SOLIDARITY TO THE HUNGER STRIKERS from Anarchist Vaggelis Kailoglou Athens-Greece


Act for freedom now!

As a minimal contribution to the struggle of anarchist prisoners who since 6/4 are on hunger strike in Koridallos prisons protesting against the extension of the imprisonment of anarchist Stella Antoniou and against the new prosecutions applied to them and those who from 8/4 also begin a hunger strike demanding their non-transfer from Koridallos prisons, I begin a prison food abstention as of 7/4. Because the obvious ignorance of the health problems of Stella Antoniou, the awakening of old trial briefs and the numerous transfers, are nothing more than episodes of an oppressive tactic which is applied having a s target the political extermination of fighting people.

Vaggelis Kailoglou

Koridallos prisons


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