July 9, 2019
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France : Burning Equipment and Reflections Against Those Who Make Use of It

[This text from Indymedia Nantes deals with two attacks near Saint-Étienne, a small city near Lyon. The first targeted BTP Eurovia  and the second the Delmonico quarry. Links with pictures and mainstream press articles below.
[Although I don’t agree that workers are as responsible for the harm their work causes as the bosses and owners, or that all work is as disgusting as being a prison guard, this text still feels like a worthwhile contribution to a conversation about the limitations of a class-struggle centric analysis. Because this text is right on that if those with access to the means of production won’t destroy them, the rest of us are going to have to.]
We still remember skimming the assemblies, the furious streets, the blockades, the occupied squares. We remember diving into the posters, the leaflets, and the journals [1]. We were open in our words and encounters, avid and impatient to have it out with this world we were born into and that makes us die a little more each day. Raised on the morality of class, we approached the workers.Were they not our allies by definition? We dreamed of Haymarket, while most others dreamed of their buying power and a good retirement. We wanted to burn it down, they wanted to work better. We were too restless at work to not become disillusioned through contact with the exploited. This text is a distant echo of the nocturnal arson of May 14 and 16, 2019. These were attacks against work, of course, but also against all those who contribute to perpetuating it.

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July 9, 2019
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Drugs: English/French/Crotian

I like drugs. How couldn’t I? Why should I give up something that makes me feel good, that can alter my state of consciousness at various levels as I abandon myself to a sense of psychological and physical well-being. After all, it is easy to feel weak and helpless once we realize that we are not living in the best of worlds but in an environment where we are continually absorbing the conditioning of our tastes, feelings, opinions and impulses and are even called upon to contribute to their constant redefining in one way or another.
In a world of massacres and slaughterers where we struggle against all roles including those that we continually adopt ourselves, once we realize that attempting to attack will not lead to victory, it is not strange that between one militant activity and another, one discussion and another, we seek refuge in an altered state of consciousness in which to create an illusion of struggle and attack. In my altered state I feel fulfilled, the need to dig deep, to go all the way, has disappeared. Finding such solace helps me to put up with this world, live my life. And if, while I am enjoying this altered state of consciousness I find myself in the company of others with whom I normally exchange rivers of words on the use of fire and against all the rules, the result is even better and more acceptable.
Like everywhere else, drugs are spreading rapidly in so-called social relations among comrades. Although we are well aware of the effects of certain substances on interactions between individuals (lowered inhibitions, joviality, withdrawal from reality etc.), turning them into passive subjects like so many others, they are still widely used.

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July 7, 2019
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Comments Off on Biarritz,(BasqueCountry):INTERTERRITORIAL DIRECT ACTION WEEK , 8 – 14 JULY AGAINST G7


It had been called an Interterritorial Direct Action Week from the 8th of july to the 14th against the G7 summit that it would take place in Biarritz (Basque Country). It’s a call to extend the fight that from some months ago has started to organize against this G7 summit from the Basque Country to other places, to respond through the direct action against it and the system that it represents.
We’ll meet in Biarritz.
Autoorganization and fight!
via : g7ezinon.info/en

July 7, 2019
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Italy : Solidarity Poster “Operation Panico” Florence

PDF:Print out:

Waiting for the first instance sentence, scheduled for the end of July.
We send a Poster in several languages : En/ Sp/ De/ Fr/ about the “Operation Panico”Florence, Italy.
Actforfree received by Email:

July 7, 2019
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Solidarity with Andreas Krebs – A summary (Situation July 2019)

There is also an German and Italian version of this text!
Our friend and companion Andreas is currently imprisoned in Naples (Italy). Since his imprisonment in Germany Andreas has been known as a rebellious prisoner. In April 2019 he was sentenced in Italy to 24 years in jail. In addition, Andreas has recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer. His health is deteriorating and we fear for his life. Actually, he should undergo surgery months ago, but the Italian authorities refuse to transfer him to a hospital.
Andreas was in the clutches of the German judicial machinery for years and he was in jail for a total of 16 years. He is a rebellious prisoner, participated in building the prisoners’ union (GGBO) behind bars, he went on hunger strike several times against the prison conditions and also participated in a solidarity hunger strike for the prisoners in Greece. To date he repeatedly publishes texts against the prison society, in which he describes everyday life in captivity.

