May 12, 2010
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about 5th of May


“Oh sky, your mirror image can be seen on the mud also”.

At first, we want to make it clear that our anger is indescribable, for the cowardly para-state gang who is responsible for murdering three people, two women, one pregnant on the fourth month, and a man who worked at Marfin bank at Stadiou Str., as well as for the gang of politicians and journalists who rushed to associate the fair uprising of hundreds of thousands of people in Athens and other cities with this atrocious murder.

But the truth cannot be erased. An angry river of protesters surrounded the Parliament and for hours and hours attempted to invade during a ferocious battle with the forces of repression.

This fact cannot be hidden or covered by tons of mud, which the panic-stricken state employees, gloomy party-directors of every colour and the ‘elite’ managers of ‘journalism’ try to throw. Even the video-feedback that they supposedly commented with their almost pale faces , is an irrefutable evidence of what actually happened for hours either on the stairs leading to the courtyard of the parliament, or in front of the Unknown Soldier, or at Amalias Ave. in the wider area of “Sintagma”.

Tens of thousands of protesters tried to break the ring of the repressive forces, while the entire demonstration not only applauded this effort but they also supported by not moving from the area which was full with tear gas. People of all ages with their face covered or not, rattled the atmosphere with the slogan ”Burn the parliament this bordello”, which was shouted just from the lips of anarchists some years ago. As for the anarchists, yes they were among all those who gave a thunderous message to local officials of the IMF and EU but also to their famous bosses.

Here is the Balkans, it’s not funny. The people still know how to struggle, to uprise, to revolt, to bleed in order to hold just a piece of hope for what they believe is fair. The neck of the dissidents in Greece has proven to be sensitive to state oppression, their recalcitrance feeds every insurgency, every social conflict.

International news agencies, once again, record an uprising in Greece in a crucial “moment” for the lords of the EU and beyond. They fear that this fiery message would, once again, pass the blaze to other grounds, which would gradually become a fire. The European south, which appears unable to “adapt”, is attempted to be put in the ‘gypsum’, to be disciplined in any way.

So, let’s welcome the new plans. Let us make them sure that the whip is not enough to make us passive and unable to lift our head. Let them have no doubt that the fairy tales and ideologies of ‘national survival’, ‘patriotism’, ‘national emergency’ and certain other stories have unraveled.

As far as we are concerned, we have not forgotten, not for a single moment, that we have every reason to stick the knife as deep as we can into the bone. To do everything to keep the wounds of the authoritarians open. The failure is all their own, we did not and will not ever have anything to share with those who suck the lives of people, who now deny to them even the crumbling they granted yesterday. As for those who waver, those who will be placed outside, because the fate that the system of domination and exploitation holds for them is now worse, we have nothing else to do but to welcome them.

Finally, we reiterate once again that the anarchist militants have nothing to do with any sort of miserable gang. They participate in social struggles, proposing first of all the ethics, their selflessness and abnegation. They do not intend to gain economic or other kind of profit. They don’t bear the flag “steal, break, grab”. They deplore and do not associate with anyone who wants to impose, in a revolutionary way or not. They explicitly disregard any kind of “medals”, claimed by supposedly “enlightened vanguards” and turn their back without a second thought to the “movement majorities”, who, however, seem so few and so small…

The 5th of May, will be surely recorded in the strongest way possible in the history of social struggles. We wish to believe that the painful fact of murdering three people will be the swan song of those who attempt to tie down social practices, promoting – from the position of an assignee – various para-state gangs, whatever disguise they have.

Of course, “don’t just wait for help from Gods, u have to move your hands yourself” …

Athens, 5th May 2010

Anarchist’s Coil

May 12, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Seisidis suing arresting officer



A lawyer representing Symeon Seisidis, believed to be a member of the “robbers in black” gang, said yesterday that his client has sued the police officer who shot him in the leg before his arrest last week. Seisidis and an alleged accomplice were caught in central Athens shortly after an armed raid on a Praktiker hardware store. Seisidis insists that he had nothing to do with the robbery and that he was unjustly targeted. His lawyer, Costas Papadakis, claimed that Seisidis was shot from behind.

