February 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Declaration of Solidarity with Struggling and Prosecuted Proletarians in Greece “In one night “reality” and “normality” died…”

Declaration of Solidarity with Struggling and Prosecuted Proletarians in Greece

“In one night “reality” and “normality” died…”

On 6th of December 2008 in Greece pigs shot dead in cold blood 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos. That was the last straw which broke camel’s back and proletarian anger, which had been expressing itself through strikes and riots against attacks of Capital on living standards of our class, erupted. Suddenly, an uprising broke out and after several decades the specter of proletarian insurgency and open class struggle against capitalism returned to Europe.

University and high school students as well as many pupils spontaneously surged into the streets of Greek cities and towns in order to assault police stations and all cops with stones and Molotov cocktails. Students and pupils were quickly joined by immigrant proletarians of every age, young “Greeks” with badly paid precarious jobs, but also by quite a lot of workers of an older generation. Even many unemployed and people from the margins of the class society took part: Romas, illegal refugees, drug addicts… Football hooligans forgot their dim-witted fights among each other and joined the struggle against the real enemy – repressive forces of the state. Immediately, it became clear to everybody that cops are nothing else but mercenaries of state terrorism. It became evident that they “serve” only smooth working of the system of private property of some and wage exploitation of others; and also that they “protect” merely law and order of this bourgeois system. “Dutiful citizens” and the belief in Democracy disappeared in clouds of smoke and tear gas and among blows of police batons.

“We destroy the present, because we come from the future!”

It was not only about street fights with cops and burning police stations. Rebels smashed and burned the smiling face of the capital’s world – the consumer paradise of shops, supermarkets, car showrooms and banks, which lend you money for some of the splendid commodities. The world of passive consumers of goods and spectators of Spectacle was burning in flames. And there were looting proletarians emerging from this fire and practically imposing dictatorship of human needs over capital and its exchange relations. Our class brothers and sisters were re-appropriating everything that we are, as the class, forced to produce at work in order to be obliged to buy it back for money we earn. They were also re-appropriating space and time, which are otherwise strictly divided and corseted according to needs of capital – columns of cars and stressed crowds of alienated zombies rushing to work, to school, to shop… disappeared from the streets recreated by proletarian violence and they were replaced by a community of the militant class. Combat self-organisation of rebels was developing spontaneously. Dozens of universities and high schools occupied not only by students, but proletarians of all categories, which we are divided into by capital, were transformed in centres of resistance and places of encounters, discussions, love and class hate. The same thing happened to a town hall in the Athens working class district of Aghios Dimitrios, which was also occupied by local inhabitants. After a long time our class was again beginning to speak and formulate its programme on its own. When rebelling workers occupied trade union buildings in Athens and Thessaloniki, they put forward a critique of these mediators of sale of our labour power to the bosses. They showed that trade unions are part of the state and it is their aim to disorganise and suppress class struggle and that the way forward goes through self-organisation of struggle in workplaces. In all those aspects of the class movement and its struggle autonomy of the proletariat from the bourgeoisie – its ideologies, organisations and way of life – began to be born.

“Stop watching TV! Everybody come to the streets!”

Although the proletarian uprising was going across many sectors, which we are separated into by capital, only a minority of our class was actively taking part in it. While there were burning barricades in the streets, shops were looted and cops were fought against, a majority sat at home in front of their TV sets and listened to the baloney of politicians and journalists. Despite their enduring effort rebels have not succeeded in breaking passivity of their class brothers and sisters – neither in Greece nor in the rest of Europe and most countries of the world. Therefore, there was not a general paralysation of capitalist economy, which means that there was neither an attack against wage labour and production for profit. The movement stopped at partial attacks against the state and incomplete subversion of capitalist relations. In December, total destruction of all state structures aiming at liquidation of bourgeois power and imposition of social dictatorship of proletariat, which would strengthen and allow communisation of social relations, was not on the order of the day yet. Revolutionary insurrection is postponed for the moment…

“Merry crisis and a happy new fear!”

