Greece- last text from anarchist Stella Antoniou last may (On Monday, June 4th, Stella was released from Koridallos women’s prisons because she reached the limit of 18month pretrial detention.


Translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!


Last year we came across various irregularities from the side of the state
against the political prisoners. Firstly I am referring to the double in
triple imprisonments of fighters. The separated that is the charge of
participation in a revolutionary organization from the actions and they
charged different imprisonments for the same case, for the same trial. In
this way they extended the captivity of political prisoners using ways
that even their own constitution does not recognize as legitimate

Besides that, we saw another new phenomenon which was applied
for the first time. They set bail conditions to fighters who were released
after the ending of the 18month temporary imprisonment, something that is
not applicable when someone is released because of ‘the 18months’.
In April 2012 I and many other political prisoners were interrogated,
accused for the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire, for 250 actions which the
specific organization has claimed responsibility for.
Me, P.Masouras and K.Karakatsani were not re-imprisoned although the same
thing went for all of us who refused our participation: the non-existence
of any evidence which could ‘justify’ a new imprisonment. The conditions
imposed on us have the following specificity compared to with the usual
conditions imposed. These conditions are clearly because of our beliefs
since we are forbidden to enter educational institutions and their
surrounding yards although we are not accused of anything concerning
university spaces. It is an attack against fighters, during which they
informally ask us to make a ‘belief statement’.

Although they don’t
recognize our political substance, they carry out a political attack
aiming at ‘striking’ the collective procedures of discussion and
co-formation which for so many years now we ‘shelter’ in the university
spaces. This ban aims at our participation in the a/a movement. As
political opponents of the system we are obliged to defend our presence in
those spaces where for years now we formed, revolted, acted, disagreed and
agreed. In those spaces where everything revolutionary and subversive was

Those spaces which the anarchist movement, used them as centres of
struggles, insurrection and for the sharing of opinions and subversive
ideas. The substance however of these conditions, is to attack all the
above, regardless of where the movement will meet in order to co-form. It
clear therefore that they are not attacking walls or some buildings, they
are obviously attacking our procedures, organized solidarity and generally
our action. What they are afraid of is the organization of the anarchist
movement and this is what they are trying to criminalize, whether it is
organized in university spaces, or the squares and streets, or the hills
and mountains. Basically by legally insulting these conditions and going
back into the educational institutions, is not a victory on its own if we
ourselves do not fight the substance of this oppressive operation which
gets bigger and spreads aggressively over the more radical part of
society. It is not accidental that in this time we live in now, they
forbid our entrance into those spaces. In time were we live the most
sneaky form of dictatorship, the covered up one.

It is necessary therefore
to create these movement relations and the suitable dynamic so we can
defend situations which with the passing of time cease to be evident and
vested. Such as the defence of our political identity during the arrests.
We are not at all far from the time when they will arrest someone from the
anarchist movement and it will be considered daring and far out to admit
to the persecutory and interrogatory authorities that they are an
The forbidding of entering educational institutions, the forbidding of
communication in any way and means with our co-accused, is the beginning
of a new oppressive operation against the wider a/a movement. Already with
the new anti-terrorist law we are threatened with heavy charges and
prosecutions. I believe that this matter does not only concern those who
have been imposed with the specific conditions but the whole of the
anarchist movement. Since the attack is political, it should be answered
PS. On 13/4/12 I filed an application to lift these conditions and I will
continue with other legal moves.
“This her siege will tougher, In order to convince us
To accept a harmless slavery, However in full freedom”

Stella Antoniou
Female prisons of Koridallos

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