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Chile: Afiche en memoria del compañero Pablo Muñoz Moya [Esp/Eng]



16 DE JULIO DE 1992-2020

EN: anarchistsworldwide PABLO MUÑOZ MOYA PRESENT!!
16 JULY 1992-2020

“El Guatón Feña” miembro de las Fuerzas Rebeldes y Populares Lautaro muerto el 16 de Julio de 1992 a los 21 años de edad en un enfrentamiento kon los pakos en el sector de Ñuble kon Santa Elena, zona centro sur de Santiago, al ser detectado kuando se movilizaba en un auto junto a dos kompañerxs en dirección a un asalto bankario.
Reivindikamos su historia komo expresión de lucha konfrontacional kontra el poder, kombatiendo la amnesia y desmemoria, los akomodos y justifikaciones para la renuncia por encima de las estrechas fronteras de su militancia.
Rekonocemos en Pablo y en todxs lxs kompañerxs muertxs en los primeros años de Demokracia la inspiración inevitable para konstruir nuestro largo kamino de Subversión Autónoma y Libertaria.
Hoy, Pablo vive y vuelve en la Revuelta. En kada akto de transgresión a la paz social de los rikos; en kada kompañerx ke konspira buskando la destruxión del kapital y del aktual orden social ke perpetua la miseria y la sumisión.
Por la Liberación Total avanzamos promoviendo el atake frontal, con Resistencia Ofensiva komo praxis subversiva autónoma ke se multiplika por todo el territorio en un kamino de lucha sin vuelta atrás hasta ke este podrido mundo estalle.
Actforfree Receved by email:

July 19, 2020
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Athens,Greece: News updates, from Petrou Ralli Pre-removal Detention Cente (prison for migrants)

The hellhole of Petrou Ralli Aliens’ Pre-removal Detention Center of Attiki, in Tavros, is perhaps the worst environment that a human being who the state and EU deem “illegal” (solely for the fact s/he/@ lacks proper documentation) can experience while in Greece. Detention in this prison normally lasts for months, exceeding the legal time limits, with cases of individuals abandoned there for up to 18 months. Conditions at Petrou Ralli fail to meet even the minimum requirements of a prison: hygiene is unacceptable, meals are inedible, the mattresses are full of bugs, and the blankets unwashed. The most basic cleaning and disinfection procedures are not carried out.
On the 2nd floor, detainees are locked up day and night, released for just 40 minutes in the morning and afternoon for ‘yard time’ on the terrace. The right to free legal assistance for those who cannot afford a lawyer is not granted. Likewise, the fact that detainees have the right to apply for asylum without the presence of a lawyer is withheld, while the applications of those who do manage to submit them are either not forwarded or delayed on the pretext of bureaucratic procedures.

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July 19, 2020
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Athens,Greece: Information update for  imprisonment anarchist Vangelis Stathopoulos

The anarchist Vangelis Stathopoulos passed today 17/7/20 , in Loukareos before a special appellant investigator 9 whole months after his arrest. He has been in pre-trial detention in Larissa All this time, far from his lawyers and with minimal access to the case file, so the 3-day deadline he is entitled to for making a statement to the investigator was requested.

Instead, with an order from the high command of the Counter-Terrorism Service, he was transferred back to Larissa on the spot, when even the prosecutor and the investigator insisted on his stay in Korydallos, even talking  about the special treatment of Stathopoulos decided from above. The decision had already been made by the ministry.

We are not impressed by the revenge in the face of our comrade.

It should be noted that since January, the “anti” terrorism has in its possession the DNA laboratory results, which they produced just 4 days before and which confirm his innocence, which our comrade shouted from the beginning.

The prolonged hostage-taking of Stathopoulos is based only on a false testimony, dictated by the prosecuting authorities. Unable to support the fabricated accusations in his face, they aim at the psychological annihilation of the comrade in every way.

We declare that we will not let them cannibalize our lives.

We will be by our comrade’s side until the conspiracy against him collapses.



Translated by Act for freedom now!

