October 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Communique from the last Mapuche hungerstrikers


On October 2, most of the Mapuche political prisoners on hungerstrike in the prisons of the Chilean state announced an end to their action while the hungerstrikers at Angol prison declared they would continue. On October 7, they released another communique explaining their struggle. The following day, after nearly 90 days without eating, they ended their hungerstrike, although without signing onto any agreement with the Chilean state. Translated from Hommodolars
We consider this communique to be of great importance because it clearly explains how the modifications to the antiterrorist law are simply cosmetic and do not at all guarantee the completion of the demands brought forward by this mobilization. Furthermore, and most importantly, the hungerstrikers of Angol prison want to make it plain that this action did not occur as a partial claim within the juridical realm, but as a projection of the Mapuche struggle. This is where we see that an action such as this is not a simple pressure brought to bear against the party in power, rather it reveals the substance of what is and must be the struggle by the Mapuche against the State/Capital. A struggle that, through this kind of mobilization, continuously strengthens itself and avoids a fossilization that would prevent it from taking on a larger framework, such as a struggle for self-determination. It’s a way of realizing what the Mapuche brothers and sisters are capable of doing: taking control of their lives, modifying the reality produced for us and controlled by the State/Capital, which presents itself as independent from us and turns us into simple spectators. In other words, this is reality and we won’t simply contemplate it or run around according to the schedule with which it dominates us. We are capable of changing this reality so that its independent movement begins to weaken. Not at the level of appearances or mere knowledge, but in a praxis that acts on objective situations and transforms them, by acting on the separations that falsely isolate us from others and from our own activity on a daily basis.

We are not saying that with hungerstrikes we can achieve self-determination, but that with all kinds of actions we begin to compose a unitary practical critique of the State/Capital. One doesn’t proclaim this, one puts it in practice and changes the conditions that limit our daily ability to take action. In other words we “open” the context within which we take action today so that tomorrow our possibilities will have expanded to create the conditions not to express our total critique but to execute it. This must not be understood as a “tactic” within an idea of the accumulation of forces or gradualism [trans: common Marxist approaches to revolution], it should only be understood for what it is: our activity produces reality and this reality has broken from our control. Reappropriating a way of acting that is our own, subversive, and negative of what exists is how we produce the conditions to realize that the insurrection that uncages the revolution is a question of our own necessity; by modifying the objective situation we are modifying our own position within it. This is true in all struggle.
The 14 peñis [brothers] who continue the hungerstrike:
Angol Prison
1.- Victor Llanquileo Pilquiman
2.- Fernando Millacheo Marin
3.- José Queipul Huaiquil
Victoria Hospital
4.- Victor Hugo Queipul
5.- Felipe Huenchullan Cayul
6.- Camilo Tori Quiñinao
7.- Eduardo Osses Moreno
8.- Alex Curipan Levipan
9.- Carlos Huaiquillan Palacio
10.- *Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao
Temuco Prison
11.- Hugo Melinao
12.- Cristián Levinao
13.- Sergio Lican Levio
Chol Chol Prison [minors]
14.- Luis Marileo Cariqueo

October 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


Berlin – Car flared of Neonazi Steve Henning

The following declaration was sent to directactionde:
“Last night we flared the car of the Nazi Steve Hennig in Berlin Lichterfelde.
Steve Hennig is the leader of the neo-Nazi group who operated under the label FN-Mitte. FN-Mitte stepped through actions and violence in appearance. In September they announced their dissolution. Of which there is no trace. They are still active. The Nazi Hennigs flat is in Osdorferstraße 113. He will not come to rest. Where Nazis show up, we will have them and their cars attacking. no peace!
Autonomous neighbourhood Steglitz / Zehlendorf “

Berlin – Arson attack against car of secruity company

A declaration was published on directactionde.ucrony.net
The group “no name militants” burned a car from a secruity company in Berlin-Neukölln. Private security firms take over the tasks which the police do not fight anymore. The concerted rush from poor people and mutual denunciations to the authorities, a concept of counterinsurgency. The company”sicherhet nord” from Hamburg plays a leading role. The burning Car in Neukölln from “sicherheit nord” increase Price for the Conference on internal security in November in Hamburg.

Berlin – Stones against real estate office

Unknown suspects threw several stones this morning against the shop windows of a real estate office in Prenzlauer Berg and the damage it.
An employee alerted the police at 9 clock in the Kollwitz Street after he had noticed two damaged shop windows and a destroyed cover plate on the façade of the office Building. The political Police of Berlin has taken over the investigation.