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July 4, 2019
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Italy, Prison of L’Aquila: Anna, Silvia, Nat – “A throw of the dice”

End of hunger strike communique
Life is a role of the dice with destiny wrote a poet, that we know anarchists like to play.
We have ended a first game. A month to see how the land lies and sniff out the boundaries of the cage, a month’s hunger strike to show that we are difficult material to box up.
On the thirtieth day we are interrupting with the intention of returning more strongly.
A first positive balance is in the immediate living, spontaneous solidarity inside and outside the prisons, which raised the problem loud and clear.

From inside: a month on strike also Marco and Alfredo in AS2 in Alessandria and Ferrara, joined by Natascia on her arrival in Rebibbia, who we continued with once she arrived here, then other comrades, Stecco, Ghespe, Giovanni, Madda, Paska and Leo.

Close by: we heard the beating on the bars from the female and male 41bis of l’Aquila, music that shatters the silence of this fortress which we have answered and will continue to answer as long as it lasts, in solidarity with all those who have been suffering this infamous regime on their own skins for years.

From outside: direct actions, informative incursions, disruptive actions around Italy and the world have amplified something that is not a game: anti-anarchist and not only prison differentiation, punitive circuits, refinement of repressive strategies. This is nothing we didn’t already know, we are aware that both inside and outside there are sparks everywhere ready to propagate, this gives us strength and determination.

It is just a beginning that we hope has been an injection of confidence in the potential and in the strength that we carry with us, inside and out.

L’Aquila, June 28 2019
Silvia, Natascia, Anna

Translated by Act for freedom now!
via: anarhija.info

July 4, 2019
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Turin, Italy – 2/07/2019: Solidarity presence in court

‘Those who struggle are never alone’
On 2nd July 2019 hearings for two different trials will be held in Turin, including that concerning Silvia (arrested on 7th February following operation ‘Scintilla’) and Leonardo (arrested on 26th February following a residual sentence relating to a robbery initially included in operation ‘Ardesia’, 2007).
Solidarity presence at the hearings on 2nd July. Gathering at 8:30am outside the Palace of Justice, Turin.
[For more info read the poster]
Those who struggle are never alone
On Tuesday 2nd July there will be two hearings concerning trials against anarchist comrades. The one relates to resistance to an eviction in a popular neighbourhood in Turin, the other one a skirmish with a plain clothes carabiniere during an antifascist gathering in Pinerolo. Among those on trial are Silvia and Leo, whom the State is already holding in prison due to other vicissitudes. They both shared, along with other anarchists locked up in the prisons of Florence, Ferrara, Cagliari and Alessandria, a hunger strike started by Silvia and Anna to demand the closing down of the AS2 unit of the prison of L’Aquila, where they are locked up along with Natascia, another anarchist comrade, also on hunger strike and transferred there a week ago.

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July 4, 2019
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Besancon, France –Full moon … and uproar

Full moon, beginning of April. In the Battant neighbourhood.
Some werewolves went out to maul domination, which is expanding in all corners.
Up in rue de la Madeleine, the windows of the offices of SAIMB, an estate agency whose director is none other than Danièle Poissenot (in charge of urban security in the Municipality), collapse under the weight of stones. Little more than a year ago, the company ordered the eviction of a building occupied by migrants and people in solidarity with them, in rue des Arènes.

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July 4, 2019
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Albi, France – A note about a fire 

In a light night rain yellowed by the city lights, a glass building, offices lit up.
Some individuals enter an enclosed area.
The parking.
With a series of tense steps striving to be fast, they burn a good number of ENEDIS vehicles.
Scattered explosions amidst twisted iron, a quick withdrawal into the soaking wheat.

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July 4, 2019
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Italy : International Animal Liberation Gathering Rome, 26th-28th July 2019

Schedule / Programma
[ENG] Here’s the schedule of the gathering:
13.00 Lunch
14.30 – 16.30 Introduction to the gathering
The aim of this gathering, our shared basis, technical issues about the space and its functioning (kitchen, toilets, showers, camping place, workshop spaces etc.), self-organizing of shifts, modes of discussion, other proposals.
17.00 – 18.30 History of the anti-vivisection movement
The presentation is aimed to put into context the struggle against vivisecion, a fight that finds its roots back into the 19th century and that developed in more recent times with a serie of campaigns that in England first, and then in many other countries, have been able to become a concrete threat to the very existence of one of the more profitable sectors of animal exploitation.
After over 10 years of fights this specific struggle has been marginalized, partly because of repression that prevented many activists to keep on working on the campaigns they were busy with, partly because of a progressive lack of interest from the animal liberation movement, that started to focus more on practices that were easier to present to the public such as vegan outreach and raising awareness on intensive factory farming. The aim of the presentation is to offer a moment of critical debate on the real possibilities of a relaunch of an effective praxis of struggle against the torture of animals inside laboratories.

