September 23, 2010
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>“Welcome to Europe”


This is the name of the organization which discovered and exposed the field with the mass graves of drowned refugees on the border of  Evros. There’s no meaning in numbers and statistics, any more. Important are the coherences and thoughts that the images bring to those who are yet not dehumanized. The image of a shoddy metal sign, riddled by gun-shots in front of a field with fresh popped pits. “Cemetery,” is indicated, “of illegal immigrants” …
We know, of course, that a daily war is going on across the border of Evros, and its victims [we talk about dead people] are always the refugees. But it’s even shocking to know that the dead refugees are dumped into pits in the fields. Contextually are coming to mind images in black and white of war and mass killings, pictures of holocaust, with bulldozers piled up in ditches piles of corpses. Is this an exaggeration? But yet … The proportions that make the association inevitable is tolerance, indifference and complicity of those societies which are responsible for massacre.
Exaggeration? What the hell… Let’s we all learn to listen and then everyone should take responsibility for the tolerance, the indifference, and the complicity. Each year hundreds or thousands of people are killed around the -so called “civilized” western world- Europe ‘s external and internal (sea ports, detention camps) borders. The mass slaughter is taking place at our next door, as corpses are washed up on beaches where the western tourists are having their holiday, on beaches where the greek fishermen are fishing. Tragically, this mass slaughter on the borders is only the last act of the drama for the refugees who escaped from countries that have been devastated by western colonization, the IMF, dictatorships and tyrannies – servile to western interests. From countries which lack rudimentary infrastructure for the reasons above, and on the first heavy rainstorm or on a usual earthquake are measuring carnage victims. From the countries ravaged by wars for oil, diamonds, by wars of the western capital, by wars with the participation of the greek state for the sake of the greek capital.
After all these, at least let us demand from this state to bury the people who were killed in its frond door – bury them like humans and not like dogs. As a society we also have to demand stopping the institutional reproduction of this humiliating designation “illegal” for those people who were lucky enough to survive and cross that door.

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Mapuches Reject Chilean Government Dialogue

SANTIAGO – Families of the roughly three-dozen jailed Mapuche Indian activists on hunger strike said Tuesday that they will not take part in a dialogue with the Chilean government.

The government’s initiative “does not have the goal of resolving the demands of the (hunger) strikers,” Mapuche spokesperson Natividad Llanquileo said outside a prison in the southern city of Concepcion, dismissing the planned talks as a “media show.”

President Sebastian Piñera announced the dialogue last Friday at a ceremony on the eve of Chile’s independence bicentennial.

Though the opening of talks on Indian grievances is one demand of the Mapuche hunger strikers, Piñera did not address more immediate concerns about the terms of their incarceration and prosecution.

“We have a debt to our original peoples, and particularly to the Mapuche people,” the president said, heralding “Plan Araucania” as package of economic and social measures aimed at improving the Mapuches’ quality of life and expanding opportunities for their economic development.

The talks are to take place at Ñielol mountain in the poor southern region of Araucania, heartland of the 650,000-strong Mapuche nation, which lost 95 percent of its land during a “pacification” campaign at the end of the 19th century.

In recent years, Mapuche militants have been torching vehicles, highway toll booths and lumber shipments as part of a campaign to reclaim ancestral lands from the agribusiness concerns and forest products companies that now control much of Araucania.

Successive governments in Santiago have responded mainly with repression, applying a draconian anti-terrorism law imposed during the 1973-1990 dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

The legislation allows the state to hold people for up to two years without charges, to restrict defense attorneys’ access to evidence and to use testimony from anonymous witnesses.

Chile’s government is currently holding 106 Mapuches – most of them still awaiting trial – for politically motivated crimes against property.

The Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike are demanding the scrapping of the anti-terror act and the “demilitarization” of Araucania.

“If there is a fatal outcome (to the hunger strike), the government of Chile will be the guilty party,” Llanquileo told Radio Bio Bio on Tuesday.

Both Llanquileo and Rodrigo Curipan, a member of the Mapuche parliament, ruled out taking part in this week’s talks at Ñielol mountain.

The conditions and agenda for the proposed dialogue “were imposed” by the government and have no bearing on resolving the prisoners’ hunger strike, opposition Sen. Jaime Quintana said.

