Sydney Ashfield Anarchist HQ Evicted


Ashfield Anarchist HQ Evicted

On Thursday the 15th of March a massive 4 story squat in Ashfield Sydney was evicted by private security forces. For 3 inspiring and eventful months the building had been home to over 20 homeless anarchists, students and workers. The space had become a centre of anarchist organising and counter information, where many demos and actions were planned and countless zines, leaflets and posters were printed for mass distribution.
Inside the HQ people were able to collectivise their dreams and begin constructing the microcosm of a free society within the shell of an old building. Everyone involved in the space had equal say in how the space should be used and put a lot of time and effort in cleaning and fixing the place up. The squat was named after a large sign on the building labelling it “The Ideal Corporate HQ”

Ideally the building could have been transformed into an open social centre, and we could have publicly announced our presence immediately with banners hanging down from the roof, celebrated with an opening party, created a public free shop, communal kitchen and free school. Unfortunately, due to Australia’s draconian trespass laws, and the lack of militant resistance, squatters have no legal rights. Any squat that publicly announces itself or is discovered by security or police, must generally prepare for an immediate eviction. Police have the right to evict, arrest and charge anyone squatting an abandoned building without even consulting with the owner.
Despite these difficulties, squatting goes on, as long as there are empty buildings and homelessness there will be squats and squatters. There are over 130,000 empty residential properties in Sydney, not to mention the massive number of uncounted, empty commercial properties. Each of these spaces are an opportunity for those without shelter to take direct action for their own needs, without having to wait on an endless queue for state housing, or in one of the unsafe, prison like shelters provided by some charity groups.

Over the past 6 months in Sydney, a number of large empty buildings have been occupied and barricaded by Anarchists attempting to build social centres. Though these spaces were evicted by massive riot squads, we have not been defeated and we will not back down. Despite state repression we will continue to take buildings, to create spaces free from capital, and to defend these spaces against police intrusion. We also encourage everyone who’s had enough of a life with bosses and landlords to take over physical spaces, from building to neighborhoods, to entire cities and reclaim control of a life dictated by the cages of capital.

For the defence of self organised spaces and the creation of communes as bases of resistance!
Against Work and Prison!
Toward an Indefinite General Strike!

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