Bus attack after Nazi Demonstration

20 hooded persons had attacked a Bus which was parked in a remote and difficult to observe part in a parking Area of a Shopping Centre in east Germany. After the stone throwing attack she had fled. The driver estimated the damage caused to around 20,000 €. The police immediately took on the investigation and securing mark. The Bus was used by Neonazis after a Demonstration in Leipzig.

October 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>more sabotage at Broken Cross Mine…


Last night four earth movers, two dump trucks and an explosives handling truck were sabotaged beyond use at Broken Cross Open Cast Mine in South Lanarkshire. The mine is one of three active mines in the Douglas valley owned by Scottish Coal. Scottish Coal is attempting to open three more open cast mines in the valley, totally engulfing the communties in mines and infrastructure, destroying their way of life and their health.

It’s time to stand up to these bullies and hit them where it hurts. We won’t stop until they leave the Douglas Valley, and leave the coal in the ground.

Fuck Scottish Coal!

October 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Germany, Portugal, UK: Speed Cameras Under Siege


Vigilantes attack speed cameras in Germany, Portugal and England.

Foam attack cameraVigilantes set fire to a speed camera last Sunday at just before 11pm in Thames Valley, England, the Buckinghamshire Advertiser reported. The extent of damage to the automated ticketing machine on Two Dells Lane in Orchard Leigh is unknown. Police have no idea who might be responsible.
Police in Euskirchen, Germany reported that vigilantes had ripped a traffic camera out of the ground last week. On Friday at around 2:15pm the automated ticketing machine was found in a field.
In Donaueschingen, vigilantes used foam to block the lens of the automated ticketing machine in the downtown area last weekend. Police have no idea who might be responsible, so they will assume anyone who recently received a ticket is a suspect, Sudkurier reported.
In Portugal, fewer speed camera citations were issued this year, Correio da Manha reported. Officials admitted that cameras had suffered “acts of vandalism” affecting the number of tickets issued, as well as cameras being taken offline because they were no longer operating properly.

October 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Anger as French students join protests


Fears for their future prompted students to join the protests in France, their increasing anger sparking clashes with police. Demonstrations closed 261 high schools across the country, somewhat fewer than at the height of last Friday’s protests. There have been a number of arrests, including nine young people in the departement of Oise, and four in the town of Amiens.
French youth has a long history of taking to the streets to protest against what they see as state abuse of power, and little has changed.
One girl said: “Young people have the power to put pressure on the government. We do it for us and for others too, those who can’t afford to retire now. This is solidarity!”
But some critics say it’s unfair that a few hot heads can disrupt life for everyone else.
“It’s strange that young people think they can speak about what will happen 50 years from now,” said the mother of one student. “Only five or ten percent of students are blockading the entire school, and I think that’s sad for democracy.”
Outside Paris, police used tear gas against protesters in Mulhouse and Montbelliard in the east, while cars and a bus were set on fire in Lyon.

October 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


Iranian refugees have sewn their mouths, on hunger strike demanding political asylum, constant updates on their blog

Five  Iranian men and one woman have sewn their mouths and are on hunger strike since October 14th (one more man joined in on the 15th). On Friday, the woman had a tendency to vomit and needed to be transferred to hospital, yet the state-run ambulance service (EKAV) refused to help since “she had sewn her mouth herself”. The refugees and people in solidarity  have now rented a private ambulance, which they can only afford to keep until Monday.
In total, 35 adults and 9 children are taking part in the hunger strike.
More information and constant updates at the campaign’s blog: Iranian Political Asylum Seeker’s Campaign in Athens

October 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Information about the solidarity concert for Simos on sept. 26th


The 8.000 individuals that participated in the concert of solidarity to Simos Seisidis, that happened on the 26/9 in Petroupoli, gave a loud answer to the  scare of terrorism, the police savagery and the persecutory fury against Simos, a unique “presence” of solidarity. The hundreds comrades, mainly from the anarchist but also the far left movement, who worked non stop for the success of the concert, even if some people had disagreements with the character, proved that we can accomplish a lot  with unity, comradeship and introversion. The clean income of the concert is 39.000 Euros, which will be disposed mainly for legal expenses (Simos until now faces six different prosecutions), for his expenses in prison and for the dealing of medical matters in the near future (the sum for the purchase and the placement of the artificial member has been paid off). The fight against the lame official charges, the persecutory vengeance and the mission to exterminate of Simos Seisidis continues! 