“This is a monologue, comparable to a ceremony for the delivery of subsidies to the indigenous world,” he said. “But a dialogue table, it’s not.”

Speaking for the government, presidential chief of staff Cristian Larroulet said that while no one is excluded from the dialogue, the talks aimed at ending the hunger strike, mediated by Catholic Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati of Concepcion, are separate from the process at Ñielol mountain.

Internationally acclaimed novelist Isabel Allende, winner of Chile’s 2010 National Literature Prize, used the word “terrible” to describe the situation of the Mapuche hunger strikers.

“They could die, several of them are already on the edge of dying,” she told reporters after receiving the Bicentennial Medal from the Chilean Congress. EFE


September 22, 2010
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>Istanbul – Action in solidarity with Khimki Prisoners


On the night of 19th. September the embassy of the Russian Federation was attacked by a group of anarchists using the black color bombs.

The action which was made for solidarity with Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov, the two anarchists which were arrested because of their actions for defending the Khimki Forest, the flyers which were entitled as ” Freedom for the Khimki Prisoners ” were distributed.

After the action two activists were put under surveillance. After six hours of surveilance they were set free. The flyer which was distrubuted had a warnings for the Russian Goverment for releasing Alexei and Maxim.

The declaration of the action:

Освободим химкинских заложников!
(Free Khimki Prisonars)

The public had supported the demonstration which has been spontaneously realized by over 200 anti-facists and anarchists outside the town administration building, in defense of the Khimki Forest near the Moscow suburb of Khimki, which was at that time in the process of beings cutting down for the needs of big business. The authority had responsed to this demonstration with force and had arrested two well known social activists Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov one day later.
We are here for the solidarity with all the prisoner comrades who have been arrested as they campaign for their life in earth which is coveted by industrial capitalism in all quarters of the planet. And we are warning the russian government on release Alexei and Maxim!
Release Alexei and Maxim!
Our solidarity is behind the nations and our most powerful weapon !

Свобода Алексей и Максим
(Free Aleksei and Maxim)

Source: InternationalAforum

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Argentina – Car arson attacks in Buenos Aires

translated from culmine

We took to the streets again to practice what we say with our words and think with our brains.
We feel the need to do so because, as we can see, a newspaper published an article in Villa Devoto about the burning of car in the barrio in which it speaks explicitly of the arrest of a person allegedly responsible for the attacks. For this reason we are making it known that what they are saying in this newspaper and / or the police themselves is just a lie, they probably have not caught anyone, or if they did, they got a person who has nothing to do with this. That is why yesterday, September 15, 2010, at the intersection Melincue Chivilcoy we set fire to a car around 23 hours. In addition, we claim responsibility for the burning of other cars before that.
As we always say, we are doing this to combat the destruction that society is causing to the earth, that is why we’re not on its side and with these actions we are warning that we will continue to attack it to stop what it is doing to the world.
We know that they care little or nothing of what we say, but we won’t get lost in chatter and writings, something that has already been done. Only the comrades will understand, while those subjected to this system are so locked into the routine of work they have “need” of machines. We try to live differently.
Amigxs de la Tierra
links of the press:
links della stampa:

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>One Palestinian killed and five others wounded in clash with Jewish settlers in Silwan neighbourhood.


East Jerusalem clash turns deadly

A Palestinian has been killed after a Jewish settlement guard opened fire at a group of men in an Arab neighbourhood of East Jerusalem.

Special series

The incident occurred after clashes broke out between Jewish settlers and a number of local Palestinians in the Silwan neighbourhood, Al Jazeera’s Dan Nolan reported from Jerusalem.
Israeli policemen fired rubber-coated bullets and teargas at stone-throwing Palestinian protesters after the shooting, leaving several Palestinians wounded.
“Early this morning a private security guard drove in his car when the road was blocked with garbage. Cans and stones were throne at him from an upper level by tens of people,” Mickey Rosenfeld, an Israeli police spokesman, said.
“The security guard pulled his gun and shot dead a 32 year-old local citizen. The man who was killed is known to the police. His body was taken for examination. The security guard was arrested. The investigation is still in process,” he said.
Silwan, a crowded Arab neighbourhood of roughly 45,000 Arabs, is one of the most volatile areas of East Jerusalem, which Israel occupied in 1967 and later annexed in a move not recognised by the international community.