May 11, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Probation Offices Attacked in London (UK)


11 May 2010

Forest Gate Community Service Office and Probation Offices were attacked by anarchist group “Black Fever Gang”. Spraypaint slogans and broken windows were the result. The action was dedicated to anarchist prisoners everywhere, especially those in Greece.“We are fighters!! Not murderers!! Long live anarchy!! Black Fever Gang!!”

May 8, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>DNA clue in sombrero raid 8/5


Police believe they have cracked who was behind a bizarre armed attack on a bus containing riot police officers in Exarchia, central Athens, in 2009, when a man wearing Bermuda shorts and a sombrero opened fire on the vehicle.

Sources said yesterday that DNA evidence taken from the 34-year-old, known only as A.S. for legal reasons, who was arrested with suspected “robber in black” Symon Seisidis on Monday following an armed robbery, matches that recovered from the scene of the July 2009 shooting.

In last year’s incident, the suspect allegedly approached the bus and opened fire with a handgun. None of the bullets hit their intended target and the assailant ran off. However, in his effort to evade arrest, he dropped a surgical mask he had been wearing to cover his face.

It appears that forensic experts have been able to match the DNA on the mask with that taken from the 34-year-old following his arrest.

this is bullshits from the greek media and the states!

aris is not alone!! more news later…

May 8, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


Argentina – the 5 comrades arrested for solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis are FREE!

from argentinian comrades, via informa-azione
Today around 5am, the 5 comrades accused of the attack on the Greek embassy were released from prison. Opposite the Intendenza di Polizia Federale a large number of people in solidarity were present who greeted them with great affection, flags, hugs and fireworks.
Information about their judicial situation isn’t clear yet, but we will keep you informed. We share with everybody the joy of being able to have them with us again after days of imprisonment.
Sab, 08/05/2010 – 23:06



May 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Argentina – the 5 comrades arrested for solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis are FREE!

from argentinian comrades, via informa-azioneToday around 5am, the 5 comrades accused of the attack on the Greek embassy were released from prison. Opposite the Intendenza di Polizia Federale a large number of people in solidarity were present who greeted them with great affection, flags, hugs and fireworks.Information about their judicial situation isn’t clear yet, but we will keep you informed. We share with everybody the joy of being able to have them with us again after days of imprisonment.MUERTE AL ESTADO!VIVA LA ANARQUIA!!!Sab, 08/05/2010 – 23:06


May 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Argentina – the 5 comrades arrested for solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis are FREE!

from argentinian comrades, via informa-azioneToday around 5am, the 5 comrades accused of the attack on the Greek embassy were released from prison. Opposite the Intendenza di Polizia Federale a large number of people in solidarity were present who greeted them with great affection, flags, hugs and fireworks.Information about their judicial situation isn’t clear yet, but we will keep you informed. We share with everybody the joy of being able to have them with us again after days of imprisonment.MUERTE AL ESTADO!VIVA LA ANARQUIA!!!Sab, 08/05/2010 – 23:06


May 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>New letter from Konstantina Karakatsani (plus Fire Cells Conspiracy case chronology)


7 05 2010

From Liberación Total:

April 30, 2010

Here is the new letter from Konstantina Karakatsani, now locked up in Eleona prison (as is Panagiota “Pola” Roupa, charged in the Revolutionary Struggle case):

On April 22, while I was talking on a payphone in the middle of Athens, they came and arrested me. It was bound to happen. I didn’t set a specific length of time to keep running, so I ran until they found me. Later they brought me to Police Headquarters, where you already know what happened. Certain pigs have an endless supply of bluster and insults. They were so descriptive, I still feel like throwing up! Anyway, I don’t expect anything better from them. After spending two days in the 12th-floor “safe house,” and after the prosecutor finally decided to put me in prison, I was transferred to Eleona. Six or seven cars and three motorcycles escorted a lone criminal: me.

