July 9, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>In Norway, in a refugee camp rolled riot


Tuesday night at the camp on fire for illegal migrants in the city of Lier province Buskerud in Norway. It was informed by the police department Buskerud province. Burned down three buildings where foreigners were living with their families, before obtaining the waiver of the Norwegian authorities the right to stay in the country. This is one of the two refugee camps, where riots broke out on Tuesday. Protesting against the decision of the Norwegian authorities to expel them from the country, refugees staged riots, first in Tuesday night at the camp Fagerli (some 50 km north of Oslo), where 90 people. About an hour later unrest spread to another refugee camp near the town of Lier, where there were 140 people, mostly immigrants from African and Arab countries, among them women and children. They beat the windows, set fire to garbage containers, and then began to break into the building, where lived. After the refusal of asylum, all refugees are illegal immigrants and should be deported outside the kingdom. And according to initial estimates of the authorities, the refugee camp in the town of Lier suffered less – as expected due to location are women and children.Despite the fact that by Tuesday morning, the police took control of the situation in both camps, on Wednesday night riots continued. One of these centers because of the damage recognized as a national UDI uninhabitable.

July 9, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Atenco prisoners free!


The twelve Mexican political prisoners seized in the aftermath of the 2006 Atenco uprising have been released following a sensational high court ruling. Judges ruled that not only was there no evidence to sustain the prosecution’s case but also that the charges the twelve faced – organised kidnapping – didn’t even exist in Mexican law.

The victory was celebrated by activists in Mexico and around the world who have relentlessly campaigned for justice over the last four years. Outside the courthouse, Trini del Valle, wife of one of the prisoners, Ignacio del Valle, told the gathered crowd from the Popular Front in Defence of the Land (FPDT) and the Justice and Peace Committee for Atenco, “I see tears of happiness in the eyes of my compañeros and I would like to say thank you to everyone, thank you to the Mexican people and international solidarity. The federal and state governments are not invincible!”

The announcement of the ruling led to an impromptu town festival, while hundreds of locals and activists established a vigil outside the prison holding Ignacio del Valle Medina, Felipe Álvarez and Héctor Galind. There, they waited for the release of the prisoners behind a giant banner proclaiming “Welcome, compañeros, to your town”.

As the High Court judges assembled on Tuesday 29th June, international campaigners staged solidarity demos in Spain, Germany, the US, New Zealand and Britain. In London, activists from across the UK assembled outside the Mexican embassy and leafleted passers-by while blasting out Mexican revolutionary tunes (see our previous article).
Published by Schnews

July 9, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Elijah James Smith – Freed From Lewes Prison


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undefinedElijah James Smith was finally freed from Lewes prison on Wednesday 7th July. All of the decommissioners had been found unanimously not guilty last Friday, but James still had to apply for bail and is now tied to strict bail conditions, including not visiting Brighton.

James has spent over 18 months on remand for preventing war crimes, he has endured more than most could even imagine and his commitment to peace and the end to the immoral trade in arms is impressive to say the least.

Meanwhile, the campaign continues weapon components used in war crimes around the world are still being made in Brighton, and unless we push for the closure of EDO/ITT they will continue to be. Although the not guilty verdict is a victory, it is not THE victory. “We will be here until EDO isn’t” For upto date information on the campaign keep an eye on www.smashedo.org.uk

July 8, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>BT smashed and painted in Bristol U.K.


Multiple windows were broken and three paintbombs thrown at the BT premises on Stapleton Road, Easton, at 1am on Wednesday, June 30th. ‘NO BT, NO PRISON, NO WAR (A)’ was also sprayed on an electrical box in the compound.

The records show that in 2008 BT had £59m invested in the arms trade, as well as continuing to supply the telephone connections for the prison complex, charging inmates seven times the average rate to speak to their loved ones. It is for these reasons for which we have attacked, expressing our solidarity with the remaining defendents in the recent EDO/ITT decomissiong case, as well as those imprisoned for their ‘crimes’ in last years Gaza demonstrations. These facts aside, for their fundamental role within the capitalist framework of exploitation and oppression, all corporations are worthy of attack.

Solidarity means attack

July 8, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>news for comrade simos seisidis 05/7


They have moved comrade Simos Seisidis to St. Paul hospital…

Half an hour ago comrade Simos Seisidis was discharged from the neurology department of Evangelismos hospital that kept him last week, and was taken to the prison hospital in Korydallos Athens.