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Sydney Anarchists

>On Monday 20/9/2010 11 prisoners at the Immigrant Detention Centre at Villawood occupied the roof of the prison, with many more on hunger strike. One of the prisoners jumped off the roof committing suicide to protest their deportation. The others on the roof threatened to also jump by 5.00pm Tuesday unless their demands were met.

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 21/9/2010) a group occupied the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIC) and locked themselves inside. This action was undertaken with the direct purpose that it could affect the outcome of the protest taken by detainees at Villawood who were saying they would be forced to jump from the roof if no-one from DIC would speak to them regarding their cases. By occupying and refusing to leave the DIC office we intended to apply some more force upon these faceless officials to actually respond to the desperation of those occupying the roof.
The action was also taken because it had become clear that the militancy of those incarcerated within these detention centers was far outstripping that of anyone outside. We hoped to raise the level of solidarity with those inside beyond passively pleading to some higher authority to be ‘more humane’.
After gaining entry and occupying, the group asserted they would not leave until things were sorted out on the roof at Villawood. All the while, we were in contact with those on the roof at Villawood, expressing our solidarity and finding out how they thought negotiations were going. By the time police rescue arrived to cut free those locked on at DIC it was becoming clear that there was a chance of a resolution out at Villawood that was at least satisfactory enough to make the detainees on the roof not jump off.
2 of the comrades inside DIC were arrested and held for a number of hours and charged with trespass. A number of people gathered outside the police station in solidarity where those arrested were being held, demanding their release. Due to further police provocation and harassment another comrade was arrested outside and charged with trespass. The 3 were released after 7 hours.
It is also worth pointing out there were 2 other equally significant actions undertaken in solidarity with those on the roof today. One involved a few hundred people heading out to Villawood so that they could be visible and heard by detainees in a strong and direct show of support. The other was the occupation of Newtown square by 30 or so people who hung banners and handed out flyers during peak hour.
In solidarity with all those incarcerated in prisons, detention centers or whatever name they are given we shout…

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Responsibility claim for the arson of the turkish consultant in Thessaloniki


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When the enemy marches on, I retreat.
When the enemy camps, I bother him.
When the enemy is worn out, I hammer him.
When the enemy retreats, I chase him”
mao zedong
In the early hours of saturday 18/9, we attacked with loads of molotovs and an incendiary device to the police guard box of the turkish consultant and two parked police cars (one of the special forces and one white undercover citroen). We chose to act as guerillas setting ourselves the time and place of our attack, targeting to surprise them, make them run away and destroy their vehicles, as it happened.
The conditions change and transform, so we evolve and realise that the ground of fixed dates (Thessaloniki International Expo) does not favour conflict, this is why from now on we will attack on our own terms.
You pigs were happy the weekend of the T.I.E., at your cop party, one week later though came the flaming answer and the feet reached the legs.
Our attack was only one example of what will happen this year…
While you drink your coffee guarding high targets, we move with a fast pace and map out your every move.
It has been said by others before us, either you will change your job or you will meet rocks and fire at every corner.
P.S. Targeted as our enemies are also all those who re enforce the oppressive work of the police.
Commando of Night time Confusion

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Simon Chapman and 3 other defendants to again face the Greek Courts


Statement of the London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group – September 19th, 2010 version

The solidarity group was formed in 2003 soon after the arrests at the EU summit demonstrations in Thessaloniki.

The entire basis of the arrests in 2003, was and still remains, an arbitrary attack upon the demonstrations, where culpability was placed upon those that the Greek authorities sought to make examples of. From the beginning of the process of detention it was clear that evidence of guilt would not even be based upon recognition of legal facts or evidence but by association. In Thessaloniki during those days everyone was guilty, and for the Greek authorities, it was merely the case of charging those either unfortunate to be detained ( then beaten and tortured ) many of which coming from outside of Greece. The 7 which were detained, know as the Thessaloniki 7, consisted of 3 Greeks ( 2 of which were teenagers ), 2 Spanish, 1 Syrian and 1 British. In response to their continued incarceration, a hunger strike began in early September 2003, lasting 56 days and finally leading to the release of all 7 prisoners for humanitarian reasons. The embarrassment of negative publicity, along with the many solidarity demonstrations and actions throughout greece and the world, forced the hand of the Greek state in averting a greater problem of creating martyrs for a burgeoning movement. After the successful release and dropping of bail conditions for the 7, rumours of a re-emergence of the trials again began circulating. This time in late 2007 the initial confirmation for the start of a trial being 8th January 2008.