July 19, 2020
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Italy: «Prometeo» operation. The preliminary hearing has been moved to July 29th, 2020

The preliminary hearing of the trial for «Prometeo» (“Prometheus”) repressive operation, which was to be held on July 10th, 2020, at the Court of Genoa, has been postponed to July 29th at 10:00 a.m.. On that date Beppe and Natascia will not be physically present because the videoconferencing mode was imposed on them.
Updates on court developments will follow.
To write to comrades still locked up in prison the addresses are:
Natascia Savio
C. C. di Piacenza
strada delle Novate 65
29122 Piacenza — Italy
Giuseppe Bruna
C. C. di Pavia
via Vigentina 85
27100 Pavia — Italy
We renew the call for financial support. For those who would like to contribute with benefits to the prison and trial expenses – which in these months will become more substantial –, the coordinates are as follows:
– Postepay evolution card n° 5333 1710 9103 5440. Accountholder: Vanessa Ferrara. Iban: IT89U3608105138251086351095
– Postepay evolution card n° 5333 1710 8931 9699. Accountholder: Ilaria Benedetta Pasini. Iban: IT43K3608105138213368613377

July 18, 2020
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Volos city, Greece: V. Maggos was savagely beaten by riot cops at a solidarity demo ,1 month later he is found dead

The funeral of Vassilis Manggos took place yesterday (16/07/20)  at the city  of Volos, where hundreds of comrades and people together with he’s parents for the last goodbye…
Vassilis Maggos himself had written on June 18/6/20 :
“Because a lot of people asked, informed themselves, were interested, I think I should make known that I was discharged last night, after 4 days’ hospitalization. Today I went for a check-up, of course my vital organs still have injuries, nevertheless they are in a stable condition and show signs of improvement. To thank all the people who did not let yet another
incident of police violence, arbitrariness and human rights violation remain in silence and darkness and to remind us that we must all keep our eyes open and never give up. I would also like to thank the medical staff who, in the vast majority, first tolerated me and secondly stood up to the situation, taking a stand against the brutality of the State. So, my last photo, from the hospital and my first from home …
And now the difficulties begin …
2-3 months of recovery and who knows how many years and if I’ll find my right …… But … Smile, eh … What do they ask you? “
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Vasilis Maggos was savagely beaten by riot cops at a solidarity demo. 1 month later he is found dead

The video that you’ll see depicts the brutal riot police attack against 27-year-old Vassilis Maggos on Sunday, June 14, 2020 in the greek city of Volos, during a rally of solidarity to the detainees of the previous day’s protest (13/6) against the polluting garbage burning by LAFARGE / AGET companies and against the creation of an SRF factory by the Municipality of Volos.
According to myvolos. net, Vassilis Maggos was found dead in his room by his mother yesterday evening (July 13, 2020). “The mother tried to bring her son back to life and notified the emergency services, but it was already late. The police rushed to the spot and examined the area, ruling out any criminal activity and requested an autopsy – necropsy to determine the causes of death of 27-year-old Vassilis Maggos, who almost a month ago had been recorded to be brutally attacked by the riot police outside the Courts of Volos.
According to a post at the time by the “People’s Assembly against Garbage Incineration” the originally posted the above video on June 14, 2020, The young man was savagely beaten in front of passers-by in the center of Volos and was taken to the Magnesia Police Department. In the car that transported him, according to his father’s testimony, the police continued to beat and abuse him. The severe beating continued inside the police headquarters building.
They beat him mercilessly, breaking his ribs until the young man shouted “I cannot breathe”.
At the height of the violence, the police tortured him. When he asked for water, they took him to the freezer and gave him water drop by drop just to torture him and while he could not stand on his legs. In the end, they released him so that he could be taken to the hospital, because he needed immediate medical treatment. His condition was so dire that the doctors were afraid that his broken bones may pierce his vital organs”.
“Amongst his injuries, he had suffered 7 broken ribs and vital organ injuries”.

