Pistoia (Italy) – Presentation of “Le scarpe dei suicidi” [on the story of Sole, Baleno and Silvano]


From:    anarchicipistoiesi    Translation  by act fro freedom now/B.pd

Saturday 7th April, at the Officina Primo Maggio library, on via Argonauti 10 in Pistoia, Mario Farisetti (Skizzo) will present “Le scarpe dei suicidi” by Tobia Imperato.

On 5th March 1998 public prosecutors Maurizio Laudi and Marcello Tatangelo from Turin arrested anarchist squatters Silvano Pelissero, Edoardo Massari (BALENO) and Maria Soledad Rosas (SOLE) with the charge of conspiracy, accusing them of carrying out some attacks in Val Susa. Evidence for the charges was non-existent or made up by the prosecutors. The press of the regime didn’t waste time and fabricated a defamatory campaign against the three anarchists fromTurin, based merely on false accusations.

The three squatters were immediately subjected to isolation regime in prison and were inflicted all sorts of abuse. On 28th March 1998 BALENO was found ‘hanged’ in his isolation cell. Later on, on 11th July, it was his partner SOLE who ‘hanged’ herself.

Months and years later, during which the press of the regime continued to tell lies and insults, the Court of Cassation wrote off the charge of conspiracy in 2002, and recognized the falsity of the frame-up orchestrated by the prosecutors from Turin.

The FRAME-UP fell to pieces but prosecutors Laudi and Tatangelo could be proud to have eliminated two anarchists!

Through this book,Tobia Imperato dismantled all the lies and reported the TRUTH on Silvano, Baleno and Sole. But he was to pay dearly for his committment, as he was persecuted and stopped by the police on several occasions. Still today he is subjected to repression by the [ower of attorney of Turin: on 26th January he was arrested during the investigation against the NO TAV movement. For this reason he won’t be able to be present on 7th April.

Food from 8pm, and then the presentation of the book. 

All porceedings will go to the legal expenses for the NO TAV arrested on 26th January

Antifascist-Antiracist Collective – Pistoia.

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