Greece- Thessaloniki- Anarchist comrade Rami Syrianos was transferred to Larisa prisons and has ended his hunger strike.


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Anarchist comrade Rami Syrianos was transferred to Larisa prisons and has ended his hunger strike.

Today, May 21st, anarchist Rami Syrianos appeared in Thessaloniki courts as a hunger strike accused together with comrade Kleomenis Savvanidis for the expropriation of money from the dealer of stolen property ODDY of Neapolis on the 31st January 2011, an action for which Rami has taken the responsibility.
As of March 26th, the date of the previous postponement of the court, Rami was in the isolation (‘newcomers’ cells) of the prisons of Nigritas, having refused for one more time to be submitted to the humiliating procedure of “bend down and cough”. A disciplinary sentence that has never been imposed on him, since the prosecutor has decided his transfer to another prison and not his isolation, as had happened the previous times.
The almost two month isolation of the comrade was an action clearly vengeful against his general fighting attitude inside prison, as he mentioned as well in one of his letters.
On May 8th Rami Syrianos started food abstention demanding the ending of his isolation and his transfer from the specific prison while since May 15th he proceeded to a hunger strike with the same demands. Despite the fact that his health has already been severely affected from the first days of the hunger strike already, the comrade was not hospitalized and was transported today (May 21st) before the judges, chained up, with the known spectacular ritual of the EKAM (special forces), where he clarified to the judges that he does not intend to appear in the court while he is still in a state of isolation and consequently, on hunger strike, something which was agreed also by the second accused for the case, comrade K.S., the prosecution of which is because of his comradely and friendly relations with Rami.
The judges postponed the trial for one week, setting the court date for Monday May 28th.
After that, the comrade was transported to Larissa prisons and was put in the 2nd wing without further incidents, ending his hunger strike.




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