April 9, 2018
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On February 10th, a few weeks after the airport project was dropped,
dozens of thousands of people converged again to Notre-Dame-des-Landes
to root the future of the zad. Since then, the assembly of uses(*)
has laid the foundations of this project through the beginning of a
dialogue with government representatives. During this transition phase,
a first global collective convention has been proposed by the movement
to take the fields and dwellings in charge. But the government still
threaten to evict some of these dwellings. An operation mobilizing
Thousands (2500 according to the press) of policemen and women are announced for Monday 9th April.
We denounce the double-dealing of the government which announced it wants   a
« peaceful and reasonable » evolution of the situation while planning an
eviction operation which is moreover illegal. We can’t accept that
inhabitants who preserved the bocage will be evicted tomorrow. We
can’t accept that dwellings and spaces of activities which have
nurtured the experience of the zad and are necessary to its future will
be destroyed by a new police operation. We invite those who support the
avenir of the zad to organize accordingly!
*In case of evictions of habitations, we call for different types of
answers on several geographical scales.*
On the zad and around :

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April 9, 2018
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Another Day, Another Broken Door: The Tower’s Statement on Recent Events – Hamilton, Canada

received : on 9.4.18

Early Friday morning, Hamilton police raided a home associated with some of those involved with organizing The Hamilton Anarchist Bookfair. The door was kicked in, a flash grenade was thrown into the house, and a full swat team entered. With their assault rifles drawn, the swat team proceeded to pull everyone out of bed some of whom were naked, and with one exception, put everyone in handcuffs. Three people were detained and
one person arrested. Cedar, a member of The Tower Collective and our cherished friend, was arrested, taken away, and currently remains in custody.

Those who weren’t arrested were forced to wait outside for close to five
hours, while cops “searched” the home. Similar to the fascists who
attacked The Tower last month, the police thoroughly trashed the space
and even messed with the bookshelves. All three floors of the house were
ripped apart and many things were damaged, including a collection of
framed feminist postcards that were broken into several pieces and
thrown into the bathroom toilet. Police are misogynist pigs, plain and
simple, without exception. A long list of items were seized, including
all electronics (phones, computers, cameras, external hard-drives etc.),
books, posters, zines, and a pretty random assortment of documents
(academic journal articles, translated texts from a book project, hand
written notes, event programs, pamphlets etc.).

In terms of the arrest, Cedar is facing conspiracy charges in relation
to the so-called “Locke St. Riot”. We have no desire to engage with the
politics of innocence. The concept of innocence and its flipside
criminality obscure more than illuminate – no one is innocent and the
most “criminal” amongst us run the economy and government. Beyond that,
these notions perpetuate the logic of a colonial legal system rooted in
white supremacy. That said, it is worth noting that conspiracy charges
are notoriously dubious and flimsy, and have a legacy of being used as a
tool of political persecution. They are an act of desperation intended
to cast a wide net and scare people. Such charges are *not* a matter of
engaging in a particular activity, but rather a matter of possibly
encouraging a particular activity.

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April 8, 2018
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Florence, Italy – Leaflet given out in Florence, March 2018, on rampant fascism and bad memory

Leaflet given out in March 2018, on rampant fascism and bad memory, which we’ve seen the umpteenth miserable results of with the murders* in Macerata and Florence
Translated by act for freedom now!
*Macerata, February 2018: 28-year-old Luca Traini goes on a shooting spree targeting migrants and wounding a number of them.
Florence, March 2018: 54-year-old Idy Diene, from Senegal, is shot dead by racist Roberto Pirrone, who declared he wanted to shoot the first black person he bumped into that day.
In solidarity with Ghespe, who remains in prison, and in complicity with those who decide to pass to action
‘Whether the mask is labelled fascism, democracy, or dictatorship of the proletariat, our great adversary remains the apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military. Not the one facing us across the frontier of the battle lines, which is not so much our enemy as our brothers’ enemy, but the one that calls itself our protector and makes us its slaves. No matter what the circumstances, the worst betrayal will always be to subordinate ourselves to this apparatus and to trample underfoot, in its service, all human values in ourselves and in others.’
Simone Weil

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April 8, 2018
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Comments Off on Grenoble, France: Frontex Conference Disrupted at the University of Grenoble

Grenoble, France: Frontex Conference Disrupted at the University of Grenoble

On Thursday, March 22nd, about 150 people gathered in front of the IMAG building at the University of Grenoble. Inside the building a conference was being held by the various players involved in the militarization of the borders: Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency), Euromed Police (Euro-Mediterranean Police Cooperation), Europol, etc. The conference slogan was ‘From Frontex to Frontex, Towards the Establishment of a New European Coast Guard Corps’. The President of the Euromed Police and the Director of Legal Affairs for Frontex were both present. Slogans, a media table and leafleting were on the agenda for the afternoon.