In the middle of the week his lawyers had filed an application for his release – remember that he is in custody for a recent shooting incident when he was arrested and charged with attempted murder …

The trial for the case of the abduction of arms from the police guard Kedikoglou has been postponed to September.

July 8, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Anti-CCTV Campaign kicks off to a flying start in Camberwell








Recently in Camberwell various CCTV smart cars have been patrolling residential areas under the publicly known purpose of traffic enforcement. A group of activists who had recently moved to the area observed the Southwark council spy cars recording number plates of all cars passing through their vicinity as well as recording the movements of the local residents and taking footage of people’s houses.

This considerable infringement on civil liberties was quite enough for the activists to stand so they went their merry way out onto the streets with their two banners, one reading ‘CCTV free zone’ and another reading ‘freedom not filming’.

On the first day they were met with lots of friendly neighbourhood who agreed with what they were doing, and one man was very angry so he expressed this with his middle finger at the CCTV camera.

The police arrived and spoke to everyone but left shortly due to boredom. The activists surrounded the car with banners and eventually it left an hour before its shift was due to end.

On the second day the activists spotted the CCTV car again, and so decided to greet it with much enthusiasm. They surrounded it again and one activist very politely asked the CCTV camera to ‘mind its own beeswax’. As they were standing having a jolly old time, another CCTV car arrived, the activists were so surprised they ran over to greet it and show it all the lovely banners they made.

Soon after two traffic enforcement men arrived, they were very interested in what was going on. Shortly after the traffic enforcement men and the CCTV spy cars left, an hour and forty minutes before their shift was due to end.

On the first day it took an hour to convince the CCTV cars to leave, and on the second it took 20 minutes.

The activists plan to continue and expand their campaign, they will be converging on Valmar road, Camberwell to confront these nosy parkers and welcome newcomers to their group.

Jolly Good work friendly neighbourhood anarchists!

July 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>EXPLOSIVES STASH TNT found at old Iraqi Embassy


Forensic investigators are examining a stash of explosives found on the premises of the former Iraqi Embassy in a suburb of Athens, police said yesterday. The cache of 454 grams of the explosive TNT, 15 sticks of dynamite and four glass vials containing a suspicious liquid were discovered buried in the building’s garden by the employee of an engineering company that has undertaken the renovation of the Palaio Psychico property which served as the Iraqi Embassy until four years ago. The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Athens was informed of the discovery by the company early yesterday. The ambassador’s office said in a statement that it has no connection to and no knowledge of the explosive materials.

July 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Birmingham’s Spy Cameras: TAKE THEM DOWN…or we will! u.k.


That was the message coming loud and clear from the community at a meeting about the Spy Cameras that have been put up in the Balsall Heath and Washwood Heath areas of Birmingham under the name ‘Project Champion’. Without any public consultation, ‘Project Champion’ saw the positioning of around 150 ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras and 72 covert surveillance cameras. These cameras happen to be sited in two predominantly muslim areas in Birmingham. These cameras record all vehicle movements and have the capacity to photograph front seat passangers. The meeting was attended by about 250 people and any suggestion of taking down the cameras was greeted with an ever increasing roar of approval. The temperature is rising and West Midlands Police have created a powder keg of anger and resentment primed with a fuse of mistrust.

Take them down!
Take them down!

July 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Riot police quell fighting in Patra port and city



An altercation between migrants of African and Balkan origin living in a makeshift settlement in the port of Patra spread to other parts of the city on Sunday evening. The flare-up began at 10 p.m. on the Akti Dymaion seafront and spilt over to the Church of Aghios Andreas, where a wedding had been under way. Later in the evening, more scuffles broke out by the port’s northern entrance and riot police were called in to quell the violence at the makeshift camp. The cause of the altercation is not known. The Peloponnesian port has been at the center of migrant-related violence in the past.

July 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>French propaganda: The current terrorist threat NewsfromFrance


Two years after the creation of the new secret police service, the ‘DCRI’, the director Squarcini shares his feelings with a journalist, by “exclusively revealing the current conditions of threats hanging over France”.

Analysis of the current resources of repression and the interview in Le Figaro, on June 29th.

