May 25, 2020
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Mauricio Morales – 11 years later, Insurrectionists Don’t Forget You

It’s been 11 years since your last ride… 11 years… and we were all surprised when it was the first anniversary of your death, Mauri. The years go by, but something always remains, right?
For those of us who knew you and for those of us who knew you after your death, it has been 11 years of having you around, 11 years of continuing to propagate, breaking in, bothering, laughing loudly or in whispers, stubbornly propagating the Black Death.
How much has happened in these years, there is no rational measure that can quantify it. There are those who will say that we have lost, others that we have gained a lot, what is really important is that we continue… and that anarchy, as a concrete practice against any form of domination, as a permanent exercise, continues unrestrained. And that is why our dead people enjoy excellent health and continue to laugh, today already in other laughs.
How much you would have enjoyed the streets in these months, we smile when we imagine the answer, but you were, Mauri, in memorable days, in the chaos and its sweet deliriums. You were there, because there are those who insist on going out with you to the chaos.
This is how comradeship, iconoclastic memory and solidarity have been nourished, against any border, repression and death… as they wrote from a prison in Switzerland some years ago.
After the action of May 22, 2009, where you found death by attacking the jailers, there was no communication that made your position clear…but there was your life, your writings, your poems, songs, your stories, your experiences plagued by stumbles, mistakes, rages, laughter and successes, your constant persistence in trying, by any means necessary, to light up the night and ruin the party for the jailers of the world.
Those writings have flown from heart to heart, looking for active hands where Anarchy prevails. In your letters of black ink the skein of your ideas, feelings and convictions is unraveled, it emerges clearly who you decided to be and the paths you took even at the risk of everything… without expecting applause from the gallery, without seeking consensus, mass satisfaction, or votes of popularity.
In your writings, those who didn’t know you, have been finding you and forging their own ties of complicity, that is the power of black memory, which opens furrows and paths right there where police, journalistic or citizen insults are intended to be imposed… so vital is that clash of companions, experiences and generations, that in an attempt to cut those ties, 11 years after your death, murmurs are heard that echo journalistic inventions. It is a pleasure that you are not yet popular… but you are present among those who are ours, those who do not allow themselves to be tamed and those who choose not to tame their bitter spirits and so the echoes of your mocking laughter still spread through the streets, lighting fires even in the saddest and coldest night.
There is no day where your absence does not hurt, but here we continue… You will live in our lives Mauri.
Beyond any circumstances and any pandemic…
by Anarchy and against all authority, we will remain the worst black plague!!
With infinite love…
For all the comrades who have gone…
For all those who continue to raise the pulse of conflict…
For prisoners of war…
Our memory is black, our heart too…
Eternal contempt for the jailer!
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May 25, 2020
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Italy – News from the state of emergency (Number 2)

30th March 2020
Responsibilities in reverse
The daily scaremongering news is covering up general and specific responsibilities for the ongoing epidemic,  putting them on those who don’t stay at home, “plague-spreaders” against whom more and more repressive measures are to be demanded (the military carrying out police functions, internet tracking of the population, invitations to snitch, authorization of the use of drones…). Who dismantled the Health System in favour of the logic of profit, worsening a situation that could have been dealt with quite differently? Who kept the factories open? Who closed the schools on 20th February and shopping centres only on 12th March? Who was it? Perhaps those walking in the streets or on cycle or footpaths? And more: is it single “looters” or a system that has made the price of face masks for hospitals increase 600%?
What security?
They’ve been deafening us with shouts of “Security!” for decades. More cameras, more controls, more police, more prisons! Then a virus epidemic arrives, and from the back of the mind and the not-said of television it comes out that if trucks and logistics were to stop there would be nothing left to eat in the supermarkets within a few days. What kind of security can people who depend on a technological and productive system which they no longer control have? You can’t live from telework! Let’s take advantage of this “break” to reflect.
Without taking back the land and self-managing our food sources, along with freedom and autonomy we will also be renouncing our security.

