“Only then are the roles broken, disappeared through an active stance. I myself chose an active stance in a world of passivity. I chose to actively participate in a revolutionary organization. I did not follow anyone, nor was I carried away by something. I made a choice. I was present at discussions, decisions, actions, and now at pay time. I took responsibility for my acts, even though I could have taken advantage of my identity as a woman and thus receive a more favorable treatment. But how dignified would that be?
Throughout history, a woman who is engaged in revolutionary undertakings in fact manages to repeal two roles at once. On the one hand, she consciously abolishes her identity as a legal person, questioning laws and order, and on the other hand she abolishes her identity as a woman, surpassing the concept of gender roles (mom, wife, chick) that society has attributed to her.”
Olga Ekonomidou, member of the anarchist R.O. CCF [June 2011]

Even in the difficult conditions of incarceration, comrade Olga Ekonomidou continues to serve her worthiness in the most resolute and combative manner. Her refusal to undergo a body search is yet another sign of dignity, among so many others accompanying her consistent route. The State is taking revenge on her, putting her in solitary confinement, because this—pusillanimous revenge—is the only thing that professional guards of the regime’s class know how to impose against proud people, who perceive their lives as a constant journey to the land of liberalized desires. Against those comrades that follow the rough paths of total disobedience, refusing the roles of submission and choosing the decent attitude of total rebellion, the State reserves a range of policies in an attempt to curb fighting spirit… Futile are the rulers’ labors. Olga’s overall stance is not a role model within the existent, but stands as an example of battle and dignity, which factually opposes the various human models, like all those who serve and capitulate to the dominance. Therefore, only the Power and its civilization can be found in the isolation of our soul and conscience, while comrades such as Olga have rightfully earned a prominent place in our personal value code.
Olga, you’re not alone!


Conscience Cell “Black Sword”


you may also read “Solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries in Greece and worldwide” (submitted by OK Cafe Manchester, UK)

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Two statements of the R.O. CCF for comrade Olga Ekonomidou, during another session of the second “Halandri case” trial, were read in court by the CCF members Christos Tsakalos and Michalis Nikolopoulos. After reading the two statements, all four members of CCF/FAI-IRF that currently stand trial left the courtroom of Koridallos women’s prisons, so the trial session was stopped.
—to be translated by This Is Our Job

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