Prevention- or how to arrest people before they have done anything

On June 29th, we learn about 3300 men and women work “to fight
terrorism”, attack on national security and on economical capital”.
The DCRI have been created on July 2008, by a fusion between the
DST (Direction of territory Surveillance) and the RG (General
Intelligence). Practically, information is shared between different
teams, and tend to bring justice and police, police and military
matters together.
When answering to the question “what is your conclusion after two
years of work”, the director informs us that the “must” of his
work, is to “investigate months long, even years, to prevent the
Indeed, the last arrests and anti-terrorist cases confirm this
position. Arresting people accusing them of an action they haven’t
committed yet, is a strategy used to put pressure on them and to
isolate them.
Accusing people of terrorism is then a great excuse to imprison or
to sentence them to a judicial control, which means one is waiting
for an hypothetical trial in a cell, or one can not leave the
house. Preventing you from seeing your friends, forcing you to
work, and calling you at the police station to confirm your
attendance are basic ways to investigate about links, breaking
friendships, and dragging down any political will. A simple
definition to pacification.
He resumes: “If we intervene after the tragedy, it means we have
failed in the detection of the threat”.

But who are they?

After explaining the “djihadist threat” and all the cases he and
his team have supposedly foiled, the journalist comes to the
“extreme-link” interest.
According to police, the inner enemy is difficult to define. He
actually could be everywhere! In some articles, police and experts
talk about the “alternative” people, the “autonomous circle” or
“situationist circle”. Actually, anybody who strikes or
participates to a demonstration. Nothing clear in this definition.
In some other articles, they describe a ‘movement’, a ‘community’,
or an extremely organized group. Because there are not any specific
insurrectionist-armed-anti-state-action group, the experts rather
talk about a circle of influence, a network: you are not in a
military group, but you know people who know people… And this
specific people, gathering around strikes, ideas, wills, blockades
and wishes- are preparing something. At one point we both agree: to
fight against the power will always be defined as violent, simply
because it’s not in their interest. And this violence, this
resistance, when not denied, is considered as “terrorism”.
In one hand, terrorizing the population- with potential and
undefinable dangerous protagonists.
In the other hand, reassuring people, by creating a name for this
threat, and saying special forces control the situation.

Actually, where are they?

According to his investigations, this “UltraLeft fringe” is still
active, even after “Tarnac dragnet” (1). They were obviously
visible in summits as in Strasbourg, Vichy or Poitiers (2).
Police defines these criminals according to the subjects they
fight: anti-jail, anti-nuclear, anti-security society.

We then learn they are people who follow the situation in Greece
very closely(3).
It’s suspicious, and serious, because, the “riots in Greece [were]
followed with political murders”. Here we go again, with the ghost
of murders. When arresting people in France, police compared the
accused individuals and Action Directe group, known for their
actions in the 70’s and 80’s, specifying their “violence” because
of claimed murders.
What currently happens in Greece could apparently give to rebels in
France some ideas, and yes, it could threat the State here.

Who’s next?

Since several months, these kind of articles are published before a
political decision, or a police raid, in order to justify them.
Even before the creation of the DCRI, general analysis has been
given to Michelle Alliot-Marie: “From the anti-cpe conflict to the
the constitution of an international preliminary-terrorist network:
regards on the French and European UltraLeft” (2008). In his last
interview, Squarcini gives several examples of alarm signs: actions
against the Penitentiary Administration, the Justice Ministry or
several actions against bank ATMs(4). Some marks to let us know
where he would hit.

“Logically, we deduce you are preparing fresh large-scale
operations, in a near future. Beware, Mr Squarcini, you become
In Greece, it’s not the anarchists who attempted to take over the
Parliament, but consistent strikers. You seem to think that by
pestering us with your justice and police, by exasperating number
of known activists on your files, you will push one or another to
any wacky or indefensible act; you will create in somebody’s mind
the reasoning that, if one has to go to prison, one might as well
be imprisoned for something serious. And not for a sticker on an
ATM. Unfortunately, we are quite lucid on the situation, and nobody
of us yearns for the avant-garde sacrificial heroic role. The armed
existentialism of the 70’s does not appeal to us very much, and we
know to be patient. Our presence only brings to light the deep
sickness hitting your social Order; you could try to annihilate us,
the sickness will stay- kept intact and, as fatal as it always has

From the Open letter to M. Squarcini, published on Indymedia
Nantes, by the CCUG-UO (Central Committee of the Ultra-Organized
Ultra-Left) (5)


1 ‘Tarnac’ case: name of the village considered of the center of a
‘conspiring organization’ linked to a called ‘Comite Invisible’.
People were accused for rail sabotages on high-speed trains. This
raid was heavily related by the media.

