January 10, 2021
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Italy: Against special surveillance. Itinerant solidarity meeting (Genoa, January 16th, 2021)en/it

of our thoughts, our behaviors, our ideas and relationships
These days the mantra of Security resounds more than ever in streets overflowing with ugly uniformed individuals ready to repress with all the means at their disposal: from the fine to the truncheon, perpetuating in fact a war against the exploited, immigrants, those who live by expedients and in general those who do not adapt and try not to bow their heads in front of this “normality” made of distance, downcast eyes, mouths covered by masks and an unbreathable air, more than for the feared respiratory virus for a disease that seems to have entered every alveolus of life: that of domination and control.
On January 20th, the Court of Genoa will rule on the request of the public prosecutor Federico Manotti to submit to special surveillance an anarchist comrade from Genoa.
It will certainly not be judges and cops to intimidate us.

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January 10, 2021
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Athens, Greece – Giannis  Dimitrakis’ intervention at the event organized by the Solidarity Fund for fighting prisoners

ilrovescio.info Translated from Italian to English by Act for freedom now!
GR,EL:  τοποθετηση του συντρόφου Γιάννη Δημητράκη


The intervention of G. Dimitrakis at the Solidarity Fund for prisoners and persecuted fighters event on 30/10/2020, at the faculty of Nomiki, (University of law) in Athens

Good evening comrades, I send you my complicit greetings from the D2 wing of the prison of Domokou, which unfortunately is close to the area where the 27 fascists of Golden Dawn are detained, and is separated from it by a high cement wall and barbed wire. All contact is excluded, even visual, but not acoustic. Once again I want to thank one of the longest-running solidarity structures – in modern times – the Solidarity Fund for prisoners and persecuted fighters, for inviting me to today’s event.
Congratulations to those who – over the years – have kept this structure afloat,  especially today in extremely adverse conditions, both because of the pandemic and the prohibitions that have come into force, and the negative political situation caused by the regime’s repeated attacks on the anarchist movement. In a suffocating context of economic crisis aggravated by the pandemic and the State’s choices of management, the moral, material-financial support to imprisoned comrades, as prisoners of the bourgeoisie, acquires even more importance. Pseudo-democracies are in a particularly vulnerable position. And obviously solidarity with our comrades, qualitatively intended, with all means, is another crucial point to highlight a movement’s political character, memory and coherence. It is encouraging that in spite of the numerous arrests we have had in this year of Nea Democratia government, the financial requests for bail, lawyers, legal expenses and basic needs of accused comrades have been fully covered by the financial assistance/support of the movement.  In a world constantly driven to individualism, silence, compromise and resignation, I know nothing more precious than political mobilization in the struggle against this authoritarian and capitalist dystopia, and the solidarity that unites and keeps alive the human values and characteristics of the people who give them meaning.  In fact, the feeling of solidarity can be – much more – the matrix of political mobilization – rather than the opposite – and this makes it an inestimable human ideal but also a weapon in the battle against the armies of the powerful.

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January 10, 2021
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Greece : Revenge of the state against Dimitris Koufodinas

Inferno Urbano Translated by act for freedom now!
Actforfree, notes: Dimitri Koufodinas, a member of 17th November is starting a hunger strike on 8/1/21 hes text here  in Greek:
EN: Statement on the launch of a hunger strike by Dimitris Koufontinas
24th December 2020
We receive and spread:
Besides increasing the minimum time to be served behind bars for eligibility for leave permits, the new prison reform approved by parliament a few days ago also imposed limitation of access to rural prisons (jails where prisoners serving long sentences have a less restrictive regime and where 1 day is counted as 3 days served) now completely forbidden to those sentenced for terrorism. This is an ad hoc measure to pursue state revenge against Dimitri Koufodinas, a member of 17th November who has been held in jail since 2002 and never repented or apologised. The day after it [prison reform] became law Koufodinas was transferred from the rural prison of Kassavetia where he was being held, to the high security prison of Domokos. During the transfer he was also prevented from taking all his personal belongings with him.
Here follows the letter written by the comrade in the heat of the moment:
“Therefore I don’t need to shout in order to be believed” (G. Ritsos) …
Everybody can see how the “State of rights” has become the “right of the State” and an instrument of revenge in the hands of the gang that govern the country politically and economically as its own private enterprise. Simple, pure, primitive revenge, mafia-style settling of scores.

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January 10, 2021
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Liverpool,UK: After Landlords,

December 2020
Resisting evictions, rent strikes and squatting are all means of improving our lives in the present, building solidarity and exposing the injustice of the class divide. But these struggles can only bring partial and temporary victories until they escalate to the point of overturning the root cause: capitalism. Problems we face around housing are not simply due to callous landlords but are a product of an economic system based on private property and competition.
Currently houses are not resources distributed according to need, but property owned by people with the wealth to buy them. Those who cannot afford to buy a house must give much of their wage to a landlord. As well as being inherently exploitative, this hierarchy gives the landlord the power to impose arbitrary rules, increase rent, apply charges, get away with bullying and neglect, and ultimately evict the tenant from what has become their home. Those who cannot afford to pay rent will find themselves homeless, despite many houses remaining empty, an asset in someone’s portfolio.