It was exactly this message that the Greek uprising left on Athens walls for law-abiding citizens (who continue to submit themselves to demands of capital; whom it does not even occur to that they could resist bosses and the state and they only wait as sheep what will happen to them). This message applies for proletarians over here, in the Czech Republic, too. The crisis is coming and the bourgeois lay off hundreds and thousands of people from work and lower real wages. For instance, 4.000 laid-off glass workers are right now left without any means of subsistence. And what has happened? Nothing! Domination of social peace and Democracy lays on our class like a boulder: we will rather die from hunger or live under a bridge than we would start really struggling for satisfaction of our human needs. Democracy is like opium – it prevents us from understanding ourselves as a class with distinct interests, which are opposed to the interests of capital. We can see only our individual and family lives and their misery appears to be the best what we can have. However, the world crisis will smash our citizen-consumer illusion of happiness and even the slightest enthusiasm about capitalism. There will be more and more unemployed and homeless people, prices of basic goods will grow and those, who will have jobs, will be able to buy less and less with their wages… and at the end the ruling class may drive us into a war in order to get rid of surplus people and production capacities and to achieve a possibility of another economical growth through reconstruction.

Is economy in crisis? Let’s finish it off! Down with social peace! One Greece is not enough!

Sooner or later, capital will leave us with no reserves. We will suffer and maybe we will die, if we will continue to slavishly accept wage labour and money as a necessary means to satisfy our needs. But surely there will be proletarians, who will refuse the logic of exchange value and surge into supermarkets and take without paying, what they will need. The class movement in Greece will explode anew with even greater subversive power and this time it will not be alone. And it will not be only proletarians in China, Bangladesh, Egypt or Bolivia, who will rise up. Even over here, shop windows will be trashed. We will loot shops and luxurious bourgeois haciendas. Mass strikes without and against trade unions will subvert all the capitalist economy. The state with its police and army will, as always, defend bourgeois order and properties and make terror against the proletariat, who will never solve anything, unle
ss it makes its own revolution. In the meantime, all our support, sympathies, thoughts belong to proletarians in Greece, who struggle or are imprisoned. We long for helping them through spreading the struggle in the Czech Republic and the whole world. We want to share and develop their experience with them, in order to put a global revolutionary insurrection back on the order of history…

World revolution against capital, wage labour and money!

Revolutionary proletarian violence against state terror of the police till the complete destruction of all states!

Dictatorship of proletariat for communisation of social relations and worldwide classless community!

Třídní válka (Class War)

February 7, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Many antifascist, anarchists, animal rights, environment defenders, gay rights, womens rights activists etc use British Monomark mailbox & secretarial

The British Peoples Party are a nasty extreme right wing group who are so right wing they have denounced the right wing EDL as not being right wing enough. They have told supporters, via their websites to be proud of swastikas and they support the killing of innocent Catholic civilians in the North of Ireland by the proscribed UDA / UFF /UVF. They also have links to fascist killers the UDA / UFF / UVF on the British Peoples Party website.

Ask British Monomark to dump the British Peoples Party and any other racist or fascist groups. If they refuse then we should all dump British Monomark.

The police stopped SHAC for example from having a mail box but let these nazis have one!

The British Peoples Party address is :

BM 5581

Fuck the British Peoples Party and Fuck the UDA.

London Antifa [anonymous]

February 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Vassilis Palaiokostas letter to the media 2010 Ιανουαρίου 31 by Πρακτορείο Rioters

A translation of the letter sent to “Eleftherotipia” newspaper on the occasion of Polys (Polykarpos) Georgiades and Vaggelis Chrisohoides jury on 2/2 on the accusations of prividing refuge to a “criminal” and being part of his “criminal association”. Vassilis Palaiokostas is on the run, after his escape with a helicopter from Korydallos prison, on Feb. 22/2009, accused for robbing banks and kidnapping industrialists. It is worth to say, he has never harmed human life, not even cop lives to avoid an arrest. On the opposite, he and his older brother (a legendary bank robber and escapee, currently held in prison) are said to have helped many poor people and communities in mainland Greece’ mountains where they come from and are often said to find refuge at, continuing a tradition of “social robbery” that blossom around the Balkans since the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

“On the occasion of the upcoming jury on the kidnapping of the industrialist G. Mylonas, that begins on Tuesday February 2, I would like to clarify certain issues.