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July 4, 2019
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Genova, Italy, 25 June, 2019: Sabotage of a phone mast

 Genova, June 25th, 2019
Phone mast sabotaged with fire.
Solidarity with all anarchist prisoners.
Close the AS2 of L’Aquila!
For freedom!
For anarchy!
[Note: “AS2” means “High Surveillance 2”, a detention regime in Italian prisons. Some anarchist prisoners were on hunger strike from 29th May to 28th June against the conditions in the AS2 section of L’Aquila prison].

July 4, 2019
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Italy: Updates from the prison of Alessandria (June 29th, 2019)

From a meeting with Marco this morning we learn that, having learned of the interruption of the hunger strike by the comrades who had started it in L’Aquila on May 29th, he decided to put an end to his. Today he will resume the food from the cart.
Giuseppe, arrested on May 21st for the “Prometeto” repressive operation, recently transferred to the same section (“AS2” of the prison of Alessandria), started a hunger strike yesterday to end the isolation in which they still hold it. The refusal of food will continue until Monday. He will then wait a week, at the end of which, if the conditions are not changed, he will evaluate the terms in which to resume the protest.
The addresses:
Marco Bisesti
C. C. di Alessandria “San Michele”
strada statale per Casale 50/A
15121 Alessandria
Italia [Italy]
Giuseppe Bruna
C. C. di Alessandria “San Michele”
strada statale per Casale 50/A
15121 Alessandria
Italia [Italy]
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July 4, 2019
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Comments Off on Italy : THREE DAYS AGAINST THE TECNO-SCIENCES 26-27-28 JULY 2019 “Capo di Ponte Theme Park” in Prada – Capo di Ponte (BS) – Italy

Italy : THREE DAYS AGAINST THE TECNO-SCIENCES 26-27-28 JULY 2019 “Capo di Ponte Theme Park” in Prada – Capo di Ponte (BS) – Italy

Program – Tree days against the tecno-sciences
13. 00 lunch
14. 30 Presentation of the meeting
15. 00
In the temple of Janus. About the relationship between technology, exploitation and racism
For the Italics Janus had two faces: a bearded one depicting the sun and a beardless one depicting the moon. For the Romans, the sun and the moon soon became peace and war. The temple of Janus, in the Roman Forum, was closed in time of peace and open in time of war. Today the door of that temple is always closed because of the war and the unnamed of the present time. Embodied in the technological apparatus and its silent injunctions, war is the planetary movement of digital democracy.
Racism is its “moment of truth”, in that it explicitly affirms what its machines have never stopped doing to the colonial peoples. The algorithm command prepares the chief’s orders. The abstraction from the body, from the earth, from nature produces the comfortable bulwark of national belonging and the desire to lynch the different as a backlash. What was experienced in the colonies goes back.
Some of the editors of the anarchist magazine “I Giorni e le Notti” (Days and Nights) (Italy)

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July 2, 2019
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Comments Off on Lecce, Italy – 11th June 2019: 47 denounced following episodes of struggle against the TAP gas pipeline

Lecce, Italy – 11th June 2019: 47 denounced following episodes of struggle against the TAP gas pipeline

In recent days we got news of yet another ‘maxi-denunciation’ concerning the struggle against TAP. This time 47 people were charged with a string of accusations which typically strike self-determined demonstrations. A spectacular accusation, which relates to important days of struggle occurring between December 2017 and June 2018.
Pointless to dwell upon the specific crimes being attributed, as we said before they are typical of demonstrations.
Rather, it is important to highlight how dribbled-out repression – consisting of continuous denunciations, controls, prompt expulsion orders and media criminalization – goes well beyond the intention of stopping the opposition to a gas pipeline. TAP is a dirty business thanks to which the police are using repressive means in order to rage on the life of anyone who wants to express any form of dissent against authority’s abuse and injustice.  Each small echo, each small step towards liberation is criminalized.