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May 23, 2020
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Diálogos Incendiarios / Internacional Negra Ediciones, ES/PORTUGUÊS

PDF: Diálogos Incendiarios – PORTUGUÊS
Apresentamos um novo livro da Internacional Negra Edições, projeto internacionalista de difusão anárquica que, desde as vontades anarco-insurrecionais, informais e sediciosas, volta a brotar em espanhol, português e italiano, com uma nova publicação: “Diálogos Incendiários: Pela Propagação da Sedição Anárquica”, concretizado a partir da troca de idéias sobre o rumo da guerra anárquica, que tiveram, mediante cartas, os companheiros Alfredo Cóspito, Gustavo Rodriguez e Gabriel Pombo da Silva.
Decidimos fazer este lançamento no dia 22 de maio, oportuna rememoração do Dia do Caos, em memória do companheiro anarquista Mauricio Morales, quem, num dia como hoje, no ano 2009, se despediu da vida lutando contra o poder, quando a bomba que carregava na mochila explodiu acidentalmente a poucos metros da Escola de Agentes Penitenciários do Chile.
Dedicamos este livro a todxs nossxs companheiros em prisão mundo afora, especialmente para os companheiros Alfredo Cóspito, encarcerado na Itália e para o querido Gabriel Pombo da Silva, que foi detido em Portugal e extraditado para Espanha, no momento em que este livro saía à luz. Mandamos toda nossa força para o compa Gabriel diante desta nova vingança das autoridades contra sua irredutível luta.
Este livro tem versões impressas que circularão nos espaços afins, entre companheiros e em diversos projetos anárquicos ao redor do mundo. Convidamos a apoiar ativamente sua difusão compartilhando sua versão
digital, imprimindo exemplares ou realizando atividades e apresentações ali onde existam vontades dispostas para fazer o impossível pela propagação do caos e a expansão da guerra anárquica.
Vontades e colaborações editorias da Internacional Negra.
22 Maio 2020. (Brasil) (México) (Chile) (Italia)


ES:  Diálogos Incendiarios / Internacional Negra Ediciones

PDF: Diálogos Incendiarios
Presentamos un nuevo libro de la Internacional Negra Ediciones, proyecto internacionalista de difusión anárquica que, desde voluntades anarcoinsurreccionales informales y sediciosas, vuelve a resurgir en español, portugués e italiano con un nuevo título: «Diálogos Incendiarios: por la propagación de la sedición anárquica», cimentado en el intercambio epistolar en torno al curso de la guerra anárquica entre los compañeros Alfredo Cóspito, Gustavo Rodríguez y Gabriel Pombo da Silva.
Hemos decidido de manera consciente hacer este lanzamiento el 22 de mayo, en oportuna celebración del Día del Caos, recordando al compañero anarquista Mauricio Morales, quien un día como hoy en el año 2009 dejó esta vida luchando contra el Poder al estallar la bomba que cargaba en su mochila, la cual detonó antes de tiempo a pocos metros de la Escuela de Gendarmería de Chile.
Dedicamos este libro a todxs nuestrxs compañerxs en prisión alrededor del mundo, con especial dedicatoria al compañero Alfredo Cóspito encarcelado en Italia y, al querido Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, quien fuera detenido en Portugal y extraditado a Estado español en el momento que este libro salía a la luz. Enviamos toda nuestra fuerza al compañero Gabriel frente a esta nueva venganza de las autoridades por su eterna lucha irreductible.
Este libro contará de versiones impresas que circularán en espacios afines, entre compañerxs y proyectos anárquicos diversos alrededor del mundo. Invitamos a apoyar activamente su difusión compartiendo su versión digital, imprimiendo ejemplares y/o realizando presentaciones y lanzamientos allí donde existan voluntades dispuestas a hacer hasta lo imposible por propagar el Caos y extender la guerra anárquica.
Voluntades y colaboradorxs editoriales de Internacional Negra Ediciones.
22 de mayo de 2020. (Chile) (México) (Brasil) (Italia)

May 23, 2020
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Statement from some Anarchists of Module 14, Santiago Prison 1 in Chile

We do not represent anyone or speak for all of the module. We believe that these clarifications are necessary because of the harmful “romanticization” that the street and the struggle have given to this module of “protesters.” Fighting spirits not only dissolved on the street, it had a real effect on the ability to coordinate between us and the outside.
Despite that and our own incapacities, some of us unite in an anti-authoritarian affinity. With this in mind and despite the fact that this is an embryonic situation of political imprisonment, we believe it is important to get some voices out on the street and clarify some things.
Those of us who collaborate to write these letters do so with our conviction of fighting intact and ready; we think that the battle inside and outside the prisons is a necessity for the present, despite the adverse health situation that is used by power as an excuse to militarize even more our lives, submitting ourselves with new and old tools to the perverse control of the State and the multinationals, which are only committed to defending the system that generates profits.

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May 23, 2020
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Noise Demos Outside Montreal-Area Prisons Following Death of Prisoner and a Hunger Strike ,Canada.

