August 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Settler violence continues in south Hebron hills


Israeli settlers hurl stones toward Palestinians, not seen, during clashes in the village of Burin near the West Bank city of Nablus 26 July 2010. The Israeli settlers were protesting the razing of illegally-installed mobile homes in the nearby Yitzhar settlement, setting fire to Palestinian olive trees in an apparent “price tag” reprisal for the demolitions. [MaanImages/Rami Swidan]

July 30, 2010
 Israeli settlers destroyed a field of vegetables in a Bedouin village in the southern West Bank on Wednesday night, international peace groups reported.

During the night, a report said, a Palestinian farmer from Um Al-Kher village in the south Hebron hills heard noises from his garden, and thought there were animals inside. On inspection, he saw settlers walking through his field, but did not approach them for fear they were armed, he told Christian Peacemaker Teams and Operation Dove, who maintain a presence in the area.

In the morning, the farmer said he found his vegetables had been damaged, the water pipes slashed, and the fence around the field partially destroyed.

The damaged field was the primary food and economic resource for the 85-member Bedouin community, which includes around 30 children, a statement from Operation Dove explained, adding that although the farmer filed a complaint at the police station in the illegal Kiryat Arba settlement, residents are skeptical about doing so as they have never received justice in the past.

The group of international volunteers said the village, next to the illegal Karmel settlement, suffers frequent provocations by settlers. A Bedouin neighbor said this was the fourth attack on this field in two years, adding, “We set the fence up less than one year ago to protect the vegetables from damage done by settlers several times in the past.”

Settlers recently closed the village water pipes, leaving the community without water for six consecutive days. The settlers are the only ones with access to the water system, the statement added.

On Thursday, Israeli human rights group B’Tselem released the testimony of a farmer from the south Hebron hills who was violently attacked by settlers earlier this month. Shepherd Khaled Najar, 57 was grazing his flock on 1 July on private Palestinian land when a masked person approached him from an illegal settlement outpost near his village.

Najar told B’Tselem the man kicked him, knocking him to the ground, and then sat on him and beat his head with his fists and with a stone. The settler then went and spoke with an onlooking soldier.

After the incident, Najar called B’Tselem’s fieldworker in the area, who took video footage of the farmer’s injuries and called the Red Crescent to take him to hospital. B’Tselem reported that a medical examination revealed Najar had a broken nose, a fractured skill, and cuts to his head.

Settlers have assaulted Najar several times, he told B’Tselem, most seriously in 2001 when he was shot in the stomach and hospitalized at Soroka Hospital in Beersheva. In 2008, settlers beat Najar with a steel pipe, which unusually led to his two assailants facing indictment.

B’Tselem welcomed the filing of the indictment, but noted that it did not reflect usual practice, in which even when the authorities have advance knowledge that settlers intend to commit violent acts, soldiers do not act to protect Palestinians, and investigation is negligent, if it is undertaken at all.

August 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Prison chief alleged of arming inmates to carryout Mexico birthday massacre


27 July, 2010

Mexican authorities are shocked with allegations that a prison chief was responsible for letting out inmates and arming them to carry out the July 18 Birthday Massacre where 17 teenagers and young adults were killed.

At first Mexican authorities had thought that the attack was by rival drug gangs but now the situation has turned on its head after it has been alleged that the men who took part in the attack were all prison inmates who were sentenced for drug crimes.

Mexican authorities have said that the guard’s official vehicles, fire weapons and ammunition were given to the inmates to carry out an assignment for the prison chief.
The inmates were then said to have returned back to their cells after the attack.
All prison guards alleged to be involved in the scandal and the prison chief were all placed on house arrest.
On Sunday, a spokesman from the attorney general’s office, Ricardo Najera told reporters “According to witnesses, the inmates were allowed to leave with authorization of the prison director to carry out instructions for revenge attacks using official vehicles and using guards’ weapons for executions.”
It has been suspected that the prison guard may have been on the paying scale of a drug gang but this has not been confirmed as yet.
This last scandal has highlighted the corruption level in Mexico and the level in which drug gangs have infiltrated in Mexico.
25,000 people have died in the last 3.3 years after Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, started the war on drugs when he came to office in late 2006.

