Translated by Actforfreedomnow!boubourAs

Maybe they follow my account on Facebook.
 Maybe they watch my tweets and I’m in trouble with the police.
 Maybe I will be prosecuted for what I write on my blog.
 Maybe they follow my mobile phone.
 If I participate in collectives they will make a file on me.
 If I go down to the protests they might detain me.
 Maybe the one next to me is a cop. Maybe I’ll get beaten up.
 Maybe they’ll set me up with a Molotov.

 What is the common denominator of all this?
 The fear that you are small and meaningless. The fear that nothing changes.
The fear that they are invincible.
 Let us examine this equation a little closer:
 Are you small and meaningless?
Yes you are.
 You are. When you are alone.
 You are not when you integrate into a totality. Let alone when you become a
 member of society.
 Nothing changes?
No. It doesn’t. As long as you stay in your tree eating bananas. When you
 come down and stand on your two feet however, from an ape you can become a
 Are they invincible?
 Yes they are. As long as they have your fear as an ally.
 If you stop being afraid, their fear will become your ally.
 But, are they afraid?
 Yes they are.
 Why do they now close all metro stations in the centre when there are call
 Why do politicians not appear anywhere without guards?
 Why do they bring down all foot and mobile means of oppression to
every gathering?
 Why are they trying to shut down
 Why do the cameras of the channels only show the empty Syntagma Square
 after the massive discharge of chemicals?
 Why do the presenters on the screens hurry to say that the people are gone?
 Why on 12/2/2012 did the whole of the professional political space speak of
 Why did they lie that “they burnt down the National Library, they burnt
 down Ianos bookshop, they burnt down Attikon”?
 Why didn’t they mention the number of banks that were actually burnt down?
 Why didn’t they say it was an amazingly massive protest of hundreds of
 thousands of people?
 Why didn’t they say that for the first time the people in the
 demonstration applauded and cheered each Molotov as if the national team
 of Greece had scored a goal?
 Why didn’t they say that “Cops Pigs Murderers” was shouted even by the
 pensioners, and it echoed all over Athens for hours?
 Why didn’t they say that the people were gathering broken pieces of marble
 and giving it to our militant fellow-citizens?
 Why didn’t they speak about the grandmother who showed some people
 burning a bank, that “there is another one just down the road”? They fear
 When we all inform about what’s going on on the social media, and all
 speak our opinion freely.
 When we go to the streets all together.
 When none of us pays for the consequences of a crisis they led us to.
 When we all answer back together.
 When we all clash together.
 They fear that they will no longer be able to present the fact
 that you clash with oppression units as a stigma.
 They fear that the next time they ask you who was throwing stones, you
 will answer “I was throwing stones”.
 They fear that when they ask you who started these fires, you will answer
“I started these fires”.
 They fear that when they ask you if you know any anarchists, you will
 answer “I am an Anarchist!”


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