PERSONAL INFERNO – For a clearing of solidarity



‘… I don’t want and don’t give solidarity,
Because I’m convinced that it is yet another chain
And because, like Ibsen, I believe that the one who is most alone is the stronger.’

Renzo Novatore – I’m also a Nihilist

For a clearing of solidarity
Invitation to Egoist nihilist action addressed to the comrades hit by the law of the State issued by society under the disguise of nun Manuela Comodi*.

No prayer!
No sign of abating!
The rebel who triumphs on his EGO knows, and he knows how many abysses his existence has. Alas! ‘There are too many abysses for the lonely ones’ Zarathustra used to say

No prayer!

No profession of faith or creed for the lonely one!

No fanatic religious solidarity for the lonely one!

No prayer or rosary!

This is the path, the non-path!
So rise up you single vagabonds of the Ego!
Do not kneel down!
If you die your soul will die even before your body!

Do not pray!

‘I am a guardrail on the flow: those who can, take me.’
So your EGO speaks!
‘But I am not your crutch’

Do not trust man Christ recommended! I add, not even God!
Trust yourself!
Do not beg!

To the comrades of Culmine and Parole Armate
Edizioni Cerbero – Maurizio de Monte and Federico Buono

* M.Comodi is the public prosecutor directing the case.

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