September 26, 2018
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Giulianova, Italy :They did well to attack a Northern League gazebo

From the media we learned that the other night a Northern League gazebo set up for a petition in defence of their leader following the issue of Nave Diciotti [a Coast Guard vessel with 177 migrants on board, who were initially denied disembarkation to Catania by Northern League’s interior minister Salvini, but were finally allowed after the president of the republic intervened] was attacked in Giulianova. According to the press a group of people allegedly suddenly turned up and upturned the lot, tables, gazebo and poster stands, throwing all the League propaganda material up in the air.
After learning of this from newspapers, we checked the internet to get a better idea of what had happened. And in various social media, besides a string of insults against anarchists such as ‘life imprisonment’, ‘smash your teeth with truncheons’, ‘let’s burn their occupied camp with them inside’, we realized that the reconstruction by the newspapers was not at all truthful. After all, as we know, journalists copy what the police dictate, and this time also that of the league-fascists. In the internet, however, we saw the picture of bold youngsters at the League gazebo (ten, fifteen), some of whom said they were present at the moment of the aggression in various comments.
A minimal effort at understanding the situation could also have been made by the journalists, but obviously the task wouldn’t have suited the reasons for which they are on a pay-roll. With quite another obstinacy these people (the scribblers) strove to put comrades’ names in the press and, also in this case, to mention anarchists and the Campetto Occupato, in regard to the attack on the League gazebo.

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September 26, 2018
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Croatia : BEK Social Centre in Zagreb: Call for solidarity

Actforfree received 24.9.18

We are BEK collective that started the BEK social centre which opened
this spring in Zagreb, Croatia. Our squat/social center is completely
DIY, based on non-hierarchical structure and our acts are inspired with
the idea of anarchism.

All our programs are free (based on donations) and our goal is to
include all the people from the community that want to participate so we
could truly make our squat a social center, open for everyone to come
and be a part of it!

The building we are in was built in 1950 and until recently it was an
educational center for blind and visually impaired children. In the
March of 2015 long needed renovation works  were halted and it was
permanently closed as an educational institution. The government did not
provide adequate solutions for a new building that could satisfy the
children’s needs nor to stop the further decay of the closed building.

Now we have a chance to make an open space for people and animals, but
the building requires a lot of work, materials and time. To collect the
money necessary, we have started a crowdfunding campaign, so what we
need from you is your support.

If you think this idea and project is worthy of your help, we would be
very thankful if you could promote our campaign in any way, like
sharing, donating, posting  about us and talking to your friends,
families, colleagues, pets, plants etc. 🙂

Thank you!

In solidarity,

BEK kolektiv

September 26, 2018
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Lecce, Italy : Eviction of Canaglia Occupata [anarchist squat]

We receive and spread:
On Monday 3rd September Canaglia Occupata in Lecce was evicted. Police stormed the place at 6am along with the fire brigade and ENEL and municipal waterworks technicians, who cut off all electricity and water supplies. Three male and four female comrades who were in the building at the time of the eviction were charged with occupation, defacement and damaging of others’ property, as well as theft of electricity and water supplies. Three were also reported for breach of expulsion orders from Lecce and a comrade who managed to stay on the roof for a while (Digos officers had to use a ladder to reach him) was charged with resistance. Three more expulsion orders from Lecce for another three years were issued. The building was declared sequestrated.
The occupation took place on 23rd July, about a month after the Villa Matta squat was evicted. On social media  right-wing groups of Lecce (Northern League, Forza Italia, Sentire Civico, Movimento e Libertà) are rejoicing at the brilliant police operation that restored respect for ‘sacred property’ – be it private or public – followed by cheers from those who have no scruples about calling us ‘parasites to be eliminated’.
Unfortunately for them, it is certainly not a physical place that gives content to our life and struggle; unfortunately for them, we’ll continue to be present in the city.
Here is a leaflet that was distributed in Lecce a week ago.
It can be done
A month ago we occupied an ex-municipal dog pound on Via San Nicola in Lecce, and transformed it into part  living space and part a social place of struggle.
For a few days some comedians of local politics (Northern League, Forza Italia, Sentire Civico, Movimento in Libertà) have repeatedly been demanding its eviction. Some more willing to talk big have also threatened to do it personally if the institutions don’t act quickly. But for the moment these have been words to the wind – how frightening!!!