July 17, 2020
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France :A few informations from a brochure on the french intelligence community

A brochure about the french State intelligence services was recently published on the Internet. Below you will find a link to the article announcing its publication, as well as links to download the brochure, in english and french.
Article announcing the publication of the brochure (in french) : https://attaque.noblogs.org/post/2020/06/14/brochure-le-renseignement-francais
The brochure in english : https://attaque.noblogs.org/files/2020/06/french_intelligence_en.pdf
This brochure provides some information about the subject we are interested in. It is composed of articles from the IntelligenceOnline website. It includes in particular (the page numbers match the english version of the brochure) :
  • On pages 10, an article from 2017 about french cops ordering surveillance devices, including spy cameras.
  • On page 22-23, an article from 2011 about an audio surveillance device disguised as a credit card and supplied to the ministry of the Interior by the company Nagra.
  • On page 23, an article from 2012 about an agreement between french cops and several companies in the surveillance industry to supply surveillance devices. The companies mentioned are LJM Tech Support, BEA, FGH Security, Spectronic, Syans, Covidence, GTS Services, Opto Vision and General Security Service (the latter seems to correspond to the company GSSI).
  • On pages 28-29, an article from 2018 about the new GPS devices used by french cops, and the companies that supply them. The companies mentioned are Track Cars, Photospace, Point Core and Stancom.
Note that five of the companies mentioned in the brochure (Nagra, Opto Vision, Track Cars, Photospace, Point Core and Stancom) are not present in our list of companies and would deserve to be added to it. By the way, all contributions to our website are welcome, please do not hesitate to contact us.
via: earsandeyes.noblogs.org

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Italy: Letter of Beppe from Pavia prison, July 4th, 2020

The following text is a letter from the anarchist Giuseppe Bruna, imprisoned since May 21st, 2019, for the «Prometeo» repressive operation, currently imprisoned in Pavia prison. To write to him: Giuseppe Bruna, C. C. di Pavia, via Vigentina 85, 27100 Pavia, Italy.
Dearly beloved,
I hope this one of mine finds you well!
I am writing to report a serious situation (yet another!) that I found myself facing between the afternoon of July 3rd and midnight of July 4th! As you will be aware, I have been locked up since about a year in a cell alone in the «protected» section [a section where are held ex-cops, infamous, pedophiles, rapists, ecc.] of Pavia’s jail!, I have always refused such placement by putting in place various forms of struggle (hunger strike, air strike, etc.).

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Athens,Greece; demonstration Solidarity with Migrants Friday 17/7/20, 18.30 Monastiraki area

Με κοινότητες αγώνα και αλληλεγγύης σπάμε τον πόλεμο κατά των μεταναστ(ρι)ών//Στέγαση χωρίς εξώσεις και απειλές//Χαρτιά | Περίθαλψη | Εκπαίδευση//Ανοιχτά σύνορα και ελευθερία για όλους/ες τους/ις μετανάστ(ρι)ες!
Παρασκευή 17/7 | 18.30 | Μετρο Μοναστηράκι, Πορεία
Σάββατο 18/7 | 21.00 | Πλατεία Πρωτομαγιάς, hip-hop live opening: souarap jam sessions, mc yinka, σαρδάμ, 3πδ, cortes, sponty και εκδηλώσεις αλληλεγγυης
With communities of struggle and solidarity we stop the war against migrants//housing without evictions and threats//documents | medical care | education//open borders and freedom for all!
Friday 17/7 | 18.30 | Monastiraki, demonstration
Saturday 18/7 | 21.00 | Protomagias square, hip hop live, opening: souarap jam sessions, mc yinka, σαρδάμ, 3πδ, cortes, sponty and solidarity events
Nous avec les communautés de lutte et de solidarité résistons contre la guerre contre les immigrés.
مع مجتمعات النضال والتضامن، إن نوقف الحرب ضد المهاجرينهمراه با جوامع مبارزه و همبستگی ، توقف کردن جنگیدن علیه مهاجران
// les logement sans expulsion et des menaces//papiers | soins de santé| education// frontières ouvertes et liberté pour tous les immigrés !Vendredi 17/7|18:30| métro monastiraki, démonstrationSamedi 18/7|21:00| place de protomagias, hip hop live
// السكن بدون اخلاءات قسرية وتهديدات// الأوراق القانونية | الرعاية الطبية | التعليم// الحدود المفتوحة والحريةللكل!يوم الجمعة | ١٨:٣٠ | موناستيراكي، مظاهرةيوم السبت | ٢١:٠٠ | ساحة بروتوماغياس، الهيب هوب لايف
// مسکن بدون اخراج و تهدید// اسناد | مراقبت های پزشکی | تحصیلات// مرزهای باز و آزادیبرای همه!جمعه 17/7 | 18.30 | موناستیراکی ، تظاهراتشنبه 18/7 | 21.00 | مربع پروتوماجیاس ، هیپ هاپ زنده است

