Rojoscuro – Solidarity with the anarchist comrades persecuted in Italy



Translated from Rojoscuro by act for freedom now/B.pd


A new repressive wave had been expected in Italy for quite a long time. The press of that country, which tend to be servants of the police and the State like in all countries, started to report about blogs and websites like Culmine describing them as ‘the toughest ones’ of the insurrectionist area. And at the end of March the repressive forces hit in several towns and cities by persecuting comrades, searching their houses, seizing ‘materials destined to fabricate parcel bombs’, computers, books, mobile phones and a great deal of paper…


Some anti-authoritarian comrades realized that the emails of Culmine and Parole Armate were to be checked by the police soon, and the comrades of these blogs immediately made this threat public. It must be pointed out that anarchist blogs like Culmine have done a great job of propaganda by publishing news of anarchist direct actions in a number of countries, translating them into different languages and also publishing letters and declarations of political prisoners locked up in the cells of the State in various parts of the world. We want to send our strength to the dear comrades who still keep this blogs and websites going on.


Once again repression has orchestrated media and judiciary frame-ups and delirious theories in order to justify the attacks on our comrades. They did it in the past in Italy and also here in Chile. For this reason we want to express our solidarity with the comrades under investigation and the prisoners, and invite all to multiply the attacks on power. But the rebels who are being wanted and held in Italy are not ‘victims’. Many of them are spreading the informal project, they are women and men who have chosen propaganda by the deeds. Neither guilty nor not-guilty, just enemies of Power!


May international solidarity be more than just written words! May armed words be listened, from Greece to Chile!

Total solidarity with the comrades of Culmine, Parole Armate and all anarchist rebels persecuted by the Italian State!



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