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On the failed march of Forza Nuova in Savona. (Forza Nuova is an Italian fascist organization)

In the last months in Savona, following the participation of the La Destra-Forza Nuova list at the municipal elections of May 2011 and the opening of a site of La Destra, the Antifascist movement of Savona have been giving a clear and direct signal of not being willing to accept the presence of this or any other fascist organization in town. On 8th January and 3rd March 2012, as two ANTIFASCIST GATHERINGS turned into SPONTANEOUS MARCHES in the streets of the town, Savona has demonstrated how antifascist spirit is alive as well as love for freedom and the awareness that neofascists and their nostalgic revival must not be given any political space.

In this context on Saturday 24th March, Forza Nuova attempted to organize a march and rally in the centre of the town: aware of the response they would get, the neofascists thought it better to keep the appointment secret (thus giving yet another proof of their cowardice, thinking they would go unnoticed and hoping they would be spared the hostile presence of the antifascists). Reality proved well different from the forecasts of the shady individuals in black shirts: in fact preparation of the area for their march, with a total clearing of the streets, didn’t go unnoticed, and the Antifa movement got suspicious. On the day of the march police set a proper ‘red zone’ implementing double barriers and lining up a massive deployment of antiriot cops in ‘defence’ of Forza Nuova.
The final result was as follows. About 35 neofascists diriving by car to the town were escorted inside the red zone, actually a real enclosure isolated from the rest of the town, which was made inaccessible and deserted through no parking and entry bans to all those who were not people belonging to the neofascist gang. As a result the neofascists remained confined there throughout the duration of their supposed public initiative.
Police were so scrupulous in defending the neofascists that they guaranteed them parking areas that were denied to the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. Shops in the area were also compelled to shut.
So the fascist march resulted in a movement of not more than 150 metres form the starting point, guided forwards and backwards by the police, according to the movemnts of the Antifascists, who in the meantime had besieged some of the entrances of the red zone. As a result the fascist rally didn’t take place at all in spite of what the press said, especially as there were only police inside the red zone – a massive presence of antiriot squads, carabinieri and digos – and about 35 fascists waving their flags and chanting some sad slogans with the help of a loudspeaker. From outside the enclosure nothing could be heard of what Forza Nuova dare call public rally. In fact, it was a slow and shy stroll orchestrated by digos officers.
As concerns the imaginary aggression that an ‘unfortunate’ neofascist politician made public, we want to point out that he was not touched by anyone but was repeatedly invited to go away by the group of Antifascists.
It is clear that his presence in that place was a provocation, as proved by the threats he made to the Antifascists of reporting them to the police.
Forza Nuova does not exist in Savona as the few people present that day were coming from Imperia, Genoa and Albenga. Ultimately the fascist plan didn’t succeed thanks to the direct resistance put in place by the Antifascists of Savona, who prevented this event from being held and denied once again political space to the nostalgic of the fascist regime.
Once again they didn’t have any political visibility in the town of Savona!

They can well show off arrogance and cockiness… they went away head down once again, of course escorted by police cars, and it took more than an hour before they managed to drive out of the red zone patrolled by the ANTIFA!


some people who were at the antifascist gathering on Saturday 24th March 2012

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