For this story continues. Simon Chapman from London, UK was found guilty of the following charges in 2008

• Culpable of repeated explosion from which there could result common danger for a human being
• Repeated construction of explosive bombs
• Possession of explosive bombs
• Distinguished riot/rebellion
• Distinguished cases of damages in confluence

He was then sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison in his absence, with others receiving 5 years, most either being found not guilty or guilty of lesser non-imprisonable charges. Since 2008 the trial has left a legacy with 5 outstanding appeals to the conviction and inflated prison sentences. These appeals – now reduced to 4 defendants after the outcome of an earlier appeal hearing of one of the defendants – again sees 3 of the 5 hunger strikers of 2003 appear in court including Simon Chapman.

At this stage, with just under a week left before the beginning of the trial (the trial begins on September 24th in Thessaloniki ) , the fact remains, that what we are fighting now is the same process of repression that we fought successfully in 2003. In Simon’s case especially, documented video and photo evidence clearly shows MAT riot police plant molotov cocktails in black bags and strap them to his body. Simon has maintained, and which photographic evidence illustrate, that he was carrying a light blue rack sack with nothing more than water bottles. This blatant attempt to artificial manufacture culpability remains a reflection of the nature of these trials.

We therefore express our solidarity to the 4 defendants facing the courts and prosecutors of the Greek state, and reaffirm our commitment to fight in solidarity with them.

Our commitment for the freedom of the Thessaloniki 4!

Solidarity and dignity against repression!

London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group – September 19th, 2010

For Contact Please email us at:

We will be using UK indymedia to post updates during the next few days

London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group
- e-mail:

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Anti-Police Prisoner Paul French Needs Letters and Money


As many of you know, on April 8th, 2010, an anti-police demonstration took place in Olympia, WA. Over 50 people marched through the streets as a part of the West Coast Days of Action Against Police Violence. 29 arrests were made. Police came in with pepperballs, batons, etc. to disperse a march — you know the drill.One of those arrests was Paul French who was convicted of felony assault of an officer. Paul got several months and is in dire need of commisary. He is currently in debt to the prison for medical expenses and unable to buy anything from commisary (not even a toothbrush). To write to him, please write:

Paul Joseph French
C/O Thurston County Corrections
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW
Olympia, WA 98502
As with writing other prisoners, remember that what you say can hurt them. Don’t send in anything aside from paper and don’t write anything that could hurt them (don’t discuss their case!).
If you would like to donate money, you can send him a postal money order in the amount of your choice. Folks in Olympia are hard at work trying to raise over a thousand dollars to pay for his expenses so please chip in.
Support our political prisoners!
Somebody in Olympia
If you’re interested in supporting other political prisoners, see (This prisoner is not supported by the ABCF, just a handy link)

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Arrests, Violence and one small Victory – Weekend demonstrations during Yom Kippur in the West Bank


Al Ma’asara
Some thirty Palestinian, Israeli and international activists gathered this week in Ma’asara to protest against the Apartheid Wall. The small procession passed through the village, and was met by a gang of soldiers and border policemen at its outskirts. The soldiers declared the area was a closed military zone, and allowed the demonstrators a minute to leave.
One of the demonstrators started giving a speech about the anniversary to the Sabra and Shatila massacre, and the soldiers reacted by throwing stun grenades at people’s feet. Two minutes later they started throwing tear gas as well. Demonstrators took a step back, then returned forward, and were met with more violence. Demonstrators put their hands up in the air, calling soldiers not to shoot at the non-violent demonstration, and to use the Jewish holiday of repentance to rethink their actions. This repeated itself for some twenty minutes, until the soldiers suddenly left. Demonstrators celebrated their small victory, and the demonstration was over

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Mass breakout of asylum-seekers in Australia