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January 10, 2021
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London,UK : Four squats evicted just before Xmas

Today [December 21 , 2020] four separate squats were evicted in London. One being the mutual aid community free shop [pictured] in Harringay that was very close to our hearts. They illegally evicted us, as they didn’t tell us we had court on 17 December.
Many people have been made homeless today due to parasitic landlords. They’ve destroyed homes and communities. All before 9am.
Support your local squat. We’re working with other members of the crew to relocate and get running again but cannot guarantee when. We hope soon.
Kill bailiffs. Kill landlords. Kill cops.
Squat the world. We’ll squat the copshops. We’ll squat the bailiff HQs. We’ll squat your fucking holiday homes.

January 7, 2021
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30th December,
received anonymously via email:
“The streets were deathly silent until we arrived. In the early hours of the morning, we brought hammers to your shopfront. We disappeared again just as easily. Having your shiny things broken is the very least you deserve, murderous scum. Looking forward to the new year? We are.”

January 7, 2021
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Translation of anonymous report, from Frente de Liberación Animal:
“They lived chained and confined inside a rusted cage, amid excrement, in shameful conditions. The Animal Liberation Front released two dogs chained and caged by hunters in Italy.
Now they will have a life in freedom away from exploitation.”
via: directaction.info

January 7, 2021
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received anonymously:
“At the end of December 2020, in the south of France, the members of ALF sabotaged 17 towers for hunting, among other things for the wild boar.
These steel towers have been destroyed in order to allow animals to live on this area.
Hunting is not a sport, not a hobby, but only a murder authorized by the french state.
As long as you kill, rebuild, we will destroy …
“Fin Décembre Sud de la France, les membres d’ALF ont saboté 17 miradors de chasse prévus entre autres pour les battues aux sangliers.
Ces miradors en acier ont été détruits afin de permettre aux Animaux de vivre sur ce secteur.
La chasse n’est pas un sport, pas un loisir mais seulement un meurtre autorisé par l’état français.
Tant que vous tuerez, reconstruirez, nous détruirons …

January 6, 2021
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(A-Radio) B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world – Episode 41 (12/2020)

Dear all,

Episode number 41 (12/2020) of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”, a monthly news program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world, is now online.

Length: 1:28 h

You’ll find the audio on A-Radio Berlin’s new website:
Or directly on the network’s website:

In this episode you will hear contributions from:
1) FQZA – A short round up about the struggle at “Dannenröder Forst” in the district called Hessen. (Germany)

2) Asamblea Anarquista Valparaiso – Commemorating 10th anniversary of rebellion and slaughter of 81 prisoners in San Miguel prison in Santiago de Chile.
3) Crna Luknja – is reporting on situation considering homeless
situation in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and involvement of
Self-organized antiauthoritarian initiative.
4) Radiozones of Subversive Expressions – is sharing a report from
streets and squares of Athens (Greece) and approaches of political
establishment towards anti-authoritarian movement and society on general.
5) Radiofragmata – reporting on the events of 6th of December in
so-called Greece.
6) Free social radio 1431AM – Is contributing an update about the
situation in Greek prisons during the CoViD-19 pandemic.

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January 6, 2021
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Possibilities of pressure on the dictatorial regime in Belarus en/it