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Lecce, Italy: Without Authority

“It wasn’t the orators who won me over to anarchism, but life itself” – Pavel Golman
This was the expression of a Russian anarchist who, in the early years of the twentieth century, fought without quarter against the Authority and the iniquity that presented itself before him. The defense of property and the wealthy classes meant hunger and misery for everyone else, as well as jail and torture if these interests were undermined. More than a century later, the history of Russian and Polish anarchists, including the anarchists of Bialystok, a small minority of Jewish origin, speaks of the human and ideal struggle against the ferocity of the established order that starves and kills. It speaks of lives living in terror (from Katorga to pogroms, to the demonstrations of peasants and workers repressed in blood) and who respond to that terror in many ways. They study and defend themselves, attack and expropriate. In the general climate of strikes and revolts, they act out of conviction and anger.
It is curious that, today, some defenders of power refer to this experience, recounted in a book published some time ago, to “guard” in their homelands jails some anarchists accused of sabotage and solidarity.
With the arrest, a few months ago, of some anarchists in Bologna, guilty of having sympathized with the protests in prison in times of state of emergency, the theoretical basis according to which solidarity has become a crime has been declared; the umpteenth repressive operation called Bialystok against some comrades, serves to consolidate the fact that to sympathize with the arrested anarchists or with the prisoners in revolt must be incriminated. That to spread and propagandize, in practice and theory, ideas of revolt and insubordination is a crime. That preventing the isolation to which other comrades would be relegated (Operation Scripta Manent) and even defending the wealth of gestures and ideas of the anarchist movement, must be repressed and hindered in order to better strike those comrades.

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July 17, 2020
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Athens, Greece : info updates about the Demonstration on 8th of May, 2020 Let’s Take back the streets

The night of the 8th of May, more than 500 persons took back the streets to express their rage against sexism, the state and the imposed “normality”.
Around 9pm, Agiou Giorgiou square was filled by the first individuals and voices and music coming out from the speakers made clear that “if you touch me again, I will fucking kill you”. Banners were put up on the square with «No god, no master, no husband, no boss», «Rage against the machism» written on them.
A bit more than one hour later, a fiery pink flare started the demo. The front banner : “Reclaim the streets, squat the night. Λύσσα και οργή για καθε σεξιστη (Rabid and rage for every sexist)”. After a few meters, our voices became written words and stencils on the walls, streets and shop windows. They were screaming our rage.

As we were passing Ithakis street, a rooftop was lighted up with flares and a banner picturing a witch saying “From the streets to the roofs we fight back” dropped from the building by the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn.
Upon arriving to Acharnon avenue, the demo was in great spirit, shouting slogans in different languages : «Tout le monde deteste la police», «ακόμα κι αν φορέσω τη φούστα μου καπέλο, όταν λέω όχι σημαίνει πως δε θέλω» (even if I wear my skirt on my head, when I say no it means I don’t want), «Solidarite avec les immigre.es», «H Ελλάδα να πεθάνει να ζήσουμε εμείς, στο διάολο η οικογένεια, στο διάολο και η πατρίς» (to death with Greece so that we can live, fuck the family and fuck the homeland), «Alerta, alerta, alerta feminista»… and gave Ag. Paneleimonas church a much needed hot feminist make-over fully covering it in sprays and stencils.