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September 25, 2018
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Kiev: anarchists attack Interior Ministry training center.

Anarchy Today Note: Ukrainian Media are unwilling to report the fire at the training center, yet the news and the photo are published in the Internet. We received the information by mail on September 20 2018. Тranslated by Anarchy Today.
Repressions and prisons have become part of our lives, as well as of lives of all those recalcitrant comrades who prefer to conduct an offensive struggle against the state and capital, attacking all manifestations of power and destroy the oppressive order. More and more often in the course of this struggle, we hear calls from all corners of the world for solidarity with repressed and imprisoned like-minded people, we hear stories how yet another one of us was put behind bars, beaten, tortured or even killed , and also hear how this or that infrastructure of anarchists was destroyed, plundered, how this or that initiative suffered from raids from punitive groups of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD).
The authorities, like a hundred years ago, are trying to stop us. Today, like yesterday, we are opposed by the guardians of the state structures that were trained and endowed with the “legal right” or in simple words — state dogs loyal to their masters and interested in maintaining the status quo, repressing anarchists and other unruly people.

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September 23, 2018
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 We are Liebig 34, a self-organised anarcha queer feminist house project in Berlin-Friedrichshain made of different collectives: the infoladen „Daneben“, the-queer-feminist living-project Liebig34 and the queer feminist eventspace L34-Bar. 40 people from all over the world with different backgrounds and gender identities collectively live together whitout cis-men, trying to create a “safer political space“ without hierarchies, a space where we try to develop, extend and exert anti-patriarchal practices, where we reflect power structures, privileges and where we empower each other.
Liebig 34 was squatted in 1990 and later legalized like many other houses in east-Berlin. After the failed attempt to buy the house collectively, a contract was made for 10 years.

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September 23, 2018
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Treviso, Italy : Northern League premises attacked by Haris Hatzimihelakis Cell

We receive and spread:
Tired of being silent, tired of seeing systematic violence every day through racism, sexism and waged labor that take place in society, whose essential values are authority and profit. Sick of exploitation we see all political parties as main responsible, as they repress freedom with the state, reformist and repressive apparatus (TV, the mass-media, associations, the army, the civil protection, etc.) The state and capital are the biggest criminals, they even violate their own laws, they steal through taxes, they kill through wars and waged labor, rejections of migrants’ boats in the sea, concentration camps for immigrants in Europe and Africa, they contaminate irreversibly men, animals and the entire planet, all for their profit and power.
Let’s not forget the hypocritical complicity of society made of citizens who pretend not to see the horrors of present and past racism and nationalism. This acceptance is the pillar of totalitarianism and democracy: in the course of time the authority based on indifference, fear, apathy was able to create Gulags and nazi concentration camps, and today the concentration camps in Libya and outside our homes. It’s history that repeats itself.
In the early hours Northern League premises were attacked in Treviso with a device. We claim the placing of the device against politician, cops and their lackeys. We don’t want to be accomplices of all this, we’ll oppose the State’s indiscriminate violence with indiscriminate violence against those responsible for all this. The almost total pacification in Italy, where the masses are busy in making war between the poor, one of our goals is that of opposing resignation, impotence and stillness. The State and capital use all forms of technology and violence to divert attention from the real problems of the exploited, the main one being the hatred between the most vulnerable and dispossessed, between borders, genders, skin colors. Needless to say, no authoritarian insignificant politicians’ faction would ever be able to fulfill our desires. You’re talking about ‘green-yellow’ government, leftist and right wing, we want the state to be destroyed. You’re promising wage increases, reduced taxes, jobs, we want the elimination of money, goods and work. You’re fighting for better government conditions but we only want to have fun over the ruins in flames of your cities. You do politics, we do social war.