Received by email:
Reflections not only on how to improve the situation of imprisoned
anarchists in so-called Belarus, but also on how to contribute to the
fall of the local dictatorship.
Recently, anarchists who already have extensive experience in
Lukashenko’s regime repressions have been imprisoned. Dmitry Dubovsky, Igor Olinevich, Sergei Romanov, Dmitry Rezanovich, Mikola Dziadok, Akihiro Gaevsky-Hanada and others. The reason for their prosecution is obvious: they resisted the dictatorship. The regime in Belarus is no different from other dictatorships. It does not accept active resistance to one’s own evil, even if it is only the activity of individuals or small groups. The ruling class realizes that after so many years of oppression, any resistance has great potential to become richer until the regime overwhelms it and falls.
Repression by the structures defending the regime is growing as
resistance becomes massive. There are already thousands of people on the streets of Belarusian cities seeking to overthrow the dictator. Most of them have no other goal than to establish Western-style parliamentary democracy in the country. From an anarchist perspective, this can be seen as an inconsistent attitude that does not address the fundamental nature of the problem.
Nevertheless, two positive conclusions can be drawn from this.
1. The very pressure on the regime and the possible achievement of
its collapse can mean an improvement in the situation of imprisoned
anarchists and other prisoners. There may be a reduction in punishment,
improved prison conditions, or even release.
2. Any rebellion against oppression, however reformist it may be at
first, has the potential to later cling to revolutionary goals. The
active participation of revolutionary minorities can contribute to this
by pushing for activities beyond the limits of the bourgeois-democratic
What is happening in so-called Belarus is not a social revolution as the
anarchists think. Let us not have any illusions, so that we do not have
to deal with the pain of disillusionment later. Let’s not seek in events
for what is not there. But let’s also not take the missing revolutionary
content as a pretext to passively set aside. It is necessary to be
without illusions, but at the same time to intervene in the situation in
anarchist ways. Trying to reverse the course of events in favor of
anarchist goals.
Some anarchists in Belarus have had their sentences reduced as a result of pressure from the international community, human rights
organizations, diplomacy and even members of the European Parliament.
Some people now relate their hopes to these realms. Although early
release is a huge relief for comrades and their loved ones, even here it
is necessary to beware of illusions. If the Lukashenko regime proceeds
to loosen repressive measures under pressure from diplomacy or ruling elites from other countries, this is not a sign of goodwill. It is not
selfless help. It is usually a strategic choice to make the regime more
legitimate in the eyes of foreign critics and thus ease international
pressure. The release of several prisoners gives the impression that the
regime reflects its mistakes and does not want to continue them.
However, it is a cover-up maneuver. The regime does not change at the
core. It goes on the same tracks, only with the support of official
human rights defenders, who unknowingly help from abroad to co-create a better picture of the regime than it really is.
Any improvement in the situation of imprisoned comrades is very positive news. But let us not allow this to become an excuse to abandon the anarchist perspective and the uncompromising negation of the
authoritarian structures of all states. Members of the European
Parliament and government diplomats cannot be celebrated uncritically.
Although they sometimes advocates the release of anarchists from prison, we are not associated with a partnership. We must not look at them as hope, because their goals meant blocking and obstructing our goals.
Igor Olinevich, one of the imprisoned anarchists, expressed skepticism
about the help of governments and their institutions in his prison diary
“I’m going to Magadan” in 2011 when he wrote: “Belarus plays the role of a primary, most environmentally polluted country economically through oil gas, the production of plastics, food supplements, fertilizers, paper, cement, etc. In general, Europe can adopt resolutions and carry out decorative maneuvers on democracy at will, but in fact it does not mind such a state of affairs at all. `It is also possible to trade with cannibals` – that is the essence of European politics.”
This is not just an expression of distrust in official politics. It is
also an indication of where the revolutionary forces should go. European Union governments and businessmen are primarily interested in smooth international trade. If Lukashenko’s regime does not prevent them from doing so, they have no reason to push for his removal. As Igor Olinevich remarked well, “We have nowhere to expect help from. No one will save us except ourselves. ”
If we know that the stability of the Belarusian regime depends on trade
with neighboring countries, it follows that the blocking of these trades
significantly contributes to destabilization. Years ago, Igor outlined
which economic sectors are key in the country. Each of us has the
ability to find out more about individual economic actors and their
position in the region in which we live. And anyone, even with a minimum of resources, can make problems or stop their operation. The Belarusian regime is not an isolated phenomenon closed between national borders.
His economic and political interests spread throughout the world.
Tracking and intervening makes more sense than relying on the maneuvers of the powers.
Lukáš Borl, december 2020

IT: Possibilità di pressione sul regime dittatoriale in Bielorussia

Riflessioni non solo su come migliorare la situazione dei detenuti anarchici nella cosiddetta Bielorussia, ma anche su come contribuire alla caduta della dittatura locale.

Recentemente, degli anarchici che hanno già avuto un’ampia esperienza della repressione del regime di Lukashenko sono stati imprigionati. Dmitry Dubovsky, Igor Olinevich, Sergei Romanov, Dmitry Rezanovich, Mikola Dziadok, Akihiro Gaevsky-Hanada e altri. La ragione dei loro arresti è chiara: hanno resistito alla dittatura. Il regime in Bielorussia non è diverso da altre dittature. Non accetta la resistenza attiva alla propria malvagità, anche se si tratta solo dell’attività di singoli individui o di piccoli gruppi. La classe dirigente si rende conto che dopo tanti anni di oppressione, ogni resistenza ha il grande potenziale di diventare sempre più grande fino al punto tale che il regime possa esserne travolto e cadere.

La repressione da parte delle strutture che difendono il regime sta crescendo mano a mano che la resistenza diventa più massiccia. Ci sono già migliaia di persone nelle strade delle città bielorusse che cercano di rovesciare il dittatore. La maggior parte di loro non ha altro scopo se non quello di stabilire nel paese una democrazia parlamentare di tipo occidentale. Da una prospettiva anarchica, questo può essere visto come un atteggiamento incoerente che non affronta la natura cruciale del problema.

Tuttavia, da ciò si possono trarre due conclusioni positive.

1. La sola pressione sul regime e il possibile conseguimento del suo crollo può significare un miglioramento della situazione degli anarchici imprigionati e degli altri detenuti. Ci potrebbero essere una riduzione delle pene, migliori condizioni di detenzione, o addirittura delle scarcerazioni.

