Athens – Saturday 28/4 Fires on the horizon / Arson attacks in Kifissia Athens.


Translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!

Fires on the horizon / Arson attacks in Kifissia  Athens.

“As an objective of force, the policy is practised having before its eyes
a possibility of exacerbation and violence. Behind the policy hovers the
image of violence and war, precisely behind all limited violence hovers
the image of blind violence.

The beginning of intelligence means the end of blind aggressiveness, that
is to say the intellect is imposed on the instincts that require their
direct discharge into violence, it channels them according to their aims
and it puts in action more drastic means to exercise violence. As soon as
this is realised violence enters the service of the objective of force.

The combinational of force presents much more nuances than the coarse-cut
mechanics of violence, allows numerous variants and exits and mainly next
to the fight between enemies it creates the GAME BETWEEN FRIENDS, which
makes the strong one capable to cause assertions against the more

Hunger strikes and the prospect of a fighting community within the walls.


Last month 2 separate hunger strikes were carried out by anarchist
prisoners, where one of them did not succeed and the other one won. Some
of the comrades who went on hunger strike had put a very strong target to
achieve. The creation of a fighting circle, which aim at the search of
common fields of definition between prisoners. A circle which will connect
with the outside the walls incidents breaking the isolation, giving images
of revolts with fires from the streets of the city to the rooftops of the

Despite all this such a prospect with the current facts seems far away.
The split which emerges within the walls, only contributes to the
shredding of the fighting circle and the internalization of a partition.
To show demands that have such a common axis competitively reduces rather
than accentuates our common struggle. The cohesion of the fighting base is
a one-way road for the creation of a collective. More specifically, if the
anarchist hostages carried out the hunger strike under a common prism,
they would have given the chance to more prisoners to stand by them in
solidarity with various actions, but the hunger strike instead of getting
stronger with time was weakened resulting in the ending of one. As well
the acceptance of defeat is an action that is honest but the hunger strike
is the last weapon in the prisoners struggle and a use of it that will
bring an unexpected interruption and defeat, weakens its power.


“Knock it back, to the Queen whose buttocks cascade in folds! Listen to
the working of stupid tearing hiccups!
Listen to them leaping in the fiery night
The panting idiots, the aged, the nonentities, the lackeys!

Syphilitics, madmen, kings, puppets, ventriloquists,
What can you matter to Paris the whore,
Your souls or your bodies, your poisons or your rags?
She’ll shake you off, you pox-rotten snarlers!

And when you are down, whimpering on your bellies,
Your sides wrung, clamouring for your money back, distracted,
The red harlot with her breasts swelling with battles
Will clench her hard fists, far removed from your stupor!”

On Saturday 28/4 we attacked a block in the area of Kifissia burning the
parked cars of Levitou street, luxurious and not.
It was a move in solidarity to the hunger strikes carried out by the
imprisoned members of the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire and Anarchist
Theofilos Mavropoulos demanding the final transfer of guerrillas
G.Tsakalos and P.Argirou to Koridalos as well as the ceasing of the
vengeful transfers. (something they achieved with persistence).
This action has a clear aim and target to hurt the calmness of the rich
suburbs of the capital. It was a first approach to the well-fed of Kifisia
reminding them that their parasitical life will get the punishment it
deserves. We notify them that nothing will insure them from our morbid
imagination, no matter how many outposts they build, how many courtier
bouncers they hire. They will always be exposed to our aggressive
appetites. Their prosperity is gained by the exploitation of others and
they will pay for this decision sooner or later. No matter how much they
might be cut off from the miserable and enclaved like a prison urban
landscape, no matter how far they have gone the inhumane Athens, the
distance remains small compared to the stubbornness of revenge. Thus at
some point while they will be drinking their coffee with their vulgar
snobbish look, they will receive a visit from many of us, and with the
smile of a donator we will return the perversion they gave to us with a
bullet in the forehead.


Social Responsibilities and the ineffectual of the monothematic Class


Capitalistic societies are based on inequality and this is what they owe
their existence to. A ride with the train would be enough for anyone to
understand the massive social contradictions. The contradictive
coexistence of wealth and poverty, dozing certainty and stressful
survival. An exhaustive hierarchy maintained by ignorance, fear, stupidity
and oppression. For the perpetual accumulation of the wealth to the few
however many are to blame who let it go out of their hands without a
battle and we cannot sacrifice the immaturity to the altar of coquetry.
Every person who considers themselves as weak is charged with their
submission. We do not synchronize with the endurance and tolerance in
exploitation, whether personal or of others, but with every way we will
pursuit its expulsion from the behaviours of people in the relations
created without humanisms.

Therefore we recognize our attack as an act with class characteristics but
not with a class character. It is obvious who we turn our aggressiveness
to, what kind of people. But despite all this we are not representatives
of a class total neither are we messengers of a class conscience. We do
not mediate for anyone just like we do not want a mediator. We are
individualists since what we say write and do are not hiding behind them a
divine will and we are not armed by a global secret conscience, but our
passion for freedom. To believe that deep in the desires of every
oppressed existence there is common destination are stupid thoughts which
idealize the situations, ignoring the difficulties of the liberating
struggle. Whoever recognizes the anarchist revolution as a deductive
procedure and a will from the skies which will be planted in the heads of
the people because of poverty is condemned to never attribute what they

This is why we realize the collectivisations of people which are based on
their common class characteristics as clouds which even if they rain they
will always hide the sun. A unification of people who belong to the same
economic and social layer, under a predetermined revolutionary future is a
hasty deposition of hope. The class and economic situation is not a womb
of revolution, but one more possibility, a faze just like many others
which will present themselves on your path and will make you deny your
life and that of those around you, as it is.

The material lacks, the squalid economic situation, the 8hour shift are
violent and annihilating conditions which push to a reaction. However the
continuous invocations to the workers-proletarians and their elevation to
a revolutionary force is a theoretical analyses and a propagating
targeting which failed in the past and will fail in the future since it
limits the reasoning approach for the revolution in the narrow limits of
the economic need.

Every insurrectional attempt of the revolted based solely on the material
poverty of the masses can create an economic system with a fairer
distribution of production (for as long as it lasts), but it will not
destroy the hierarchy of people, the alienation, the tyranny of the
specialists and the smarter, since we would not have revolted for the
abolishment of impositions on our lives.


Our attacks are connected with the global network of guerrilla attempts of
the Informal Anarchist Federation.
Finally concerning the upcoming elections with the conscious absence and
the factual juxtaposition with the regime we go against every authority
and those who tolerate it. In the maze of democracy and the confusion of
the voters we produce explosions spreading our chaos

       “-Society, and everything, is restored: – the orgies
Are weeping with dry sobs in the old brothels:
And on the reddened walls, the gaslights in frenzy,
Flare balefully upwards to the wan blue skies!”

Informal Anarchist Federation- Fires on the Horizon


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