Al Culmine della disperazione… individualista


*peak translates as the Italian word ‘culmine’

by culmine  (translation act for freedom now/B.pd)

Culmine, a herd of individualist anarchists, receive, spread and develop communiqués and information sent by individuals and groups of actions who have declared war on this society in different parts of the world.

In these hours a morbid attention is being directed to our blog, which has been ‘monitored’ countless times and even mentioned in the few websites that post ‘communications from the prison and internal documents for discussion’.

We want to say to our comrades and brothers, as we’d have wanted to do on iconoclasta, that our individualistic nature prevents us from belonging to any Federation (be it formal or informal), Front (be it revolutionary or reformist) and Organization of any kind.

If we get the chance, ferocious repression willing, we’ll develop these issues (very important to us) on Iconoclasta, as announced a couple of months ago.

However, our irredeemable individualism doesn’t preven us from showing our full solidarity with all those (no matter whether or not they belong to Federations, Fronts or Organzations) who practice anarchist direct action and with all the anarchist prisoners scattered all over the world.

As we’ve always done, we’ll keep on giving voice to those who have decided to struggle until the end and we’ll publish their texts even if there are mistakes or slips; for example, we can’t understand why Giorgos Polydoros is not mentioned among the prisoners of the CCF, or why Theofilos Mavropoulos is not mentioned either: even if he doesn’t belong to the CCF, he agrees with their texts.

The press of the regime is loudly demanding for searches and arrests, and is creating the grounds for some imminent anti-anarchist raid… may the Anarchist Black International respond to repression with tenacity and determination, and give all repressive blows back to the sender!

A warm rebel hug to all anarchist prisoners and fugitives in the world… all our affectionate complicity to Tortuga… we are with you!!!

Culmine and Iconoclasta, 13th May 2012

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