Of course, everyone defines “crime” in their own way. To them, consciousness and struggle are crimes. That’s exactly why the Minister of Snitch Protection crudely attempts to repress crime in the first place! The jailings, the neverending criminal prosecutions in the Fire Cells case, the assaults on political spaces, the scurrilous charges, and the recent murder of Lambros Foundas—shot in the back during what some miscreants don’t hesitate to call “the great success of the Greek police”: Their objective isn’t just to dismantle some organization, but to intimidate and paralyze all who struggle. They’ll take you away for mere intent.

It doesn’t matter whether there is evidence; you have to go to jail to learn to bow your head. Someone has to tell them, once and for all, that revolutionary consciousness knows no bars, cages, or handcuffs, and that it can’t be reformed.

Most people tend to tighten their chains by themselves. Each, in their way, is building their own imaginary prison. That’s how they were taught, and as long as it makes them happy, they feel secure.

In here and out there, now and forever, those who live freely never build their own prisons.

A huge embrace for all the imprisoned and persecuted victors. The vanquished are the ones who cower in surrender and submission.

“In the hushed silence of an impregnable slaughterhouse, the rage of a trapped animal is all the more terrifying.”

PS: When the comrades’ march reached the prison, the phone lines were cut to prevent me from communicating with them. Also, my cell window—by sheer coincidence!—doesn’t face the street. The march was received quite positively, and the prisoners talked about it all day.

—Konstantina Karakatsani, Eleona prison


Short chronology of the Fire Cells Conspiracy case:

September 23, 2009: After raiding the supposed “safe house” in the Chalandri neighborhood, police arrest four people: Haris Hatzimikelakis, Panagiotis Masouras, Myrto Panteloglou, and Manolis Giospas. Two days later, on the basis of fingerprints found at the house, authorities issue six arrest warrants.

September 29 and 30, 2009: Three of the arrestees are placed in preventive detention, while Myrto is granted conditional liberty (he is prohibited from leaving the country and required to check in at his local police station every 15 days).

November 14, 2009: Another five arrest warrants are issued, resulting in the capture of comrade Antigoni H., who is granted conditional liberty after four days.

January 5, 2010: Nikos B. is arrested, then also granted conditional liberty.

February 1, 2010: A different Nikos is arrested and placed in preventive detention.

February 23, 2010: Prosecutor K. Baltas orders a freeze on the bank accounts of everyone charged in the case (the prisoners, those granted provisional liberty, and those still at large), and their families. While all the accused are very young, and therefore don’t have much money or even bank accounts, the measure is an extra outrage against their families. For example, Panagiotis Masouras’ parents (the father is a construction worker and the mother is unemployed) have serious problems accessing their meager savings, and are forced to show the bureaucracy that the sources of their deposits are legal.

March 3, 2010: After a month in prison, Nikos is granted conditional liberty.

March 23, 2010: Errikos Ralis, who had been on the run, is arrested in Volos on a warrant dating back to November 14, 2009. The evidence against him is a fingerprint found on a bathroom tile in the Chalandri “safe house.” The police—with unconditional support form the mass media, as usual—publish photos of the youth and ask the public to contribute information about him. They also insinuate that Errikos is “the most probable author of the first Fire Cells Conspiracy communiqués.” Nevertheless, judges grant him provisional liberty.

April 15, 2010: In accordance with Greek law, prosecutors meet with a committee of appellate judges six months after the initial arrests in order to decide whether to prolong the preventive detention of the accused. A demonstration is held outside the courthouse, and slogans are shouted to salute and encourage the comrades when they are brought in and later when they are taken away. Manolis Giospas is granted provisional liberty, while the rest have their imprisonment extended.

April 22, 2010: Nineteen-year-old Konstantina Karakatsani is arrested in the middle of Athens, having been on the run since late September 2009. Her first letter was published last November, and was followed in December by a letter from her mother.

