Chile: Hearing against comrade Tortuga suspended Posted on March 22, 2012



from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

Today, Tuesday March 20, the hearing of oral trial preparation against the comrade Tortuga was suspended. The hearing was rescheduled for April 11th at 9 AM.

The suspension of today’s hearing was at the petition of Luciano’s lawyer, who argued that he “was awaiting some expert reports.” Those reports are in relation to the destructive capacity of the explosive device that Luciano carried the night of June 1, 2011. Furthermore, the lawyer indicated that he still did not have access to some of the prosecution’s evidence.

What the defense intends to argue with the missing reports is that the crime does not correspond to a terrorist character. According to the 18.314 law which specifies the behaviors that correspond to terrorism.

The South Prosecution and the plaintiffs did not oppose the petition, so the Tribunal decided to reschedule the hearing.

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