Through different periods of my life I have been a first line fugitive, nearly 12 years in total an escapee (I hope there’s more of that coming) and 8 years a prisoner.

All those years that I had been and even now that Iam still hunted by the official state, there wasn’t found even one snitch to deliver me to the hands of my prosecutors. Even though, during my first escape, in August 1991, there was also a large reward for that, from the -generous to snitches- Greek state. On the contrary, I met people with troth, honor in their words, and dignity. People that opened their door for me, provided cover and help, often without even minding the risk they took for themselves. People that helped me in hard times for me (as in a prison escape) endangering their own lives, people that prove that in this country there aren’t only resigned, submissive fellows, but also many (so many I am surprised) people that honor the traditions of honor and solidarity to the hunted. Pride people that despise snitching, servitude and the constable.

I publicly express my gratitude to all those remarkable persons for their valuable help and for giving me the joy of having met them.

Two of them are Vaggelis Chrisohoides and Polys Georgiades, each one of them stood by me in his own way, at the time I needed them, without expecting personal gains, but only acted upon their conscience.

Declaring my solidarity to this two young men, the state strangles everyday knowing their only “crime” was their solidarity to the hunted, I would expect to see for once the magnitude the Republic of Greece takes prides in. Because for its petiness, I consider myself more than competent to describe: It’s an Abyss.

I will say nothing more. I only adress to those that care to retain some pleas of justice and dignity. And everyone should do what his sense of honor and his conscience tells him to do.

On 4/14/09, afternoon around 20:00 while driving on the central coastal road of Alepohori, suddenly three cars blocked my way and another two stuck on the back of my own car. Among them was a black Audi A4, a Peugot Rally and an Opel Athens Taxi. Each one of them with three persons (15 in total), all in plain clothes. All of them got instantaneously out, pointing at me, the drivers with H&K MP5 sub-machine guns with double cartridge, nad the other with Glock and H&K U.S.P semi-automatic handguns. I instantly understood these armed mercenaries of the Greek state where on a prowl for blood.

This same moment on my right, through an invisible from the main road, alley, comes another car with the driver standing aghast and stopping on the crossroad with the main road. Without second though I turned the wheels right and let it rip. Slightly hitting the other car (given the alley could barely take my jeap), I got right in the alley without knowing where it gets to. From my initial speeding to getting 20-30 meters in the alley, bullets where dancing on my car’s cabin. Those guys opened fire with their machine guns and handguns aiming right at me (the only thing undamaged was my car’s tires).

From my μeasurable experience in intense conditions, I am more than certain that they shot more than 150 bullets in 15 seconds (the whole scene didn’t last any longer). Most probably, some of them also found the unwary civilian’s car, while he was inside it.

These unscrupulous, blind shooters of EL.AS [transl: the Greek police] where determined to carry out fully the order they had take from their natural and political leaders. Find and kill.

In this case, they can blame their bad luck, since luck is female and cares for the daring. [transl. see latin: “Fortuna Favet Fortubus”]

The reason I refer to this incident is to show the contemptible way the Mass Media report such cases. The car I was riding and left 100 meters from the scene, because the alley was a dead-end, was full of bullets. This fact was not reported and the car never appeared anywhere, it magically disappeared. Just like the other car (hit and possibly with bullet holes), together with its misfortunate owner, the only witness that actually took part in the scene, withous his will ofcourse, watching the whole thing from the begining to the end.

So, instead of inquiring all these important facts to show what exactly happened in that scene, the daring and ingenious reporters of the Greek Mass Media gathered inside the room I was living in, and in exclusive reporting were waving around my unwashed underpants, informing screaming of tension the weak, ignorant, speachless tv-viewer.