“If i turned to robberys, it wasnt for the profit. It was a matter of principal, a matter of justice.
I prefered to maintain my freedom, my independence, my dignity as a human being, than to become a creator of wealth for my boss” Marius Jacob (French illegalist) There are people, that deny the capitalist ideology that has settled in most people’s mind as a given characteristic of human nature, and look for ways to slip away from its everyday paranoia.
The robbing of a bank is a practice that cancels in the most immediate way, the relationship between boss and “slave”, abuser and abused. Since it allows the subject to control in its own its time and appetite for creation, without dying slowly in the workcamps increasing the profits of the bosses (big and small).
It denys giving away this whole life to this unfair economic system, begging for crums in order to survive. It’s a part of the generalized attack against the rotten world of submission and part of the plan for its destruction.
Of course, a robbery of a bank just to acquire more consumerist goods, is not an action against what exists but an action that conserves it. In the end it’s the subject that defines the action.
[…..] On april 28th, G.Dimitrakis, who is accused of expropriating the National Bank of Greece on Solwnos Street in Athens on January 16/2006, passed again through
the court desks to appeal against the first sentence and was sent away one more time to face the justice system. In an act of solidarity, we let the fire and not the court “judge” his life’s choices.
So on the morning of April 27th, we put an explosive device in front of the door of the Emporiki Bank near the courts in Hania.
P.S. 1 : Solidarity to the 3 comrades wanted for the same case and to A. Bonnano, CH. Stratigopoulos, G.Voutsis-Vogiatzis and to all those who chose to attack the temples of money.
P.S. 2: We are waiting impatiently for the political tumble of the system and the radicalisation of society for a class, antistate war.
Defusion of Guerilla thought

May 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Gathering demo today at 5.00 pm outside the Embassy of Argentina (opposite the Hilton)Athens.


A group of anarhists hung banners in Greek and Spanish in solidarity with the five Argentinean anarchists who were arrested for solidarity action at the Greek embassy in Buenos Aires international solidarity campaign on 27 / 4 for the trial of John Dimitrakis.

Leaflets given to hundreds of passersby and cars around us
and there were several platoons of riotcops.
The intervention
was completed at 7pm.


May 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>friday 7/5 athens!Law and order ..


Homo Neaterdals

Greek cops attacked a peaceful demonstration and a social centre for immigrants’ rights at Tsamadou 13 street in Exarcheia, Athens, a self-organisation social centre at Zaimi street, and people’s homes around the Exarcheia district.

Many people were attacked in their homes and the social centres, with the cops beating them up or breaking glasses on their arms and heads. Medical help to them was refused, and many people were arrested by the cops.

News break out quickly on the Athens Indymedia website, and the cops (who do watch Indymedia regularly) knew that comrades would quickly gather at the Police HQ Building in Alexandras street, were arrested people usually are taken at for interrogation. To avoid the incoming comrades, the cops decided to take the arrested people to the Petrou Ralli police station further south in the city, away from the comrades who were gathering outside the Police HQ Building in solidarity.

The cops also attacked private homes in Exarcheia district, beating up and injuring people living there. One of the injured was Ioanna Manousaka, who decided to give an interview to the Eleftherotypia daily newspaper. She says she participated peacefully in the march and went back to her home to have a rest, but after a few minutes she suddenly heard cops breaking her door. She went there to have a look and the cops went inside and started beating her up, injuring her severely on the head. They destroyed the lock on her door and broke it into pieces. After beating her up and injuring her severely inside her own home, the cops left without arresting her since an official record of arrest would reveal their behaviour to the media. They probably expected the victim to keep silent out of fear, but unfortunately for them she had the guts to go and report them to the media.

Later, the cops went to some coffee houses in Exarcheia and broke their glass windows, shouting against the people inside

May 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>From Athens, from 2 of the 200.000 provocateurs



