Greece- Island Naxos : In regards to yesterday’s action in solidarity with Stella Antoniou


From the open Assembly of Naxos 23:44, Thursday, March 15, 2012

To listen to the conversation of around 10 minutes ,sory no subtitlees

An event held in solidarity with anarchist comrade-syntopitissa(from Naxos) Stella Antoniou occurred yesterday in Naxos on the occasion of 5th request for her release submitted on March 8th, we had an open 10-minute telephone conversation from prison which you can watch on the blog below.

Our comrade with her strength and determination inspired solidarity even from some bystanders who were not well informed as to the situation of four imprisoned comrades (Anthony Mitrousis, Sakka and Karagiannidis), as well as to the situation and conditions in the prisons.

The conversation was followed by a discussion on the third “anti-terrosrist” law that with the provisions of 2010, has proved damaging not only in the way it treats the opponents of the regime, but also increases the judicial repression of social struggles with a tougher criminal approach that imprisons them.

At the end of the event 200 euro was gathered for political prisoners.

Open Assembly of Naxos


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