This fact reveals clearly the “journalist community’s” compliance to keep silent, essentialy consenting to the criminal activity of EL.AS’ desperados and their head responsibles, in full cooperation with them. “We will allow you to enter the house for an exclusive report, but you ‘ll keep your mouth shut about everything else”. Such was the filthy deal between the two sides. The media would get their money, since underpants worth more in their stockmarket of values than the life of their owner. As long as he is “notorious”. And finally, who cares about how the police acts? If the police and their leadership believe a man just because he is wanted is to be killed, why should we disagree? Whenever we [the Media] needed some information, the police’s head officer provided it -they actually brag about it-. While, the hunted man has no phone. And even if he has one, it will be turned off or without a signal.

This is the way our daring and independant journalists think.

My congratulations, the future belongs to you. May I suggest the two organizations, police and media, could even integrate in own, for functional reasons. It’s both innovative and carries many advantages. Then, it won’t be for nothing that you elected a police correspondent as president of ESIEA (journalists-editors union).

If these ingenious reporters, with the same eagerness the show on mine and not only, underpants, cared to carry a constant control, denouncing to the Greek citizens that:

* 13.000 humans are in a state of captivity (under the pretext of illegality), living a total exploitation of themselves and their families, from the official state. That after passing the symplegades [transl: mythical deadly clashing rock of the argonaut campain] of a corrupt police and an even worst justice system, end up with heavy penalties in medieval conditions, by which this rotten system strives to control and then annihilate whatever dares to make a mockery of it.

* The armed guardians of the Greek state killing in cold-blood citizens (preferably the young) in the middle of the street, in front of the citizen’s own eyes. Humiliating and torturing to death people in the police stations. Setting up wilfully indictments sending “guilty” humans in jail for years. Setting a whole network of criminal activities not controlled by anyo

* If they really cared to exercise some control over the modern Pirates of the political system, that helped by the gimmickery of the election system and the blessings of the Mass Media take over the Parliament, turning it into the headquarters of full domination on their voters citizens. Into a nest of intertwining interests, dealing transactions, bribes. Into a “terrorist hideout” where the loots from pillaging are divided around. A loot every citizen dares to question, becoming an obstacle in their plans will feel upon him the brutal democratic violence of a blood-thirsty repressive organization. He will feel the revengefulness, the revanchism, and the deep hatred the Greek state has for all those that rejected the status of an obidient citizen that understand his personal liberty as a necessity to do what he’s told to, but remain human with free will and claim an opinion on what’s going on around them with their own actions.

* If they revealed the great responsibility of this criminal organization for the establishment of a police state in Greece, through which they exercise an unbearable psychological violence to the citizen with hundreds of road blocks with cops armed-to-the-teeth with “survivor”-style weaponry, and the same menacing, numb look they had back in the junta days. The thousands of policemen one faces wherever he turns the eye (not to count the undercover ones). The dozens of head-hunters that prowl the mountains acting on their own taste, reminding of the begining of the 20th century, though with a modern name.

* If they denounce these and innumerable other things that de facto cancel the “social state” and “justice state” notions, as their role supposes, then today’s regime, they eagerly guard and name democracy, would be incomparably more humain, qualitative, and certainly more just.

You ‘d now say I am not the most adequate person to give recommendations, even less for matters of the regime.

That’s correct. In the place democracy was born, they can do whatever with her, even burry her if they wish so. It’s a good thing to die where in the place you where born. But, they shouldn’t go hard to the kids when they throw stones to her. They see her old and rotten, it’s stones she’s gonna get.

These insticts are primitive, though inerrable.

Because the kids are more honest and upstanding than the grown-ups.

Nobody would want to grow up just to find a dead body in the closed his parents have been hiding there to eat of her pension. They desire something more than a body in formol, and be sure they ‘re gonna get it, no matter how many dreads you put in their street.

On what concerns me, it is my absolute belief and surely of thousands others conscious people, that the damage caused to the social body by one shiny tv-presenter in one and only news bulletin (preferably the 8 o’ clock one), I can’t make it, even if they give me 10 lives to spare.