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September 21, 2018
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Germany : Journalist fell from tree and died – activists demand immediate intervention stop in Hambach Forest

A friend who has accompanied us as a journalist for a long time in the forest, fell today from a suspension bridge over 20 meters high in Beechtown and died. At that time police and RWE tried to evict the tree house village. The SEK was in the process of arresting an activist near the suspension bridge. Our friend was apparently on the way there when he fell.
We are deeply shaken. All our thoughts and desires are with him. Our compassion goes to all the relatives, friends and people who feel concerned.
We urge the police and RWE to leave the forest immediately and stop this dangerous operation. No further lives may be endangered.
What is needed now is a moment of rest.
Even if this is difficult for you at the moment, just as it is difficult for us to give such a factual hint: We recommend, in order to protect all activists, do not give any statements, nor even make any testimonies at the police. The accident must and will be reappraised, but the police are not the place to do that. Their interest is to blame activists.
more updates here:

September 21, 2018
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Italy – The Croce Nera Anarchica fund has a new IBAN code

Agenzia Poste Italiane
Account name: Omar Nioi
IBAN: IT06E0760105138289167089173
BIC for international donations: BPPIITRRXXX

September 20, 2018
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Italy – ‘Scripta Manent’ pamphlet (it)

On the ‘Scripta Manent’ trial – News, texts, communiques, actions…
DOWNLOAD PDF: A4 document and A5 pamphlet
A pamphlet which revisits the almost two years that have passed since the beginning of operation Scripta Manent,  reconstructing the events that have taken place up until now in view of the reopening of the trial in September, to make the situation concerning the ‘Scripta Manent’ trial known and to spread the words of the accused and imprisoned comrades as widely as possible.
Free distribution or donation is recommended; however any proceeds that might come from it should go directly to those undergoing this umpteenth frame-up aimed at striking the anarchist milieu of action yet again.
Acrata greetings
Edizioni ItinerAnti
Translated by act for freedom now!

September 20, 2018
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Spain : Poster in solidarity with those hit by repression following the G20 in Hamburg

In July 2017 the annual G20 summit took place in Hamburg. The leaders of the world gathered to spit their plans of death, exploitation and misery in our faces. During the days of the summit a real revolt broke out, and it shook the direction of the leaders’ future plans.
Thousands of people were or are still accused, many spent several months in prison, subjected to constant media bombardment that accompanied subsequent arrests and police operations. In Europe the response to these repressive attacks resulted in many sabotages, actions and disorders. The State’s repression got a response.
Two repressive operations took place in May and June 2018: the first one was on an international level, orchestrated by the German police in coordination with other countries’ police, and it led to raids in social centres and homes in France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain; the second one occurred in Germany itself. The State’s repression doesn’t know any border.
Police coordination on a European level aims to increase the States’ repressive efficiency. It aims to undermine the networks of solidarity and struggle, and to generate fear. The Hamburg’s revolt was very disturbing, and it highlighted the possibility to strike in the heart of the State’s and Capital’s beast.
Its repressive blows must get a response. The only horizon we have in mind is to continue the struggle. Hamburg was a spark, a flash, a trail of the conflict, of social war. A war which will continue until the destruction of capitalism, the State and authority.
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

September 20, 2018
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Lecce, Italy : Anarchist Publishing Fair

Anarchist Publishing Fair
Two days of circulation and propaganda of anarchist ideas
Two days of books, meetings, presentations and discussions to talk about the history and topicality of anarchist ideas and action, of the indissoluble link that unites them and their ability to bear on the world in the perspective of changing it.

Lecce – Anarchist Publishing Fair
Saturday 22nd September 
3pm: Opening of the fair and anarchist publishing stands and aperitifs
5pm: Anarchists of Bialystok 1903-1908, ed. Bandiera Nera, 2018.
Presentation of the book by the editors and discussion
7pm: Daring ones, not gendarmes! From the trenches to the barricades: ardour of war and the people’s daring ones (1917-1922), by Marco Rossi, ed. BFS, 2011.
Presentation of the book by the author and discussion
9:30pm: Benefit dinner
Sunday 23rd September
11pm: Opening of the fair and of anarchist publishing stands
1:30pm: Benefit lunch
5pm: (Minimal) counter-investigation on the ‘incurable disease’ by one who has it. On social pathogenesis and political aetiology of the cancer-demon, by Franco Cantù, ed. Nautilus, 2017.
Presentation of the book by the author.
To vaccinate our children? Three doctors’ points of view, by doctor Françoise Berthoud, ed. La Tana, 2018. Presentation of the book with the editors.
Discussion on medicalization and the control of the body perpetrated by the institutions and scientific authority as a form of social control and repression of individual freedom.
7pm: On DNA sample-taking and codification of existence.
An analysis of forced DNA sample-taking in prisons and the project of mass filing of individuals, by Anarchists against genetic filing.
9:30pm: Benefit dinner.
Occupied Anarchist Library ‘Disordine’
Via delle Giravolte, 19/a – Lecce
Translated by act for freedom now!