October 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Mexico City SSP bombing claimed


16 10 2010 From Culmine (October 16, 2010): translation from this is our job
Through this document, the Fanya Kaplan Commando Unit of the Práxedis G. Guerrero Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution states that it carried out the following act of sabotage during the night of October 14 to 15, 2010: Using a homemade grenade, we attacked a bus belonging to the repressive riot police squad of the Mexico City Public Security Secretariat (SSP-DF). The truck was parked in front of the Attorney General’s office on Avenida Obrero Mundial in the suburb of Navarte, just a few meters from the SSP-DF’s eastern command center. The SSP-DF and Attorney General are directly responsible for the continued imprisonment of anarchist comrades in Mexico City.
This bombing of property belonging to those who protect capital and the state should be taken as a little hint that we are continuing the struggle, which grows more direct and unmediated with each attack. It also means we don’t fear them. We are mocking them to their faces and operating on their own turf. This time we detonated a charge capable of only limited material damage to the target. Next time, our direct target will be the police. Whether they are called judicial, federal, military, or judges, they are loyal oppressors in the service of the powerful, whose property they guard.
We know there are some police officers who do their job out of economic necessity, but we also know most of them clearly understand that their job is to constitute a repressive organ—the same one that unleashed the beatings and torture during the demonstrations on October 2, the same one responsible for the maulings in Guadalajara in 2004, the same one that murdered and raped in Atenco, the same one that steals and extorts on the streets every day. They abuse their precious little badges and ranks, but those things mean nothing to us. At the same time, they try to impose their power and authority, beating up anyone who feels like living, dressing, thinking, loving, or speaking unconventionally. That’s why we’re fed up, and this is our response.
These repressive organs are the same ones that beat and tortured Adrián and Abraham, the same ones that tortured Yiannis Dimitrakis in Greece in order to protect the capitalist world order, the same ones who keep our anti-authoritarian comrades imprisoned in Chile. We are at war against all of power’s abuses and degradations. We are at war for the destruction of capital and the state.
The Mexico City police, led by the brownnosing Mancera, has failed in its numerous attempts to stop the wave of sabotage carried out by different groups against symbols of capital. They will continue to fail because we will continue to be active. Our principal concern is that these actions show how Mexico City, even with its dirty and permissive “social democratic” system, hasn’t changed one bit. Repression and harassment continue, with capitalism and environmental destruction following in their footsteps, even when an attempt is made to greenwash them.
By the way, how ironic is it that, in the currently popular movie about drug trafficking, the corrupt police chief—who collaborates with the drug traffickers and extorts money from the poor—is also named Mancera? Life is full of coincidences.
Free the anarchist and political prisoners!!!
Free Braulio Duran!!!
Total solidarity with the Chilean compas imprisoned in the Bombings Case!!!
For the destruction of the capitalist social peace and social order!!!
Attack the military-police state every day!!!
At war with the state:
—Práxedis G. Guerrero Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution; Mexico City; October 15, 2010

Explosion near riot police HQ in Mexico City

16 10 2010 From Culmine (October 16, 2010):
MEXICO CITY, October 15. An explosive device detonated near a Public Security Secretariat (SSP) riot police command center early this morning, damaging the the front end of a nearby bus.
The bus was parked in front of the Attorney General’s office at the corner of Avenida Obrero Mundial and Calle De Uxmal in the suburb of Navarte. Police were alerted when the vehicle began to burn after the explosion. Several ambulances arrived on the scene along with agents from the SSP Task Force, who used a special tool to search the damaged vehicle and nearby parked cars for other explosive devices.
Witnesses say they saw a cylindrical object thrown from a passing car that immediately fled the area, but no further description of the vehicle was available.
For the moment, initial investigations into the device have revealed that it could have been a firework or even a butane gas canister. There have been no arrests or injuries related to the incident.