What’s the damage my drop-fire gun [transl. use of an old term for light arm guns of the mountain thieves and left-wing insurgents in Greece]. I have never turned it to an other human, much less to an other human’s mind.

Now, why am I with this drop-fire the prosecuted one that risks his life by any enraged death-squad, and those with their lucrative superweapons degenerate and devitalise the spirit of a whole people, leading them to mental necrosis, become my judges and my hunters, is my question too.

On second thoughts maybe the law on weapons should change. Whoever holds a fire-drop gun should be prosecuted for a capital offence!!!

Now, since it’s the first time I intervene with a public statement, I wouldn’t want it to end in a dispiriting way. So, let me add an allegoric enigma-quiz, I find it won’t trouble you much to solve.

What is the name, of a deputy sheriff of some mountainous and remote village of Utah, USA, overjoyed to his award winning by the FBI, for heroically and always risking his life arrested and gave to justice some dangerous elements to the order of his village? Who, apart of that precious award, also fed the ambition to have his triumphous achievement turn into a big Hollywood move, with George Clooney acting as him, something that pissed off his american patrons so that they exiled him, reducing him to the ranks of minister of “Citizens Protection” of some independent Balkan state. Who, to my exclusive information keeps fantacising about and anxiously sweeping for new “troublemakers”!

To make it even easier for you, I can also add some of his favorite words: Democracy, Revolutionary Fund, Ghetto, Communicating Vessels, Destabilization, Zero Tolerance, Organized Crime, They will be arrested and prosevuted.

He is also a devoted fan of snitching and loves “rats” and his hobbies include setting prices for the heads of wanted.

Keeping in mind though, that one of his many qualities is revanchism, I come to clarify that any similarity to real person or events is totally unintended.

Every police reporter that solves the quiz, enters a lottary for an exclusive interview.

My militant regards to all those that don’t surrender the weapons the chose to fight with, for the life they dream of.

PS. Some oil guys, they do rust.”

Vassilis Palaiokostas

February 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Monday, February 8, 2010

Democracy prejails because of a finger-print on a plastic bag!!!

The State power with the activation of necessary Fear & Consent Producing Assistive Devices, in the frame of anti-revolt, started a Middle Ages “chase of witches”. The recent prejailing of N.V. 21 years old only with the evidence of a fingerprint on an empty plastic bag, shows that we have to defend against a massive suspects creating manufacture.

Some days before the parliament elections in 2009, the patrons of Greek Republic invade in the house of anarchist Charis Ch. They arrest him and complain categories for participating in the “Conspiracy Cells of the Fire”. Charis Ch. connection with CCF comes after guesswork of the Antiterrorist authorities, who show and quash findings, such as left-overs of explosive device inside a garbage bin in the near (!!!) of the arrested’s house. At the same time, get also arrested his cousin and his girlfriend and one more anarchist, Panagiotis M., who used to keep friendly relations together. To back up the arrests of the lasts, mass media, as being mouth-pieces of Greek Police, rename the house into hide out, and as elements are used their fingerprints in the house! Meanwhile, gets set up a pre-election spectacle amenity to the voters. All of them declare innocent for themselves, taking responsibility only for their political and social actions. Three of them, except the girl, are prejailed already for 5 months.
With Chrysochides now on the weel of repression, the state starts a frontal attack. Attempts to terrorize not only persons who move in political spaces, but, like during the civil war, also their friends and families, thereby criminalizing their social relationships.
– At once arrest warrants for 6 more persons get published, who have either political or friendly relations with the people above. The only elements remain to be the finger-prints in the house of Charis Ch. The show goes on with arrest warrants that get published in series against people who are known to the prosecuting authorities for their participation in social struggles.
– In 14/11/09 Antigoni Ch. gets arrested in front of Skaramagkas squat, with used as element a finger-print on candlestick (!!!), which disappeared later. The “dangerous terrorist”, as the mass media represented her, is left temporarily free.
– In 5/1/2010 the case of Nikos M., was proved as one more fiasco. As elements are also used finger-prints that were found in a personal computer which was built (before the appearance of CCF) by Nikos M. for his fellow student Charis Ch. He gets allowed free until trial, accused with the Terror-law.
In 1/2/2010 gets arrested one more person, with the charges against him with the Terror-law, who gets under prejail custody this time. The difference with the other cases? A finger-print on a plastic bag and one more on a printed matter. And all these in the house-“hide out” at Chalandri district.

