Greece: Solidarity with the NO TAV movement from Corfu


Translated by act for freedom now/B.pd

Yesterday evening, 10-4/2012, as comrades of the social centres of Corfu we organized a demo in the Georgaki piazza, projected a counter-information video, distributed texts and unfurled a banner. But why are we interested in the NO TAV movement? The Italian reality clearly presents many similarities with the Greek one.

In Greece (Papademos) as well as in Italy (Monti), the prime ministers are bankers. In both countries we are ‘fed’ the same lies concerning development as beneficial to society.
In fact their development, be it the TAV or the wind turbines on Mount Pantocratoras in Corfu, is crashing down people’s and nature’s life. The only benefit is for capital, as usual.

In fact these kinds of work are being done in favour of big contractors, which are the mafia in Italy, and big companies working in the public sector and controlling the media in Greece.
In fact the media play the same role everywhere, a role which has always been in favour of all bosses. The media defame and distort all social struggles. They split demonstrators into ‘good’ and ‘bad’. They try to turn public opinion against any movement, and they only offer the ‘truths’ of contractors.

The media build a’wall of silence’ around any hotbed of resistance, and try to convince us that the economic crisis and the way to face it is a question concerning the nation. We want to break this ‘wall of silence’ and demonstrate that there’s no national dimension on the looting of our lives but only a class dimension. From Keratea to Kulon Progo, from Lefkimi (Corfu) to Val di Susa, the state and capital change names but keep the same face, that of money and death.


Strength comrades! We are learining from your struggle!

Solidarity initiative with the NO TAV–Corfù
Elea squat & Draka squat



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