It has been reported that 60-70 Afghani men have escaped from the refugee and asylum- seekers’ detention centre in Darwin today, Wed 1st September. The men, the majority of whom are asylum-seekers whose request for refugee status has been declined, are holding a ‘sit in’ alongside the Stuart Highway, with banners that read “Please help us”, “Show us mercy”, and “We are homeless, defenseless and we seek protection”.
Some of the men have informed the media that if they return to Afghanistan they will be killed. “If I go back, they will cut off my head,” said Kazemi Syed Zulfiger.
The peaceful protest comes just days after 100 accused people smugglers rioted in the centre, lighting fires and smashing windows. Ian Rintoul, from the Refugee Action Coalition, explains that the rioters are impoverished fishermen who have been manipulated by criminal gangs and should simply be sent home.

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>The Boycott of Chilean Fruit & Wine For the Freedom of the Mapuche Political Prisoners


Mapuche Political Prisoners on 60+ day Hunger Strike during Chilean Bicentenary (September 18th)

Boycott Chilean Fruit and Wine
Boycott Chilean Fruit and Wine

34 Indigenous Mapuche Political Prisoners have undertaken an INDEFINITE hunger strike. Starting July 12th 2010 in various jails throughout so-called southern “Chile” including Concepcion, Lebu, Angol, Temuco, and Valdivia in order to demand their Rights as a Sovereign Indigenous Nations.
This during the Year of Chile’s BICENTENARY: September 18th, 2010. Representing the Ongoing Genocide of Our People.
Do Your Part!
The History of the Mapuche Nation
The indigenous Mapuche People (meaning people of the earth) have resided for millennia as a nation in what is today known as southern Chile. In 1641, after years of war with the Spanish colonizers, the Mapuche Nation signed the Treaty of Quilin with Spanish Crown, on a nation to nation basis, recognizing Mapuche sovereign territory south of the Bio-Bio River. The Mapuche were one of the only indigenous nations in South America to ever sign a treaty with the Spanish Crown.
However in 1810, after the independence of the Chilean colonies, a process of expansion begins on the part of the newly conformed Chilean State, beginning with the annexation of Mapuche territory in the 1818 Constitution by usurping colonial Chilean founder Bernardo O’Higgins. From 1860 onwards to the late 19th Century, a brutal military occupation of Mapuche territory (also known as Arauco to the Spanish) was carried out by the Chilean State known as the “Pacification War” (Guerra de la Pacificacion), where hundreds of Mapuche people were killed, displaced, and were reduced to less than 5% of their original territory. Most of the surrounding land was illegally auctioned to a few private individuals or settlers, establishing large landed agricultural estates, which up to this day encompass most traditional Mapuche territory.
During the Pinochet military coup (1973 – 1990), further encroachment of Mapuche territory is carried out through the privatization and auction of public lands to private corporations making up the export-based pulp and paper industry. These includes the establishment of Cellulose Plants, or paper mills, and Forestry corporations such as Mininco Inc., Arauco Forestry Inc., among others; using environmentally harmful practices such as the complete removal of indigenous species of tress and plants with exotic pine tree plantations, which are then logged for export.
Since the reestablishment of “democracy” in 1990, the neo-liberal policies of privatization have continued intensifying the encroachment of Mapuche territory, sparking the mobilization of Mapuche communities, which have been severely repressed by the State and its official branches. Mobilization of the communities in conflict, most notably the founding of the Coordinadora de Communidades en Conflicto Arauco Malleco organization (translated as the Arauco Malleco Coordinating Committee otherwise known as CAM) has resulted in extreme repression on behalf of the Chilean State. This repression can seen in that the Chilean State not only allows for private estate owners and corporations to continually encroach on Mapuche lands, but also by the use of the Pinochet era Anti-terrorist law, the constant harassment and incarceration of Mapuche organizers, and most tragically, the shooting deaths of two Mapuche youth, 17 year-old Alex Lemun Saavedra in 2002, and 22 year old Matias Catrileo Quezada in 2008 by Chilean police officers.
Why Boycott Chilean Fruit & Wine?
Since the Chilean government has focused on neo-liberal policy, such as the promotion of the Fruit Staples and Wine for development and expansion, the industry directly affects the Chilean State’s strategic economic and territorial interests in Mapuche territory, as it opens the doors for further trade of other commodities with different countries such as the paper and pulp industry.
That is why this ongoing boycott is directed to the “owners” of Chile (the rich) who together with the government exclusively profit from free trade, and are the political ideologists behind the murder and repression of the Mapuche People.
Chile 2010: No Bicentenary on Stolen Land!
The Women’s Coordinating Committee For a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]
For More Information, Email:

