Chile: May Day riots in Santiago


from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

On Tuesday May 1st, the march happened from Central Station, in front of the University of Santiago, toward the Plaza los Heroes in downtown.


The march, which left at 11 AM, advanced rapidly to where the situation was set. There began the first confrontations with the police, which left a Itau bank completely destroyed and looted as a result, and a study institute destroyed completely and a Banco Estado branch burned, which needed the firefighters to put it out, while in the street the barricades kept burning.

The special police forces confronted the encapuchadxs who attacked them with rocks, sticks, bottles and fire. The mall’s signage was torn down and the streets full of propaganda and action.

After this, the police arrived with their mounted forces, their cars and bombs, dispersing the people. It is said that there were 20 arrested for disorders in downtown.

During the manifestation there were 10 bastards wounded, two are officials and eight subordinates, who were transferred to hospitals with wounds of various seriousness.

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