 
                                                AND ITS LACKEYS



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