August 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Fear of Conflict


“Trully it is not a failing in you that you stiffen yourself against me and assert your distinctness or peculiarity: you need not give way or renounce yourself”
— Max Stirner

Whenever more than a few anarchists get together, there are arguments. This is no surprise, since the word “anarchist” is used to describe a broad range of often contradictory ideas and practices. The only common denominator is the desire to be rid of authority, and anarchists do not even agree on what authority is, let alone the question of what methods are appropriate for eliminating it. These questions raise many others, and so arguments are inevitable.
The arguments do not bother me. What bothers me is the focus on trying to come to an agreement. It is assumed that “because we are all anarchists”, we must all really want the same thing; our apparent conflicts must merely be misunderstandings which we can talk out, finding a common ground. When someone refuses to talk things out and insists on maintaining their distinctness, they are considered dogmatic. This insistence on finding a common ground may be one of the most significant sources of the endless dialogue that so frequently takes place of acting to create our lives on our own terms. This attempt to find a common ground involves a denial of very real conflicts.
One strategy frequently used to deny conflict is to claim that an argument is merely a disagreeement over words and their meanings. As if the words one uses and how one chooses to use them have no connection to one’s ideas, dreams and desires. I am convinced that there are very few arguments that are merely about words and their meanings. These few could be easily resolved if the individuals involved would clearly and precisely explain what they mean. When individuals cannot even come to an agreement about what words to use and how to use them, it indicates that their dreams, desires and ways of thinking are so far apart that even within a single language, they cannot find a common tongue. The attempt to reduce such an immense chasm to mere semantics is an attempt to deny a very real conflict and the singularity of the individuals involved.
The denial of conflict and of the singularity of individuals may reflect a fetish for unity that stems from residual leftism or collectivism. Unity has always been highly valued by the left. Since most anarchists, despite their attempts to seperate themselves from the left, are merely anti-state leftists, they are convinced that only a united front can destroy this society which perpetually forces us into unities not of our choosing, and that we must, therefore, overcome our differences and join together to support the “common cause”. But when we give give ourselves to the “common cause”, we are forced to accept the lowest common denominator of understanding and struggle. The unities that are created in this way are false unities which thrive only by suppressing the unique desires and passions of the individuals involved, tranforming them into a mass. Such unities are no different from the forming of labor that keeps a factory functioning or the unity of social consensus which keeps the authorities in power and people in line. Mass unity, because it is based on the reduction of the individual to a unit in a generality, can never be a basis for the destruction of authority, only for its support in one form or another. Since we want to destroy authority, we must start from a different basis.
For me, that basis is myself — my life with all of its passions and dreams, its desires, projects and encounters. From this basis, I make “common cause” with no one, but may frequently encounter individuals with whom I have an affinity. It may well be that your desires and passions, your dreams and projects coincide with mine. Accompanied by an insistence upon realizing these in opposition to every form of authority, such affinity is a basis for a genuine unity between singular, insurgent individuals which lasts only as long as these individuals desire. Certainly, the desire for the destruction of authority and society can move us to strive for an insurrectional unity that becomes large-scale, but never as a mass movement; instead it would need to be a coinciding of affinities between individuals who insist on making their lives their own. This sort of insurrection cannot come about through a reduction of our ideas to a lowest common denominator with which everyone can agree, but only through the recognition of the singularity of each individual, a recognition which embraces the actual conflicts that exist between individuals, regardless of how ferocious they may be, as part of the amazing wealth of interactions that the world has to offer us once we rid ourselves of the social system which has stolen our lives and our interactions from us.
From Willfull Disobedience #2

August 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Greece will be a war zone, Sect of Revolutionaries warns tourists english media press…


Security forces fear wave of terror as austerity programme provokes strikes, protests, violence – and assassination
Truck lorry driver protest strike athens greece
A protesting lorry driver argues with a police officer outside the Ministry of Transport in Athens. Photograph: Dimitri Messinis/AP

