Little stories from IMF-run Greece: 81-year old woman sets herself alight; man drowns in the port of Piraeus after driving his car into the sea; 70-year old man storms tax office with a shotgun


from:the greekstreets

‘Little’ stories like these below keep surfacing in the mainstream greek media, while the majority of them never even make it there.

– On Saturday, 17.03, an 81-year old woman in the island of Zakynthos sat down in the garden of her house before soaking herself with petrol and setting herself on fire. After her death, her relatives found a note explaining she did not want to become a ‘burden’ to her children.

– On Monday, 19.03, at the city of Piraeus in Athens, a man drove straight into the sea with his car. According to some witnesses he shouted ante geia (‘so long’) and when he was dragged to the land he was pronounced dead.

– On the same day, on Monday, a 70-year old man stormed the tax office of the Athenian suburb of Ayia Paraskeui armed with a shotgun, fired shots inside the building (without injuring anyone) and shouting, according to witnesses, ‘you have taken everything from me, you won’t be taking anything else’. He unsuccessfully tried to take some of the workers in the building hostage, and he was arrested soon thereafter.

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