Read also : Bordeaux Hunger Strike
Manifesto of Bordeaux Prisoners
10 May, Montreal – At 2pm today, a caravan of over 30 vehicles visited the Federal Training Centre prison in Laval and the Bordeaux jail in Montreal, demanding the immediate release of all prisoners in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The vehicles, decorated with slogans such as, ‘Prison Should Not Be A Death Sentence,’ & ‘Free All Prisoners,’ honked their horns, made noise, and held banners in solidarity with those inside.
“We’re here today to show people inside these prisons that they’re not forgotten and that we’re out here working for their release,” said Ellie Santon, a participant in the demonstration. “What’s happening in these prisons is a crisis created by the government. If they wanted to, they could solve all this tomorrow. For some reason they seem intent on letting people die.”

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May 23, 2020
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Long-running anarchist publication Anathema based out of Philadelphia returns with a new issue. USA

Volume 6 Issue 4 (PDF for reading 8.5×11)
Volume 6 Issue 4 (PDF for printing 11×17)
In this issue:
Lockdowns & Incarceration
What Went Down
Resource Extraction Updates
The State Of Surveillance
Interview With A West Philly Rent Striker
When Things Get Rough We Ride Together
A Short Timeline Of PA ELF Actions
Loving Anarchy (LA)
A Quick Rant On COVID
Expropriationist Anarchy In Crisis Times
Philly Bingo Card
Chapter Report Background

May 20, 2020
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Imola, Italy – And if words became stones?

Imola, Italy – And if words became stones?
Some writings appeared in the town of Imola (province of Bologna) in March 2020, railing against the Police State and the obligation to stay indoors under democratically “voluntary” house arrest. 
We were stopped (in quite a ridiculous way typical of the Imola police) during our usual walks in defiance of the prohibitions a few weeks after some good citizens and various local politicians complained on social media and newspapers about the anger and violence expressed in the writings and the disfigurement of the precious town walls, and that day as well as the umpteenth fine some notifications also appeared.
Investigations, still ongoing, concerning the above-mentioned writings are saddling us with instigation to break the law, defacing and tagging, insulting the republic and the forces of order, violence or threats against the political body, and the start of a procedure for expulsion orders. 
Regardless of whoever did the writings, regardless of our guilt or lack of it, we can but smile thinking of those who continue to upset the peace, undisturbed hopefully. The charge of Instigation for these deeds doesn’t seem absurd to us. On the contrary. After all what else should words expressing hatred towards everything that represents Order do? 
So we are not worried or offended by such charges, as every time we express ourselves, in written words or burlesquely whispered ideas, we feel and are Delinquents. And if anyone talking to us or savouring some of our texts should feel instigated, well, the propaganda worked!
Besides, a few days after the notification, nice handmade posters (no copycentres open these days, imagine) kept appearing, roughly saying: OBEDIENCE IS NOT RESPONSIBILITY, they are destroying our lives with techno sociability and the militarization of the streets, let’s make sure that revolt is not lacking. Certainly the leitmotif of everything’ll-be-all-right, the rainbows and let’s-stay-at-home, haven’t grabbed the entire population of the town; perhaps the wave of fines and complaints, threats, chases haven’t extinguished the desire for self-expression.
Just as we weren’t loyal to Duty before, we still aren’t and never will be.
See you at the seaside, phase 2, three or what the fuck!
two wayfarers in covid, cofàtt, coddèt times?
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Translated by Act for freedom now!

May 20, 2020
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Yet we anarchists will always find it difficult to make ourselves understood. We are not a party that goes to parliament or on television to explain our ideas. We don’t have many instruments that allow us to make propaganda, we don’t have TV channels, big newspapers, financial means because we are a movement of free people, workers, unemployed, students and we spread our ideas with the few instruments we have, and with deeds.
Di Gioia
Anarchist comrade Franco Di Gioia has left us.
Right to the end he remained lucid and active in spite of health difficulties that had led to brutal suffering.
Right to the end he contributed to anarchist thought and action with clear writings and unconditional support.
Franco was a proletarian, an anarchist, a fighter for that ideal that we will continue to share with him.
The door of his home in Grisolia, on the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza, was always open to the many comrades who came to visit him until recently, also from afar, and for all the proletarians who met up with him.
He taught us the simplicity of the revolutionary response in all situations.
A piece of anarchist history goes with him; with us remains the clarity of his thought, the strength of his character and the ability to feel injustice and the urgency of knowing how to return it to those who generated it, without scruples and without mercy.
We remember him in his struggles with the workers of Grisolia, among the workers and not for the workers, for his support for the prisoners, for the anarchist group of Grisolia with its rooms overlooking the piazza, animated by his openair talks full of pathos and participation, for the anarchist conferences of the centre-south, for his participation in the struggles of Comiso, for the spread of anarchist ideas in Calabria, for his enthusiasm, his authenticity, his humanity, as the comrades who fought with him also remind us.
My contribution will always be for anarchy.
Di Gioia
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Translated by act for freedom now!