Greek security forces have warned of a wave of violence reminiscent of the terror that stalked Italy in the seventies after urban guerillas threatened last week to turn the country into a “war zone”.
Greece has entered a new phase of political violence by anarchist-oriented organisations that are more murderous, dangerous, capable and nihilistic than ever before,” said Athanasios Drougos, a defence and counter-terrorism analyst in Athens.
“For the first time we are seeing a nexus of terrorist and criminal activity,” he said. “These groups don’t care about collateral damage, innocent bystanders being killed in the process. They are very extreme.”
The threats came from a guerrilla group called the Sect of Revolutionaries, as it claimed credit for the murder of Sokratis Giolas, an investigative journalist. Giolas was shot dead outside his Athenian home on 19 July, in front of his pregant wife.
The gang promised to step up attacks on police, businessmen, prison guards and “corrupt” media – and, for the first time, threatened holidaymakers.
“Tourists should learn that Greece is no longer a safe haven of capitalism,” its declaration said.
“We intend to turn it into a war zone of revolutionary activity with arson, sabotage, violent demonstrations, bombings and assassinations, and not a country that is a destination for holidays and pleasure.”
In an accompanying picture, the group displayed an arsenal that included AK 47 assault rifles, semi-automatic pistols and brass knuckledusters.
“Our guns are full and they are ready to speak,” it said. “We are at war with your democracy.”
The terror threat comes as Greek authorities endure a summer of strikes and escalating upheaval. Military trucks and petrol company vehicles were employed yesterday to alleviate a fuel shortage as more 30,000 lorry and tanker truck operators ignored a government order to return to work on pain of prosecution. Shortages were reported on many holiday islands and destinations in northern Greece where thousands of tourists are stranded.
The far more serious scourge of domestic terrorism was thought to have been eradicated in 2004, with the disbandment of the 17 November group.
Born out of the turmoil that followed the collapse of US-backed military rule, 17 November murdered the CIA station chief, Richard Welch, in 1975.
For the following 27 years it targeted Turkish envoys, juntists, US military personnel, industrialists and western diplomats, including a British military attaché in Athens, Brigadier Stephen Saunders, who was murdered in 2000.
Unlike 17 November, Greece’s new generation of urban guerrillas has not tried to garner popular support.
The Sect of Revolutionaries emerged from the rioting after a teenager, Alexis Grigoropoulos, was shot dead by a policeman in December 2008. The men and women thought to comprise its closely guarded ranks are in their late twenties and thirties and appear to espouse violence almost for the sake of it.
“We don’t do politics, we do guerilla warfare,” its members announced in the proclamation placed on the boy’s grave within hours of their first attack, on a police station, in February 2009. Two weeks later they sprayed the offices of a private television station with bullets. Three months after that, they claimed their first victim, Nectarios Savvas, a police officer protecting a state witness. Six people have died in separate attacks this year.
Last month another group, yet to be named, sent a parcel bomb wrapped up as a gift to the office of Michalis Chrysohoidis, the minister in charge of public security. It killed his chief aide.
The surge in violence comes amid rising social tensions over the austerity measures enforced by the government in exchange for €110bn in emergency aid, the biggest bailout in history.
Mounting social unrest, waning support for political parties and record levels of unemployment among an increasingly radicalised youth are believed to have augmented the ranks of anti-establishment groups.
“The economic crisis has most definitely played a role in aggravating the violence,” Chrysohoidis told the Observer. “And the violence we are seeing is worst than ever before because society as a whole is more violent than ever before.”
To date Chrysohoidis, who oversaw the break-up of 17 November during a previous stint in the same post, has ordered police to tread a fine line.
But anger is growing. Security officials say it is only a matter of time before one of the three groups currently active in Greece strikes again.
More worrying, they say, are their connections to the Balkan criminal underworld that has made access to weapons dangerously easy.
“In other European countries, home-grown terrorism has been on the decrease for years,” said Drougos. “But in Greece the situation is not unlike pre-Bolshevik revolutionary Russia or Italy at the start of the terror campaign by the Red Brigades… it’s very unpredictable and tourists should be vigilant.”

August 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>China: Explosion in tax administration


Saturday, 31 July 2010
 Shanghai – At least four people were killed and 19 wounded in an explosion in the regional tax office Changsha, Hunan Province town of Glan. Police said pleminirani investigation indicate that there is a planned attack, but said what kind of explosive it is made, officials said.

August 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Siberian sentence for self-defense, anti-fascists


  27 July 2010 was sentenced Barnaul antifascists Alexis C. By Art. 118 of the Criminal Code “grievous bodily harm through negligence.” Antifascist protect themselves and others from the attack of neo-Nazis.
This story began exactly 10 months earlier, in the suburb of Barnaul – Novoaltajsk (Altai Territory). 27 September, late in the evening, two young men (among whom was antifascist Alex C.) in a dark alley caught up with three unknowns.From the first seconds of communication, it became clear that the “catch up” – followers of extreme right-wing political ideas, obviously not wanting to disagree “on the world”. As a result, a few minutes after having argued primitive Alex to protect himself and his friend, was forced to apply a totally legitimate self-defense weapon gas “blow”. There were two shots – one in the face bonheda, the second – already in dogonku – in the back of the victim.

A few days later, on Oct. 1, 2009, the home of Alexis C. Came employees’ bodies and took him away for interrogation, during which it turned out the psychological impact of the staff heard the threats against Alexis, a promise by all means “hide behind the bars.
In April 2010 was brought up and sent to the Novoaltajsk City Court case on st.111 Criminal Code (deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm).This was compounded by the fact that in the scuffle and the shooting of “Punch”, 18-year-old bonhed Damen Sarsenovich Domains (Kazakh, born in Kemerovo), was injured in one eye and one hundred percent loss of vision.The official medical opinion is written: “contusion of the left eye and severe. Total posttraumatic retinal detachment eyes “, ie vision to it will never return.
The meeting considered the contradictory testimony of the victim and witness – first they said that Alexei S., a known anti-fascist, who allegedly had long had on their teeth, and he first attacked them. They later changed their testimony – now, they said, Alexey S. himself was neo-Nazi swastika risuyuschim everywhere, but they are late in the evening approached him “to ask” why he is doing.
The aggrieved party fielded a lawsuit Alexei, which requested the court to collect on their behalf nor more nor less than 15 million rubles – for serious injury and consequent psychological blow.Bonehead explained this amount so that now he “can not find a favorite work and not get into the army of Russia”
27 July 2010, the City Court Judge Novoaltajsk Sukharev, OA, Alexei sentenced to 180 hours of hard labor and a fine of 500,000 rubles in favor of the victim.During the case, the indictment article was translated from 111 to 118, in the absence of evidence of malice of the accused.
Antifascists Altai outraged such a huge amount of fine. We believe the amount is unreasonably high, and we intend to appeal to the relevant structures.

