Where are we heading to? Certainly we’re heading to self-destruction (chile)


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Translation B.pb/act for freedom now


Where are we heading to? Certainly we’re heading to self-destruction. If we keep on going like this we humans have few years left. So we can’t be indifferent at this question.


Statics or rigorous studies don’t mean a thing. When everything is about to collapse no one will be there to confirm the accuracy of calculations. The capitalist environmental-friendly fashion doesn’t mean a thing either: “new biodegradable bags don’t take 400 years to decay but only 10 years”… Oh, how good!


As we already said, we don’t believe the world is going to change. At the same time we think that a war can be better than others. To wonder whether arson on a police station is more important than an attack on a nano-technology laboratory or a butcher’s means to wonder which animal should be freed first: a mink or a beagle? In this sense, we share Ted Kaczynski’s goals.


It’s not a question of liberating one species or another (that is to say animal species, the human species and the Earth itself) but rather of liberating anything that is under dominion. What do we prefer: to help a zealous dog or a detained human? To help an arse-licker or a dog imprisoned in a lab? It’s not a question of species but of attitudes.


In the polemic concerning the latest editorial of Rabia y Accion, the question was: is it the case to liberate an ill animal or not? We, firm in our ideas, agree with what Culmine said: yes, it’s very likely that an ill animal can’t survive in the wilderness… but at least we would have tried. Animal strength is unknown and incalculable!


Wild life is not synonymous with impossible veganism. Veganism is only possible for unaware people, heartless people, like butchers. We can go back to simple life if we are aware that we can avoid unnecessary suffering, thanks to our empathy and cerebral development. Kaczynski knew this, but he was not (and still is not) vegan because of his anti-left wing paranoia.


Another aspect concerns rationalism and irrationalism. Here we want to scold those who see only two roads in the struggle: to use reason or to use emotion. As in an ecosystem we need to keep a balance between our heart and our brain. We can’t carry out a struggle without thinking nor can we struggle without feeling. Violence, hatred, love and complicity between comrades are feelings born from human souls and far too often they are motivated by thoughts (fuck the concept according to which violence is not natural in humans!) You, we and all those who struggle – even if we are distant – know that heart must be frozen in time of action.


We don’t want to gather our strengths; on the contrary we want the enemy to be attacked from everywhere.


In spite of all the differences, thank you so much for helping to improve our aim.

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