Greece- Announcement by S.Antoniou, G.Karagianidis, A.Mitrousias, K.Sakkas


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In mid-March I was made known to us that we are called for one more time by the special interrogators Baltas nad Mokkas, to “apologize” *(apology in greek is also the word for testifying) for a series of arson and explosive attacks, the responsibility for which has been claimed by the R.O. C.C.F. From the first moment we have denied our participation in this specific organization, as well as any other. Although this given moment the persecutions aim at us, we consider that what is being targeted is subversive word and action.

Through the especially tense social conditions of the period we are going through, radical organization and resistance is what terrorizes the state more and more, which updates its oppressive plan.

Counting only from the beginning of the year, we have the belief prosecutions of comrades for the occupation of a radiostation in solidarity to the R.O. R.S., the publication of photos of arrestees and imprisoned comrades from the clashes on 12/2, while in the frames of toughening the attitude of democracy even against anything that could potentially disrupt the now fragile balance, we have the publication of photos of participants in the clashes with cops in the O.A.K.A. and the recent mass immigrant “clean-ups” of the EL.AS (greek police) which are now shown live on the news with an obvious pre-election expediency.

It is clear therefore that the war is intensifying. In the legal field this is expressed with the application of provisions of the terror-law which are purposely unclear and general. Although in the specific trial brief there is not one shred of evidence or indication connecting us with these actions, the subjective and only judgement of the known interrogators is a capble condition for us to be imprisoned all over again.

Anyway, with fabricated evidence and false witnesses two of us (Mitrousias-Karagiannidis) were imprisoned also for the “parcel bombs” case. It is clear that the new persecutions are especially targeted time-wise in order to prevent the release (because of the 18month period) of K.Sakkas and Stella Antoniou.

This is proven by the fact that the charges for these specific actions were not attributed to us during our arrest 16 months ago but today, despite the fact no new evidence came out. We state therefore that as of today 6/4 we go on a hunger strike demanding: The lifting of our arbitrary and vengeful imprisonments The immediate release of our co-accused S.Antoniou for health reasons.

Koridallos Prisons, 6/4/12 S,Antoniou, G.Karagiannidis, A.Mitrousias, K.Sakkas

Note. Stella Antoniou will begin the hunger strike a week later despite her worsening health situation.

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