May 20, 2020
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Leipzig, Germany: Connewitz, the State and a Construction Site of Internal Security

For weeks, Connewitz has been bubbling with activity, especially around the construction site between Wiedebachplatz and Ecksteinstraße. This is preventing the cops from patrolling and controlling a large part of Bornaische Strasse. This gives many people the opportunity to spend their evenings without being subjected to arbitrary police checks. Again and again there are fires at the construction site, which is part of a large-scale upgrading process of the quarter. This causes the state power to storm the construction site constantly in large numbers and to control and harass people arbitrarily. The anger at the past harassment by the cops finally exploded spontaneously on 09.05.2020. Here is a small overview of the events of the last weeks.
Like every beautiful spring evening, many people gathered on the street to spend time together. On this evening, there were perhaps 150-200 people on Bornaische Strasse in smaller groups, according to Corona. The cops showed their nervousness from the beginning by intensive patrolling of the surrounding streets. They do not seem to be happy that due to the construction site they can only enter a large part of Connewitz with a large number of helmeted pigs without exposing themselves to great danger.

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May 20, 2020
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Spain: Anarchist Prisoner Amadeu Casellas Receives Provisional Freedom

Statement by Amadeu Casellas, after his release
Salud compañerxs,
Yesterday, May 14, I received provisional freedom, awaiting an acquittal or conviction. As you already know, justice in this state is not impartial, depending on whether the prosecutor has been military, fascist or ecclesiastical, that is already a problem for the working class. The same is the case with presidents, magistrates or judges, who depending on their ideology, can also be condemnatory or acquittal. I no longer want to talk about the state hitmen, also called Mossos d’Esquadra [police force in Catalonia], who are manipulative, corrupt and pathetic.
In any case, as you can imagine, I am very happy with my freedom, after the two years I have been unjustly locked up in prison.
But this is not over yet, because I have to go and collect the conviction or acquittal, and as you can imagine, if it is condemnatory I will have to appeal it. Among other things, because the state’s hired killers, the Mossos d’Esquadra, manipulated evidence, which was demonstrated in the trial that took place on the 5th and 6th, as well as other evidence that was manipulated by themselves.
I want to thank all the Grup de Suport for all the help they have given me during these two years, which has been a lot, and I hope that the next few days we can all stay together and celebrate my freedom.
And to be able to start, for those who want to participate in new struggles against the many abuses that are inside the prisons, the fact that I have come out does not mean that this has ended.
The struggle continues, because there are many Amadeus in prisons and many fascists that watch over them, torture and humiliate them. For those who want to continue organizing the struggles of the prisons in the Catalan and Spanish death centers, we will be in contact.
Thanks to everyone for your support.
Salud and Anarchy
Amadeu Casellas
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May 20, 2020
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usa: Corrected info about Covid + Marius Mason Anarchist prisoner.

May 16 COVID 19 update: As of this writing, Marius has been in quarantine with other prisoners in a separate area since April 25, when he tested positive for the corona virus. Marius has underlying factors that make him vulnerable to COVID 19, and legal options are being pursued, thanks to his attorney.
To support Marius: Paypal at or Venmo @supportmariusmason or order a Marius teeshirt
Inmates in quarantine do still have access to phone calls and snail mail letters, but recently lost access to email, and letters can take an extended time to get to them. Prisoners have not been able to have visitors for quite some time, and at present, the visiting room is being used to house those in quarantine. The quarantine was for 18 days, but may well extend longer.
Prisoners at some state and federal prisons around the country have applied for, and a smaller number have been granted, compassionate release. As of 5-16-20, the Danbury, CT facility that Marius is housed at reported 30 inmates and 5 staff who have tested positive, and one prisoner has died. Obviously, this is a very liquid situation; you can find updated numbers at
Please write to Marius. Letters are so very important, especially now. He cannot reply to all, due to limits on his communication, but hearing about what others are doing and sharing supportive words are critical in these times that are frightening for everyone, but have even less predictability in a prison setting. There are no news sources in the quarantine area where he is now, so he appreciates news updates, on the virus, but also what others in the activist, art and literary world are doing. At present, no cards, use only white paper and envelopes, and hold off sending books because he does not know if they would get through under current conditions.
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May 20, 2020
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Hamilton,Canada : Rail Sabotage in Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en struggle

