ABC Benefit Fest 08/09 June Lille (France)



Anarchist Black Cross Benefit Fest 2012

Jeudi 07 Juin 20h Donation
La Société Elle a Mauvaise Haleine (Anarchopunk – Fr)
Anxiety Attack (Hardcore Old School – Fr)
Autiste Redding ( Fast Noise Dooooom – Fr)

Vendredi 08 Juin 16h 5€

Embers (Black Metal – Usa)
Vehemence (Crust Metal – Fr)
Contorture (Crust Punk – Sw)
Alarm (Post Punk – Fr)
Hongo (Epic Post Crust – Esp) … TLrlwcFhu_
King’s Queer (Electro Clash – Fr)
Gottesmorder (Doom/Sludge – It)
Richard Durn (Synth Punk Hardcore – Fr)

Samedi 09 Juin 14h 5€

Psycho Squat (Anarcho Punk – Fr)
Kalashnikov (Anarcho Synth Punk – It)
King Terror (Fast and Politicized Hardcore – Be) … re=related
Kazan (Post Core/Metal – Fr)
Avfart 33 (Crust Punk – Sw)
Reflections of Internal Rain (Crust/Screamo – Srb)
The Fight (Punk Hardcore – Pl)
Mom on Meth (Angry Power Violence – Fr)

@ Le Chat Crevé Rue Parmentier, Metro Fives, 59000 Lille (France)
Prix Libre le Jeudi.
Vegan food by Veggie Pochetron
Activities, workshop, distro …

Contact : abcfest2012 (AT) riseup (dot) net

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