August 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>On arrests after direct action in Khimki 28th of July


Алексей ГаскаровМаксим СолоповToday (30th of July) names of two activists, arrested in related to criminal case on “hooliganism” after attack against city administration of city of Khimki in Moscow region 28th of July were published in maintream news – Aleksey Gaskarov and Maksim Solopov.  
We will not now remind about details of corruption and violations, connected to construction of new Moscow – St. Petersburg highway through Khimki forest, or the protest campaign against it, as you may read about all of this in our website in respective section. Obviously, these arrests were just yet another confirmation of the pathetic unity, which was recently reached between regional and federal authorities, big business, local police and right-wing football hooligans, which all together protected against eco-camp of those protesting the clearing the forest from the highway.
Алексей ГаскаровAleksey Gaskarov is a libertarian socialist, who during many years was one of the most active people in the movement in Moscow region. Maksim Solopov is a leftist, not an anarchists, but besides disagreements he proved him self to be a trusted comrade in anti-fascist struggle. Aleksey and Maksim are one of the few people in Russia, who publicly, with their own faces, supported most determined means against Nazi mayhem and excesses of the authorities in the country, take for example this program from REN-TV:

Максим Солопов
As a result, Nazis were threatening them plenty of times, and now apperently “Center of Counteraction Against Extremism”  of the Moscow Region decided to deliver them a blow.
We demand immediate release of Aleksey Gaskarov and Maksim Solopov, no matter if they participated to action in Khimki 28th of July or not – those fighting corruption and excesses of the authorities are not hooligans, but heroes!

Free Aleksey Gaskarov and Maksim Solopov!   
Information service of Autonomous Action

July 31, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>15 year old released from jail in greece 30/7


The 15 year old girl who is accused that with her 16 year old friend, they stabbed to death an 80 year old man in Kerkini, Serres NORTH OFGREECE,g has been released with conditions. She was kept in a female wing in the Elaionas prison of Thebes and will be released with restrictions, because of her age. Read the story….


Terminal 119 & Cafe Morgenland [ June / 2010]

Terminal 119 & Cafe Morgenland  [ June / 2010]

When the knife comes out of the bag…

“When a woman kills her rapist, then the result of this action is not that we have a murderer on one side and a victim on the other, but we have a dead person on one side and a free person on the other”

On Sunday June 6th, two teenagers, 15 and 16 years old, met up in the village of Kerkini in Serres (northern Greece) to find some money to put their plan to leave their “troubled family environment” into effect, as they said in their testimonies to the interrogator. There they met a friend of one of the girl’s grandfather who promised to help them financially as long as they pleased his sexual appetites. When the two girls refused to make the deal he tried to harrass them and started touching them. The two young women, two young kids in reality that didn’t act within the predetermined framework, carrying for self protection a small knife, pulled it out and started stabbing him to get him off them. The 80-year-old died. The girls were arrested and today are imprisoned after the common agreement of the prosecutor and district attorney in Nigrita police station. They are waiting there to be transferred to a juvenile prison, accused of murder and robbery since they took ten euro from him when they tried to leave.


With this article we would like to declare our unconditional solidarity to the two young girls and ask for an investigation to start in the village of Kerkini Serron because this case only came up now and this is usually only the tip of the iceberg.

Terminal 119 – For social and individual autonomy
Café Morgenland

boubourAs tranlations

July 31, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>In Odessa burned Hummer leader of the Union of anarchists Ukraine


Anarchic resistance (AU) city of Odessa has assumed responsibility for setting fire to a Hummer-leader of the Union of Anarchists of Ukraine Vadim Black.

Reporter in Odessa on July 27 reported: Tonight in Odessa burned car Hummer leader of the Union of Anarchists Ukraine Vadim Black. According to the spokesperson of the Department of Internal Affairs of Odessa Tatiana Khmelnytsky, reported that at Lidersovsky boulevard caught fire vehicles arrived at the police control around 2:00.Leaving the specified address, law enforcement discovered that burning two foreign cars – Hummer, and Citroen. The circumstances and exact cause of fire is not yet established. According to preliminary data, the first turn on Hummer, from a fire spread to the second car in bvze data traffic police Hummer registered to a woman born in 1981, and Citroen – a man born in 1972. However, the leader of the Union of Anarchists Ukraine Vadim Cherny stated that one of the burnt-out cars, namely – Hummer yellow – belongs to him. Black told the police of deliberate arson.”The car is simply blown up. I think it was revenge for Edward Hurwitz published in the media about his property in Israel. There is no doubt that the explosion of organized parties promerskoy organization Free Odessa” – he said. At the postal address “Project 161” (anti-fascist site) came the following letter: AS takes responsibility for setting fire to a car brand Hummer leader of the Union of Anarchists of Ukraine Vadim Black. This action we would like to express our protest against the party in rats, which are hiding behind lofty ideals of anarchism, just to make money.While our friends are killed and thrown to jail because of their fighting men like Vadim earn this much money. The money is watered with the blood of our comrades. Bourgeois, AU is watching you. Do we! Do it better than us! ” Anarchic resistance