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July 17, 2020
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Tulungagung, Indonesia: Solidarity with the Makassar and Tangerang Anarchist Prisoners

via: anarchistsworldwide
Updated Info About the Solidarity Fund for Anarchist Prisoners in Indonesia

Free All Anarchist Prisoners

As anarchists we believe, direct action and insurrection is the soul of anarchism itself, while prison and humiliation are the consequences of every direct action we take.
If humiliation is the answer to every direct action, then pacifism is the answer right? Unfortunately not, giving up on pacifism means letting our necks stepped and getting stepped again!
Our comrades in Tangerang and Makassar have decided to fight back against state oppression and must now be locked up in prison, and this is our duty to ensure they are not alone! We did a little decoration in an unused building a few days ago as our solidarity, let’s make and spread solidarity!
Our hugs and love for Makassar and Tangerang anarchist prisoners. Fire for prison! No anarchy without abolition of prisons and police!
Tulungagung Anarchist Individual Network
(via Palang Hitam Indonesia / Anarchist Black Cross Indonesia)

July 15, 2020
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Peckham (South London) uk : Willem Van Spronsen: No Memorial But Attack (banner drop)

A year ago today, Willem Van Spronsen launched his armed and incendiary attack on a concentration camp in the United Snakes. He was murdered by police as a result of his actions outside the facility run by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) near Tacoma, so-called Washington. His action occurred on the one-year anniversary of a hunger strike inside the Northwest Detention Center and an encampment outside.
This year we only managed a small gesture of creative disobedience to mark the anniversary. But the slogan reminds us that no memorial will suffice – only insurgent steps towards the destruction of this barbed-wire world – the border, the prison, and the world that needs them.
We haven’t forgotten Will’s expression of gratitude and affinity to his trans comrades. We returned the sentiments in our banner, a love letter from London to the Salish Sea, in defiance of the ‘reign of death’.
In this gesture, we were also thinking of anarchist and insurgent prisoners and defendants, particularly those persecuted under ‘Operation Fenix’ whose trial continues today in Most. Today there are also court hearings in London, for some of those arrested on the streets under the banner of Black Lives Matter, and tomorrow (14th July) James Meikle, a prisoner on remand, will be sentenced.
In solidarity with all hostages of the State!
One day all the cops you see around you will be dead, but Will lives in our rage forever!
Ugly Trans Crew
South London, 2020
Rest in Power – Willem Van Spronsen – 1950-2019

July 15, 2020
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Buenos Aires: Propaganda a 3 años de la muerte de Santiago Maldonado.

Próximo a cumplirse 3 años de la desaparición y asesinato del compañero anarquista Santiago Maldonado, nunca serán suficientes las palabras para abarcar el dolor que genera la muerte en acción de un compañero en manos del enemigo y en el intento recuperador de los reformistas, pero si podemos encontrar aquellas que hablan de nuestras convicciones, de la entrega aún en momentos donde todo parece cuesta abajo, de lxs compañerxs que una y otra vez levantan la cabeza y en la oscuridad de la noche o en la lucha callejera encapuchada reivindican la memoria insurrecta, porque es ahí donde ni el lechuga ni ningún compañerx es olvidadx, cuando no dejamos que el dolor supere nuestra entrega, cuando no claudicamos y afirmamos nuevamente la guerra social que la autoridad nos ha declarado hace ya largo tiempo.
El 1ero de agosto de 2017 no solo demostró el cinismo del Estado
Argentino y la hipocresía de sus colaboradores, también abrió pasos
hacia la solidaridad, sentó precedentes que no podemos olvidar y
necesitamos tener presentes, momentos de efervescencia, de encuentros de miradas eufóricas, de prepararse y estar dispuestxs a todo incluso a pesar de la mirada enemiga en la espalda. Tanto en aquellos momentos, como ahora 3 años después, somos conscientes que no somos lxs primerxs, pero creemos también que depende de nosotrxs no ser lxs ultimxs, hoy más que nunca nos enfrentamos a nuestra propia historia y la reafirmamos, tanto con sus aspectos positivos como aquellos negativos que necesitan
afilarse, pero con la inquebrantable idea que nuestra memoria
reivindicativa es la acción y la solidaridad es un arma que nunca
dejaremos de empuñar.

