Northeast Portland, Oregon -Molotov Tossed at Wells Fargo




A large rock and subsequent molotov cocktail were tossed at a Wells Fargo window late last night in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

Wells Fargo displays a blatant disregard for any sort of social or environmental concerns, so may the flames from the molotov


burn long and do their work! Hopefully next time (and with a larger rock) the whole building will go down with it, and maybe a newspaper box will be pushed into the street for good measure ;P..

Solidarity to the recent Mars Hill Church smashing here in Portland, done in memory of Mark Aguhar, an artist and trans/queer femme of color who recently killed herself, and other trans women and queers tormented within today’s cissexist, femmephobic, racist, and transmisogynistic society and in the name of an intangible god.

Solidarity to all those queers, people of color, and other folks who are marginalized, imprisoned and policed in the interest of vile financial institutions such as Wells Fargo.

WE QUEERS MAKE TOTAL DESTROY! Fuck all of the institutions which systematically subjugate us, churches and banks alike!

Heating it up for MAYDAY!!


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