July 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


>AROUND 200 protesters gathered outside the DPP’s office in London on Friday and then staged a spontaneous march to the spot where Ian Tomlinson died in April 2009.

“No justice, no peace, fuck the police!” roared out continuously from the lively crowd as it made its way across Southwark Bridge and into the City of London, blocking busy roads as it went and leaving office workers gawping in surprise.

The police held back, no doubt under strict instructions not to create a PR disaster by breaking any heads – this time.

With an excellent selection of speakers at the meet-up point, this was an empowering and badly needed action.

It is worth noting that the banners, including a very prominent one declaring “Fuck the law, not the poor” sparked a number of supportive honks from passing lorry drivers at Southwark Bridge. The tide of public opinion is definitely on the turn…

Although most people had already left at ten minutes past two, the last 25 people left for another march through the city, ending up back at Rose Court. With a few more people the energy would have been even more awesome. Sadly everyone seemed to have urgent appointments (at the pub?). Again the street was taken, and besides similar slogans as before “No Justice, No Peace…” Wwhose street? Our Streets!” the general public also got some education about proper bike etiquette and other lighter issues.




The End
With a bit more stamina and determination this day could have been ours.

July 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Bristol Anti-Fascists Demonstrate Practical Solidarity


Bristol Anti-Fascists Demonstrate Practical Solidarity
Thursday 5th August at The Plough, Easton, from 8pm-late. £4 on the door. On Saturday March 27th in Portland, Oregon, Luke Querner, a long-time anti-fascist activist and skinhead, was shot by neo-nazis. Fortunately Luke survived, but he has been left with a mountain of medical bills. Comrades in Bristol have organised a benefit gig to raise funds to help Luke out. The line-up features two bands from Brazil, who are visiting the UK to take part in an anti-racist football tournament, with support from local acts, and all bands are playing for free.

July 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Shots fired at police station in Neuquén, Argentina


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From Liberación Total (July 27, 2010): translate this is our job” blog
Unknown gunmen opened fire at the 20th Precinct in the Parque Industrial neighborhood at around midnight on Thursday. The police officers on duty heard the shots and went outside, managing to glimpse a group of people making their escape some 100 meters away. Patrols immediately began in the vicinity and along the attackers’ escape route, where more shots were heard. Seven bullets hit an exterior wall of the police station, but none of the shots penetrated the cement wall or wounded anyone. Police have been unable to make any arrests.
Neuquén; July 22, 2010
Today, July 22, in the early morning, the Cardenas-Fuentealba Unit paid a visit to the monkeys at the Parque Industrial police station and sprayed their shack with gunfire to wake them up, since no one was on duty at the door, surely due to the cold. We would also like to tell the members of the Bomb Squad that they will continue to receive our little packages, and that one of these days one of them will be for real and will make them pay for the crimes they commit as the system’s mercenaries.
To the eternally corrupt Cutral Có functionary José Cotter: Watch out. The people’s justice will find you sooner than later.

Burn the monkeys’ hovels
Burn the remains of the system
—Cardenas-Fuentealba Unit
—Luciano Arruga Brigade

July 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Truck Drivers defiant despite conscription orders in Greece Lorry-drivers continue their strike, clash with riot police in Thessaloniki


Greek truckers’ strike bites harder 30/7

The latest round of talks this morning between leaders of Greece’s truck drivers associations and the government failed to find common ground and so the industrial action which is likely to see the country ground to a halt in the next few days is set to continue.

The dispute was the result of attempts by Athens to liberalise Greece’s transport market by opening up the trucking profession to everyone with a heavy goods licence and so doing away with the existing permit system which has meant that like taxis, only those registered can operate.

On the one hand the opening up the profession is part of the IMF/EU/ECB process of making Greek products more competetive by reducing transport costs however, drivers associations argue that the sudden implementation of the system means that many of their members stand to lose hundreds of thousands of euros spent obtaining an operating licence.

Instead of petering out strike actions are set to escalate as Greek international truck drivers associations are also preparing to join the strike so threatening imports and exports to other EU countries.

The Greek media has been speculating on whether the government will be forced to bring in the army to make sure the country does not run out of fuel and other basic goods.