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April 8, 2018
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Comments Off on Cinema & Bar at GARE Squat, Kallidromiou 74, Exarchia – Athens , Greece

Cinema & Bar at GARE Squat, Kallidromiou 74, Exarchia – Athens , Greece

Cinema & Bar at GARE
“The Exterminating Angel”
by Loui Bunuel (1962)
A surrealist, sarcastic and provocative movie…about the bonds of the bourgeoisie.
There will be a bar running at the same time by the collective Μπαροικέ.
This Saturday 7/4 at 22.30 in GARE Squat, Kallidromiou 74, Exarchia

April 8, 2018
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Comments Off on Digital Self-Defense: An Introduction to Tails -Athens , Greece

Digital Self-Defense: An Introduction to Tails -Athens , Greece

During the Collective kitchen at Rosa de Foc we would like to give you an introduction into Tails. No, we are not going to deal with animal tails but with an operating system on a flash drive that leaves no traces behind on the computer and helps to obscure your indentity while browsing the web.
So if you have, bring your laptop and a flash drive (at least 8 GB). We will also provide a small number of DVDs with Tails on it. And also if you do not have a laptop the workshop can be interesting to you since with Tails you can use other people’s computer without needing to trust the owner.
So here is the rough outline:
– motivation for using Tails
– remove metadata of pictures
– the tor browser
– booting Tails
– limitations of Tails
The collective kitchen will start at 3 pm as usual and we’ll begin with the workshop at 5 pm. It’s gonna be a lot of fun and you do not need to be a geek in order to be able to follow. See you then!
Rosa de Foc
via: https://mpalothia.net/athens-digital-self-defense-an-introduction-to-tails/

April 8, 2018
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Swiss,Basel: verdict of a comrade’s appeal trial

Basel: verdict of a comrade’s appeal trial
Last Friday, March 23, 2018, at 8 o’clock in the morning, our comrade appeared before the Court of Appeal of Basel on charges relating to the wild demonstration at Freiestrasse in 2010 and the protests against the “Marsch fürs Läbe” in 2013 While he was forced to endure court theatre in the courtroom, leaflets were distributed, stickers pasted and posters flyposted in the city. With this small gesture of solidarity, the trial was thus released from the courtroom.
Inside the walls of the courthouse, the prosecutor and judges made every effort to represent justice in everything that is most arbitrary. With the court’s argument that the DNA traces on a glove are sufficient to accuse our comrade of any act – whether or not he himself committed the material damage – collective guilt was weighed against him. This on the grounds that he was politicized and recidivist and because of his constant refusal to talk to the police (uh, would not that be something like a fundamental right?). The court therefore upheld the verdict of the first instance and sentenced our friend to one and a half years in prison.

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April 8, 2018
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Comments Off on Madrid, Spain: Riot after the death of a Senegalese migrant chased and captured by police

Madrid, Spain: Riot after the death of a Senegalese migrant chased and captured by police

On the evening of Thursday, March 15 in Madrid, riots broke out in the Lavapies neighbourhood after a 35 year old Senegalese migrant, Mmame Mbage, was found dead in the early evening. According to many migrants on the spot, he died of cardiac arrest after being chased by municipal police on motorbikes. Like so many others, he had been trying to survive by selling trinkets on the pavement.