This action was done to support and amplify this struggle and to encourage others to expand solidarity actions beyond letter writing and phone ins. Especially with KKR investment firm’s final investment decision in CGL later this month it is important to continue pressure. The RCMP and CGL mancamps aren’t respecting social distancing but we can still social distance and shut shit down!
Anonymous submission to North Shore Counter-Info

May 20, 2020
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Italy : News from the State of Emergency issue 6 – Mural paper from Trentino

25th April: signals of mutiny

The appeal to breach confinement regulations on the April the 25th was taken up in quite diversified and creative ways. In Trento, a group of comrades came out into the streets in the San Pio X neighbourhood, keeping safe distancing and showing that it is possible to meet in the streets, in the open air, while protecting one and others’ health. The group – with a banner “Responsible, not obedient. Resistance now and always” – stayed up in the street for a good half hour, with speeches, music and chants; some came in solidarity and a number of local residents joined in, then a considerable number of police turned up and tried to identity those present. The cops’ attempt didn’t go well and the group left, chanting and greeting the people watching from their balconies.  Greetings to the prisoners of Spini di Gardolo later in the day.
From what we have read and heard, several banners and posters appeared in Rovereto in remembrance of partisans, against fascists and capital, in solidarity with the prisoners in struggle, against the logic of the bosses and the State that wants factories open and people shut at home… Several parks were “freed” of partition tape, and prohibition notices were replaced with others inviting people to use spaces collectively, keeping a distance. In Tierno, music in the piazza with neighbours bringing along homemade pizzas. In Mori, tour of the town with music and posters. In Noriglio, unfurling of banners, tour of the town with partisan songs and reading out leaflet; in Lizzanella, presence in the piazza with banners and music; in Fucine, posters and amplified speeches; in Brione, a group of comrades – wearing masks and keeping a distance from one another – went through part of the neighbourhood with a banner (“Self-organize to put an end to submission”) and a sound system. The first stop outside a block of flats attracted the interest of many people on balconies, who responded with a hearty round of applause; about a dozen people joined in the initiative. Among the many talks (on the structural causes of the epidemic, Confindustria [General Confederation of Italian Industry, a bosses’ federation] and the government’s responsibilities, against technological control in the name of health…), an invitation was launched to those with economic difficulties to self-organize and stop paying rent to Itea [social housing agency of the Trentino province] (whose directors had announced a rent freeze for shopkeepers but not for tenants). Perhaps due to unannounced appointments and different times, the comrades were already leaving when the police and Digos patrols turned up. Late in the evening, fireworks at three points in the suburbs of Rovereto.

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May 20, 2020
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Italy : News from the State of Emergency issue 5 – Mural paper from Trentino

What a discovery is society!
Faced with the risk of dying of contagion, millions of human beings are discovering that their own and others’ actions have a real effect on society, i.e. on themselves and their fellow beings. After decades of liberal ideology according to which “society” was a sort of dark hole into which anything could be thrown, now the principle of responsibility is being rediscovered all of a sudden. It’s been discovered that workers are cannon fodder; that profit comes before health; that behind the famous “public interest”, it is the State that makes the decisions along with its police. Given that viruses have effects even if they can’t be seen, we are discovering a “materiality of the invisible”. Digital technologies – to which scientists and governments are entrusting our fate – are anything but immaterial. In order for millions of people to be connected while they are shut at home, you need servers, energy, cables, antennas and above all rare metal and soils, whose looting means wars, plunder of the Earth’s crust, nuclear radiations, semi-slaves (often children) forced to work in mines, entire areas of the world transformed into landfills, i.e. conditions for new epidemics. Can a principle of responsibility exist by command, in the empire of fear?
What does “you can’t go out” mean?
Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of this period is precisely the State’s attempt to make responsibility coincide with obedience. If we think of the tragedies that obedience caused in the Twentieth century (not by chance, «I was just obeying orders» was the phrase most repeated by the Nazis in Nuremberg), such an imposition should make us tremble. Why, then, do we stay at home? Out of a sense of responsibility? Because the government says so? For fear of being fined? Millions of people would certainly answer in very different ways. What is ethically and socially unacceptable is to confuse obedience with responsibility. Let’s give an example. If we were to read the government’s regulations carefully – without letting ourselves be terrorized by the announcements from loudspeakers – and follow them to the letter, what would happen? If thousands of people were to go out at the same time to “exercise near their homes”, what would happen? If instead the same people went for a walk in isolated areas, indeed breaching the regulations, would they be putting anyone’s health at risk? The sanction was never an issue.
Obligation and prohibition