September 20, 2018
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Pradalunga and Cremona, Italy – Stones and paint against Northern League premises

From the press we learn that in Pradalunga on the night of Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd September the main door of the Northern League on Via Gritti, Cornale, was covered in  red and black paint. That same evening  Matteo Salvini [Northern League leader and minister of the interior] was holding a rally a few kilometres away at the Bèrghem Fest in Alzano Lombardo. About fifteen days earlier, still in the Bergamo area, the provincial premises of the Northern League in Via Cadore in Redona (which had already been targeted in February 2018), those in Sant’Omobono and the League murals in Pontida were targetted in the space of a few hours.
Again from the press we learn that the Northern League is not welcome in Cremona either and that in the night between 1st and 2nd September someone smashed the windows of the city’s Northern League premises with stones, leaving the words: ‘Racists Guards Murderers’.
Translated by act for freedom now!

September 20, 2018
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USA : Fire Ant: Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity #1

Announcing the first issue of an amazing publication that publishes written works by current anarchist prisoners.
[PDF for Printing]
[PDF for Reading]
Fire Ant is a new publication focused on spreading the words of anarchist prisoners and generating material solidarity for our imprisoned friends. Begun as a collaboration between anarchist prisoners and anarchists in Maine, Fire Ant seeks to raise material aid for anarchist prisoners while fostering communication between anarchists on both sides of the walls.
Issue #1 contains writings by Michael Kimble, Jennifer Gann, Eric King, and Sean Swain, as well as a text in solidarity with Marius Mason.
If you would like to support Fire Ant and wider efforts in solidarity with anarchist prisoners, please print and distribute this publication or donate to Bloomington ABC’s Anarchist Prisoner War Fund.
The Fire Ant collective can be contacted at:
Fire Ant
PO Box 164
Harmony, ME 04942

September 20, 2018
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Comments Off on Athens: GR/EN/, 1st Opening/1ο Άνοιγμα: Liberation Library / Η βιβλιοθήκη της Απελευθέρωσης

Athens: GR/EN/, 1st Opening/1ο Άνοιγμα: Liberation Library / Η βιβλιοθήκη της Απελευθέρωσης