October 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow



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In the time of the I.m.f., the moment that dominance preforms the economic bloodsucking of society, at the same time it arms and enlarges its defence against the threat of the domestic enemy.
For fear of a generalized and uncontrollable social explosion, thousands of cops are hired and patrol the streets. Large sums are spent for the purchase of material and technical infrastructure, such as cars, motorbikes, surveillance systems.
All this with the cooperation of industries and multinationals, such as Scoda (with the “kind contribution” of free vehicles to the oppressive mechanisms).
The vague show of strength by the state does not not intimidate the side of the struggle but constantly brings to the limelight the fertile issue of revolution.
It also constantly brings forward the to return insurrectionist everyday life.
The provocative cooperation of the companies with all the security services automatically turns them into targets.
We chose to hit the cops individually at their own homes, the police as a mechanism as well as a company that is in cooperation with it.
So we hit (on wed 6/10):
A cops motorbike in N.smirni area on rodestou street.
A cops motorbike in Daphni, on ethnarhou makariou street (100 metres from where our comrade Lambros Foundas fell in battle)
A Scoda dealership in Argiroupoli, on vouliagmenis avenue.
(thursday 7/10):
Cop jeap of Vrahatiou police station, which was in a mechanics on the old corinth highway.
(wed 13/10):
A Scoda dealership on messogeion avenue
(thursday 14/10):
A cops car in Ag.paraskeui area on karaoli dimitriou street.

October 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Thessaloniki courts SMASHED UP

at the hearing of the arrested 19year old comrade Giannis Skouloudis


The provocative attitude of the cops did not stay unanswered today, comrades attacked the riot cop units inside the court building outside the room the comrade was being held.

The attitude of the comrades was militant. Despite the attack on the riot cops, no comrade was left behind. There were two riot cop units, one in front of us and one on the side (which was just sitting

around). After that windows were smashed inside the court on the first floor as well as cop shields. All the cops managed to do was throw one tear gas cannister which we didn’t even realize.

It was answered to immediately with a fire extinguisher by a comrade.

No comrade stepped back neither feared, since all of us felt the rage inside of us for the arrested comrade.

Since the cops did not manage to do anything with the comrades they hit the mother of the accused comrade over the head.

The 19year old was arrested yesterday accused of arson of a car of the national electricity company.

The charges of the comrade are with the “anti-terrorist” law:

“Composing a criminal organization”

“Arson”, “Explosion”, charges concerning the possession, making and use of explosive devices, and “Grievous criminal damage”, and breaking the law “about weapons”.

After arresting him the “anti-terrorist” police looking for another 3 people did a show of power transforming it into an exercise, stopped people everywhere, raided comrades homes and harassed

anyone who looked “suspicious”.

No one hostage in the hands of the state.



October 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Group 4 Murder Angolan Migrant during Deportation (UK)


An Angolan man was suffocated to death by three G4S guards who were forcibly deporting him back to Angola, they used handcuffs and ‘restraint’ techniques which involved putting pressure on his back and pushing his head into his lap.
According to witnesses he struggled and shouted for ten minutes, “i can’t breathe, they are going to kill me” whilst being held down by the G4S guards. Many passengers were pushed away from him into first class to avoid them seeing the reality of migration politics in the UK.
He lost conciousness and was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. G4S released a statement to the effect of: “a detainee was ill and on the flight and died in hospital”.
This is the reality of the murderous borders, people who don’t fit into the correct ‘citizen’ model, who don’t have the right papers, who don’t ‘belong’ in the UK are brutally treated and deported with fatal results. Whether or not the deaths occur in the detention centre, on the flight, after deportation, during a dangerous illegal border crossing is irrelevant, the fact is Borders Kill!
Fuck their deportations, solidarity to all migrants and especially the Mubenga family at this time.
No Borders

October 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


Ephemera:    http://rioter.info/english/

A p r i l 2 0 1 0
[“what was ensured to others by some kind of a mutual good faith, for us, it is safeguarded only by fear, as our “alliance” is now based upon this fear and only, rather than any friendship”, Thoukydides, Historiae G12]
“Revolutionary Struggle” armed group live-TV arrests, terror-spectacle and brutal crackdown on peaceful community resistance.

What’s happening at the moment, is the Greek state evolving its own strategy of tension, trying on the one hand to disorientate and construct a scapegoat, in the face of its own economic and political bankruptcy and the pillaging of economic and social gains from past struggles of its subjects, through which it hopes(?) to overcome it. A pillaging, that its own impotent and already “burnt” “little parrots”  are not able to guarantee the much needed consensus, and thus it could’nt be put in any other way than as obedience to the imposition of external and higher mechanisms, such as the IMF and the EU.
The sunken prestige of Greek democracy and its -neighbourhood mobster-like- bourgeoisie (setting the paradigm: “don’t mess with us” and its primitive methodology: violence and public humiliation) makes a desperate effort to get up on its knees again, by showin off military power against its most demonised enemy: the anarchists. At the same time, they are trying to put the latter one step aback, nailed in defense, maybe even hoping for some of them to engage in a military type of vendetta, already lost from the start, but mainly to paralyze radical critique, the practical critique of the streets – where our Class meets.
English: Information on this case can be found at “Act for Freedom” blog and Occupied London’s “After the Greek Riotshttp://rioter.info/english/

October 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Beer and Revolution Archives: The Greek Insurrection audio is up!