2 NATO summit in Strasbourg, April
2009. European Immigration
summit in the so-known town Vichy, October 2008. Surprise
demonstration during Poitiers street-art festival, October 2009.

3 Article about French people traveling in Greece:
In French, France info:
Its analysis, in English:

4 About the alleged serial ATM and arrested people in Paris, on
February 15th and June 8th.

Several attacks on bank ATMs and collaborators of the deportation
machine have been attacked in solidarity with the Vincennes
Detention Center prisoners, facing a trial because accused of
burning down their prison in summer 2008. An outline of solidarity
actions and walks can be read here
September 2009-January 2010:

5 Open letter to M. Squarcini, by the CCUG-UO, French :


More info
-The interview by Le Figaro:

– Brochure: The emergence of the Anarcho-Autonomes theory, English

-La prison a la maison [prison at home], French:

-Mauvaises intentions [bad intentions]: on the anti-terrorist cases
since 2008, and the emergence of the “anarcho-autonomes” state
theory. With press articles and letters from comrades.
French: http://infokiosques.net/spip.php?article597
German: http://media.de.indymedia.org/media/2009/05//249814.pdf

-Poster- Who are the terrorists?



July 5, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>The fight back is on! Solidarity with the Toronto 900 rallies organized across the country



All out against police brutality and in solidarity with the Toronto 900! A protest outside police headquarters in every city!

WATERLOO TOWN SQUARE and various locations

July 10, Day of Action for Civil Liberties
Queen’s Park
Toronto, ON

The events of the past week in Toronto have been unprecedented in Canadian history. Over 900 people were arrested, the biggest mass arrests ever in Canada, for daring to protest against the destructive policies of the G20.

Protesters and local residents were subjected to violent baton attacks, snatch squads, tear gas and rubber bullets. Sleeping people have been pulled from their homes at gunpoint in the middle of the night. Many have been beaten. People who have been arrested have been strip-searched and held in cages, facing long delays in obtaining legal support. We have heard numerous accounts of sexual abuse by police from women who were arrested. Journalists have been punched, arrested and had their equipment broken.

On the streets of Toronto, the mask of “liberal democracy” has slipped off and the police reminded us of the State’s willingness to use blatant violence against its own population in the face of popular dissent. And thanks to citizen journalists, the alternative media and even some in the corporate media, the truth of what happened in Toronto is slowly emerging.

In order to make sure that the actions of the police state are fully exposed, we must keep up the pressure on the police and the government.

We must also publicly demonstrate our solidarity with all those arrested so that they are released as quickly as possible and charges are dropped against all those caught up in the net of the police state.

In Toronto, solidarity rallies outside detention centres and police stations are already taking place. But just as police forces from across the province converged on Toronto for the G20, so our resistance must spread out from the epicentre of oppression to every corner of the province.

Common Cause thus calls on all those concerned to take the fight back across the province and across the country.

Starting this Wednesday, June 30, we are calling for solidarity rallies outside police headquarters in as many cities as possible.

Our message will be clear:

Free the Toronto 900!

Fight back against the police state! We are putting you under surveillance!

Build the resistance against the G20! Build the resistance against austerity!

Build the general strike!

July 5, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Four jailed for shooting at police during 2007 French riots


Four young men found guilty of shooting at the police during riots on the outskirts of Paris in 2007 were jailed for between three and 15 years early Sunday. Defence lawyers denounced the sentences as “extremely harsh” and claimed that political considerations had influenced the cases.

The four were found to have fired buckshot from hunting rifles during two nights of battles with the police in Villiers-le-Bel, north of Paris. During the clashes 119 police officers were injured, four of them seriously. The violence erupted after two teenagers were killed in a motorcycle collision with a police car.

Two 29-year-old half-brothers, Abderhamane and Adma Karama, who were described as ringleaders by the prosecution, received 15 and 12 years respectively. Ibrahima Sow, 26, was jailed for nine years.

