Some news from Italy



Translated from by act for freedom now/B.pd


Good alms 

Lecce, April 22. A golden ostensory and the money of the collection plate are stolen from a seventeenth century church in the centre of the town, after the thieves break off the safes. In the fury of the action the tabernacle of the church also gets destroyed .

“Berlusconi hangman”

Genoa, April 23. “Berlusconi hangman” is a writing left inside the premises of the local PDL party, whose interiors are devasted by anonymous nightly visitors.

Another choice more

Sarno (Salerno), April 23. A few days after being sacked, a builder worker tracks down the building surveyor, the alleged responsible for the worker’s dismissal. First he hits him with a baton, then throws a petrol tank on him and tries to set him on fire until he’s stopped by a carabiniere.


Naples, April 20. Demonstrators block the entrances of a rubbish dump. As they don’t want any sort of rubbish in their area, they have the brilliant idead of pelting with stones a Digos car patrolling the area.

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