Athens: Three of the February 12th arrestees are still held in the police headquarters!


After contact with a lawyer just today, March 19th, it was announced that three of the arrestees of the protest mobilization on February 12th, who are in pretrial incarceration, are still remanded in custody at the dungeons of GADA (Athens police headquarters) on the grounds that there is no space in prisons to be transferred to… Over a month, social activists are imprisoned in the detention rooms of the police headquarters without having seen the light of day (because there is no yard time in such detention rooms), in the most squalid conditions of hygiene, even worse than any prison. What is happening here is unprecedented.

Comrade Vaggelis Kailoglou, the fourth arrestee, had written a letter in solidarity with anarchist Stella Antoniou on March 9th, so we know he is held in Koridallos prisons.

Immediate release of all 4 remanded in custody since February 12th!
Immediate acquittal for all caught and charged at the strike mobilizations!

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