A note for May 5th demonstration and the three dead Marfin bank employees
To the strikers that are still smashing shit up
It is indeed inappropriate to “put the entire responsibility” and blame on Mr. Vgenopoulos for the depressing deaths of the three employees of the burnt Marfin bank. The fact that he forced his employees under threat of dismissal to remain locked in the upper floor offices of a seemingly empty and unprotected bank, without any fire protection or emergency exits, in the epicentre of the greatest strike demonstration of the last thirty years, was not yet another criminal negligence on the altar of profit [1], that his class has got us used to. This conscious use of workers as a human shield for banks and businesses [2] is one of the boss class’s responses to December and the common violence of insurrection that spreads, de-legalising and destroying the circulation of commodities, breaking and torching vehicles, shops, its police guards and most of all its headquarters: the banks.
To be clear, the intention of Vgenopoulos and his class to sacrifice a few workers in order to block the process followed by insurrections up until now, must be answered as such. Legal points or leftist evasions such as: insurrection means storming the parliament and not the banks/shops, having no idea what they’d do there of course, do nothing more than refuse to address the issue.
You see, it is common for a boss to know better what his interests are and how to pursue them, than the workers do. And any boss always knows that “we’re at war”, even if they’ll never cry it out openly, as these naive people that think that in a war it is ok to hit but once challenged one should rely on an intervention of an allegedly neutral justice. By setting ourselves under the tutelage of the state, we recuperate even the most extreme act into nothing more than violent reformism. The only justice in the streets, to the degree they are under our power, is us. The responsibility for whatever happens there, who lives and who dies, is ours: PROLETARIAN DICTATORSHIP period. If we lack -other than an effective guard of strikes that wouldn’t leave any colleague in the hands of the bosses – an essential trust among us, a trust manufactured through our common experiences in struggles and meeting in the streets, then the next step will be to call ourselves police in our demonstrations, to be in charge and bear responsibility for whatever happens. WHOEVER BEARS VIOLENCE, FORCES JUSTICE. To perform violence, ignoring the “sense of right” it comes with, to bring – abstract – chaos, doesn’t promote anything other than the highest organized structures, that come with their formed armed “justice” (the Stalinists, the police, the mafia, the parastate groups…). Victory belongs to those who bring chaos WITHOUT CARRYING IT INSIDE THEM.
Fetishising insurrection as the destructive act, that represented a past phase of our movement, weak and marginal at the time, after December, and the stripping of every fetish from violence with its simultaneous open communisation, must now be overcome. A second December would no longer be a victory but a defeat. Any related invocation, shows nothing more than a complete lack of any plan for afterwards. Our enemy has advanced, we are forced to do the same if we are not to disappear from the historical scene.
We must not sit home to be disciplined by their TV programs as if we were naughty children given too much leash. We must retake Logos (speech) back to the streets. Spit on the bourgeois and TV justice that “vindicates” the pain of one with the suffering of another, accumulating misery for all and socializing their cannibalism. The most retarded of these vultures, before they ascertained how the three employees’ deaths would paralyze us, were trying to make us feel guilty for a bunch of ridiculous things, from the expected fall in the tourist trade to the country’s image abroad. To make us feel guilty for fighting. To divide us into “peaceful workers” and “hooded criminals with molotovs”, now that everyone knows (except of course the Communist Party that only saw provocateurs) that on 5/5 there were no peaceful workers that didn’t stand up – with or without hoods and molotovs, no importance – to the State’s last playing card: its police terror.
Their justice devours blood, the blood of the offenders, of anyone that resembles them, or most of all the anarchists, since it is they that generously have given their flag to any insurrectionary violence of even the most isolated elements of our class, globally [3]. But, it wants something more than that. It wants to open as a larger trauma to the social memory, that would break our familiarization with our own violence, with the violence of our struggle, with its subjects and the communication among them. Our justice will deal with nothing other than the healing. We don’t know what kind of persons the dead were, if their sense of dignity would cope with the fascist scum and the TV vultures mongering their deaths or not, but we are sure that as workers their interests were with the victory of our struggle, with all the workers of Europe and the World. We won’t drag one another down – we will rise together: GENERAL WILDCAT STRIKE!
Let’s embrace the occupations!Let’s stay to the streets!Let’s talk!
2 of the 200.000 provocateurs
[1] For the time, let’s bear this in mind : 36,1% pure rise in profits for Marfin bank this year, in the middle of the “most harsh crisis” to which every worker must reconcile working and obeying in the name of the nation.
[2] Similar incidents with that of Marfin bank on 23, Stadiou street, proceded to Bazaar supermarket behind Omonoia square, where a worker from inside put out the fire with an extinguisher, and Ianos bookstore that was open (as it is known, culture merchandising doesn’t give a fuck about strikes).
[3] The night of 5/5, armed gangs of Delta, Zeta, plainclothe cops and riot police stormed the squat of “anarchists for a polymorphic movement” on Zaimi street, the Immigrants Haunt on Tsamadou street, and many houses and cafes at Exarchia, beating and intimidating people. In the same time on the TV, everyone was more or less asking for the anarchists’ heads.

