First page of the claim of the nucleus Olga FAI/FRI – Italy


from:   culmine translation  by act for freedom now/B.pd


first page of the claim of the nucleus Olga FAI/FRI 

Four pages sent via mail from Genoa. Adinolfi’s comment on the nuclear disaster in Japan is mentioned. The ROS [carabinieri special unit] are investigating the claim.
The first page of the leaflet claiming the attack
MILAN – The attack on Roberto Adinolfi, an executive with Ansaldo, has been claimed with a communiqué signed by FAI/Olga Cell.
The four-page leaflet was sent to Corriere della Sera by ordinariy mail posta ordinaria. The stamp indicates that the envelope was posted from Genoa.
NUCLEAR AND THE ENVIRONMENT – Words pronouced by Adinolfi, who was kneecapped in Genoa on Monday, are mentioned in the long text. The executive with Ansaldo dismissed the impact of nuclear energy on the environment and of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, as unimportant. The title of the claim is: ‘The mark of life’. The text reads: ‘We made Roberto Adinolfi lame, one of the many wizards of the nuclear energy with pure soul and clean conscience.’ The executive is considered as ‘the main responsible, along with Scajola, for the return of nuclear energy to Italy.’ Then further actions against Finmeccanica are announced.The text also reads: ‘We loaded the magazine with great plesure. To hold a pistol, choose and pursue the target were compulsory steps.’ And then: ‘We are in mad love with freedom and never will we renounce revolution and the total destruction of the state and its violence.’

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