UK – Solidarity from Manchester Flyer give out on the Benefit 30th May, for Anarchists Political Prisoners in Greece


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Solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries in Greece and worldwide

The solidarity fund/assembly for political prisoners is a collective project started by comrades in Greece in July 2010. The assembly’s main goal is organizing solidarity and spreading it among the oppressed social body as a direct response to State repression. Most importantly, solidarity is meant as a weapon, the weapon of the rebels and the oppressed in the social conflict.

At the moment more than 35 anarchists are imprisoned in Greece(and many others in Turkey, France, Italy, and Germany and all over the world) and accused of being terrorists. In fact, our imprisoned comrades are being held because they are all well known for their long presence in the anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement and for struggling for freedom and against the injustices of the system.

The current economic ‘crisis’ is being used by the Greek State to increase repression against those who have always refused to submit to its rules of exploitation.
But the anarchist movement has always been strong and determined in Greece, even in times of economic ‘prosperity’. In particular, anarchist comrades in Greece have always represented a point of reference to us all for their courage and tenacity, their strength and passion. This is what the Greek State fears most: that anarchists and anti-authoritarians set an example for all to follow. We’ve seen this on a number of occasions: in 2008, following the murder of young boy Alexis, shot dead in cold blood by a cop in Athens, riots broke out all over the country for months on end. This generalized revolt was generated by the awareness that authority kills and when it doesn’t kill, it makes people’s life hellish, in Greece as well as everywhere else.

Further uprisings took place in the following years, also against the austerity measures imposed by the Greek government in order to tackle the disastrous economic crisis of the country.

Now that the state of bankruptcy has been officially announced, people are even more determined not to pay for a crisis which is not theirs and, along with thousands of anarchists, have demonstrated very clearly that it is possible to attack this system dominated by the dictatorship of the market, its police and armed forces lined up in every corner, its disregard for the life of people.
The Greek government, the IMF, the ECB and the EU are plunging the country deeper and deeper into the most cruel, brutal form of exploitation and oppression, which the country hasn’t seen since the Second World War.

Here in the UK, the State will be working to ensure the smooth running of the Olympic Games. It is important to bear well in mind that the Olympics will bring about further daily repression, social control and surveillance, increased militarism and more police in the streets, evictions of squats and indiscriminate arrests of anyone who is not prepared to accept this awful state of things.
We cannot let this become normal.

We ask you to show your solidarity with all those currently in prisons for resisting. We will not allow the State to break their spirits. Their passion for freedom is also ours and it won’t be silenced.


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