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July 2, 2019
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USA , San Francisco: Solidarity Action With Cedar

Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info
We glued the locks of the gentrifying business Manny’s and tagged a circle-A and “Free Cedar.” Manny’s is run by a Democratic Party operative who worked as an LGBT advisor to the Obama administration and as a top fundraiser for the Hillary Clinton campaign in Silicon Valley. His cafe is a blatant and sinister attempt to co-opt revolutionary sentiments back into the electoral shit show.
This wanna-be politician is literally selling books by Frantz Fanon and James Baldwin while hosting live readings of the Mueller Report. He had the audacity, in some fluff piece about the cafe, to compare his tacky self-promotion to the riots at Compton’s Cafeteria and the Stonewall Inn.
He fancies his business as a social center for #TheResistance in a neighborhood which has endured brutal waves of evictions and whose long history of actual resistance has been under threat of erasure. Several of the locks we glued were of gates preventing houseless people from sleeping in the alcoves of the business. We hope this small act highlights the hypocrisy of his “civic engagement”.
This attack is a contribution to a low-intensity effort to fuck with Manny’s which has included pickets, wheatpasting, and book expropriation. There is an ongoing boycott of the space, but clearly more action is desired.
It is easy to attack!
Free Cedar!
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July 2, 2019
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Canada ,update: More Queers in Hamilton Arrested!

On the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and on the Day of Action that was called in support of pride defenders, Hamilton Police have arrested two additional people. That is two more people who have been arrested for fighting back against queer and transphobia, misogyny, and white supremacy.
That brings the current total of arrests to five. That’s right, five queers who have been targeted, harassed, and arrested. This is beyond fucked. Show your love and rage – come out to tonight’s We Make Us Safe: Drop the Charges! Free Cedar! rally 8:30pm at Gore Park.
Because now more than ever, it is clear that police and politicians do not keep us safe, and we need to show Hamilton some resilient queer pride!
via: north-shore.info/

July 1, 2019
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Comments Off on Italy: Update on the hunger strike in the prisons of L’Aquila and Alessandria (26th June, 2019)

Italy: Update on the hunger strike in the prisons of L’Aquila and Alessandria (26th June, 2019)

News from L’Aquila, June 26th:
Like every Wednesday, Silvia and Anna also held talks with external people today.
While Natascia moved there a week ago, she still has no chance to see anyone else but ‘advocate. She is subjected to censorship and has also withheld her trial papers. Even Silvia’s mail, in and out, continues to suffer slowdowns, and is partly withheld.
To date all three are still on hunger strike.
Who have seen the two comrades [Anna and Silvia] report having found them well, considering the fact that they reached the 29th day of the hunger strike. They accuse a physiological weakness that appears to be normal. With great strength of spirit today the companions refused the package, in which fruit had been put in the hypothesis that they had decided to stop the strike.
The initiatives put in place – even in the last few days – restored their strength. They confirm that the keystrokes from 41bis – lasting half an hour – continue, daily, and that they manage to participate, in response, for no more than ten minutes given the limited energy. They are pulling the rope in a situation that by day in day becomes more and more critical, and the absence of a response from the penitentiary institution, increasingly full of responsibility. The news of a visit to the prison on the same day by the national detainee guarantor, prompted by the gravity of situation, is reliable. The comrades are monitored by health personnel, but their request to allow a doctor to come in from outside the prison is still disregarded today.
Friday, June 28, will be the next opportunity for direct contact with the three comrades held in the AS2 section of the prison of L’Aquila, when the respective lawyers will go to interview them.
News from Alessandria, June 26th:
Today at around 13.30, I visited the prison of Alessandria to meet Marco, who is detained in AS2 section. I spent about an hour with him and he assured me that he was subjectively good despite the several days of hunger strike, he is still in force despite the 9 kg lost (currently weighing 42 kg), he is able to stretch his legs and chat with comrades when allowed. It takes only 3 bottles of 1.5 liter water and adds them with a teaspoon of salt and one of sugar. Days ago, refusing not to integrate anything with water, he suffered a hypoglycemic crisis for which some glucose and physiological infusions were needed, but currently the problem seems to be solved and is parameterized by the health personnel twice a day to prevent them from check again. Yesterday’s blood tests and e valuable vital signs indicate a state of general suffering from mild malnutrition, but not worrying at this time.
Aware of the possible consequences of the ongoing strike undertaken, for now he does not want to give up and is determined to reject any proposal for treatment by the jailers. The news of the mobilizations outside and the conditions of the other comrades on strike arrived quite up to date, while he complained of a noticeable slowness in outgoing communications.
Marco thanks the comrades in solidarity e in particular the Cassa Antipressione delle Alpi Occidentali [Anti-repression fund of the western Alps].
Come on Marco!!
From Fabio (doctor who visited Marco on Thursday 26/06)
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June 30, 2019
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Comments Off on Genoa, Italy – RAI premises trashed