every sunday IN PANETOLIOU 17:00-21:00
squats community of Koukaki Area ,Athens
*If you want to help our library bring us books in relation with the context above. Material like pdf are also welcome especially in not-european languages.
Το κράτος κυριαρχεί στην κοινωνική οργάνωση, ο καπιταλισμός ελέγχει την εργασία και την κατανάλωση, η πατριαρχία πειθαρχεί τα σώματα και η βιομηχανία ρημάζει την φύση και τα μη-ανθρώπινα ζώα. Έτσι, η ιστορία και τα νοήματα υπάρχουν με τέτοιο τρόπο ώστε να αναπαράγουν και να επεκτείνουν αυτό το σύστημα. Εμείς, οι εκμεταλλευόμενοι/-ες και καταπιεσμένοι/-ες έχουμε το καθήκον να βρούμε, να συλλέξουμε και να μοιραστούμε τα πολιτικά εργαλεία και το ιστορικό υλικό που μπορεί να μας απελευθερώσει από αυτή την τυραννία. Έτσι, χτίσαμε μια βιβλιοθήκη με αναρχικό-αντιεξουσιαστικό περιεχόμενο και άλλα βιβλία που μας βοηθάνε να αποκτήσουμε επαναστατική συνείδηση.
Οι ολοκληρωτικοί νόμοι των κρατών απέναντι στους λαούς τους, η ανεργία και η εξαθλίωση που επιβάλεται από τα αφεντικά και οι αιματηροί διακρατικοί πόλεμοι έχουν δημιουργήσει πολυεθνικούς πληθυσμούς σε κάθε μέρος του πλανήτη αφού μεταναστεύουμε ελπίζοντας να βρουμε μια λύση στα προβλήματά μας. Ταυτόχρονα, η ανάγκη να γνωρίσουμε άλλα περιεχόμενα και να υπάρξουμε σε άλλα πλαίσια συμβάλλει σε αυτήν την μετακίνηση που φέρνει ανθρώπους από διαφορετικές καταγωγές μαζί. Γι’ αυτό τον λόγο τα σύγχρονα εξεγερτικά-επαναστατικά κινήματα μπορούν να υπάρξουν μόνο ως πολύ-εθνοτικά αν θέλουν να είναι πραγματικά προιόντα της κοινωνικής βάσης και των ελεύθερων ανθρώπων. Εντός αυτού του πλαισίου και βασισμένοι/-ες στο γεγονός ότι οι απελευθερωτικές ιδέες δεν έχουν διαδοθεί αρκετά σε συγκεκριμένες γλώσσες, η βιβλιοθήκη μας είναι πολύγλωσση.
Η μικρή μας βιβλιοθήκη είναι ανοιχτή χωρίς νομικούς και οικονομικούς όρους για όποιον και όποια θέλει να εξοικειωθεί με τους πιο πανω σκοπους.
Κυριακή 23 Σεπτεμβρίου, και κάθε κυριακή στις 17:00, στο κατειλημμένο κτήριο της Παναιτωλίου 21.
*Καλούμε συντρόφους και συντρόφισσες που θέλουν να ενισχύσουν την βιβλιοθήκη να προσφέρουν βιβλία και μπροσούρες ανάλογου περιεχομένου. Επίσης ευπρόσδεκτα είναι αρχεία pdf και ειδικά υλικό σε μη-ευρωπαικές γλώσσες.

September 15, 2018
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Berlin, Germany – Attack on the Smart City. Fire to an Amazon van Thoughts are free …

Thoughts are free…
Much has been said about technological attack on the individual beginning with the huge development of various factors and the destructive spreading over the only populated planet so far. Our Era has been hit by a form of happy slavery to which humanity wants to give itself without scruples.
Let’s consider Facebook. The network connection of all people. Anyone can contact anyone else. All by itself Facebook finds old school friends, and even better Facebook also finds me autonomously in photos I knew nothing about. Online groups are created on all possible and imaginable topics and anyone can belong to them. We share news on the entire planet and assess it as bad or good. Then Google. Visited 1, 2, 3, 4 times, and at the second letter Google already knows what I’m looking for already. Magic.
Then Amazon. A company meant to facilitate insatiable consumerism. Every price range, every category, every country. Really there’s something for everyone… it could go on smoothly if there weren’t some voices which have suddenly started saying how shit and inhuman it is to work there. Those who work there tell about training in proper military-style and very sophisticated surveillance measures. About work teams that are punished or rewarded collectively. Not giving a damn is a virtue of Amazon.
And in the US, Amazon prefers to employ ex-middle class people who have ended up living in their cars, to make use of a class of disinherited work nomads. But this company is obviously, from every point of view, only a paradigmatic example among many others. Coercion to work in order to have the basic needs of survival is a paradox. After all the inhuman conditions that many are exposed to every day are well known.

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September 15, 2018
by actforfreedom
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Reutlingen and Nuremberg, Germany – Paint against AfD premises