A fourth man, Samuel Lambalamba, was given three years after being found guilty of providing one of the weapons used.

“With sentences this harsh, one can feel political meddling in the justice system,” commented defence lawyer Patrick Arapian after the verdict, despite the prosecution’s claim that “we are not trying the banlieue (outskirts), nor young people, nor Villiers-le-Bel”.

With few local people prepared to take the stand against the accused, most of the prosecution case relied on anonymous written testimony. The defence claims that some of the witnesses had done a deal with the police while others could have been informers.

The prosecution welcomed the verdicts, as did police unions which claimed that they would restore morale in the force.

July 5, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Three Cellphone antennas destroyed



Tagged as:

Over the past three week three mobile phone antennas have been destroyed by fire in the Nottingham area. In each instance the action was performed with fervour and carried out in anger at the capitalist culture. A culture which seeks to dominate its surroundings in order to increase it’s power over it’s inhabitants.

These actions were simple and repeatable. The tools were old rags, flammable liquids and a lighter. They were carried out against a telecommunications industry which facilitates capitalisms ongoing destruction of the planet and the manner in which it deforms the social relationships we engage in.

We carry out this action, and actions like it in solidarity with all those who choose to fight against repression, the state and capitalism whenever and wherever the oppitunity arises.

We dedicate this action to all those who are imprisoned by civilization, but continue to struggle against its cage.

July 5, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>solidarity g20 protesters


solidarity means attack …hot night in turin (italy)

in solidarity with the g20 protesters (toronto) group of comrades smash windows , destroy cash machines and paint bomb 2 canadian banks in turin (italy)…with this action we show solidarity to the almost 900 people detained in the g20 summit in canada , to the enormous police state that comrades live in the world and very importante to susy , its women who was verbally and physical sexual assaulted once inside the detencion center made for the g20 protesters ..we will not acept any kind of repression .one of us is worth 1 million of them ……….RESIST EXIST REVOLT SOLIDARITY MEANS ATTACK

July 5, 2010
by actforfreedomnow



We sell things on the street because we don’t have an alternative way of making a living.
No work is refused in order for us to make a living.
These people that you see on the street , these people that you keep harassing, are people who are familiar with most trades and professions.
Even though we are only vagrant street vendors, we are the ones paying for the houses that were had locked up for a long time, houses crying for a human presence.
A house can’t live by itself. It needs souls, it needs lives.
Water, power, telephone, means of transport and everything else we need to live are not for free.
You will never see one of us involved in affairs of the night and the underworld.
We are honest people, very sociable and open to everyone and everything.
We have obligations, but we also have rights.
We are only asking for understanding and tolerance.
Immigrant street vendors

Death toll rises at the greek borders
Nine immigrants were found dead in the last 48 hours at the greek-turkish borders, near the Evros river – two more were found dead on Saturday 26th June.
The number of immigrants that died in June in the Evros river remains unknown as more dead immigrants were discovered on June 8. Three more were found dead on May 27.
On the 16th of June, a 19-year-old Afghan refugee was found dead, hidden in the fuel tank of a truck, inside the ferry “OLYMPIC CHAMPION”, traveling from Patras to Venice.

Meanwhile in Athens
Attacks by fascist groups aligned with shopowners against immigrant street vendors on central streets have not ceased. But neither will actions of solidarity to immigrants:
Below is a leaflet that was distributed during a gathering outside Athens Chamber of Commerce

July 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>#327 | New squat in Athens from the after theGreek riots blog.


A new squat has opened in Athens, in the working-class neighbourhood of Aigaleo, and is having two days of events (today and tomorrow) to celebrate.

The poster below translates:

In these hard times, with authorities attacking more than ever before our everyday reality…

we occupied

the ground floor of the municipal space of Kapodistriou and Thessalonikis Str at the Council Housing buildings of Aigaleo. We consider the occupation an open suggestion that starts from its own grounds and claims all the space and time of our everyday lives that is stolen from us by authority; it attacks anything that limits the needs and the desires of the exploited and the repressed of this world.