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May 17, 2020
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Rovereto, Italy : sabotage of lines in solidarity with the Bologna arrested comrades

We learn from the local papers that in the night between Thursday and Friday an anonymous action disabled 5 telephone and web line exchange booths. The result was a “blackout” of part of the city (there is talk of 2000 users).
Translated by Act for freedom now!

May 17, 2020
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Poster in solidarity with the anarchists arrested in Bologna in Italy on May 13 2020

Posted on 2020/05/14 by Sans_Attendre
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Right now
You can’t crush ideas by suppressing them.
You can only crush them by ignoring them.
By refusing to think, refusing to change.  
Ursula K. Le Guin

Right now, while humans are staying inside, animals are taking back space, leaving traces and opening up unexplored paths that accomplice spirits can travel to out of the blue, reach interesting places and sensitive points far from prying metal eyes.

Right now, an inspired and inspiring wave is spreading across Europe, from France to the Netherlands, via Germany.
Right now this irrepressible, elusive wave is leaving behind it punctured wheels, burnt antennas, severed cables.
This wave is called: Sabotage. And it continues to surge despite the Fear.
They have dystopia. We have the weapon of utopia.
Accomplices and in solidarity with  Duccio, Ele, Stefi, Nicole, Guido, Martino, Otta, Leo, Zip, Tommi, Angelo and Emma!
wild hearts

 In Italian Poster in solidarity:

May 17, 2020
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Italy: From the South isolation section of the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo

Davide has sent us the following communique which we are pleased to publish, the following has been written together with a companion of his from the isolation section of the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo.
Unconditionally we will continue to stand by our comrade’s side!
Sardegna Anarchica
Cassa di sostegno per l’anarchico sardo prigioniero deportato Davide Delogu
From the South isolation section of the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo
We are two prisoners who have been thrown into the isolation section “South” of the Pagliarelli prison (in Palermo) without any judicial measure to justify it. We are Carmine Lanzetta (AS3 [detained in “High Surveillance 3” circuit]) from January in total continuous isolation started with the disciplinary isolation for 10 days that still continues, and Davide Delogu, Sardinian anarchist, from February in continuous isolation for reasons of order and security for which we should not do more than 15 days, held hostage with the revenge of total isolation.

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May 17, 2020
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Comments Off on Episode number 34 of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”

Episode number 34 of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”

This is episode number 34 of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”, a news program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world.
Listen or download HERE (Language English)
If you’d like to get involved in the network or want to hear more – send an email to
Check out all the shows look for the a-radio-network collection on or at our website,
This issue is naturally concentrated on topic of corona-virus and it’s influence on our struggles. Unfortunately we have inputs only from one continent this time, but it is special due to the presence of voices of people struggling at Rojava, at Moria refugee camp and prisons in Greece. For us it’s very important to give this voices a chance to be heard.
Content of this edition:
– Free social radio 1431AM, Thessaloniki, Greece
Hunger strike of V. Dimakis
1st of May in Greece
Some words about Grup Yorum, the hunger strikes and the deaths of 3 comrades.
– A-Radio Berlin: Interview on the film “Radical Resilience” about political burnout and how to avoid it.
– FrequenzA: The audio is from two internationalist, which are based in Rojava at the moment, about their thoughts and analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the society there and why it makes sense to fight the capitalist system worldwide.
– Radio Fragmata: Updates on situation in Greece and coronavirus (May Day 2020, New environment destructive policy, police brutality, refugees struggles and fascists attacks, anarchist and revolutionary prisoners situation, mutual aid actions)
– Invisible Radio: Voices of people from Moria camp and Last incidents in prisons and camps in Greece
-recommended radios from Chile:

May 16, 2020
by actforfreedom


The existing health crisis and its management from governments until now, globally, has unmasked the real character of authority, which was hiding itself behind the democratic mask. This oppressive system imposed an ultimate control of life, forbidding everything. Now, all civil liberties have become senseless words. This extreme condition that we live in, reveals that the prison-model is the true capitalistic model of society.
Prison is the most extreme form of bio-politics and extermination. Prisoners are under constant surveillance and control, something that, nowadays is happening to the whole society.
In this period of time, prisoners in greek prisons are dying, one after another, from minor causes such as rotten teeth etc. Selim Zerolari and Azizel Demiroglou were two prisoners that we were informed about their deaths, this month. Mass media, of course, managed to conceal or distort these news. Furthermore, the state has grabbed the opportunity, due to the curfew, to move the most active prisoners, anarchists and others, into other prisons. Silence in the streets gives more power to the state to repress the voices of the imprisoned people.
Incarceration has always been, and remains, a form of torture and a tool of submission for authority. If we don’t resist to this modern totalitarianism, we will live in this prison-society, which states systematically impose.
Throughout the planet, in the face of the corona virus threat, prisoners stacked in prisons and migrant concentration camps are shouting: We are prisoners, not death row convicts!
Korinthos migrant concentration camp, Greece: 1,200 migrants go on hunger strike, March ‘20
Italy, March ‘20: 27 prisons in revolt due to the corona virus, many prisoners killed in the clashes
Argentina, April ‘20: revolt in Concordia prison, guards respond with shootings
Palmasola, Bolivia, May ‘20: 2 prisoners left to die from the corona virus, prisoners revolt
Chile: stirke mobilization at high security prison in Santiago, May ‘20
Thebes prison, Greece: prisoners revolt after prisoner dies beause she was not taken to hospital, April ‘20
29-30-31 MAY 2020
comrades, solidarians with prisoners’ struggles
Η παρούσα υγειονομική κρίση και η ως τώρα διαχείρισή της από τις κυβενήσεις, σε παγκόσμιο επίπεδο, ξεσκέπασε το πραγματικό πρόσωπο της εξουσίας, το οποίο κρυβόταν πίσω από τις δημοκρατικές φανφάρες. Το καταπιεστικό αυτό σύστημα επέβαλλε τον πλήρη έλεγχο της ζωής απαγορεύοντας τα πάντα. Πλέον, όλες οι αστικές ελευθερίες έχουν γίνει κουρελόχαρτα. Σε αυτή την ακραία συνθήκη που ζούμε, αποδεικνύεται ότι το μοντέλο της φυλακής είναι το αληθινό κοινωνικό μοντέλο του καπιταλισμού.
Η φυλακή είναι η πιό ξεκάθαρη μορφή βιοπολιτικής διαχείρισης αλλά και εξόντωσης. Οι κρατούμενοι βρίσκονται υπό συνεχή επιτήρηση και έλεγχο, πράγμα που αυτή τη στιγμή συμβαίνει σε ολόκληρη την κοινωνία.
Αυτή τη χρονική περίοδο, οι κρατούμενοι στις ελληνικές φυλακές πεθαίνουν ο ένας μετά τον άλλον για ασήμαντες αιτίες όπως σαπισμένα δόντια κλπ. Ο Σελίμ Ζερολάρι και η Αζιζέλ Ντεμιρόγλου ήταν δύο από αυτές τις περιπτώσεις που έφτασαν στα αυτιά μας τον τελευταίο μήνα. Φυσικά, τα ΜΜΕ φρόντισαν να θάψουν ή να διαστρεβλώσουν αυτά τα γεγονότα. Επίσης, με την ευκαιρία της απαγόρευσης κυκλοφορίας, το κράτος έχει προχωρήσει σε μεταγωγές αναρχικών και άλλων κρατουμένων, πρώτα-πρώτα των πιό δραστήριων, δηλαδή των πιό ενοχλητικών για το καθεστώς. Η σιωπή που επικρατεί στους δρόμους, δίνει στο κράτος την δύναμη να καταστείλει τις φωνές που βρίσκονται μέσα στις φυλακές.
Ο εγκλεισμός ήταν πάντα και παραμένει βασανιστήριο και εργαλείο υποταγής στα χέρια της εξουσίας. Αν δεν αντισταθούμε στον σύγχρονο ολοκληρωτισμό, θα ζούμε μόνιμα σε αυτή την κοινωνία-φυλακή που το κράτος διαχρονικά διαμορφώνει.
Σε όλο τον πλανήτη, αντιμέτωποι με την απειλή του κωρονοϊού, κρατούμενοι στοιβαγμένοι σε φυλακές και στρατόπεδα συγκέντρωσης μεταναστών κραυγάζουν: Είμαστε κρατούμενοι, όχι θανατοποινίτες!
  • Στρατόπεδο συγκέντρωσης μεταναστών Κορίνθου: 1,200 μετανάστες προχωρούν σε απεργία πείνας, Μάρτιος ´20
  • Ιταλία, Μάρτιος ´20: 27 φυλακές σε εξέγερση λόγω του κωρονοϊού, πολλοί νεκροί κρατούμενοι στις συγκρούσεις
  • Αργεντινή, Απρίλης ´20: Εξέγερση στη φυλακή Concordia, οι δεσμοφύλακες απαντούν με σφαίρες
  • Παλμασόλα, Βολιβία, Μάης ´20: 2 κρατούμενοι αφήνονται να πεθάνουν από κωρονοιό, εξέγερση των κρατουμένων
  • Χιλή: κινητοποίηση με απεργία στις φυλακές υψίστης ασφαλείας στο Σαντιάγκο, Μάης ´20
  • Φυλακές Θήβας, Ελλάδα: εξέγερση των κρατουμένων μετά από θάνατο κρατουμένης γιατί δεν μεταφέρθηκε στο νοσοκομείο, Απρίλης ´20
29-30-31 ΜΑΙΟΥ 2020
σύντροφια, αλληλέγγυα με τους αγώνες των κρατουμένων