July 15, 2020
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Berlin: Renewed alarm at Rigaer94

Today July 13th, there are strong police forces, construction workers and securities in the area. Alarm, now it’s getting exciting! Mouth-to-mouth info:
It is now being decided whether the police will take responsibility for the Rigaer94 conflict, and carry out the eviction which began Thursday 7 july and will continue today. At 8 o’clock the so-called Lusche, the new dubious alleged property manager, arrived first. He and his lawyer Bernau wanted to gain access to the house by force, which failed because of the human chain in front of it. His physical attack was answered accordingly. Then immediately masses of cops arrived, who had already been in stand by in the neighborhood but avoided the street in front of Rigaer94. There are at least a hundred of them, if not two riot squads again in action. At the same time, construction workers and the security company arrived. The construction workers called on residents “one to one”. It was reported that some of them wear Combat18 tattoos.
They and the cops had to register that there was a new, massive entrance door. So for the moment, the intrusion into the house was stopped. According to information obtained, the police command at the highest level, i.e. the police chief, is currently advising. Nothing will happen until they take responsibility. What happens then will bring clarity about the operation since Thursday. Was it a coup attempt by the middle level police or a well planned action by the political leadership in an attempt to make everything look like a coincidence. The lies will stop.
On the other hand, the anger against the attackers on our living together in solidarity is endless!
Prepare yourself for everything, friends, it is serious!
Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin
photos via: rigaer94.squat.net

July 13, 2020
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Berlin : bank smashed for Dervenion56, Liebig34 and Rigaer94

Solidarity means attack – no eviction remains without response
Today (10/7/2020), as a first response to the raid and evictions in the front building of Rigaer94, we attacked a branch of the Berliner Sparkasse in Lichtenberg with stones and destroyed the windows.
The raid and eviction are the beginning of the planned elimination of various projects in the coming months. In addition to an attack on one of our spaces, yesterday’s raid concerned the extension of the siege in the northern district of Friedrichshshain and the attempt to prepare the framework for the eviction of Liebig34. This will not remain without consequences. With our action we call for decentralized actions against their plans. We do not want to wait for Day X, the phase of evictions has already begun and we must give a strong, collective response on the streets.
In doing so, we are joining the call of the Koukaki Squats in Athens in order to enter into dialogue with the comrades there who are facing similar challenges. The evacuation of Dervenion56 in Exarchia was the occasion for this international call [1].
In Greece, since last summer, there has been a general attack on solidarity structures and occupations. In the 12 months of the ND’s reign, more than a dozen occupied houses have already been cleared and barricaded. The right-wing government of New Democracy sees the anarchist movement and its free spaces as its harshest and most dangerous critic.
What is happening in Athens and other Greek cities is an attack on anarchist and autonomous structures, which is taking place in Berlin under different conditions and circumstances, with the threat of eviction of house projects, the suppression of autonomous bars and the siege of the resisting Norkiez in Friedrichshain. The anarchist perspective in the neighborhood struggle also requires international exchange about the methods of our enemies. In societies which generate exploitation and repression and against the servants of capital, we show boundless solidarity with those who choose conflict, creating thereby collective moments.
For self-organization and the occupation of space
Solidarity with Dervenion56, Liebig34 and Rigaer94
[1] https://athens.indymedia.org/post/1606123/
translation from http://4sy6ebszykvcv2n6.onion/node/94951

July 13, 2020
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OLYMPIA: Two reportbacks from “Fuck the 4th” march (usa)

The two following reportbacks were submitted anonymously on pugetsoundanarchists
Reportback from Impromptu Fuck the 4th March
What started as a day of chill BLM marches and fuck the 4th dance parties gave way to one of the most intensely destructive nights I think I’ve ever seen in Oly. Around 10:30ish a crowd of around 40 in all black assembled at a fountain at one end of town. I wasn’t really sure what the vibe was gonna be for the night, for Olympia a 40 deep black bloc (or march in general) is pretty big but it never feels big enough, so I was anxious. I looked up at the full moon illuminating our gathering and found some strength and comfort in that. After a few minutes of milling about some people began to chant “NO COPS, NO PRISONS, TOTAL ABOLITION” and the march took off.
Immediately when we got to the first building on 4th graffiti began to go up, windows were getting smashed, and fireworks were getting set off non stop. The energy was joyous and fierce in a way I rarely experience here. Parking meters were getting sabotaged, tags of “ACAB” “Black lives matter” “Abolish OPD” “Death to America” “RIP George Floyd” were going up everywhere.
Gentrifying condo on 4th Ave
As we approached the City Hall and Police Station people began a spirited chant of “Death to America!”. Fires were getting started. When someone was starting one, someone in the crowd yelled “Repeat after me! I didn’t see shit!” To which the crowd responded, “I DIDN’T SEE SHIT”.
When we got to the city hall and police station, the reinforced glass was greeted with a barrage of stones and chunks of concert that smashed holes through it. A hole was smashed in the door of the police station which someone used to reach in and open the door to let people tag. It was absolutely beautiful.