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April 6, 2018
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Comments Off on Info on New Repression against Anarchists in France

Info on New Repression against Anarchists in France

Last week saw a new wave of repression targeting anarchists in France, with raids occurring almost simultaneously in several locations. On March 27 in Toulouse, two houses were raided and two people were placed in detention, but they were taken 300km away to the city of Limoges. These two people were released 38 hours later, after a long interrogation on their political positions and  social networks. 
At the same time, there was also a raid in Limoges itself, and one person was placed in detention, while 500km away in Amiens their family was also facing a raid and interrogations. This person has been placed under an order for up to one year of investigative custody that can then be renewed. 
 The next day, March 28, the little town of Ambert saw raids against three houses. Two people were placed in detention and they’re now also held in investigative custody for up two four months, renewable twice. The charges mention mischief in an organized group; the investigation is still ongoing. 
 The information released by the mainstream media so far only mention Limoges, invoking the arson of several vehicles at its gendarmerie compound. Let’s recall that during the trial for the burned police car last October, there were incendiary solidarity actions all across France, notably in Toulouse, Clermont-Ferrand, Limoges, Grenoble, the Paris area, Marseille…
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April 6, 2018
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Comments Off on Tower Defence: Holding Space Against the Far-right – hamilton , Canada

Tower Defence: Holding Space Against the Far-right – hamilton , Canada

On Sunday, March 25th, various far-right groups from South-Western Ontario organized what they called a “Patriot Walk” up Locke St. in Hamilton. This was ostensibly a show of support for small businesses on the street who had their facades shattered during a mini-riot a couple of weeks earlier. The far-right hoped to capitalize on bourgeois outrage in Hamilton to put forward their ultra-nationalist form of anti-leftism, but their internal disfunction and overall shittiness, along with antifascists in the area being on point, led them to failure at every step of the way.
First, their internal discussions in preparation for the march were leaked on Anti-Racist Canada the week before their event was scheduled to take place. This included a bunch of typical crap about how tough they are, but also developed into a discussion of paying a visit to The Tower, Hamilton’s anarchist social space, that had already been attacked several times in the weeks following the riot on and around Locke. Their plan for Locke seemed to be to walk up the street en masse buying things at shops while not flying their more obviously fascist symbols, just sticking with the Canadian flag. For The Tower though, they seemed more intent on initiating a confrontation.

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April 6, 2018
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Comments Off on Ministry of information have blocked the mirror of the “Pramen” website – Belarus.

Ministry of information have blocked the mirror of the “Pramen” website – Belarus.

Over a year ago our website and group in vk.com (the most popular social media site in post-USSR countries) were blocked by decision of court, considering information on the website to be extremist. Several weeks ago new round of attack from Ministry of information came. The new group, created after the blocking, was blocked also. At that moment it had around 1450 subscribers. Of cause, we have founded a new one – and certainly it will also be blocked soon:)
Several accounts of a users, that were running the group, were also blocked on territory of Belarus. Apart from that Belarusian government has added to the black list mirrors of the website in other social networks – Tumblr, WordPress, Livejournal and Diaspora. Before that our group in Facebook was blacklisted as well.
And although it is not possible for Belarusian government to block Facebook, Diaspora and Twitter due to some technical decisions made by those social networks, other networks and our mirror on WordPress.com are not available anymore on the territory of Belarusian state: notification about illegal information appears in your browser instead.

April 6, 2018
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Comments Off on n°4 Journey towards the abyss – Scattered reflexions on the technoworld

n°4 Journey towards the abyss – Scattered reflexions on the technoworld

Internationalist anarchist pamphlets
In these scattered reflections on the technoworld, we will explore some main areas of current research and technological developments such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, the multiplication of electronics, cognitive sciences… This exploration begins to sketch the outlines of what resembles a new project of domination, indeed, the next project to encage the world and its inhabitants. […]
you contact this email: hourriya_eng@riseup.net if you are Europe or
some were in this planet!
and if you are in england in that email actforfree@riseup.net
In solidarity.
110 p. – 2 euros
Where we are at?
Phenomenology of the machine
All connected
Genetically correct
Minority Report
Transforming humankind
The technological universe
The citadels of science
The impossible consensus
So then

April 4, 2018
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Comments Off on Italy – Updates on anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu

Italy – Updates on anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu

From a letter of 9th March 2018 we learn that anarchist comrade Davide Delogu is no longer in solitary confinement. He’s in a unit with other prisoners and in a cell alone. His mail is still under censorship. Books and other material are not being delivered. He sends greetings full of struggle to all.
Prison of Brucoli 9/03/2018
Translated by act for freedom now!

