About what happened a few days ago, and an update on Tortuga’s situation(Chile)


from negratortuguitalakalle, transl waronsociety:


What happened on April 12, 2012 came to us as a slap to our commitment to keep informed about the situation of our brother, friend and lover, and with this we do not intend to judge nor much less to detract from the intention of the comrades from El Sol Ácrata, for keeping informed about Tortu’s situation, as we said before it is a call to attention for us (with the blog), but also we consider it necessary to critique our comrades to be more cautious with the information that they send out.

This issue is fundamental for those of us who decided to support Luciano in the judicial process that is happening now, many times we have heard that the blog is not kept constantly updated or that it does not present all the actions or claims of responsibility from comrades from all part of the world who have decided to act in solidarity with our brother, to all of you we beg your pardon if some communiques have not been published, we do not want to censor any comrade, but we also know the mediocre work of the prosecution in presenting absurd evidence, which already happened in prior cases (which we all know and the judge even accused the prosecution of presenting analysis and evidence proper to a cheap sociology) for this very fact and because we know that this blog remains under constant surveillance, this is why not all of the information that reaches our hands is published.

It has been difficult for us to make this decision, but we do not want to prejudice our brother in the trial that is happening right now.

Moving on, the preparation of the oral trial began on Wednesday April 11 as you may have heard from the comrades at Liberacion Total (here in English); we will not repeat any more on this topic since the link covers that information.

In response to LT’s request, we will address some things that were presented in the preparation of the oral trial in the 7th Warranty Court of Santiago, in Rondizzoni in the Justice Center.

Some of the evidence presented by the prosecution — represented by Raúl Guzmán — was reviewed along with the witnesses’ testimony.

Primary in the evidence that Luciano’s defense (Carlos Mora) tried to dismiss were the pieces that did not have direct relation with the accusation presented by the prosecution, making the reminder that our brother is accused of “placement of explosive device” and “tampering and theft of license plate” risking between 16 and 20 years of prison (during preparation they had only spoken of 16 years).

For their part, the prosecution in their attempt to persecute Tortu’s ideas presented witnesses who confirmed the visits he made to a squat (neighbors directly across from the squat and next to it stated that they constantly carried out “anarchist activities” there), claims of responsibility of comrades published on different counter-information pages in solidarity with Luciano and an attempt to relate these “anarchist”-tendency pages with the comrade. The defense tried to dismiss these kinds of evidence that do not relate with the charges against the compañero (according to the defense, “the crime is the placement of the explosive device and the theft and tampering with license plate; anarchist ideology is not classified as a crime, nor much less is relating with squatters’ groups.”)

Obviously the judge did not take the defense arguments into account and continued saying that the witnesses were “relevant” for the case.

One of the few pieces of evidence that were declared “irrelevant” were the documents that alluded to the comrades who are on trial for the “Bombs Case;” the defense declared that any possible accusation of illicit association had already been disallowed and that this evidence was not relevant, since the crimes for which he is accused are others.

Another piece of evidence that was dismissed was the “Letter to the Indomitable Hearts” (here in English), since they could not determine if Luciano wrote the letter or not as was said in the preparation of the oral trial, therefore, the letter is not in the evidence.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the overabundance of evidence that the defense objected to have to do with witnesses who (supposedly) saw the brother take the motorcycle (caretaker, residents of the building, etc) which are also have to do with a crime that he is not accused of, if there does exist the proof of the “possible robbery” of the motorcycle carried out by the one who is called Luciano’s “brother,” there is no report. The prosecution in an attempt to keep that evidence eliminates some witnesses keeping only the colonel of the cops and the recording of the report.

The other evidence were those that appeared in the info from the comrades from LT (see link above) with respect to the workers and clients of the bank, who according to the judge are “relevant” for the accusation.

At the end of the preparation of the oral trial they revised the cautionary measures and maintained the comrade’s preventive prison in spite of his incapacity and the prison guards’ clumsiness for which Luciano should be in optimal conditions.

We would like to thank all the brothers and sisters who have tried to communicate with us through different media (periodicals, websites, publications, etc), to you a fraternal embrace and we tell you that we will try to be informing you about Tortuga’s situation. As soon as we have news we will publish it in brief.

Grupo de Amigxs y Amantes de Luciano Pitronello
Group of Luciano Pitronello’s Friends and Lovers

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