3rd June 2018
Hotel Fortuna, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 75, Reutlingen, branded with paint!
AfD was celebrating an initiative with also Meuthen and Jongen at Fortuna Hotel, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 75, Reutlingen. As a response, the place was branded with paint during the night!
To be on the side of racists means trouble! Direct actions against the fascist scum and those who support them!
Everybody in Augusta on 30th June – let’s make the AfD party congress a disaster!
6th June 2018
Fight fascism! Yesterday night we attacked
Meistersingerhalle (Meistersinger Hall) in Nuremberg and an AfD office. Meistersingerhalle is the place where a regional congress of AfD was held on 9th and 10th June.
AfD is one of the many promoters of the leap to the right. It is one of its parliamentary expressions all over Germany and also in Bavaria.
Its executive members are propagating a closed-cycle ‘change’.  But in fact AfD is not interested in our problems, the problems of a class relying on a salary. With its fascist politics, totally racist volleys and the acceleration of the police State and surveillance it is only interested in maintaining the capitalist status quo. Like all bourgeois parties it is part of the State destructive-capitalist machine, which is to be attacked wherever it’s possible.
The next weekend neo-nazis, populists and wealthy pigs organized in this party will descend upon our city to celebrate their regional congress.
No deployment of cops, no paragraph 114 or even a bloody echelon of cops on horses will prevent us from opposing it with our practical resistance! Whether the weekend of the congress, the 30/6 in Augusta, or before or after. If you are AfD, CSU or cops, we’ll continue to attack you! Because you attack us every day with the tightening of the law as class in power, with the neonazi terrorist cells such as NSU financed by the State or recently the extension of  deportation centres for refugees. Because you dehumanize our lives making them more and more unbearable for most of the population!
To your repression from above, we oppose our solidarity from below. In the end the streets decide!!
For the revolution! Struggle against fascism!
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

September 11, 2018
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on South America –Insidia, issue 3, and From memory to the streets, words in memory of Mauricio Morales

South America –Insidia, issue 3, and From memory to the streets, words in memory of Mauricio Morales

We share with enthusiasm the third issue of the publication. As in previous issues, there are texts by Wolfi Landstreicher mostly translated from the book Willful Disobedience, a text by Renzo Novatore, another one by Sidney E. Parker, among others.
As the beautiful words recently shared by comrade GR say: We are not doing this for a better world or a bright future society, in the name of a class, a cause or in the hope of an ever more unattainable Social Revolution ; nor are we doing this for a price to be paid or a burden to be thrown off. We are doing it for the pleasure we get from giving free rein to all our passions, for the pleasure of living intensely, facing death every day in the life imposed on us by the system of domination, for the satisfaction of being anarchists right to the extreme consequences, for the delight of inciting efforts to destroy anarchist seditions.
Situations of the past that remain in the mind, events that will remain forever. Successes, mistakes or some fatal errors. The memory of the comrades who are no more and feelings for those who are locked up will never fade.
Let’s make memory and feelings actual destruction!
A subversive path…
For those of you who don’t know or remember, Mauricio Morales died a morning in May while he was preparing to set and activate an explosive device at a Gendarmerie Training Centre, a temporary configuration to start a retreat in studied blind spots and places that protected his anarchist activity in secret. But stories of insurrection are not always written as we hope, between luck and unexpected tension, so the direct explosion against that miserable institution was not accompanied with the joy of carrying out an attack, this time it was shrapnel, deep sighs, pain and resistance that would come later.
It was cold May 22nd 2009 when Punky Mauri attacked for the last time. Today we remember our comrade in the fullness of the conflict and with the dynamism with which he had decided to face the enemy. Squats, libraries, neighbourhood communications, forums, readings, organization and clashes. The ideas and actions of the comrade who, far from putting a brake on the anarchist offensive, contributed to the attacks of all the wills that in various parts of the world responded to a warrior’s death, transforming combative memory into a dangerous and transgressive weapon, realizing that a thousand hours’ theory equal one minute of action.
The exercise of remembering wasn’t and never will be a dead word, remembering our dead means putting the engagement in the war of the past and the present in act.
We recognize ourselves and find ourselves remembering our comrade in the streets of this neighbourhood because it is here that he developed his political life most actively. We remember him not by looking at a far-away impenetrable past but by looking at him from a present that requires activity and engagement, because domination is advancing and continuing to spread misery in the territories and the people who inhabit this world.
The map of anarchist conflict is traced against the current and the uncertainty of our struggle is not a simple light question. The individual and collective results of the actions carried out become signs that remain between attempts and mistakes, experiences in the path that must transform themselves into learning.
The paths that we anarchists cover do not just respond to the games of power but are also formed by the many initiatives born from the depths of anarchist practice that crystallize in our theories/practices and in the way in which we work among equals, always on the margins of authority and of its dominant behaviours.
It is clear to us that if we don’t organize ourselves, if we are not prepared to overcome differences and work collectively with firm and critical projects and perspectives, capitalism and its evils will continue to progress.
Going through the times and spaces of power we are the negation of the dominion that they have created.
Revolt makes us impatient and only with nights of joyous subversion can we break the repeated misery of its world of order and authority.


Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

September 11, 2018
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on Chile : EN/ES – Anarchist comrades Kevin Garrido and Joaquin Garcia sentenced to long terms

Chile : EN/ES – Anarchist comrades Kevin Garrido and Joaquin Garcia sentenced to long terms

September 9th, 2018
Finally, last Wednesday, September 5, was the reading of the sentences against comrades Kevin and Joaquin, these sentences can be appealed, but for the moment it is unknown what actions their lawyers will carry out.
The sentences were as follows:
KEVIN GARRIDO FERNÁNDEZ: 17 years of prison in maximum security, for possession of explosives and the placement and possession of explosive devices. In addition, sentenced to 61 days in minimum degree for illegal possession of a bladed weapon.
JOAQUÍN GARCÍA CHANKS: 10 years of prison in medium security, for placing explosive devices and a 3-year prison term in maximum security for the crime of illegally carrying a firearm.
For the moment this is what we can tell, as soon as we have more information we will update on the situation of the comrades. We make a call to demonstrate solidarity in the face of the prison sentences dictated against Kevin and Joaquín. No sentence against our comrades should be left without an answer.
Finalmente el pasado miércoles 5 de Septiembre se realizó la lectura de las sentencias contra los compañeros Kevin y Joaquín, estas condenas pueden ser apeladas, por el momento se desconoce el accionar a llevar a cabo por lxs abogadxs.
Las sentencias fueron las siguientes:
KEVIN GARRIDO FERNÁNDEZ: a 17 años de presidio mayor en su grado máximo como autor de los delitos de colocación de artefacto explosivo y posesión y tenencia de explosión. Además de 61 días de presidio menor en su grado mínimo por porte ilegal de arma punzante.
JOAQUÍN GARCÍA CHANKS: a 10 años de presidio mayor en su grado medio por colocación de artefactos explosivos y a 3 años de presidio mayor en su grado máximo por el delito de porte ilegal de armas de fuego.
Por el momento es lo que podemos contar, en cuanto se tenga mayor información se actualizará la situación de los compañeros. Hacemos un llamado a demostrar la solidaridad frente a las condenas de prisión dictadas contra Kevin y Joaquín. Ninguna sentencia contra nuestrxs compañerxs puede quedar sin una respuesta.
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September 7, 2018
by actforfreedom
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Chile – Joaquin Garcia and Kevin Garrido declared guilty

“The pride and conviction of placing ourselves as revolutionary entities forges an indestructible unwavering dignity in us, these are not elements exhumed to be used as weapons, but are part of a constant praxis in our actions.” – Joaquin Garcia
Again, those who take the stage as possessors of life, namely Nelly Villegas Becerra, Hernán García Mendoza and María Leonor Fernández Lecanda, have decided on someone’s life dealing out years and years’ prison, as always, in accordance with their job.
This time, after a trial lasting several weeks, the members of the 6th Penal Tribunal issued a verdict against Joaquin and Kevin, which runs as follows:
Comrade Joaquin Garcia:
1) Sentenced according to the law on arms control for placing an explosive device against the 12th carabinieri barracks, which was defused by GOPE.
2) Sentenced according to the law on arms control for carrying a 22-calibre pistol along with bullets in September 2016, when he was captured after he went into hiding.
3) Acquitted of the placing of an explosive device against the Chilectra firm on 16th October 2015.
Kevin Garrido:
1) Acquitted of placing an explosive device against the Chilectra firm on 16th October 2015.
2) Sentenced according to the law on arms control for placing an explosive device against the 12th carabinieri barracks, which was defused by GOPE.
3) Sentenced according to the law on arms control for placing and detonating a device against a gendarmerie training centre in San Bernardo on 19th November 2015.
4) Sentenced for carrying a cutting weapon, allegedly on 19th November 2015.
5) Sentenced for possession of over 600 grams of gun powder in his home, found by police in the raids after his arrest.
This stage being completed, hopefully on 5th September at 1pm the tribunal will declare the sentences.
We recall that the treacherous south prosecutors  asked for 18 years and 6 months for comrade Joaquin and 29 years for Kevin.
Offensive, insurrectional and anarchist solidarity!
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!