Genoa, Italy – RAI premises trashed

From the local media we learn that in the night of 13th June the RAI premises in Corso Europa in Genoa were daubed with anarchist graffiti in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike. g-i-genova-italia-scritte-alla-sede-della-rai-13-0-1.jpg
‘State murderer’, ‘no 41bis’, ‘solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike’, are among the graffiti.

Translated by act for freedom now!
via: anarhija.info

June 30, 2019
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Comments Off on Folles (Haute-Vienne), France – Sabotage on a railway linked to a nuclear waste plant

Folles (Haute-Vienne), France – Sabotage on a railway linked to a nuclear waste plant

In the night of 4th June, an electricity cabin containing the railway signal control was set on fire along the railway leading to Orano’s infrastructures (Orano, ex-Areva, is a French nuclear power giant) in Bessines. What’s at the end of the railway? A uranium mine was there for almost sixty years. After it was closed down (it’s cheaper to extract uranium in poor semi-colonised countries such as Niger), the mine became… a ‘storage plant for depleted uranium oxide’ (that is to say a site of radioactive waste), stored in simple sheds. Orano, the owner of the site, would also like to use the mine tunnels to bury other kinds of radioactive waste (just as State-owned ANDRA wants to do in Bure). To make the pill of this beautiful nuclear democracy sweeter, Orano opened a… nuclear industry museum in the Bessines site.

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June 30, 2019
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Comments Off on Greece, Athens : Responsibility Claim for Arson Attack on nazis Golden Dawn Offices by Durutti Brigade

Greece, Athens : Responsibility Claim for Arson Attack on nazis Golden Dawn Offices by Durutti Brigade

The following is from the responsibility claim for an arson attack on the Golden Dawn offices in Menidi, Greece on May 23 by the Durutti Brigade.