2 days of events

Saturday, 3d of July

Live gig with “Dakrygona” (tear-gas) and sintexniaplin in the mixer

9pm at the Aigaleo metro station

Sunday, 4th of July

comradely kitchen &feast

Signal squat (sinialo)

Kapodistriou and Thessalonikis Str, Aigaleo



July 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Barcelona: Notes on the european squat meeting (17-20 june 2010)


Translation of an article written in french and originally published on squat.net/fr

From june 17th to 20th, 2010, an european squat meeting took place in Barcelona…

People participating to the discussions were more than one hundred, all the discussions happened in the Laforsa squatted social centre (41 av. de la Fama, in Cornellà de Llobregat, suburbs of Barcelona). This old factory is squatted for a year now, but it’s quite famous because it has been occupied during several months by its own workers in the late seventies, becoming a symbol of the workers autonomous class struggle.
The discussions were happening in the huge Laforsa’s first floor (with plugged simultaneous translations in spanish, english, french and italian) and food was served twice a day in the second floor.
Each day was focused on one topic (thursday: presentation of the present squats and debate about the controversial question of legalization, friday: the possibilities of resistance against squats evictions – with the stories of Hamsa, Ateneu Korneya and Kasa de la Muntanya in Barcelona, Maintzer strasse in Berlin, Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Casablanca in Madrid, the 400 couverts in Grenoble, etc. saturday: demonstration in the city, then discussions about squatting as a mean for struggle – with the inspiring example of Cabanyal quarter in Valencia, and against prison – with some ex-prisoners, in particular Amadeu Casellas, sunday: social control and identification methods, especially DNA – with a barcelona’s lawyer who’s near the okupa movement, the presentation of the squat!net website and the tools it offers).

The bigger part of the discussions were focused on the presentation of the situations in the different countries or cities… Actually there were squatters from several countries (Catalunya, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.) and the squat’s practices plus the State repression are sometimes quite different from a country to another.
Because of that, we learnt a lot, but we had difficulties to go further on the topics.
Other meetings like that could be relevant… Some squatters from Barcelona said they should renew their intersquat dynamics, which are a bit dead for a few years.

In the next days or the next months:
– Monars (Catalunya): Rural squat meeting from july 1st to 4th
– Toulouse (Fr): Pilifest, “Squat and autonomy”, from july 3rd to 7th
– Dijon: Summerfest in the autonomous centre “Les Tanneries”, from july 16th to 24th
– Berlin: Intersquat festival from september 10th to 19th


Dozens of squats are active in Barcelona, not only the CSO Laforsa, we also could talk about la Rimaia, la Otra Carboner? and Barrilonia who are siatuated down’town and make a lot of activities (library, cyber-cafe, restaurant, parties, etc.) with big banners and paintings on their outside walls. And tons of other squats are active too, Barcelona stays the most important city in Europe talking about “political” squats.
Some pictures and links to some Barcelona’s squats:

See also:


On saturday june 19th, a breakfast-gathering under the sun was called for 10am in Vallcarca, a quarter where several old houses are squatted and where squats opening and closing are quite often these last years… Gentrification in the quarter sounds “normal” because of the touristy Güell park and so on… But in the same quarter you can find big squats like Kasa de la Muntanya and Blokes Fantasma.

Around 12:30am, the demonstration begins (250-300 people), accross Vallcarca, then in direction of Gracia, to end in Joanic place. During the demo, very numerous direct actions happened. A great collective energy was going on, and the cops were only a few, quite timid (before the beginning, people were quite unsure about the situation, because in may 2007, during the last intersquat demo in Barcelona, the cops closed the demo and fights between cops and squatters were severe, with some injured people… Alfonso, who hurt a cop that was beating up squatters, has been judged only a few weeks ago and has been condemned for three years in prison!).
First, a re-opening of a squat is made in Vallcarca, (the fifth re-opening in Vallcarca in only a few months), some masked people destroyed a wall with sledgehammers and immediately re-occupied the house!
During most of the actions that needed to make stop the demo for a few minutes, someone was taking in a megaphon to explain what’s the idea of the action. Quite a lot of people in the streets listened…
In the front of the demonstration, banners were arranged in a U shape to protect the demo from possible police assaults. Slogans we shouted very often, in catalan and in spanish (for example “okupa tu tambien”, “okupa y resiste”, “policia torturadors i asesinos”, which mean “you can squat too”, “squat and resist”, “police tortures and kills”). Some slogans also have been shouted in english and in french.