Monday, October 11, 2010

With the debut of Beer and Revolution “Season Two” last night, featuring Anarchy Magazine contributor and editor Lawrence Jarach, it seemed like a good time to get off our asses and put up some more audio from last year’s sudsy symposiums. A couple weeks ago I posted the audio to John Zerzan’s presentation at last January’s Beer & Rev and this week I finally got around to adding the presentation on the Greek insurrection by Sissy, Tasos and Peter (which was a big hit). Below I’ve embedded the first part of what was a wide-ranging and very entertaining discussion below.

The more I reflect on the Greek tour, especially having spent some time with them (and quaffed more than a few beers together here and in the Bay) and seeing their presentation twice, I think it is very likely that their visit will be remembered as one of the more remarkable and influential events in recent American anarchist history. Already I have heard the “Cops, pigs, murderers!” chant ring out at more than one anarchist action across the country. In a time where police murder seems more and more the norm, I expect to hear it a lot more. I certainly feel lucky to have had the chance to learn from our Greek comrades about their struggle.

Follow the link back to our youtube page for the rest of it (it’s almost two hours total). As usual, to get the full experience, you really need to come to the event. Since it takes place in a very social atmosphere, the sound quality on the recording is not always the best, especially during the q and a. All the more reason to come out and join in the conversation yourself! While you’re at our youtube page, check out the favorites section, because there’s some interesting talks there that we think are worth checking out. We add to it periodically, so check back from time to time.

Last night’s B&R with Lawrence drew a little more than forty people and was a raucous affair. I hope to have that online for your enjoyment in a few days if all goes well. As usual, if you’re coming to town or if you’re already here and have something that you think may fit in the Beer & Rev format, hit us up. Maybe we can work something out. These are irregular affairs, in that rather than stick to an arbitrary calendar, we do them when we think there’s something worth talking about. As of right now, we do have another tentatively planned for March or April. We’d love to do another one (or more) before that, so hit us up if you’re interested.

One of the things we want to do with Beer & Rev is to encourage the discussion of anarchist ideas and the development of critical anarchist thinking here in Phoenix, and to do it in a social way that breaks out of the stale lecture model that so often dominates the genre, as well as to challenge ourselves and our ideas. Suggestions, tips, criticisms and comments are always welcome.

October 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Until all are free: Two political prisoner support events in the valley this week.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

State repression is nothing new to anarchists, it has been a facet of revolutionary and liberatory movements throughout history because, let’s face it, systems of power react with hostility to those who desire a reordering of relationships. We saw this earlier this year with the notorious police attack on the DO@ bloc, resulting in a large number of people near the bloc being hit by pepper spray, and five Phoenix anti-authoritarians and anarchists getting arrested and facing a number of serious charges. We also have six other comrades who locked down at the Border Patrol HQ in Tucson and are still facing charges for their act of resistance to the militarization of land and movement along the border, they too need our support.

The further we look back, the longer and longer the list gets of our anarchist and anti-authoritarian comrades who are locked up or facing trial across the country. Some of the most notable examples from the last few years are also the most outrageous examples of the lengths the state will go to disrupt our movements’ activities, from the resistance to grand juries on fishing expeditions, to the criminalization of organizing protests, and the distressing pre-crime conviction of Eric McDavid.

Keeping our comrades’ spirits high while locked up means that they need support from those on the outside, and I’m glad to help get the word out about two events happening this week that are supporting political prisoners.

Above is a flier for a new political prisoner support event being held tonight in Phoenix, organized by our friends at Stronghold, this event will help those attending network and share information on writing to and supporting political prisoners. This event kicks off at 6:30 at Conspire in central Phoenix.