May 16, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Toulouse, France: Tunnel effect (May 9, 2020) (it-en-fr)

Tolosa, Francia: Effetto tunnel (09/05/2020)
«L’effetto tunnel è una reazione naturale, legata allo stress e dovuta alla focalizzazione dello sguardo su un punto preciso, come se si guardasse attraverso un teleobiettivo».
Nella notte fra l’8 e il 9 maggio [2020], su una filiale della banca Caisse d’Epargne è stata fatta la scritta «Macronavirus, quando la fine?» e i suoi vetri sono stati infranti.
Gli/le autori/e non smettono di descrivere l’attitudine provocatoria e insultante del governo, la sua gestione mediocre della crisi sanitaria e nei confronti della crisi economica che arriverà; come spiegazione, che vorrebbero assolutoria, mettono avanti l’effetto tunnel. Per loro, l’uscita dal tunnel era, quella notte là, l’attacco della Caisse d’Epargne. Questa reazione estrema sarebbe quindi dovuta a un contesto di stress estremo.
E lungo la via del ritorno avrebbero perfino detto «mi ha fatto piacere», cosa che lascia prevedere una seconda ondata.
[Nota: Lo scoiattolo è la mascotte delle banca Caisse d’Epargne].
[Rivendicazione in francese pubblicata in].
Toulouse, France: Tunnel effect (May 9, 2020)
«The tunnel effect is a natural reaction, linked to stress and due to the focus of the gaze on a precise point, as if you were looking through a telephoto lens».
On the night between 8 and 9 May [2020], on a branch of the Caisse d’Epargne bank, the words «Macronavirus, when the end?» were written on the wall and the windows were smashed.
The authors do not stop describing the government’s provocative and insulting attitude and its mediocre management of the health crisis and the economic crisis that is to come; as an explanation, which they would like to absolutely-explain, they put forward the tunnel effect. For them, the exit from the tunnel was, that night there, the attack of the Caisse d’Epargne. This extreme reaction would therefore be due to a context of extreme stress.
And on the way back they would even say «I was pleased», which suggests a second wave.
[Note: The squirrel is the mascot of the Caisse d’Epargne bank].
[Responsibility claim in French published in].
Toulouse, France: Effet tunnel (09/05/2020)
« L’effet tunnel est une réaction naturelle liée au stress due à une focalisation du regard sur un point précis comme si on regardait à travers un téléobjectif ».
Dans la nuit du 8 au 9 mai à Toulouse une caisse d’Epargne a été la cible d’un tag « Macronavirus à quand la fin ? » et les vitres ont été brisées.
Les auteures n’auront de cesse de décrire l’attitude provocante et insultante du gouvernement et de sa gestion médiocre de la crise sanitaire et face à la prochaine crise économique ; en guise d’explication qu’ils voudraient absolutoire, ils brandissent un effet tunnel. Pour eux la sortie du tunnel c’était cette nuit la en attaquant la caisse d’Epargne. Cette réaction extrême serait donc dut a un contexte de stress extrême .
Et sur le chemin du retour ils auraient même dit « ça fait du bien » ce qui laisse prédire une seconde vague.
Translated by insuscettibilediravvedimento