Italy – Operation ‘Ardire’: arrests and searches all over Italy


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At 4am this morning, 13th June 2012, the carabinieri ROS raided about forty houses carrying out a repressive operation against the anarchist movement, called operation “Ardire”, on order of public prosecutor Manuela Comodi from Perugia: 10 people were taken to prison (8 in Italy, one in Germany and one in Switzerland) and 24 others are under investigation.

The arrested comrades are:

Stefano Gabriele Fosco

Elisa Di Bernardo

Alessandro Settepani

Sergio Maria Stefani

Katia Di Stefano

Giuseppe Lo Turco

Paola Francesca Iozzi

Giulia Marziale


As for the arrest warrants in Germany and Switzerland, they were issued against two anarchists who have already been kidnapped by the State for several years: Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenish.

Among the investigated comrades there are many prisoners who are already in jail in Greece accused of belonging to the CCF.


As soon as possible we’ll publish the addresses of the prisons where the comrades were taken and we ask everyone who has more news to communicate them to us.


Houses were raided in search of explosive material, IT documents and papers. Among the houses searched, one is that of an editor of informa-azione, who was seized computers he was using to update the site, and two were those of two comrades of Culmine, who were also arrested.


We are waiting for further news to understand more about the extent and strategy of this repressive operation. We express solidarity and closeness to all the comrades arrested, hit by searches and investigated.


We receive and transmit:

 A statement from one of the comrades under investigation

It’s the same old story


In the context of a maxi-operation (operation “Ardire”, what a fuck of a name!) against anarchists and incendiaries of social peace, at 4am of 13th June, my house was raided by the ROS of Perugia and Bologna backed by a couple of local carabinieri (unlike the last time I was searched, this time they didn’t find anything). They were looking for the same stuff they wanted to find the other time: computers, explosive material, etc.

This time, however, there was a nice surprise: the gentlemen in uniform, sent by the by now famous nun M. Comodi, told me I’m under investigation for the usual article 270bis.


I want to clarify that, although I have been assigned a duty solicitor, I’m going to refuse all legal defence because I do not recognize any authority, be it judiciary or not.


This is a classic raid in style, which also led to the imprisonment of a dozen anarchists and to the investigation of more than 20 people, among whom some comrades of the CCF. However, it’s still too early to get a clear picture of the situation.


What can I say? Needless to say that, in spite of the many years in jail they can give us, the fire we carry inside us can’t be extinguished. It’s spreading proudly and meets the flames of our affinity comrades everywhere, those who in a way or another accept just one position: that of attack.

These wonderful comrades, whose hatred burns like one thousand suns shining in the sky, are the friends and brothers with whom we share anger and pain, tears and smiles, doubts and passions, as heavy as boulders and whistling as lead. These are the comrades who threaten society, its laws and advocates, with their very lives; these are the untameable rebels who lighten the nights and paint the cities with the colours of destruction and revolt.

Even from behind prison bars or from inside the courts, their gazes, words and thoughts are dangerous weapons, which become sharp blades for escape, in spite of the judges and prosecutors’ attempts at suffocating their individual strength.

But judges and prosecutors, this human waste, can’t stop the iconoclastic fury, which is spreading like a virus.

We are the infection… and there’s no cure, either for the “masters” or for the “servants”.


Chaos is coming…


A gigantic, incandescent, complicit hug of fire to you, comrades.








Tomo, 13th June, from my Nothingness.



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