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July 13, 2020
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Rennes, France : Cathedral door set on fire 

In the night between Thursday 11th and Friday 12th June,2020 arson caused damage to a side door of the Saint-Pierre cathedral in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), in rue Saint-Sauveur. At around 1.30am, a rubbish skip was set on fire near the door of the religious edifice, damaging it.
Unfortunately the fire did not have time to spread due to the prompt intervention of a bar owner and neighbours who offered to volunteer as firefighters. Alarmed by the smell of burning, the head said that from his window overlooking the vicarage he saw neighbours running to put the fire out with buckets of water.
However the fire brigade were engaged for almost an hour with this nocturnal fire. The criminal investigation department of Rennes took charge of investigations.
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July 13, 2020
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Redlands, California : Amazon warehouse on fire

On Friday 5th June, 2020 at around 5:30am, a fire destroyed an Amazon distribution centre in Redlands, a Californian city 112 km east of Los Angeles.
The building, several lorries and a pile of goods were destroyed by the flames. The damage was
considerable and the smoke forced the authorities to close the 10Freeway highway.
The depot was as big as three football pitches.
This action against Amazon follows that of 1st May when a lorry was set on fire.
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July 13, 2020
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Pisa, Italy : 10 years of Garage Anarchico

11th July 2020
– From 5pm, showing of the documentary “Igniting a Revolution” A story of Earth Liberation Front
– Followed by Discussion and Benefit dinner for the comrades of the Scripta Manent trial
In 2010 a new anarchist and ecologist space opened in the city… ten years have now passed. Many comrades and people in solidarity have come through the Garage, relations have been woven, numerous projects undertaken, ideas of rebellion spread through initiatives, papers but above all meeting and talking together. Now times have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the irresistible instinct of freedom that shakes us up and the topics that have characterized the place’s activity.
On the day of the inauguration it was decided to show the video “Igniting a Revolution”, which will now be shown again on the occasion of this initiative. The video is about the experience and ideas of Earth Liberation Front, a name under which many groups and individuals gave a hard time to the destroyers of the earth between the 1990s and 2000.

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July 13, 2020
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Rigaer94 : They tried to bury us but forgot that we are the seeds (Berlin) en/de/gr

Last updates:
From friday 10/7/20 till Saturday 11/7/ evening securities were in front of our house, that does not have any of its front doors anymore. Yesterday morning, around 6:30 am the cops attempted to enter again our front-house block. The so-called “Hausverwalter” Torsten Luschnat arrived at 7 am in order to enter the 4th floor flat in front house of 94. Of course, there is still no owner of the house known but the cops and their commanders in the senate decided to trust the new company, that pretends they are legally allowed to enter. Luschnat Immobilien did not even follow any legal frame and attacked the flat in order to evict it.
The attack started from the construction team secured by the cops, by trying to smash through a bricked up door attempting to injure people who were behind it. The people behind the barricades showed an active defense and managed to ruin these plans. Therefore, it was impossible for the workers to enter. They and the cops went to the attic and smashed a hole into the ground ending up in the next door appartment. Unfortunately for them, also the tenant who lives there, managed to keep them out of the flat. Because of the escalation, the cops, afraid of leaving the legal frame, were not willed to continue and stopped the procedure. After those failed attempts of entering our flats, the cops stood in front of our door with the security team. At the same time, the construction team started throwing all the stuff from the ground floor flat, that had been evicted on friday, to the trash.

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