2. Qualsiasi ribellione contro l’oppressione, per quanto riformista possa essere all’inizio, ha il potenziale di potersi avvicinare in un secondo momento a degli obiettivi rivoluzionari. La partecipazione attiva delle minoranze rivoluzionarie può contribuirvi sollecitando delle attività al di fuori della cornice democratico-borghese.

Ciò che sta accadendo nella cosiddetta Bielorussia non è una rivoluzione sociale come la pensano gli anarchici. Non facciamoci illusioni, in modo da non dover affrontare il dolore della disillusione in seguito. Non cerchiamo negli avvenimenti quello che non c’è. Ma non prendiamo nemmeno la mancanza di contenuto rivoluzionario come un pretesto per starsene passivamente da parte. È necessario non farsi illusioni, ma allo stesso tempo intervenire nella situazione con metodi anarchici. Cercando di invertire il corso degli eventi in favore di obiettivi anarchici.

Alcuni anarchici in Bielorussia si sono visti ridurre le loro condanne come risultato della pressione da parte della comunità internazionale, delle organizzazioni per i diritti umani, della diplomazia e persino dei membri del parlamento europeo. Alcune persone ora ripongono le loro speranze in questi ambiti. Anche se un rilascio anticipato è un enorme sollievo per i compagni e i loro cari, anche qui è necessario badare alle illusioni. Se il regime di Lukashenko continua ad allentare le misure repressive sotto la pressione della diplomazia o delle élite che governano gli altri paesi, questo non è un segno di buona volontà. Non è un aiuto disinteressato. Di solito è una scelta strategica finalizzata a rendere il regime più legittimo agli occhi della critica straniera, quindi allentare la pressione internazionale. La scarcerazione di diversi prigionieri suscita l’impressione che il regime stia riflettendo sui suoi errori e non voglia continuare a commetterli. Tuttavia, questa è una manovra di copertura. Il regime non cambia la propria natura. Prosegue sugli stessi binari, anche con il supporto delle organizzazioni ufficiali di difesa dei diritti umani, che inconsapevolmente concorrono dall’estero a creare un quadro del regime migliore di quello che è in realtà.

Qualsiasi miglioramento nella situazione dei compagni reclusi è una notizia decisamente positiva. Ma non possiamo permettere che questa diventi una scusa per abbandonare la prospettiva anarchica e la negazione, senza compromessi, delle strutture autoritarie proprie di tutti gli Stati. I membri del parlamento eruropeo e i diplomatici del governo non possono essere celebrati acriticamente. Anche se a volte sostengono la liberazione degli anarchici dal carcere, non stiamo dalla stessa parte. Non dobbiamo vederli come una speranza, perché i loro scopi bloccano e ostacolano i nostri obiettivi.

Igor Olinevich, uno degli anarchici imprigionati, ha espresso scetticismo sull’aiuto dei governi e delle loro istituzioni nel suo diario in carcere, Andando a Magadan, nel 2011, quando ha scritto: «La Bielorussia gioca il ruolo di un paese primario, il più inquinato dal punto di vista ambientale, economicamente attraverso il petrolio, il gas, la produzione di materie plastiche, integratori alimentari, fertilizzanti, carta, cemento, ecc. In generale, l’Europa può adottare risoluzioni e portare avanti manovre di decoro democratico a volontà, ma in realtà non si preoccupa di tali questioni. “Si può commerciare anche con i cannibali” – questa è l’essenza della politica europea».

Questa non è solo un’espressione di sfiducia nella politica ufficiale. È anche un’indicazione su dove dovrebbero incamminarsi le forze rivoluzionarie. I governi dell’Unione Europea e gli uomini d’affari sono interessati principalmente in un commercio internazionale regolare, senza intoppi. Se il regime di Lukashenko non impedisce loro di averli, non hanno motivo di premere per la sua rimozione.
Come ha osservato bene Igor Olinevich: «Non abbiamo nessun luogo da cui aspettarci aiuto. Nessuno ci salverà se non noi stessi».

Se sappiamo che la stabilità del regime bielorusso dipende dal commercio con i paesi limitrofi, ne consegue che il blocco di questi traffici contribuisce in modo significativo alla sua destabilizzazione. Anni fa, Igor ha evidenziato i settori economici chiave del paese. Ognuno di noi ha la facoltà di saperne di più sui singoli attori economici e sulla loro posizione nella regione in cui viviamo. E chiunque, anche con risorse minime, può creare problemi o interrompere kle loro attività. Il regime bielorusso non è un fenomeno isolato e racchiuso tra i confini nazionali. I suoi interessi economici e politici sono diffusi in tutto il mondo. Rintracciare e intervenire ha più senso che affidarsi alle manovre delle potenze.

Lukáš Borl, dicembre 2020

[Traduzione in italiano di malacoda.noblogs.org. Testo in inglese pubblicato in lukasborl.noblogs.org].