Truck drivers carrying fuel stand their ground and continue their strike against the austerity measures despite the government calling a civil conscription on them

The fuel carrying truck drivers strike which started on Monday in response to a special “reform”, part and parcel of the austerity measures, that will see individual ownership abolished and replaced by large firms, has been the first strike crisis facing the greek government after the signing of the EU-IMF structural adjustment agreement. As a result of the strike at the moment of writing all but a few gas stations across the country stand dry and shut, with serious problems caused in boat and bus transport as well as in individual car transport at the peak of the summer exodus from the cities. The strike is believed to be hampering the tourist industry which has reported a virtual freeze on reservations from abroad.
The government’s response to the strike has been to call the truck drivers for dialogue on the condition they stop the strike. The truck drivers refusal to attend such onerous negotiations led yesterday evening the PM to announce a civil conscription of the drivers and their trucks, an authoritarian administrative measure equivalent to forced labour in pain of prison. The truck drivers response has been defiant: last night after the announcement of civil conscription drivers pulled their trucks to blockade the oil refineries of Thessaloniki and Aspropyrgos (Athens), while at the moment of writing a demo outside the Ministry of Transport is forming in protest to the authoritarian administrative decision. Faced with resistance the government has not yet used force to force conscription with truck-driver reps announcing: “We continue. Let them take us to prison. We have nothing to more to lose. If the government thinks that after two days of strike it can move to such measures instead choosing dialogue, it carries all responsibility” .
The response of the Left to the crisis has been bitter. The KKE (Communist Party) asked in Parliament if the government intends to reopen exile-island concentration camps for dissidents, while the Radical Left Coalition has called the conscription a “July coup d’ etat” and the government policy “colonialist”. Civil conscription of workers has occurred again under the Republic at least three times, in 1979 (bank workers), 1986 (airspace control officers) and 2006 (dock-workers).

Jul 29 2010 13:40

Update: The truck driver demo outside the Ministry of Transport in Athens was attacked earlier today by riot police forces shooting tear gas against the protesters. According to mainstream news the lack of fuel has already led to problems of delivering supplies to supermarkets across the country. The government is yet to implement civil conscription which could really derail the situation. According to the news at the moment less than 5 gas stations in greater Athens hold fuel.

July 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Russian Anarchist Mob Attacks Mayor's Office Near Moscow, Kommersant Says


Five hundred Russian anti- government activists attacked the office of a Moscow suburb’s mayor to protest the construction of a highway through a forest, Kommersant reported.
The protesters gathered in central Moscow yesterday and took a commuter train to the northern suburb of Khimki, armed with air guns and baseball bats, the newspaper reported. Police fled after being pelted with rocks and bottles and nobody was arrested, Kommersant said.
The anarchist youths set off flares and tried to chop down the main door of the mayor’s office with an ax, according to Kommersant. They spray-painted “Save the Russian Forest” on the walls of the building in the five-minute flash protest, the newspaper reported.
An environmentalist camp in the Khimki forest was attacked by a group of masked men over the weekend, Kommersant said. Mikhail Beketov, the editor of a local newspaper, was almost beaten to death in 2008 after campaigning to stop construction of a highway through the Khimki forest.

July 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>ATHENS GREECE NEWS 30/7 from media papers….

>Two armed robbers made off with just under half a million euros yesterday after holding up a branch of Alpha Bank in Mandra, western Attica, police said. The pair broke into the bank through a side door used by staff at around 8 a.m., before the branch had opened to the public. They forced the cashiers to fill their bags and made off with an estimated 440,000 euros in cash.

Police figures made public yesterday show a drop in robberies and burglaries which the force attributes to a reinforcement of its patrols in Attica and the provinces. A total of 6,833 bank raids and break-ins were reported in June, down from 7,265 in May and 8,773 in March. Of these raids, 3,870 were reported in Attica last month, as compared to 4,400 in May and 5,584 in March. Figures for April were not published. There was a particularly sharp drop in the number of bank robberies reported in Attica. Nine were reported in June, compared to 40 in March.

Most petrol stations continue to run dry – truckers to decide their future actions today


The re-supply of gas stations with petrol continues to face problems, despite the government’s decision to proceed with the civil mobilization of trucks yesterday.
Truck drivers will vote whether they will go on with their mobilizations during a general union meeting at 12 pm today.
Their decision will be based on the meeting they had yesterday with Transports minister Dimitris Reppas.
Truckers requested tax provisions and cuts, a five year-long period of adjustment for those who recently purchased their business licenses before the full opening of their profession, and the gradual drop of the price of the license before it becomes available with no charge.