An article published at the Rioters Agency on the May 5th events

May 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Defense excerpts from six arrested in Revolutionary Struggle case (plus update and chronology)
6 05 2010

From Liberación Total:

April 30, 2010

Nikos Maziotis
Responding to the question “Do you accept or deny the charges?”:
“I am a revolutionary, and I am fighting an unjust, criminal regime known as the state and capitalism. If anyone should make a plea in defense, it is not me but those who are accusing me: the police and judges who serve the rich. I, for my part, am in the right, and I will not apologize for myself.”

Panagiota “Pola” Roupa
Responding to the same question:
“I am a revolutionary, and I do not recognize your proceedings. The criminals and terrorists are you and the system you serve: the state and capitalism.”

Sarandos Nikitopoulos
“I am being singled out for my political activity. I have been politically active in the anarchist and antiauthoritarian milieu ever since I was very little, and I can assure you that I as well as hundreds of others before me were already in the authorities’ sights, and that will continue. I consider the legal persecution against me to be based on and a product of my own political activity, as well as that of the entire anarchist milieu. Cases like Thessaloniki—in which even video recordings show police planting bags containing “illegal” items near people in order to charge them—or the imprisonment of demonstrator Mario Z. in Athens, and many others, must put an end to this blind faith in police accusations.”

Kostas Gournas
The prosecutor: “What do you say in your defense? Do you accept or deny the charges?”
Kostas: “I am not going to answer. I do not recognize these proceedings. Since the age of 20, I have been a worker and have taken part in the social and class struggle in Greece. I am against the regime, the political system, and the economic system. I am not a terrorist. The terrorists are the ones on the 12th floor of police headquarters who gave me a beating and threatened to kill my children.”

Vaggelis Stathopoulos
“Mixing me up in the Revolutionary Struggle case is a consequence of my political convictions. I do not condemn any type or method of struggle. My political activity has always taken place in broad daylight.”

Christoforos Kortesis
Through his lawyers, he said that he will testify alone under certain specific conditions. He demanded in writing that “they have to clearly specify the charge common to all six of us that refers to my involvement in specific actions claimed by Revolutionary Struggle.” He also demanded an itemization of the evidence for each action.


Our comrades were quickly transferred to different prisons: Kostas Gournas and Vaggelis Stathopoulos to Trikala, Christoforos Kortesis to Corinth, Panagiota “Pola” Roupa to Eleona womens’ prison near Thebes (let’s remember that our comrade is seven months pregnant), and Nikos Maziotis and Sarandos Nikitopoulos to Korydallos prison in Athens. On Sunday, April 25, simultaneous solidarity demonstrations and marches took place outside Trikala, Corinth, and Eleona prisons (where, apart from Pola, Konstantina Karakatsani is also locked up after her arrest in the Fire Cells Conspiracy case).

On April 29, three of the charged comrades (Maziotis, Roupa, and Gournas) published a statement in which they proudly claim their participation in the actions of Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas) and recognize that comrade Lambros Foundas, who was murdered by police bullets over a month ago, was part of the group. The letter is very long (11 pages; excerpts here), and a translation will be attempted in the coming days.


Revolutionary Struggle are thought to be responsible for the following attacks, all in Athens:

