Let’s bar the road of the prison guards


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t’s bar the road of the prison guards

The prison guards’ unions have given an advance notice of a nationwide strike in all prisons from February 17. Beyond the usual demands for greater leverage over prisoners (security measures, more personnel, weapons, isolation, …), they also want to oppose new pension plans. All civil servants will have to work two more years before reaching retirement.

We, implacable enemies of prisons and those who make them exist, have a better idea: that the prison screws take their retirement directly, today. That they leave their dirty work of locking people up, depriving them directly of their freedom of movement. May they do it from today. But none of the powerful, no torturer, no lackey of power changes their mind and their life like that. We are neither naive nor humanitarians. It is only by conflict that they recede, by the aggressive struggle of others against them. The only possible “dialogue” is that of attack. Inside and outside, let’s not stay with our arms folded when prison guards come out on this national strike (making conditions inside even more vile and wretched, depriving prisoners of showers, exercise, visits, activities …) . To the attack, wherever it can reach the prison, its servants and its world! 

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