July 29, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>BP Caught Exploiting Cheap Prison Labor To Clean Up The Oil Spill


BP has been caught red-handed using dirt cheap prison labor to clean up the oil spill along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico as thousands upon thousands of non-inmates beg for work.  So why would BP use prison labor when there are so many others who would gladly do the work?  Well, prison labor costs far, far less of course.  As bad as this is for BP’s public image, the truth is that we should not be too hard on them.  After all, exploiting cheap labor around the world has become an obsession for the big global corporations that dominate our economy.  To these gigantic global predators, the American Dream is not about providing good jobs so that middle class Americans can buy homes and send their kids to college.  No, to these behemoths the goal is to find the closest thing to slave labor that they can so that they can dramatically increase their profits. 
So yes, it is wrong that BP has been using cheap or free prison labor to clean up the oil spill.  But the truth is that they can defend themselves by saying that “everyone else is doing it” and they would be right.  We have set up a system where the exploitation of labor is highly rewarded.
In a recent article for The Nation, Abe Louise Young shined a light on BP’s hiring practices down in the Gulf.  It turns out that people highly objected to seeing workers with uniforms that said “Inmate Labor” on them, so now BP is being much more sneaky about things….
I got an answer one evening earlier this month, when I drove up the gravel driveway of the Lafourche Parish Work Release Center jail, just off Highway 90, halfway between New Orleans and Houma. Men were returning from a long day of shoveling oil-soaked sand into black trash bags in the sweltering heat. Wearing BP shirts, jeans and rubber boots (nothing identifying them as inmates), they arrived back at the jail in unmarked white vans, looking dog tired.
Now, it must be admitted that cleaning up the oil on these beaches is not a good job.  In fact, there are some very real health hazards that come along with cleaning this stuff up.
So the loss of these jobs is not really worth getting all worked up over.
However, what is worth getting worked up about is the tens of millions of good jobs that have been shipped off to China, India and a host of third world nations.
Today, a very high percentage of the products that we buy in “big box” retail stores are manufactured in close to slave labor conditions on the other side of the globe.
We certainly enjoy the “low, low prices” that we get as a result of this cheap labor, but then we wonder why Steve, John and Frank down the street are out of work and can’t get jobs no matter what they do.
The truth is that there are approximately 6 unemployed Americans for every single job opening out there today.
There are not nearly enough jobs for everyone, and that is not going to change any time soon.
Once great manufacturing cities such as Detroit are now so run down that they look like war zones.
Well, we allowed the big global corporations to ship their jobs overseas so that we could save a little bit of money on all the plastic crap that we keep filling our shopping carts with.
But in the end, we are still paying the price.
You see, now instead of our economy providing jobs for America’s working class, we now have to give an increasing number of them handouts just so they can survive.
Without jobs, people cannot take care of themselves or their families, so the taxpayers have to end up taking care of them.
For the first time in U.S. history, more than 40 million Americans are on food stamps, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture projects that number will go up to 43 million Americans in 2011.
21 percent of all children in the United States are living below the poverty line in 2010, which is the highest rate in 20 years.
So, yes, in the end our society ends up paying a very high cost for all of the “low price” products from China and
the third world.
Meanwhile, the very wealthy are doing quite well.  It turns out that exploiting cheap labor around the globe is very lucrative.
According to Harvard Magazine, 66% of the income growth between 2001 and 2007 went to the top 1% of all Americans.
Does that seem fair to you?
Not that it is wrong to make money.  Making money is a good thing.  But is there not something wrong with a system where 66% of the income growth goes to 1% of the people?
The truth is that the very rich are getting much richer while the rest of us are increasingly struggling.
For example, only the top 5 percent of all U.S. households have earned enough additional income to match the rise in housing costs since 1975.
Are you stretched to the max trying to pay for your home?
You are not alone.  Tens of millions of American families are up to their eyeballs in debt and are trying to figure out how to survive from month to month.
The reality is that the middle class is being squeezed like they never have been before.
The current economic system does not value the labor of working class Americans.  In fact, hiring American workers is seen as a big negative in today’s economic environment. 
Unless something fundamentally changes, and right now that does not seem very likely, an increasing number of Americans are going to become chronically unemployed and jobs are going to become even more scarce.
America is rapidly being deindustrialized and American workers are being increasingly merged into the new “global” labor pool.  If we allow this to continue, our standard of living will eventually match the standard of living that we see around the rest of the globe.
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July 29, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Facing 16 Years In Prison For Videotaping Police


“The ACLU of Maryland is defending Anthony Graber, who faces as much 
sixteen years in prison if found guilty of violating state wiretap laws

because he recorded video of an officer drawing a gun during a traffic stop. …
Once [the Maryland State Police] learned of the video on YouTube,
Graber’s parents’ house was raided, searched, and four of his
computers were confiscated. Graber was arrested, booked, and jailed.
Their actions are a calculated method of intimidation.
Another person has since been similarly charged under the same statute.