April 4, 2018
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Italy – Updates on Cello: house arrest refused

 14/03/2018 Updates on Cello:
An investigating judged refused house arrest in Saronno. So Cello is to remain in prison at Le Vallette. In the coming weeks a new request will be made for house arrest in another city. It also seems that immediate proceedings will be demanded for Cello, which means his trial will begin earlier and separately from the other five. No date has been fixed yet.
Cello tells us he’s doing well and he’s been in a new cell for some days, still alone, with a view on the mountains, still in B block. He goes to the exercise yard in the morning and in the afternoon and has sociality in the evening; he has access to the gym and football pitch. Visits from his family carry on regularly.
He thanks everybody for the mail he gets (telegrams, books, letters, cards). He’s reading a lot so we suggest you send books and magazines with the book form.
Our strength and determination are also his own, the spirit is high!
We give his address and details for money contributions:
Marcello Ruvidotti
C.C. Lorusso e Cutugno
Via Maria Adelaide Aglietta 35
10149 Turin
IBAN: IT53I0760105138235962935972
Postepay: 5333 1710 4692 8160
Here follows the statement read out during a TAZ event on the 9th anniversary of TeLOS squat:
Hi all, we steal a few minutes to the celebrations because one of us has been missing for a month now. In the night between 8th and 9th February Cello was arrested on charges of resistance and aggravated bodily harm following the events of last 31st December in Turin: that night a conspicuous group of people went to greet the prisoners outside the prison of Le Vallette, as has been happening for years. Chants and fireworks broke up the monotony of life in prison. That night, during clashes with the police, a woman cop was hit in the face by a bottle.
Besides Cello being arrested, orders of reporting to the police station and of prohibition of residence in Turin were given to 5 comrades.

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April 4, 2018
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Comments Off on From France to London : A small gesture in Marseille to send our love and support for her in this moment and to all trans fighters struggling against state and terf repression.

From France to London : A small gesture in Marseille to send our love and support for her in this moment and to all trans fighters struggling against state and terf repression.

received on 2/4/18
London: She-Wolf Trial – court date next week!
Amid a deafening silence from almost all cis-anarchists in London, the persecution of our comrade the ‘She-Wolf’ continues, with a trial date set for alleged assault on 12-13th April, at Hendon Magistrates court. Meanwhile the actively transphobic elements of leftism and ‘feminism’ – recipients of remarkable empathy from certain corners of the anarchist scene – continue to show their true faces, brandishing more and more interesting new friends: journalists, screws, politicians (including Conservative austerity-merchants), bosses, and of course cops and judges.
At a hearing on a cold morning in February, over 40 supporters attended including comrades from as far away as Bristol, accompanying our friend as she pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charge of assault (slightly less serious than the aggravated charge of battery which had been threatened). TERFs had promised to demonstrate at the court, but in the end some prominent TERFs advised against attending, and only the shameless and apparently near-friendless Venice Allan showed up, accompanied by two others and a ten year-old child. Crowd-control barriers and a van-load of cops stood idly by. The child looked confused.
In the context of months of persecution and harassment, the blossoming of old and new friendships under grey London skies anticipated the arrival of spring. The occasion reminded us of the connections and capacities we will need to develop to survive the conditions that are hardening around us.
Gatherings in solidarity with comrades are meaningless if this solidarity cannot be developed and used, ultimately, for attack. We are not talking about ‘opposing’ or even physically attacking TERFs. Clearly we do need to think strategically about their presence and influence in ‘radical’ and autonomous contexts, their willingness to mobilise liberalism and its institutions to serve their ends, and the continuum between these two areas of their activity. But our desires far exceed the politics of opposition, and of defending or demanding ‘rights’, representation, visibility etc… There is nothing for us in this world, that destroyed universes outside of cis-hetero statism, and now tries to sell us pacified bubbles of queer or trans life, a glittery version of the same corpse-existence, buttressed by work, destitution, borders and exclusions of all kinds.

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April 4, 2018
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Comments Off on Athens, Greece: Tasos Theofilou – Regarding the appeal lodged against the decision of acquittal

Athens, Greece: Tasos Theofilou – Regarding the appeal lodged against the decision of acquittal

Regarding the appeal lodged against the decision of acquittal
“In Athens today, 27th of March 2018, Tuesday 2pm, at the Public Prosecutor’s office at the Supreme Court of Greece, the Deputy Prosecutor at the Supreme Court Ioannis Aggelis called me, the secretary of the Criminal Devision Georgios Sofroniades, and stated that: he lodges an appeal before the Supreme Court of Greece, in accordance with the article 505, par. 2 of the Criminal Procedure Code, against the 2186/2017 (2938/16, 3303/16, 518/17, 565/17, 580/17) acquittal decision of the A’ five-member Felony Appeal Court of Athens, whereof the accused Anastasios Theofilou was declared innocent”.
That’s the beginning of no. 21/2018 appeal statement, with which the prosecutor Mr. Ioannis Aggelis demands the annulment of the decision of the A’ five-member Appeal Court of Athens, which acquitted me of all charges, and my remand to a new trial with different judges. The prosecutor Mr. Ioannis Aggelis was promoted to the position of Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court. Until then, he was the supervising prosecutor of the “counter-terrorism squad”.