* September 5, 2003: Bombing at courthouse.
* March 14, 2004: Bombing at Citibank subsidiary in Psychico neighborhood.
* May 5, 2004: Bombing at police station in Perissos neighborhood.
* October 29, 2004: Bombing of police buses.
* June 2, 2005: Bombing at Labor Ministry.
* December 12, 2005: Bombing at Finance Ministry in Syntagma Square, near Parliament.
* May 30, 2006: Attempted assassination of Georgios Voulgarakis, former Minister of Public Order, now Minister of Culture.
* January 12, 2007: Wasp 58 LAW rocket attack on United States Embassy.
* April 30, 2007: Shots fired at police station in Nea Ionia neighborhood.
* October 24, 2008: Bombing at Shell offices in Palaio Faliro neighborhood.
* December 23, 2008: Shots fired at riot police bus near Athens University in Goudi neighborhood.
* January 5, 2009: Shots fired at police guarding Culture Ministry in Exarcheia neighborhood. One riot cop critically wounded.
* February 18, 2009: Car bombing at Citibank headquarters in Kifissia neighborhood. Bomb fails to detonate.
* March 9, 2009: Bombing at Citibank subsidiary in Nea Ionia neighborhood.
* May 12, 2009: Bombing at Eurobank subsidiary in Argyroupoli neighborhood.
* September 2, 2009: Car bombing causes serious damage to Stock Exchange building.

Related: Two open letters to Michalis Chrisochoidis from Kostas Gournas and his comrades and relatives

May 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Athens – anarchist Simos Seisidis fights for his life in hospital cage 6/5


A climate of terror reigns in KAT hospital where comrade Simos Seisidis has been transported and hospitalized.

At noon they did a second operation, while doctors are afraid not only about whether they can revert his foot that suffered serious injuries, but also for his life.

That is because at the Hippocratic hospital was he was transferred from he was clinically dead and brought back to life, and because he is still at risk.The situation is deemed very serious, in the words of doctors.

He is not hospitalized in intensive care, but in a specially designed room/cage, which gets very hot and there is only one old-fashioned air conditioner that does not actually do anything.In the room, as throughout the hospital, police are on permanent guard.

The lawyer was prevented from seeing him, and up until yesterday afternoon, his family were also prevented from entering.The assisting doctor, at the strong protests of the mother said “Well don’t you worry, I’ll take care of him”! Fortunately, with the help of another doctor and head nurse, who honor their functions, they succeeded in doing so.

The police presence is massive, and during yesterday’s demonstration, EKAM special cops with guns and balaclavas are patrolling the hospital! While current security measures are even greater, with body checks on the family and his companion locked inside the walk-in cage!The comrade will remain for a long time in hospital and will undergo surgery again.

For four years a myth has been formed around his name, and since the situation there is now explosive with ever greater repression, and with memories fresh from the “treatment” of Savvas Xiros [imprisoned 17 November member who was severely wounded and ‘visited’ by the CIA while semi-conscious due to special drug administration], we intend to monitor closely.


May 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>After the tragic death of the three workers made the round of Athens, new clashes started to spread in the Greek capital, with a large crowd gathered outside the burned bank when Marfin’s boss tried to visit the site. Clashes broke out between the crowd and police when the former attacked the bank magnate accusing him of forcing the dead workers to scab on a general strike and locking them in the building despite them demanding to evacuate it since 12:00.

In Parliament the Communist Party of Greece has accused the government for the deaths, claiming it was a result of agents provocateur fascist groups. The claims of the Communist Party are based on the fact that 50 fascists tried to enter the PAME demo bearing the flags of the union earlier in the morning. The fascists were spotted, chased and sought refuge behind riot police lines. Accusing the extreme-right as being behind the deaths, the Coalition of Radical Left has declared in Parliament that the government cannot pretend to be in grief for the loss of life, as it has been attacking human life by all means possible.

Meanwhile, extended clashes broke out in Salonika where approximately 50,000 people marched destroying dozens of banks and corporate shops in Greece’s second largest city. Clashes with the police continued for several hours. According to news broadcasts anarchist have occupied the Labour Center of the city.

In Patras, around 20,000 protesters were joined by tractor drivers and garbage truck drivers on their vehicles, as flaming barricades were erected along central streets of the city and clashes developed between protestors and the police.

In Ioannina the protesters attacked banks and corporate shops leading to extended use of chemicals by the police. In Heraklion, 10,000 people are reported as marching against the measures. In Corfu, protesters taking part in the anti-measures march occupied the County Headquarters. Protesters have occupied the Administrative Headquarters of Naxos and the City Hall of Naoussa.

As a result of the Athens riots, the police have cordoned off the entire center of the city, erecting check points of entry and exit, while all police work permits have been recalled. At the time of writing battles continue to rage in the inner city, while news broadcasts claim the police is mobilising its forces to storm an anarchist squat in Exarcheia.

