Italy- NO TAV – Luca Abba’s letter to the resistance against expropriation land of 11th April


Translated from informa-azione by act for freedom now/B.pd


Here is another small contribution from me so that I feel closer to the mobilizations of the next days.

I ask you to be there, strong and determined as always, also on my behalf. I won’t be able to be present because I’m still hospitalized at the Cto in Turin.


The Clarea valley, like the entire Val Susa, belongs to the people of the Susa valley! Not because it’s our private property but because we belong to this land. For centuries the Clarea valley was the place where generations of our forefathers lived. Meadows and woods were clean, vineyards and fields well looked after and mountain chalets inhabited by hundreds of people. The road we know has been used by thousands of men and women in the course of history and was one of the main roads linking Upper Val Susa to Lower Val Susa, and up to the second world war it was the most important link between Cels-Ramats and Susa.


Later neglect came along with development and industrialization but this is a temporary and reversible phase. On the contrary, highway pylons and tunnels are not temporary, and the tunnel of the TAV also represents the irreversible destruction of this ecosystem and territory.


We must stop this ruin with all means and defend this land from the bloody lusts of those who want to speculate on our lives. These gentlemen don’t deserve to enjoy their privileges and we must make it possible so that in the end those who want to make money lose more than they want to earn. So let’s take action and be a nuisance to them, they must not be allowed to work calmly and Val Susa must become their nightmare.


I send you all a big hug and I hope I’ll soon be able to be back and to struggle alongside you.


Greetings in struggle, Luca.

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