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The students and forces of order’s parade that takes place every year on 25th March to commemorate the liberation of the Ottoman State was characterized by clashes and tear gas all over Greece. There were 299 searches and 40 arrests.  The attempt to impose order and security that has been going on for the last two years turned the panegyric of the powerful into a shout of protest against repression and authority.

In Ierissos, the capital of the municipality of Aristotelian in Halkididki, students marched with a black lace on their arm, in a sign of protest and mourning. An initiative that came from the kids themselves to denounce the imminent catastrophe that will overwhelm their territory: the opening of the mines by Ellinikos Xrisos, a huge open crater that will slowly extend to the entire mountain.

After the events in Skouries, when 400 employees sent by the company lynched the inhabitants who were occupying the area, people occupied the town hall of Aristotelian, which includes the municipalities of Halkidiki. The occupation was followed by a big permanent meeting in the square of the town hall. On 25th March, soon after the parade, which the authorities had wanted at all costs and which was carried out also by students with their sign of protest on their arm, the meeting called for a big march in Megali Panagia, the nearest town to the site where works for the mining are to begin. A row of cars 15 kilometres long reached the meeting point. From that road the entire gulf between the second foot of Haldikiki and Mount Athos can be seen. You can also spot the trait of sea that on one morning of 2001 the inhabitants of Stratoni had found coloured in red owing to acid water coming from the containment tanks of the mining waste. More than 2,000 people took part to the march, the only flags being the black ones of the protest as there’s no more space for Greek flags or those of the parties nobody recognizes any more. Demonstrators came form all the towns of Halkidiki but there were also people in solidarity from Thrace, Kilkis, and Salonika. Once in the square they decided to break the police cordon at the entrance of the road leading to the mountain. From the video the police response can be seen, as only slogans were chanted against the government, the mining company and the police. The banners read that gold mining is being done with the blood of the people, polluted water cannot even be cleared by all the gold of the world and that our future cannot be sold to gold prospectors. Police launched tear gas, people ran away chanting the slogan that by now unites all Greece: cops, pigs, murderers.


Silence is no gold!

Greece – The struggle against the mine on Mount Kakkavos NORTHERN GREECE – MAINLAND CHALKIDIKI

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