May 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>| Statement by the Skaramanga squat in Athens regarding today’s events: The murderers “mourn” their victims

The statement below was issued a few hours ago by the anarchist squat of Skaramanga and Patision in Athens.

The murderers “mourn” their victims

(Regarding today’s tragic death of 3 people)

The enormous strike demonstration which took place today, 5th of May turned into a social outflow of rage. At least 200,000 people of all ages took to the streets (employees and unemployed, in the public and private sector, locals and migrants) attempting, over many hours and in consecutive waves, to surround and to take over the Parliament. The forces of repression came out in full force, to play their familiar role – that is, of the protection of the political and financial authorities. The clashes were hours long and extensive. The political system and its institutions reached a nadir.

However, in the midst of all this, a tragic event that no words can possibly describe took place: 3 people died from infusions at the branch of Marfin Bank on Stadiou Avenue, which was set ablaze.

The state and the entire journalistic riff-raff, without any shame toward the dead or their close ones, spoke from the very first moment about some “murderer-hooded up youths”, trying to take advantage of the event, in order to calm the wave of social rage that had erupted and to recover their authority that had been torn apart; to impose once again a police occupation of the streets, to wipe out sources of social resistance and disobedience against state terrorism and capitalist barbarity. For this reason, during the last few hours the police forces have been marching through the center of Athens, they have conducted hundreds of detentions and they raided – with shootings and stun-grenades – the anarchist occupation “space of united multiform action” on Zaimi street and the “migrant haunt” on Tsamadou Street, causing extensive damage (both these places are in the Exarcheia neighbourhood of Athens). At the same time the threat of a violent police eviction is hanging over the rest of the self-organised spaces (occupations and haunts) after the Prime-ministerial speech which referred to soon-to-come raids for the arrest of the “murderers”.

The governors, governmental officials, their political personnel, the TV-mouthpieces and the salaried hack writers attempt in this way to purify their regime and the criminalise the anarchists and every unpatronised voice of struggle. As if there would ever be the slightest of chances that whoever attacked the bank (provided the official scenario stands) would possibly know there were people inside, and that they would torch it alight regardless. They seem to confuse the people in struggle for themselves: them who without any hesitation hand over the entire society to the deepest pillage and enslaving, who order their praetorians to attack without hesitation and to aim and shoot to kill, them who have lead three people to suicide in the past week alone, due to financial debts.

The truth is that the real murderer, the real instigator of today’s tragic death of 3 people is “mister” Vgenopoulos, who used the usual employers’ blackmailing (the threat of sacking) and forced his employees to work in the branches of his bank during a day of strike – and even in a branch like the one of Stadiou Avenue, where the strike’s demonstration would pass through. Such blackmailing is known only too well by anyone experiencing the terrorism of salaried slavery on an everyday level. We are awaiting to see what excuses Vgenopoulos will come up with for the relatives of the victims and for the society as a whole – this ultra-capitalist now hinted by some centers of power as the next prime minister in a future “national unity government” that could follow the expected, complete collapse of the political system.

If an unprecedented strike can ever be a murderer…

If an unprecedented demonstration, in an unprecedented crisis, can ever be a murderer…

If open social spaces that are alive and public can ever be murderers…

If the state can impose a curfew and attack demonstrators under the pretext of arresting murderers…

If Vgenopoulos can detain his employees inside a bank – that is, a primary social enemy and target for demonstrators…

…it is because authority, this serial murderer, wants to slaughter upon its birth a revolt which questions the supposed solution of an even harsher attack on society, of an even larger pillage by capital, of an even thirstier sucking of our blood.

…it is because the future of the revolt does not include politicians and bosses, police and mass media.

… it is because behind their much-advertised “only” solution, there is a solution that does not speak of development rates and unemployment but rather, it speaks of solidarity, self-organising and human relationships.

When asking who are the murderers of life, of freedom, of dignity, the ferments of authority and capital, they and their tuft hunters only need to take a look at their own selves. Today and every day.





from the open assembly of the evening of 5/5/2010