Dozens and dozens of graffitis have been made, some posters have been glued as well. Several banks have attacked by painted stuff (paint-bombs, graffitis and paint throws), some surveillance video-cameras have been damaged (broken or spray-painted), some banners have been put on different buildings (in particular ex-squats). The advertisment boards of a building site for the new metro line have been spray-painted and/or taken off, one part of the boards has been used as a symbolic barricade just behind the demo. Plaça de les dones del 1936 (1936 women’s place), an institutional building has a window smashed (against gentrification).
On the Gracia’s town hall place, the official building is protected by some police trucks, which are protected by more or less twenty anti-riot cops. Those cops are attacked by paint throws and by some projectiles. In the place, a huge squat’ symbol is painted on the ground.

The demonstration ends in a cool mood on Joanic place, that is spray-painted as well.
This intersquat’ demonstration makes an echo to the ones that h
appened in march in Toulouse, in Grenoble and in Poznan.

Pictures of the june 19′ demonstration:

Some other pictures taken in Barcelona in june 2010:

July 2, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Metro targeted by anti-racist spoof LONDON U.K.


London commuters were this morning surprised to find that their usual Metro paper was a bit thinner, yet more interesting and engaging, than usual.

Tens of thousands of copies of a spoof newspaper that looked very similar to the free daily were distributed at 20 busy tube stations around the capital during rush hour. Thousands more were distributed in other cities around the country.

Image Metro spoof – application/pdf 871K

the  Metro spoof paper
the Metro spoof paper

Under the headline “Gordon Brown to be deported to Scotland.” the front frontpage story claimed the former prime minister was facing imminent removal back to his “home country,” as the new coalition government introduced new immigration rules that imposed further restrictions on “non-English nationals.” Alongside the story, a manipulated picture showed Gordon Brown being arrested by two policemen at beer festival in Cambridge.

Wearing a white T-shirt bearing the Metro logo and a blue baseball cap, one of the 50 or so distributors, who preferred to keep anonymous, said: “By replacing the word ‘British’ with ‘English’ when talking about ‘British jobs’ and the ‘floods of illegal immigrants into Britain,’ we hope people will realise how racist and absurd this rhetoric of immigration controls is.”

In a witty attempt to highlight the racist and sexual violence experienced by immigration detainees at the hands of private ‘detainee escorts’, a fake advert claimed that G4S, the private security giant that runs a number of immigration detention centres in the UK and provides detainee escort services on behalf of the UK Border Agency, was looking for “strong men” to “escort women abroad.”

The rest of the spoof paper featured a 60-Second interview with a real-life ex-detainee, a ‘myth-buster’ about asylum and immigration, an ‘immigration newspeak’ glossary, racist quotes from mainstream press and a couple of more in-depth articles on immigration controls and protests against them.

Many of those who picked up the paper initially seemed confused as to why the Metro had “shrunk.” Realising it was a spoof, however, many commented that it was “very funny”, “clever”, “naughty” and “brilliant”. Some even returned back and asked for more copies. Others, however, threw it away and wanted the thicker “real thing.”

The Metro website has also been spoofed, with a layout similar to that of the paper’s official website but with the spoof paper’s content.

The ‘spoofing operation’ was part of ‘two days of action against racist press’, called by a coalition of anti-racist and migrant rights groups under the name Press Action.

A spokesperson for the anonymous group of spoofers said, “We are sick of being lied to; we are sick of being lied about. These lies, repeated everyday by free papers, tabloids and other corporate mainstream media outlets, have almost become a reality, where the most vulnerable victims of this screwed-up political-economic system are blamed for it.”

Explaining why the group chose the Metro and not a ‘more obvious target’ when it comes to racist press, such as the Daily Mail or the Evening Standard, the anonymous spokesperson commented: “We wanted to highlight the fact that racism and anti-immigration bias is sometimes more subtle than the Daily Hate rants. Besides, the Metro seemed to provide a better vehicle due to its exploitation of the ‘public’ transport system, so we thought we’d reclaim that right for a day.”


1. A pdf of the spoof paper can be found at http://www.metr0.co.uk/images/metr0-e-edition.pdf
or http://pressaction.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/metro_spoof.pdf

2. The spoof Metr0 website is at http://www.metr0.co.uk

3. The callout for the Two Days of Action Against Racist Press can be found at
or http://www.metr0.co.uk/article/days-of-action.html

- Homepage: http://www.metr0.co.uk