January 6, 2021
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Berlin,31.Dec.2020: Jobcenter Lichtenberg attacked with fire

Received by email:
In 2002, under the leadership of the governing Social Democrats, a large-scale restructuring of the German “welfare state” began with the development of the “social reform Agenda 2010.” In the will to realign socioeconomic conditions according to a neoliberal economic and social order and to “future-proof” the management of mass unemployment, Agenda 2010 concealed above all a fundamental attack on the unemployed or precariously employed class.
The discourse turned the unemployed and precariously employed into those who were lazy, did not want to work, were happy to lie on the state’s pocket and sleep in at the expense of working society. The fact that the goal of full employment was nothing more than empty words, that important branches of industry were outsourced to Eastern Europe and Asia, and that a huge industry of hopeless training and continuing education centers was created with the construct of the Jobcenter, should not be used as arguments. With the job creation measures of that time, today one-euro jobs or so-called support measures, the statistics of unemployment are glossed over and the impression is given from the outside that support is actually happening.

The consequences of the Agenda are, in addition to the repressive apparatus of the Jobcenter, a massive low-wage sector, the option for bosses to order and fire workers just as quickly through temporary and short-time work, and an increased conditioning and division of the so-called “meritocracy”. The image that is conveyed worldwide is still one of prosperity and a secure welfare state, Germany, in which there is work for everyone, provided to people which are willing to be “activated”.
One of the striking consequences of this development is that a pyramid has been built up over the years of the service society, with bicycle delivery workers, harvest workers, Amazon drivers, security workers and cleaners at the bottom, most of whom have a migration background or refugee experience and not without reason do not have a chance of a better position or collective agreements in the FRG.

Especially in times of the worldwide Corona pandemic, the state suddenly fantasizes and rants about solidarity and cohesion. In a time in which class differences are more evident than ever before and solidarity in the sense of the state only means to sacrifice oneself even further for the continuation of capitalism.

While managers increase their profits in the home office, politicians prefer to debate about armed drones, telecommunication surveillance and facial recognition software, the majority of workers receive only a fraction of their wages, fear for the future of their companies or continue to slave away in the factories or hospitals. Meanwhile, the state is generously reaching into its pockets to help the large corporations listed on the stock exchange, knowing that in the long-pacified state, criticism of this or even a general strike are a long way off.

Due to the escalation of this social question, more and more people find themselves on the margins of society and we have not given up hope that in the long run, the outbreak of our anger cannot be prevented. Our role in this should be to stand by our friends from the queues of Jobcenters and immigration offices, in the cars of delivery services or in front of the gates of factories and logistics warehouses in their struggles and to let the lie of the “social partnership” go up in flames. For example, we were pleased to read from France that on Christmas Eve 27 vans of Amazon were consigned to the flames.

For our part, we used the last days of the year to put four car tires in front of the door of the Jobcenter Lichtenberg. No “stay at home”, no 87% short-time allowance and no emergency decrees applauding Leftist can and must make us forget that the existing conditions must be overturned. But if we don’t get going in 2021 to counter the state’s claims to omnipotence, especially during this pandemic, things will look increasingly bleak.

For a better tomorrow!

(Source: https://kontrapolis.info/1605/ , Foto: https://chronik.blackblogs.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/109/2021/01/jobc3.jpg)

January 5, 2021
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Italy : Updates on ”Operation Bialystok” 12. 2020

RoundRobin Translated by act for freedom now!

A hearing was held on 26th October at the court of Cassation for Robi whose appeal was based on the investigating judge’s order (and not on the court of review, a step that was skipped) and focused on the aggravating circumstance of terrorism and the existence of an association (270bis).
The outcome was that the court annulled two charges (those relating to instigation concerning two texts) and annulled with postponement the charge of associative crime, meaning that the court papers will be readdressed to the investigating judge who issued an order for a review concerning the effective recurrance of article 270bis.
The court of cassation for Flavia, Nico, Claudio, Daniele was held on 3rd November. The result was the annulment of the contested order limited to the crimes of association and instigation for a written document and the aggravating circumstance of acting for the purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order contested to other charges, postponing these points to a new trial at the Court of Review.

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January 5, 2021
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Indonesia: Act in solidarity with a banner that says: “Evict
Turkish fascism! Long live Rojava liberation! International solidarity
for Rojava/Kurdistan”
Receive by email:


Solidarity for Rojava/Kurdistan
We’re trying to understand the situation of any combatants who have long fought for their lands and against invasion from all sides. In the past months, the attacks of the fascist Turkish occupation forces onto the liberated areas of North-Eastern Syria have rapidly increased. Ranging from Afrin, and the resistance areas of Sehba, to the front of Manbij and Ayn Issa, to Til Temir, and up to Derik in the North-East, the
Turkish occupying army its intensified their attacks against the
civilian population and their revolutionary defense forces.
Almost daily, Turkish artillery fire hits, which have become home to
hundreds of thousands of displaced people from the occupied territories of the Canton of Afrin. Not a day goes by without reports of further kidnappings and murders; extortion, looting, robbery, and rape are not exceptions. With a bloody their struggle and under the slogan “Smash Turkish fascism,” we also support Rojava liberation and the efforts made to smash Turkish fascism!
Several individuals act in solidarity with a banner that says: “Evict
Turkish fascism! Long live Rojava liberation! International solidarity
for Rojava/Kurdistan”
We call for more solidarity to any Rojava liberation combatants!!!
Indonesian, January 02, 2021


