Summary of day 20 (Wednesday, May 30) of 2nd Halandri Case trial (Greece)


Damiano Bolano’s attorneys requested that the trial be postponed since both attorneys for the three other comrades were absent due to their attendance at other trials. Comrade Christos Tsakalos then read the following statement:

At this point in the trial we would like to clarify something.

We find ourselves here before you because we carry war within us. War against the guillotine of power, against the resignation of the crowd, and against the silence of our times.

In order for there to be war, two sides are always needed. You are on one side: puppets of power, little lawmen, scarecrows of order. When power says “jump!” you jump. When it says “bark!” you bark.

We are on the other side. We are beyond and outside your laws. The filth of your power doesn’t touch us. We are nullifiers of your laws, guerrillas of life, anarchists of praxis. We do not fear prison and we laugh at your “fair” sentences.

When we took political responsibility for belonging to the Fire Cells Conspiracy, we simultaneously committed to keep struggling against your world until our last breath.

By taking political responsibility, we didn’t simply take responsibility for a bunch of fine anarchist ideas and theories. We also took responsibility for the precious practices born from those ideas. We took responsibility for the explosive devices we assembled, the explosions we caused, the weapons we held in our hands, and the communiqués we released.

And if the police and their investigations are unable to find our fingerprints, well, our prints are scattered everywhere.

They are on the dynamite and ANFO being tirelessly carried around by our brothers and sisters in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina, sowing terror in the empire of the existent.

They are on the weapons of our Italian brothers and sisters who are spreading the new anarchy. On the travel gear of our comrades at large here in Greece. They are everyplace where the history of subversive practice and anarchist significance is being written.

However, under no circumstances will we offer up anything—no matter how minuscule—to the curiosity of the police machinery.

We will not give them even the tiniest bit of information about what we have done, with whom, and when. Let the police bloodhounds reveal all that if they can. The only thing we are saying is: “We were, are, and will continue to be unapologetic anarchists of praxis.”

You may have captured us, but you haven’t defeated us.

We will never give in. We give strength to one another with a promise in our eyes: “Solidarity among anarchists of praxis isn’t just words.”

Now our thoughts and hearts are with our comrade Olga, who has been locked up in solitary confinement for 26 days. With Olga, who hasn’t submitted to prison rules and humiliations for a single moment. Our voices are also hers, and her actions are our actions. We therefore offer up our favorite saying: “Memory isn’t garbage, and blood isn’t water.” We pledge that we will never forget during those thousands of days that await us, nor will we ever forget that freedom isn’t given. One must take it!

—First phase of the Fire Cells Conspiracy

Michalis Nikolopoulos then continued by reading the second part of the statement:

Today our sister Olga Economidou remains locked up, for the 26th day, in solitary confinement at Diavata Prison. She is there because of her intransigent, dignified, and combative attitude, which she has also continued to maintain inside the walls as an anarchist prisoner of war. More specifically, during her imprisonment at Thebes Women’s Prison, a disciplinary transfer was imposed on her after she directly refused to share a cell with a prisoner snitch. Olga therefore attacked the snitch with a flurry of punches and managed to get her thrown out of that wing of the prison. Then, while she was being transferred to Diavata Prison, Olga—being proud and consistent with her ideas—refused to submit to that infamously humiliating body-cavity search. That’s why she is in solitary confinement and why they have leveled a new disciplinary punishment at her.

Olga’s attitude is yet another brilliant example of dignity in the quiver of the anarchist legacy, an example that all who consider themselves Revolutionary Anarchists and anarchists of Praxis can arm themselves with to defend anarchist values and freedom.

Because only through everyday dissidence and the destruction of every authoritarian relationship do we tread the paths of Anarchy.

We reject any kind of petty politicking, inhibition, or excuse whose goal is to mask fear or impotence.

We continue to be enemies of society, whether prisoners or not, via continual anarchist attacks on the authoritarian complex.

Attacks that were carried out by the Black International of Anarchists of Praxis, consisting of dozens of actions by the Informal Anarchist Federation around the world. Attacks that target the head of domination, with the goal of completely eradicating it.

The new Conspiracy, in its recent strike against a Post Office vehicle and a Christian church, stated: “The act of doubting things is the source of knowledge. By questioning, people become aware of the misery of the existent. This act of doubting, in order to become and embody a useful weapon against the enemy, nevertheless requires dignified, daring, combative people with appropriate plans. The revolutionary violence exercised by such people can, under existing conditions, be considered a quite relevant and efficient project. That’s because, to us, “healthy” political positions don’t consist of simple dialogue with the enemy. Rather, they represent a war in which, instead of engaging in dialogue with your enemy, you stick a knife through it.” (Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front/Fire Cells Conspiracy-Revolutionary Groups for the Spread of Terror)

This direct dissidence by all Anarchists in struggle is what makes us stronger than ever during the battles we now take part in behind the walls.

As far as the process of your court martial, it is inconceivable to us to participate in it while Olga remains in solitary confinement. Therefore, as a small gesture, we are walking out of here and suspending the trial.

—First phase of the Fire Cells Conspiracy

Immediately after the statements were read, all the defendants left the courtroom. The trial was adjourned to Friday, June 8.

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