Through the repression of the “inland enemy” comes the society’s obedience.
Against the deafening silence they impose, let’s give priority to our genuine solidarity with all the people who are under the target of state terrorism.

February 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

There was a lot of people at the Propilea (the deanships building).At 12 noon there was 1000 people but more peoploe came as they finished theyre jobs so at 2pm there were about 1500 people. (inside and outside of propilea)
Note 1: we dont choose to do our demonstrations at night so we can all gather,as some others do once a year..
From early in the morning there was a sound system set up and the statement by the open assembly from the university of athens administration building was read (it was read not only in greek) while comrades were giving out leaflets to the people in the center of athens (that due to the day was very busy) and the space was guarded as it should.
On kolokotroni square at 9am there were 3 riot cop vans and 1 riot cop unit in the square (altogether 4) in the square block surrounding the there were 2 on each corner, 8.so altogether there 12!!
On clathmonos square there were 2 more vans. in the alleyway that turns to kolokotroni from panepistimiou 2 more vans, behind propilea 2 more and from propilea to akadimias another 3 vans!! 21 altogether and many of the Z and delta time and all sorts of cops and undercovers are not counted in that.
Thats what the government put out to protect its favorite children.
Note 2: The favorite children that werent more than 150 people,if you count in the vans,the cops were multiple, included are the spoiled arian brats of the “golden dawn” (since last night in their website they stated that they werent gonig to participate),but the arian (from albania)kasidiaris in his speech last saturday night invited the gathered crowd to be at propilea today.
It wasnt an accident that a minute after he said that,the live feed of the speech fell…
The traffic control camera was spinning like crazy pointing mostly towards the front of the propilea area (there was heavy traffic in the left lane next to the fountain) and all the usual undercovers in the cafes across propilea.
The metro closed as soon as some comrades moved towards it to find some “concerned” citizens that were telling people that if they are going to the faschists gathering to go through the stadiou street exit because there was a riot cop unit there aswell.
Also there were 2 incidents that happened which caused the traffic to come to a standstill (a good thing for the cops since the comrades were giving out leaflets nonstop)
Incident 1 At some point and when all was calm some thug from L.a.o.s. (he had a poster on his car) drives by and swears at some of the people from the guard of the demo who were sitting on a gate.The comrades asked him what he wanted and he replied with passion attacking them -fuck youa nd fuck the foreighners,get out of here etc.
While he was at a red light hesomeone hit the roof of his car ,when he saw some people coming close and asked him what hes talking about ,he opened the door and regrets it then opens it again and decides to fight with them (cursing the immigrants at the same time) !!
At this point and as he had gone beyond the limits there was a bit of chaos with him fighting, a lot of them hitting back and many comrades (because he was so cool that he started a fight while his family was in the car) telling his family that no one is going to touch them and giving them money for the car damages.
ofcourse the guy was no superman and got hit quite a few times..
There intevened the heroic m.a.t. (riot cops) they didnt calculate the weather since the teargas was blowing back to them and the comrades that went onto attacking them )in a man to man battle). The cops retrieved after about a minute because the people came out and moved towards them with not the best of intetions.
Let me say here that while all this was happening,the groups guarding the back stopped an attack from the riot cops.
Here is where stefanos comes in…
Stefanos a.k.a. “i tan i epi tas” (either a winner or dead on this sword, an old spartan saying) has not understood that he won’t always be a winner! As it happened Stefanos took off leaving his motorbike and as a good aryian ran to the riot cop to cry. The unit of riot cops that Stephanos ran to tried to attack but that failed aswell since everytime people saw cops coming close they prepared for battle.
P.S. Just wanna say a bravo to all that held strong since last night and kept Propilea open to everyone who passed through as night and all day today abd proved that everyone is there when they must be.
Another bravo to the comrades from E.E.K that arose to the occasion.