The second event this week will be held in Tempe as the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition (PAC) is once again sponsoring a 5k Running Down the Walls event this year. PAC has maintained a longtime political prisoner support fund, and has organized a number of events to support and get the word out on our comrades locked up for nearly 10 years. For the last few years PAC has organized a solidarity run/walk/ride with other events organized by the political prisoner support organization, the Anarchist Black Cross Federation (ABCF), all funds raised at this run will be sent to the ABCF for their prisoner support Warchest. It is scheduled for Saturday Oct. 16 at Mitchell Park in Tempe, people will be gathering at 5:30pm. Organizers request that you bring your favorite (preferably vegan) covered dish as there will be a potluck picnic after getting back to the park from the 5k.

October 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Fucking racists

Wednesday, 13 October 2010
 Already several days there are no political rats around me, so I was surprised, but then I understood that I am followed by stupid inspectors, with help of fucking racists who works in place where I go to dinner (but they don’t help to cops against junkies who steal bags from women on the street, they work only against immigrants). But, they made mistake, I have sixth sense:) They can arrest me only for minor things, just to sit in prison enough to make money to buy weapon after deportation. In fucking fascism, immigrants have no rights to work in freedom, but we have right to work in the prison (although they pay only one euro per hour). I don’t give a shit, just to publish, some people will be interested to know. It will come back to fascists one day, as boomerang, they are lucky I have no money to go to some countries where I can find financiers of destroying of western capitalism. I will fuck them even if I wait several years, fascist politics will not be changed and rats and racists will be always there where are poor immigrants, so, it will not be hard to find them.

October 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Cops fire rubber bullets at students


Johannesburg – Police fired rubber bullets at protesting students who disrupted exams and barricaded the entrance of the Lowveld College of Agriculture in Mbombela on Wednesday.
“Students barricaded the entrance of the college with stones and burning paper. Nobody could enter the college. Police were forced to fire rubber bullets to disperse the crowd,” said Captain Klaas Maloka.
The rampage started on Wednesday morning when about 100 students refused to go to class and started protesting outside the gates of the college.
Maloka said no arrests were made and police did not receive any reports of students injured during the shooting.
“The situations has gone back to normal and the gates have been opened,” said Maloka.
Dumisani Mhlanga, president of the student representative council (SRC), said students were supposed to begin writing their exams on Wednesday but decided to protest because they were unhappy with management.
“We are unhappy with the outdated curriculum. In March this year only nine students out of 50 got their diploma,” said Mhlanga.


He said the third year programme was ineffective and the books in the library were outdated.
“Accommodation and meals at the College are very expensive and it left much to be desired,” said Mhlanga.
Students would continue to protest until Mpumalanga MEC of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Administration Meshack Malinga intervened.
“The management takes a long time to respond to our problems. We will not go back to class until our demands are meet and the MEC intervenes.”
Mhlanga alleged that two students were injured during the shooting.
Acting spokesperson for the Mpumalanga department of agriculture, rural development and land administration, Zanele Shabangu, said the college management and the SRC were scheduled to meet on Thursday.
“The SRC handed in a memorandum of their grievances two days a go and wanted management to respond today (Wednesday) at 10:00.”
Shabangu said college management felt the notice was too short and there were issues they did not understand in the memorandum.
“We invited the SRC to be part of a meeting today (Wednesday), but they did not attend.”
A way forward for the college and for exams that began on Wednesday would be discussed on Thursday during the meeting.

October 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

>Guangxi land deal protest turns violent


October 15th, 2010 

October 15 2010
Violence erupted between villagers and police officers during a protest against a government plan to acquire land currently owned by residents in Cangwu county, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Six villagers were detained.
Guangdong-based Southern Metropolis Daily reported yesterday that the fights occurred Wednesday as the villagers staged a protest against the land acquisition deal.
The local government said in a statement that 300 villagers gathered to show their opposition to a proposal to purchase their land. Police officers went to the scene to restore order.
The notice said the villagers damaged police cars and injured several officers.
One eyewitness was quoted as saying that a policeman’s eyeball was punched out and two dogs were beaten to death.
The report said six villagers were injured during the fight.
The local government said the land acquired would be used to store soil from a hydropower project. But the villagers said the land is slated to become a tourist attraction and used for other real estate projects.
A villager told Beijing News that the government is trying to acquire more than 600 mu of land (40 hectares) for just 41,000 yuan ($5,284) per mu. The villagers said they have not received payment yet.
Wang Cailiang, a lawyer on demolition litigations in Beijing, told the Global Times that it is illegal for the government to acquire land before compensation and replacement accommodation are provided.