Athens – Text by Anarchist Stella Antoniou for the 3 hunger strikers


Translated by  Act for freedom now!/boubourAs

Text by Stella Antoniou for the 3 hunger strikers

After 16 months of my imprisonment as well as the imprisonment of K.Sakkas, A Mitrousias and G.Karagiannidis they call us for additional charges of new prosecutions, in coordination with new imprisonments.

Prosecutions which are not based on any proof for actions, which pre-existed and should have, based on their laws, been included initially in the first trial brief, the first imprisonment.

But two months before mine and K.Sakkas release, because of the ending of the 18month detainment period, they charge Sakkas, Mitrousias and Karagiannidis with a new imprisonment for the same case. The interrogator actually said that he intends to combine all these trial briefs in one court resulting that the 3 comrades have 2 and 3 imprisonments for one case.

Already Mitrousias and Karagiannidis have been imprisoned since our arrest on 4/12/10, a second imprisonment began for them after their fabricated involvement in the actions of the packages without being recognized from any witness and now the third one with the actions claimed by the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire.

But they also charge K.Sakkas with a new imprisonment resulting in him not being released in June when our 18month detainment period ends. A second basic demand of their hunger strike is my release for health reasons.

It is now known that I have made 4 applications for release which were denied, while for a month now we await the 5th application to be answered. On Monday April 9th I was interrogated for the same actions and they did not imprison me again.

After this finally in a short while I will be able to treat my health, something that in prison is almost impossible. After an agreement with comrades Sakkas, Mitrousias, Karagiannidis, I will not go on hunger strike.

The 3 fighters continue the hunger strike and are on the 6th day, with the same demands. I do not abandon the demand for the satisfaction of our two demands and I will support until the end this political choice. To begin from today I go on prison food abstention, participating as well in the specific struggle. Let’s leave no comrade alone.



And if the 9000 pages of the trial brief has no indications, proof or evidence, their attitude is loaded with evidence of a “civilized” world. With the indication that we are right and with proof that they are seizing us. Only decision: the struggle.

Stella Antoniou

female prisons of Koridallos, 11/4/12


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