2. Facsists although I don’t think I have grammar mistakes like you on your aryian Nazi friendly websight, look how your beloved Greek is actually written, the Greek you fight for.
You fight without rain and 20 riot cop units around you.

February 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

news athens propilaia.6/2/10

news athens propilaia.6/2/10
up day 6/2/10 13:00 Fascist (LAOSikos) caused earlier drive, along with his family, shouting “fuck immigrants, were insulted and left. Minor damage done to the car was compensated by the spectators (money was given to his wife). {a jog! xa! xa! } Second fascist past with helmet “do or die ‘insulted also left standing but the machine stayed on the road.and the helmet se the foto. In each case the cops intervened after the event. Those who write the fascists that their access to the secured area is certainly not the case. In addition Kolokotronis from 10-15 people so far there are only riot cops…

February 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

We call every activist to the open assembly at the Dean’s Office (Propylaia) at 8pm tonight, Friday Feb the 5th, to discuss tomorrow’s anti-fascist gathering at Propylaia.

February 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

news today (11/2/10)

  • The pigs of greek police blame Avgoustis Dimitriou for “resistance against authorities” and “throwing bottles and stones” during the demonstration of 17th November 2006 in Thessaloniki. On this day, Avgoustis was brutally beated up from undercover pigs who blamed him later for participating in riots. In the court they stated that “he was never beated up and his injuries came after he fell down on the sidewalk”. The video that came up later denied all the pigs’ statements. The student from Cyprus asks now through a trial for 1 million euros because of physical and psychological damages that were caused after the event. The pigs now start a counter-trial action.

Video of the pigs’ actions on this day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqnRkXXPfN4&feature=related

  • Behind the jailbars two underage children from georgia, brothers 13 and 15 years old, who stole some stuff of 10 euros value. The event happened on 5th February in the town of Giannitsa and the children were cought on the spot. The trial took place on Monday, the children were judged with one year of imprisoning and were driven to Kassaveteias’ jailhouse in Volos town. According to information there was a reaction from the prisoners of the jailhouse when they saw transfering two minors behind the bars. Already actions have started so the children will be immediatelly released and because of this certain event also to release all the hundreds of imprisoned underage children.
  • “Club of Night Experimentations” urban guerrilla organisation took the responsibility for the looting action against Agricultural Bank in Ioannina town. They want direct release of the comrades Alfredo Bonnano and Christos Stratigopoulos. Freedom for Ilias Nikolaou. Fredom for Masouras, Giospas, Chatzimichelakis, Nikos and all the people who are accused as members of the “Conspiracy Cells of the Fire”. Solidarity with Giannis Dimitrakis and all the comrades who are chased by the law. Solidarity with Polykarpos Georgiadis and Vassilis Chrysochoidis who are judged these days for the kidnap of Mylonas industrialist case.
  • Today at 17:00 spoke on anarchist radio through phone connection P. Georgiadis and S. Stratoulis persons who have already inspired and enforced the movement in prisons. The program took place under the radio series of Initiative for Prisoners’ Rights Organisation.
  • Attack with stones and pieces of marbles against Z-team pigs in Athens. The pigs arrived behind the Highest Economical University after a call to the pig station about a car robbery. The rain of stones came after a pig took out his helmet and serious injures were caused to him. As it was proved later, the guy who was trying to steal the car was the owner of it and he has just lost the keys.
  • Blockade in Apopigadi mountain region of Chania, Creta. Many people gathered today at Anavos on the crossroad for Spina village in response against the construction of wind energy farm by “Aiolic Mousouron” Company around the region. After the yesterday’s events many people from Chania and villages around arrived to express their solidarity with the residents who oppose against the construction of wind energy park because their properties get violated and gets destroyed a whole region, the natural resources and the environment in the name of Multinational Companies’ economical profit. So, today mourning a new blockade took place in purpose to stop the company’s vehicles from entering the region and open a new road to start the construction of the park. But as it appeared, this time the cops did not have any orders to arrest anyone, while also a prosecutor was among them who informed the citizens that the construction will not start until certain law elements in relation with the construction company will be cleared. The prosecutor will check these elements to judge if the project is legal.
  • “Cell of Unordinary War” urban guerrilla organisation took the responsibility for the looting device on 9th February in the entrence of the Judge Court of Ksanthi town. Their action a part of the clas war that has already bagun. Freedom for all the political prisoners.

