Chile- In Monday morning April 16 in the south region of Santiago de Chile, State police forces kidnapped our comrades Carla and Ivan


Act  for freedom now! receives and transmits:

Love is a whirlwind of original purity…

In Monday morning April 16 in the south region of Santiago de Chile, State police forces kidnapped our comrades Carla and Ivan, after being transferred to the Metropolitan South Police Station. On July 18, they will be accused for the alleged transfer of explosive material. The companion Carla is held in the women’s prison “San Joaquin” and comrade Ivan in the jail “Santiago I”. All till the “100 days of investigation” of the Prosecution.
Oxygen is how we feel, understand and assimilate the importance of a word.

Words are like the hot coals of our hearts that never go out.

The story has been written and will always be,

Never silenced.
And in this intact greatness of fires, we receive and extend in the words of a revolutionary.
Fueling like many others the living flame of love, of subversion that can’t stopped.

In this force, and standing up, we join the intense and dignified words of our comrade Juan Aliste.

CNA BSAS. Editorial
Next, are following the words of  Juan aliste vega!

“And the beautiful thing costs us our lives …”

A week has passed since my comrade Carla and our brother Ivan, were arrested by police forces in the southern neighborhood, in the hands of the police for the rich, historically reviled for their practices of persecution, repression and death.  This is how these fucking “news” start.

The moment requires the urgency of the word, break with the assumptions and reaffirm our looks, so feel unconditional support of love and way of life. For you dear Carla, for you dear Ivan! during this process in prison as hostages by this government for the rich and their web of State- Jail- Capital.  May the brightness of his eyes never puts out and this strength to be constant so to embrace sooner a different reality. “Now is the solidarity comrade kidnapped which enters the cages, and not companion to the cages, as a gesture of affection and companionship to her lover, but as a punishment or being a rebel. “

It is undeniable that morning they were arrest by the police, Carla and Ivan, so they could be transferred later to the headquarters of repression and torture. Passing time they got exposed by the media for alleged “Elements which together could constitute an explosive device.” This
schizophrenic speech next to the bourgeois smiling and the clapping of the inquisitors in this powerful new shift called Hinzpeter. This whole media apparatus was installed next to the hearing preparation trial in Court, to which we attended this Monday April 16, Fredy, Marcelo and I (John). Because of what we are and will still be in this present social war. We feel part, keeping the practices and the courage of each decision-action, all this that if someday we can merge it with other actions of class struggle, is and will identify us for more subversion.

The persecution, repression and imprisonment are a constantly probable reality for all those who choose their lives than this daily misery embedded by the capital. The condition of our loved ones-family-friends is no out of this repressive police chase. We have nothing to do with the alienating government machinery whose alienating policy sets the stage and looks imaginary bonds n or love letters to justify a course “of Local Terrorism”, whose only real  truth is alienating “Exemplary” penalties of confinement for those who rebel against their social peace.

To our class subversive. I crystallize my self-criticism and discontent with rage, where love and skin are unconditional. Over more, when you have to nail the strength to point out what happened in the retina of learning, where more than covering up with the winds of fear-fear, we dance with stealth and caution, with the rhythms of a savage fertile attack  with variety of colors and shapes, sabotaging the peace of the rich, exposing their everyday bourgeois show.

We cease to be spectators of our own misery, the skin is covered with solidarity, the reasons are more and it always has been the time to subvert. The bitter zip that our beautiful comrades are in prison as hostages, not remains in pain, anger becomes rage- strength, intention-desire it reaffirms our presence by contributing in the daily battle against prisons; concrete realities of resistance and struggle among others, against the machine Sate-Prisons-Capital.

Written all above, attention should be placed in multiplying solidarity with Carla and Ivan, as well as all prisoners of the social war. Memory is the ammunition that loads the weapon of solidarity, we are not spectators of our lives, we decide on them. The hatred of the powerful is reflected in constant repression, more the love, life complicity and the respect for all those who strive for social revolution and the destruction of all that oppresses us, is our oxygen.
Strength beloved woman, strength dear Ivan

While there is poverty there will be rebellion!

Open your eyes it’s time to fight!

For the destruction of the penitentiary society!

Only the struggle makes us free!


Juan aliste vega

Subversive prisoner.

April 23, 2012 High Security Prison. Santiago- Chile.



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   from liberaciontotal, transl waronsociety:

     Text from Liberacion Total on the arrest of Carla and Ivan and raids in Chile


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