The wiretap law being used to charge Anthony Graber is intended 
to protect private communication between two parties.
According to David Rocah, the ACLU attorney handling Mr. Graber’s case
‘To charge Graber with violating the law, you would have
to conclude that a police officer on a public road, wearing 
a badge and a uniform, performing his official duty, pulling 
someone over, somehow has a right to privacy when it comes
to the conversation he has with the motorist.'” Here are a factsheet (PDF)
on the case from the ACLU of Maryland, and the video at issue.

July 29, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>British Police Trials Crime Predicting Software


Computer program reveals where criminals are most likely to hit
By Lucian Constantin
[] British police forces are trialing computer software which is able to pinpoint potential criminal hot spots from data fed to it. The system leverages statistical history and evaluates patterns to predict the places where crime is most likely to occur. Known as CRUSH (Criminal Reduction Utilising Statistical History), the program was developed by IBM with help from the University of Memphis Criminology and Research department.
The system has real time access to a wide variety of data including, but not limited to crime reports, police intelligence, offender profiles or weather forecasts, which it combines with past crime patterns to accurately pinpoint crime hotspots. The system was used successfully by the Memphis Police Department for a long time, where it allowed resources to be allocated efficiently to decrease law enforcement response times.
Such proactive actions are said to be responsible for a crime reduction rate of 31% in the area. “This is more of a proactive tool than reacting after crimes have occurred. This pretty much puts officers in the area at the time that the crimes are being committed,” John Williams of the Memphis Crime Analysis Unit, commented for The Guardian, which also reports that two British police forces have secretly begun trialing the software. The methodology behind such programs is known as “predictive analytics” and encompasses various data mining and statistical analysis techniques. The technology has long been used in certain industries, particularly financial services, and in various fields of research. However, applications in the justice system, like for determining which prisoners are most likely to become repeat offenders has been strongly criticized by human rights activists. IBM explains that the CRUSH system does what police officers were already doing, but on a whole new level and with much more speed. Current development efforts aim to increase the number of sources the program can process, with CCTV camera feeds and Facebook posts being strong candidates.

July 29, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>29th July 1900 2010 W BRESCI W L'ANARCHIA


Gaetano Bresci killed at Monza, on the evening of Sunday, July 29, 1900, firing three shots (or four historical sources disagree) King Umberto I of Savoy. The king was returning to coach at his residence Monza after a ceremony in a sports club. The murder – immortalized in a famous painter Achille Beltrame table for “Domenica del Corriere” – took place under the eyes of people cheering that greeted the monarch. Bresci left captured without resistance.
[Edit] The trial, conviction and death
The trial of Bresci was educated in a very short time. On August 29, 1900, that is exactly one month after the murder, Bresci appeared in the court of Assizes in Milan Piazza Beccaria. The ruling was a foregone conclusion at the outset. Gaetano Bresci asked how the socialist deputy defender Filippo Turati, but he had declined the post and was replaced Advocate anarchist Francesco Saverio Merlino.
The defendant maintained an attitude in accordance with the character represented. Cold and detached, almost serene, listened to the reading of the indictment (for rhetorical truth up to capacity) without showing neither remorse nor bravado.

Here is the text of his interrogation in the classroom:

President: “The defendant has something to add to his deposition just read?”
Brescia: “The fact I made by myself, without accomplices. Thought I was seeing so much misery and many persecuted. You have to go abroad to see how they are treated the Italians! We have nicknamed “pigs” … “
President ‘not digress … “
Bresci: “If I’m not talking sit down.”
President: “Stay in the theme.”
Bresci: “Well, I will say that the sentence leaves me indifferent, I’m not interested in point and I am sure I did not wrong to do what I did. Not even intend to appeal. I appeal only to the next proletarian revolution. “
President: “Admit that you have killed the king?

Bresci: “Do not killed Umberto; i killed a King, I killed a principle! And the crime but did not say! “
President: “Why did you?”
Bresci: “After the state of siege in Sicily and Milan illegally established by Royal Decree I decided to kill the king to avenge the victims.”
When the President asked him why he had made that gesture, Bresci said:
“The events in Milan, where he worked the gun made me cry and I thought of revenge. I thought over because the King to sign the decrees reward the scoundrels who carried out the massacres. “

Heard the witnesses, the jurors retired to decide after a few minutes and chief accountant Carione jury read the verdict declaring the accused guilty and sentenced him to forced labor.
He served prison sentences in S. Stephen, at Ventotene (Pontine Islands) and to be able to visually inspect was built for him a special cell of three meters by three, no furnishings.
He died May 22, 1901 “committed suicide” by the State and probably was killed even before this official date. The authorities divulged the news of his suicide, hanged by a sheet or towel.
Some coincidences: a prisoner sentenced to life in Santo Stefano got the grace, the director doubled his salary.
There is also uncertainty about the place of his burial according to some sources, was buried along with his personal effects in the cemetery of St. Stephen, according to other, his body was thrown overboard. The only things left of him is his hat lifer (which was destroyed during an uprising of prisoners after the war) and the revolver with which he made regicide.