In the center of Menidi, at dawn on Thursday, May 23, we climbed a staircase to the first floor of the building housing the local offices of the Golden Dawn, breaking one of the windows and surrounding the interior with several liters of gasoline. By firing them we wanted to re-send the mice to their holes and to deprive them of another structure from their increasingly shrunk list.
In the center of Menidi, on March 4, 2014, the locals opened the doors for the first time. In the years that followed, its members and executives tried to build a nationalist base that would capitalize on the Party’s electoral successes in Western Attica. From the Menidian Nazi-fascist den, they organized and coordinated attacks on migrant workers and the world of struggle; the reasons for the poverty of “criminality” were written and the capitalism and the bourgeois policy were condemned for the tribulations and pain they cause in its neighborhoods.
It is important to look and study the way in which the fascist-Nazi model of the Golden Dawn, in recent years, attempts to shield the material structures where their offices, halls or shops are housed.
The forces of antifascism have found that their offices have now become “impregnable fortresses,” fenced with ironwork that exceeds two meters, with perimeter barbed wire at any access point, photocells, cameras, thick railings on doors and windows.
This is the basis of this situation and the anti-fascist radical movement is organized. It studies the changes in fortification, vulnerabilities, the best possible conditions that can be hit by the target, always taking into account the geographical landscape where we should try and the particularities it has for the business planning.
Our goal was to cause extensive damage to the ATHEX offices in Menidi. We knew that an arson attack on the front door or elsewhere would obviously symbolically represent another dynamic movement against fascism. Nonetheless, it was politically considered necessary to attempt the full destruction of the offices. As a result of this need, a staircase design was included in order to go to the offices where they were housed on a raised first floor. In order to overcome the fortification and the shielding around it, it was considered necessary to cut the rails in the windows to find a passage, eventually breaking the window glazing.
If reference is made to part of the operational plan it is to make it clear that depending on the circumstances and the environment, the forces of the antifascist warfare must widen their resourcefulness and update their “armory” in order to put the seemingly impenetrable fortresses of the fascists out of operation. Any security and fortification conditions are not capable of providing security to their structures from the moment we organize, carefully plan and operate with determination. Once again, this energy as well as a plethora of former anti-fascist action against the mechanism of the Golden Dawn prove a single thing: that through study, precise planning, determination and commitment to our class duty we can defeat them.
Because these offices constituted the grounding of the ATHEX policy in the particular characteristics of the area, we chose to hit this mouse and contribute to weakening one of the few remaining dynamic kernels. The ongoing attacks on migrant workers in the region, the action of the mass media in Menidi with their involvement in the anti-Roma pogrom in 2017, but also the publicly declared anti-labor policy of the Golden Dawn were some of the pieces of the mosaic that set our action against them.
In recent years, with more tension than in 2016, ongoing murderous attacks of fascists against migrant workers in the municipalities of Acharnon and Fili are taking place. With knives, punches and woods, organized groups of fascists target migrants who work 12 hours for a few euros, set them up and attack them either inside their home or at work, such as in the Upper Libyan People’s Market or on the way home in their workplace and vice versa, or even on the routes of the Lower Patissia-Menidi line (755) where in June 2017 groups of fascists attacked anyone who thought they was a drug addict or immigrant.
The AMEs (Unaligned Meanders Nationalists) by pressing on the ground that had been set up by the public interventions of the Golden Dawn in the region, escalated their activity in Menidi in June 2017, after the 11-year-old Marius’s unjust murder from a stray bullet, launching racist attacks against the Roma. Taking responsibility for molotov attacks in Roma homes, they uploaded photos on their blog with swastikas and racist slogans accompanied by their texts that said “the fighters of the organization are for the sixth day and fight side by side with the heroic inhabitants of Menidi.”
By studying history, we find that folk justice has come only when grassroots self-defense and resistance factions were formed to deny the white terrorism, the violence and the terrorism of the capitalist regime in dignity.
The popular combat forces are marking their way. With their own forces, they are the only ones that can strengthen the conflict against the capitalist regime and its organs. And it is clear that in order to strengthen and increase the popular and revolutionary forces that promote conflict with the regime, they must make concrete struggles against subordination, fear and the defeat that endeavors to enforce the hostile camp. They have to realize that the parliamentary road to overthrow capitalism is a fraud.
“We may not be acquainted with each other, but we are joining together dreams, common struggles, common ways of creating life, feeling that we move in the same time, in the same space, tuned in the same step towards the emancipatory dream. ” -D. Koufontinas
We dedicate the arson attack on the offices of the Golden Dawn to the unprejudiced revolutionary D. Koufontinas, integrating our movement into the broader multilateral solidarity movement that has been developing lately in support of our comrade on the occasion of the hunger strike that the SYRIZA government, the opposition, judges and prosecutors and the known embassies (US, England, Turkey) who intervened and controlled the country’s emergencies, urged him to start.
Comrade Dimitris chose the upward road of conflict with the capitalist regime, placing all his existence in the camp of fighting resistance and social revolution. He placed his soul as a rebel, his body as a hunger striker, the transmissibility of his experience to the next generations through his books.
The regime is now redeeming him for his life imprisonment in the dungeons of bourgeois democracy.
November 17, the “crime” has made the red thread of resistance appear again, inspired by popular resistance to the conquerors and their associates, inspired by the thousands of fighters who breathed their last breath in the EAT-EAW detention facilities, prisons and the glorious gate of the Polytechnic.
Today, the anti-fascist fighting movement, which is mainly expressed by the anarchist world, has done much by using all forms of struggle and the means of struggle. The limited political life of fascists throughout Greece and the shrinking of their electoral percentages in the European elections are also the result of the aggressive policy of the anti-fascist movement against the fascist threat through the constant rotation of “legitimate” and illegal forms of struggle.
The shrinking of their electoral rates and their temporary inability to re-establish the military arm of their actions does not naturally imply complacency and relaxation for the anti-fascist movement.
Taking into account the parliamentary defeat and shrinking of their percentages, they will remain what they have always been: the battalion of the right wing and the statist capitalist system against the anarchist and communist threat.
Durruti Brigade
From: https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1598454/
via: amwenglish.