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April 4, 2018
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Greece,Athens: For the anarchist comrade Christos Politis…

Now I get on a carriage, like those that cross my sleep and I escape.
You will meet me again in the fairest poems of the following century.
T.Livaditis, 20 Days Moon
The 11th of March 2018 dawned leaving an unexpected gap in the anarchist scene. The big heart of the anarchist Christos Politis stopped beating filling with sadness not only his relatives and friends but every struggling part of the wider radical movement.
Christos Politis was from an early age one of the most active comrades in the movement. He participated in every struggle of the oppressed. With conviction and consequence he was always present in every demonstration, assembly, event. Always on the frontline in every action. Always in solidarity with the struggles of imprisoned and persecutes comrades, men and women. He fought body and soul for the Cause, for our freedom for Anarchy and Communism.
With his big heart and sincere smile, his spontaneous spirit and great soul, he was giving us every single day the strength to continue the struggle until victory. He was a true fighter, a revolutionary. A friend and a comrade. And most of all, an outstanding and true Human, an integral part of our bastion, who will always walk along our side. We honorably and proudly raise our fists straight up, shouting PRESENT.
We wish you a nice journey comrade. We’ll be seeing you.
Solidarity fund for the imprisoned and persecuted militants

April 3, 2018
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Comments Off on Updated PGP public key (valid from April 2018)

Updated PGP public key (valid from April 2018)



April 2, 2018
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Comments Off on Solidarity greetings from anarchist comrade Lisa to the Vienna ABC Days of Solidarity

Solidarity greetings from anarchist comrade Lisa to the Vienna ABC Days of Solidarity

Dear comrades,
I send you solidarity and militant greetings for the Giornate della Croce Nera Anarchica a Vienna – [Anarchist Black Cross Solidarity Festival in Vienna 20 – 23 April]. Although these are certainly very difficult and confusing times both inside and outside the prison walls, it is still very important not to lose the courage and determination to face this miserable and unjust world.
Resistance and solidarity against exploitation, domination and oppression are being reduced in all areas of life everywhere. Control and social surveillance are growing day by day to make us human beings more and more predisposed and efficient for the system and daily life is characterized by increasing digitalization and self-alienation, so much so that the few free spaces that still exist are being suppressed even further.
The difference between poverty and wealth continues to be enormous and very obvious and is constantly increasing, especially in the metropolis. While the economic groups and the super rich continue to earn millions and billions and invest in goods and money, also here in Western Europe we have capitalist and democratic propaganda imposed on us, masking the injustice and oppression against all those who are not part of the system or who must not become part of it. Society must be intimidated by debates on the fear about internal and external security and prefers to close itself behind walls, borders and surveillance systems rather than be supportive and free and no longer driven and deceived by politics or the economy. We must be deprived of our self-determination, so that we cannot rebel or organize ourselves against the rulers and the State, and so that the rules and laws of power, money and property that are imposed on us are not touched.
However, there are still thousands of ways to sprinkle grains of sand into the gears of this system and create resistance. Even if for the moment, we are not able to fully express our values, our ideas and our actions of freedom and anarchy, no matter where we are, we can always struggle against power and domination, as well as against those responsible for all the misery. Certainly we will have to deal with the repressive and punitive system of this State, just as all the fighters for resistance and freedom have always had to throughout history, but its walls, its bars or other “security measures” will not succeed in putting a brake on our desire, our conviction and our passion for freedom, justice and the destruction of every form of government and authority.
Lisa – JVA Willich II
GartenstraSSe 2
47877 Willich
source: abcfestvienna.noblogs.org
via: https://roundrobin.info/2018/03/saluto-solidale-di-lisa-al-festival-di-solidarieta-dellabc-wien/
Translated by Act for freedom now!