Solidaritas untuk Rojava/Kurdistan

Kami mencoba memahami situasi dari setiap kombatan Rojava yang sudah sejak lama berjuang untuk tanahnya dan melawan invasi dari berbagai sisi. Dalam beberapa minggu terakhir, serangan pasukan pendudukan fasis Turki ke daerah-daerah merdeka di kawasan Timur Laut Suriah dengan cepat meningkat. Mulai dari Afrin, kawasan perlawanan Afehba, sampai di depan Manbij dan Ayn Issa, hingga Temir dan sampai ke Derik di Utara-Timur,
pasukan pendudukan Turki menggencarkan serangan terhadap penduduk sipil dan pasukan pertahanan revolusioner mereka.

Hampir setiap hari, tembakan artileri Turki menghantam rumah bagi
ratusan ribu pengungsi dari kawasan daerah bagian Afrin yang diduduki.
Tidak ada hari yang berlalu tanpa laporan penculikan dan pembunuhan lebih lanjut; pemerasan, penjarahan, perampokan, dan pemerkosaan bukanlah pengecualian. Dengan perjuangan berdarah dan dengan slogan “hancurkan fasisme Turki,” kami juga mendukung pembebasan Rojava dan upaya yang dilakukan untuk menghancurkan fasisme Turki!

Beberapa individu melakukan aksi solidaritas dengan memasang banner bertuliskan: “Usir Fasisme Turki! Panjang Umur Pembebasan Rojava! Solidaritas internasional Rojava/Kurdistan”
Kami menyerukan solidaritas lebih kepada setiap kombatan pembebasan Rojava!!!
Indonesia, 02 Januari 2021

January 5, 2021
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Link corrigido: Porto Alegre, Crônica Subversiva 6. Primavera-Verão 2020:

Received by email:
Porto Alegre, Crônica Subversiva 6.
Primavera-Verão 2020:

  Para a grande maioria viver ficou reduzido a respirar, e o Inimigo
bacteriano personificou o medo. E não é que não seja imprescindível
respirar, é que viver, viver mesmo, precisa de mais. Ao final, a vida
não é apenas biológica. Para viver, com tudo o que a vida significa,
precisamos do sangue correndo nas veias pela emoção de estarmos ativos. Não é a toa que lutamos contra as prisões, contra a escravidão e contra a exploração, todas elas formas de roubar a vida das pessoas ainda que permitindo elas respirar.

Essa tensão entre sobreviver e viver, no entanto, foi apenas uma das
viradas na “nova” normalidade imposta. A tergiversação de práticas
subversivas como a solidariedade, que parecer estar sendo esvaziada do seu conteúdo subversivo, e a rapinagem sobre as revoltas que as conduz para o cenário estadista nos demandam algo mais. 
Se a guerra como horizonte controla as populações e as ilude com a
ideia de estar lutando “juntos” contra algo (no caso o Covid-19, a
política humanitária evade o problema da desigualdade social e a
“resolve” com a “ajuda” humanitária (filantropia, caridade,
“solidariedade”) decepando, com essa jogada chave, o inconformismo com a “normalidade” em que uns possuem tudo e outros nada. Se amortece assim as possibilidades de rebelião, já que se provoca uma idéia falsa de unidade e de “agradecimento”, que conduz para um conformismo. Tratas-se de uma política altamente perigosa porque apazigua, mediante a suposta compaixão do opressor que ajuda ou “se solidariza” com aquele que oprime, quem fica, de alguma forma, “agradecido”, mas sobretudo dependente; e porque é uma política extremadamente hipócrita (os mesmos
que oprimem fazem milionárias doações).

