Greece: Solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Olga Ekonomidou, member of CCF/FAI-IRF


(Prisons are not improved; they are demolished with struggle, struggle, destruction…)

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Comrade Olga Ekonomidou, member of the anarchist revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, has been in solitary confinement for 25 days now in Diavata women’s prison, because she refused to undergo the—humiliating to her dignity—process of prison strip search, refusal realized by all comrades-members of CCF.

The comrade is now being held in Diavata prisons, after her disciplinary transfer from Eleonas–Thebes prisons on the grounds she attacked an inmate snitch that had been deliberately moved in the same ward. As a result, Olga is currently in a disciplinary cell of Diavata prisons, monitored by CCTV cameras 24 hours a day, which she was eventually able to cover, claiming what is only obvious with her gumption and uncompromising attitude.

Olga has been imposed three disciplinary penalties so far, including her disciplinary transfer, for which an official document was sent from Diavata prisons to the ministry of Justice that is deliberately filibustering, thereby prolonging the comrade’s confinement in a disciplinary cell. Specifically, despite having met several times since then, the Central Committee of Prison Transfers vindictively extends her stay under these circumstances.

The repressive mechanisms’ position does not surprise us one bit, since they’re trying to crack down in a targeted way any form of dignity, resistance and disobedience within their state prison cells. Nevertheless, solidarity with Olga’s struggle is our own firm position.

Hands off the comrade Olga Ekonomidou, member of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire/FAI-IRF

We stand next to those who oppose body searches

Assembly of solidarity to imprisoned and prosecuted fighters/Athens


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