PISA ITALY – sabotage on the camera


Posted on culmine (translation act for freedom now/B.pd)

The ABPC (Allegra Brigata Porci Comodi, Do-what-the-hell-you-like Merry Brigade) claims a sabotage on the camera hidden in an air-conditioner placed inside a school. The camera served to control the entrance of the house of some anarchist comrades under investigation, and had been placed there by plain clothes officers a few weeks before the comrades’ house was searched.

A nucleus of the SAP (Sabotatori Associati Porcicomodisti, Do-what-the-hell-you-like Associated Saboteurs) went on action and put this camera out of service.

No victims in front of the invasion of Italian intelligence (it’s only in a manner of speaking)!

We strongly reaffirm the uncontrollable need to do what the hell we like!


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