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January 3, 2021
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These are tough times. Disgusted by imposed social behaviour and the models it reproduces, against every form of authority and exploitation, we aim at the destruction of this rotten system, whether it’s in “crisis” or is “prospering”.
As the State and system continue to assert their proven role against anarchists, anti-authoritarians, fighting people, self-managed spaces and various parts of society, we consider multiform action an integral part of the revolutionary process. From the distribution of leaflets in the squares, the occupation of spaces, self-organization in workplaces and neighbourhoods, to militant protests, night-time raids and re-appropriations.
The words of our brothers and sisters in captivity give us the strength to continue. Nothing is forgotten, nothing is left behind, the social war will continue as long as the enemy persists.
The multiform actions of the many groups and individual comrades in Greece and around the world have always raised our spirits and strengthened us. In the struggle there are also losses but the journey continues. With its losses and its joys, its hardships and also its pleasant surprises.
Solidarity and respect to all those around the world fighting in every way, inside and outside the walls, against this rotten system.
Comrades from the anarchist project Act for freedom now!
January 2021
Nulla è finito, tutto continua
Nulla è finito, tutto continua
Questi sono tempi duri. Disgustati dai comportamenti sociali imposti e dai modelli che riproducono, contro ogni forma di autorità e di sfruttamento, puntiamo alla distruzione di questo marcio sistema, sia che si trovi in «crisi» o che stia «prosperando».
Mentre lo Stato e il sistema continuano ad asserire il loro comprovato ruolo contro gli anarchici, gli antiautoritari, i combattenti, gli spazi autogestiti e varie componenti della società, consideriamo l’azione multiforme una parte integrante del processo rivoluzionario. Dalla distribuzione di volantini nelle piazze, all’occupazione di spazi, all’autorganizzazione nei luoghi di lavoro e nei quartieri, alle proteste militanti, alle azioni notturne e alle riappropriazioni.
Le parole dei nostri fratelli e sorelle in cattività ci trasmettono forza per continuare. Nulla viene dimenticato, nulla viene lasciato indietro, la guerra sociale continuerà finché sopravvivrà il nemico.
Le multiformi azioni dei molti gruppi e dei singoli compagni in Grecia e nel mondo ci hanno sempre sollevato il morale e rafforzato. Nella lotta ci sono anche perdite, ma il viaggio continua. Con le sue avveristà e le sue gioie, le sue difficoltà e anche le sue piacevoli sorprese.
Solidarietà e rispetto a tutti coloro che in ogni angolo del mondo combattono in ogni modo, dentro e fuori le mura, contro questo marcio sistema.
Compagni dal progetto anarchico Act for freedom now!
Gennaio 2021


Act For Freedom Now: Τίποτα δεν τελείωσε, όλα συνεχίζονται
Οι καιροί είναι δύσκολοι. Αηδιασμένοι απ’ την επιβαλλόμενη κοινωνική υπακοή και τα πρότυπα που αυτή αναπαράγει, ενάντια σε κάθε μορφή εξουσίας και εκμετάλλευσης, στοχεύουμε στην καταστροφή αυτού του σάπιου συστήματος, είτε βρίσκεται σε “κρίση”, είτε σε “ευημερία”.
Ενόσω το Κράτος και το σύστημα συνεχίζουν να διαβεβαιώνουν τον αποδεδειγμένο τους ρόλο ενάντια στις αναρχικές, τους αντιεξουσιαστές, τον κόσμο του αγώνα, τους αυτο-οργανωμένους χώρους και διάφορα κομμάτια της κοινωνίας, εμείς θεωρούμε την πολύμορφη δράση ως αναπόσπαστο στοιχείο της επαναστατικής διαδικασίας. Από το μοίρασμα φυλλαδίων σε πλατείες, την κατάληψη χώρων, την αυτο-οργάνωση στους χώρους εργασίας και στις γειτονιές, ως τις μαχητικές διαδηλώσεις, τις νυχτερινές επιδρομές και τις απαλλοτριώσεις.
Τα λόγια των αιχμάλωτων αδερφών μας μας δίνουν δύναμη να συνεχίσουμε. Τίποτα δε χαρίζεται στη λήθη, τίποτα δε μένει πίσω, ο κοινωνικός πόλεμος θα συνεχίσει όσο ο εχθρός επιμένει.
Οι πολύμορφες δράσεις των πολλών και διαφορετικών ομάδων και ατόμων στην Ελλάδα και ανά τον κόσμο ανύψωναν πάντα το ηθκό μας και μας έδιναν κουράγιο. Στον αγώνα υπάρχουν και απώλειες, όμως το ταξίδι συνεχίζεται. Με τις απώλειες και με τις χαρές του, με τις δυσκολίες αλλά και με τις ευχάριστες εκπλήξεις του.
Αλληλεγγύη και σεβασμός προς όλες και όλους όσους μάχονται με κάθε μέσο ανά τον κόσμο, εντός και εκτός τειχών, ενάντια στο σάπιο αυτό σύστημα.

Συντρόφια από το αναρχικό εγχείρημα Act for freedom now!

Ιανουάριος 2021

Μετάφραση: Δ.Ο. Ragnarok

January 3, 2021
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The Work of the Revolutionary: Alfredo M. Bonanno

It is not easy to grasp the various aspects of revolutionary activity. It is even more difficult to grasp everything in terms of a complex project that has its own intrinsic logic and operative articulation. That is what I mean by revolutionary work.
We all, or nearly all, agree as to who the enemy is. In the vagueness of the definition we include elements from our own experience (joy and suffering), our social situation, our culture. Everyone is convinced that they know all that is required to draw up a map of enemy territory and identify objectives and responsibilities.
Times change of course, but we don’t take any notice. We make the necessary ajustments and carry on.
Obscure in our manner of proceeding, our surroundings also obscure, we light up our path with the miserable candle of ideology and stride ahead.
The tragic fact is that things around us change, and often rapidly. The terms of the class clash are constantly widening and narrowing in a contradictory situation. They reveal themselves one day only to conceal themselves the next as the certainties of yesteryear precipitate into the darkness of the present.
Anyone who maintains a constant though not immobile pole is not accepted for what they are: honest navigators in the sea of class confusion, but are often taken to be stubborn chanters of out of date, abstract, ideological slogans. Anyone who persists in seeing the enemy inside the uniform, behind the factory, at the ministry, school, the church, etc., is considered suspect. There is a desire to substitute harsh reality with abstract relations and relativity. So the State ends up becoming a way of seeing things and men, with the result that, being an idea, it cannot be fought. The attempt to fight it in abstract in the hope that its material reality, men and institutions will precipitate into the abyss of logical contradictions, is a tragic illusion. This is what usually happens at times like this when there is a lull both in the struggle and in proposals for action.
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January 3, 2021
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(Chile) Palabras desde la prisión en memoria de Sebastián Oversluij