September 22, 2010
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>Eco-activists protecting Khimki Forest taken to the court


21 September,

On September 23, a Moscow city court is to consider legal action by the company contracted to build a highway through the Khimki Forest against the citizens that took part in the protection actions, Interfax reports.

Legal action has been brought against 11 individuals, including Evgenia Chirikova, the leader of the Movement for the Protection of Khimki Forest. The company is seeking damages to the sum of almost 8 million rubles (over US$250 000) for impeding machinery access to the construction site.

September 22, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Big anti-Israeli demonstration in Paris


Up to 25,000 marchers hit the streets of Paris to demonstrate against Israel’s actions. Organisers said it was to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, accusing the international community of hypocrisy. A few hundred protestors broke away from the main march and tried to approach the Israeli embassy, but were held back by banks of riot police.

September 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>ROMA – Europe 1942 – 2010


French police evacuate a Roma family from a camp near Lille last month. In a speech French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that he had asked the interior minister to “put an end to the wild squatting and camping of the Roma.” 
This picture from July 30, 1942 shows a concentration camp prisoner, Hans Bonarewitz, being accompanied to his execution by the camp band at the Mauthausen camp in Austria. Nobody knows exactly how many Roma died during Nazi times. Numbers range from a firm 90,000 to as many as an estimated half a million.

September 21, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>SDL & BNP: smashed out of Glasgow


A last minute mobilisation of anti-fascists yesterday saw off both the BNP and the Scottish Defence League, who both attempted to hold separate public activity in Glasgow city centre.
With fears that the SDL were attempting a ‘flash-mob’ style protest, in the vein of what the EDL organised in Oldham last weekend, SAFA activists were already keeping an eye on the city centre, when they came across the BNP setting up a stall around 1pm.

SAFA activists – plus people from left-wing stalls elsewhere in the city centre – were able to quickly mobilise to confront the BNP. Around 1.45pm, a large number of anti-fascists descended on the stall, which was kicked over and the contents of it torn up or seized. With a large crowd now gathered around, the BNP were left standing beside the ruins of their stall as up to 100 onlookers and anti-fascists chanted at them. The police showed up around 15 minutes later and attempted to gain control of the situation, but in the end were forced to remove the BNP members for their own safety.
Meanwhile, the SDL were beginning to gather in The Goose pub on Union Street. They indicated that they would heading to George Square at 5.30pm, for an assembly at the Cenotaph – their full intentions were unclear. By the time the 15 SDL supporters showed up, around 100 anti-fascists and local youth were gathered in the square. A brief confrontation ensued, with one SDL supporter arrested, alongside a 14 year old, who allegedly threw a punch in the direction of the SDL.
The SDL were denied the use of the Cenotaph, and the police were again forced to step in to remove the fascists from our streets.
All in all, a hugely successful day of direct action against fascism – let’s hope they got the message and don’t return any time soon.

September 20, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


>16th september

 The prisoners denied to go back to their cells until their demands were met. They ask for the abolishment of the undignified and humiliating searches that happen everyday in their personal space that sometimes lead to the same people being searched 3-4 times a week after the first ones found nothing. The insufficient meals which are served at the same times but with much smaller portions (half a plate of spaghetti), the revolting sanitary conditions with cockroaches jumping out of everywhere, the unjustified set up disciplinaries as oppressive measures that for a month now have been imposed by the new sergeant Teggas have as the only target the physical and ethical extermination of those imprisoned in them.

 The enslaved prison guards who execute vengeful orders themselves, with the justification of searching the cell they throw everything on the floor (sheets, personal belongings and food and coffees) create their own responsibility and will answer for that.

A motorbike demo of about 50 people arrived outside the prisons in solidarity shortly after to support the prisoners however they can.