Italy – The carabinieri declare: “these are typical schemes of confessional terrorism”


source: press of the regime, June 05 2012

Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

New and worrying signals are coming from the subversive galaxy. Carabinieri General Leonardo Gallitelli relaunched the fear already expressed by other leaders of the security apparatus. Speaking to an audience, he came up again with the analysis he had made in front of the parliamentary commission on secret services after the wounding of Ansaldo Nucleare executive director Roberto Adinolfi, who was shot in Genoa last May 7.

«Anarcho-insurrectional groups – he warned – could carry out other “informal” actions following a scheme typical of terrorism of a confessional and spontaneous sort, which finds inspiration in the attacks against jihad targets.»

These declarations come right on the eve of the Carabinieri national celebration, which this year will be held without much pomp owing to the economic crisis, and will be dedicated to  «the many communities hit by the recent earthquake in Emilia Romagna.»

The investigations on the Adinolfi case and on the parcel bombs campaign of last December – when Marco Cuccagna, general director of Equitalia, was wounded and parcel bombs were sent to Deutche Bank executives in Frankfurt and to the Greek ambassador in France – are now entering a crucial phase. The activity of the carabinieri ROS made important progress, and soon there might be news on the identity of the responsible and on the network that operates in Italy and abroad, particularly in Greece.

«Anarcho-insurrectionalists — ROS chief Giampaolo Ganzer warned — went from a typical individualist and spontaneous way of action to a network structure. Although this is not a hierarchical organization like that of the BR, its scheme is based on an overall anti-system project undertaken by a proper organization, which the investigators must locate and understand.» According to the ROS chief, «from this international organization involving Greece, Spain, Mexico and Chile, a component is now standing out, the same that in their internal debate proposed to add direct actions of an ideological major impact, like the attack on Adinolfi, to the campaigns against things and people.»

The latest investigative findings count at least 50 people belonging to FAI, the informal anarchist federation, who are now living into hiding. What is most worrying is the consensus that these extremists find among vast areas of antagonist movements. «These fringe groups — General Ganzer concluded — oppose a series of political, economic and environmental situations and are scattered between Naples and Turin.»

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