EN: Words from Prison in Memory of Sebastián Oversluij
Received by email:
“La acción también es un discurso, la acción es un atake, la destrucción
de algo o de algunx”.
El tiempo y la existencia corren rápido, a veces no te da pausa para
asimilar lo ke tal vez ocurrió hace poco o sucedió hace ya un tiempo.
Esa vertiginosidad de la vida nos da estos momentos de pausa y estos
espacios de memoria, hasta de reivindicación, a la par del continuo
movimiento del engranaje de la sociedad carcelaria, instaurada por el
estado genocida ke perpetúa la represión, el encarcelamiento y muerte de nuestrxs afines, compañerxs-cómplices de la idea y en la acción.
No olvidamos a kienes durante su existencia atacaron y continúan
golpeando con fuerza a todo akello que nos humilla, oprime y atormenta a las mentes inkietas en contra de este mundo absurdamente establecido por sus autoridades y jerarkías. Es por ello que hoy recordamos al kompañero Sebastián Overslui, Pelao Angry, kien hace ya 7 años fue abatido por akel esbirro y cobarde vigilante de un sakeable banco, mientras el kompañero llevaba a cabo su acción.

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January 3, 2021
by actforfreedom


FR: Chili : Sebastián Oversluij est présent dans chaque acte de de révolte contre le pouvoir
Received by email:
¿Qué implica decir en diciembre del año 2020 “Sebastián Oversluij
presente!”? ¿Qué sentido tiene recordar en los tiempos que corren a un
compañero muerto en acción?
Siete años han pasado ya desde que el compañero fue asesinado intentando expropiar un banco en diciembre de 2013 y hoy, en medio de una pandemia y con la experiencia de una revuelta generalizada a cuestas, volvemos a encontrarnos desde la insistente memoria de nuestro andar irreductible.
En cada paso que damos en el presente, nos acompaña la energía indomable de quienes han transitado los senderos de la insurrección contra el poder, compañerxs que empuñaron una diversidad de herramientas de lucha dejando testimonio de su posición activa en una variedad de procesos y acontecimientos que han alimentado el fuego de la lucha anti-autoritaria
en este territorio.
Hoy, lejos de cualquier fetiche nostálgico y victimista, seguimos
recordando al Angry como un compañero que falta a nuestro lado, en las calles, en el sabotaje y en la propagación multiforme de la anarquía.
En tiempos donde todo gesto de lucha y de represión parece ser una
novedad para muchxs, traer hasta el presente la memoria del compañero es un acto de complicidad y consecuencia con el recorrido de lucha que hemos forjado desde el accionar minoritario; es una contribución a la difusión permanente de las ideas y prácticas que atentan contra el orden social del poder y la autoridad.

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January 3, 2021
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Chile:(Video) Sebastián Oversluij Presente!

Received by email:
Difundimos video documental sobre la vida del compañero Sebastián
“Angry” Oversluij, asesinado mientras intentaba expropiar un banco el 11
de diciembre de 2013 en Santiago, Chile.
El material se elaboró con información de libros, propaganda,
conversaciones y fragmentos de videos públicos e inéditos. Los dibujos
que acompañan el relato fueron hechos por el compañero.
Con Sebastián Oversluij y Alexandros Grigoropoulos en cada Diciembre
Negro. ¡Memoria y acción!
Link para ver video:

1. Quienes deseen aportar a la difusión traduciendo el texto a otros
idiomas, pueden escribir a memoriayaccion@riseup.net
2. En el minuto 17:32 donde se menciona “los años 2016-2010” se refiere
a “los años 2006-2010”.

January 3, 2021
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Italy: Letter from anarchist Beppe on the strike about the transfer to another prison and health care (December 3rd, 2020)

Prison of Pavia, December 3rd, 2020
Dear comrades,
I am writing to inform you that as of December 2nd, 2020 I have started a strike (the umpteenth after several hunger strikes during this year in this prison!) of the air and the common rooms (the only four hours available to get out of the cells in 20 hours).
With this strike I ask for treatment for my illnesses which have been amply documented for about a year by my lawyer Fabio Sommovigo! The reports and complaints submitted by my lawyer have not been enough!
To date, I have been completely ignored, which means condemning me to death, since the diseases from which I suffer, if left untreated, can only worsen!

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