February 6, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

by RADIO-REVOLT 3:15 pm, Friday, February 5, 2010
Today at 10:30 began the trial of the case to court Milonas, Thessaloniki. greece

The first person that gave a testimony was the cop in charge of the mission for the freedom of mulonas. he mentioned that the

guns that the guys are charged with had tracking devises, also he said that there was a bag that was found with some

premarked notes and a photo of polis,thats how they realized he was in on it. he also mentioned a fake id card that was used by

polis at a videoclub but they are not sure if palaiokostas made it or no. now, as for the new modern methods of voice

recognition of the greek “csi”, as the same cop mentioned,they compared the color of the kidnappers voice with the voices of

the 2 comrades which he confirmed 100% with his ear !…
as he finished he mentioned that in the exchange car there were 3 people,and judging from their voices it was 2 greeks and a

foreigner,most probably albanian.
after that a second cop gave his testimony and after heavy pressure from the lawyers of the comrades admitted he has never

actually heard the tapes from the phonecalls but superiors told him that the voices are of polis and vaggelis as a rumor which

then became his official statement. also he mentioned that the house in perea that the money was found,was rented from polis

with a fake id.
after that, akrivopoulos the lawer of milwnas gave his testimony,he mentioned that in a phone call with one of the two

kidnappers, he said that he gives his word of honor that as soon as he gets the money they will release milwnas.
he also added that he doesnt recognise polis or vaggelis voice from the phone calls.
and in the end he showed a piece of paper that proves that theres a fingerprint of one of the comrades on a….tupper!
at the end of the court session today a third cop who entered the house in perea,talked about the guns and fake ids they

supposedely found there.
the court resumes on tuesday feb. 9th at 9.30 am at thessaloniki courts.

February 5, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Barrage of incendiary attacks on luxury cars and jeeps took place between 1:15 and 1:45 in the morning. The cars were

parked on streets and General Makriyannis Akritidis …
downtown, but on the road Papagou 60 in the Evosmos. THESALONIKH GREECE

February 5, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Yet another youth in pre-trial detention for the “conspiracy of cells of fire” case; Athens gears up for anti-fascist gathering

A few hours ago, the 21-year old youth accused for participation to the conspiracy of the cells of fire, the sole evidence being “his fingerprints having been found in a plastic bag in a flat the police raided months ago” (!) has been ordered in pre-trial detention, meaning he will spending the time until his trial in prison.

Meanwhile: fascists, neo-nazis, ultra-conservative christians and their like have gone a step too far, it seems, by calling for a demonstration at the Propylea building of the university of Athens this coming Saturday (6.2). University spaces have been a no-go zone for fascists in the country – what with the academic asylum preventing the police from coming close to them and offering any of their usual protection. However, in response to the government’s new migration bill (in theory offering the opportunity to many migrants to claim greek nationality for the first time), the far-right has seen some mobilisation of rare intensity. Last Saturday (30.1), 1-2,000 marched behind the banner of the neo-fascist group Golden Dawn. They are hoping, it seems, to reproduce this chilling image outside the Propylea building, traditionally a starting point for the marches of the anarchists and the left. The provocation could not go unanswered and an anti-fascist demo has already been called for by anarchists outside Propylea at 11am on Saturday (four hours before the fascist gathering). The poster bellow reads:

“No authority is our friend, no repressed is our enemy. On Saturday, February 6 the fascists are calling for a gathering at Propylea, to spit out their racist and nationalistic poison. Not only do they oppose an already racist law (that concerning citizenship) but they also demand the physical extermination of the migrants. Academic asylum does not belong to the fascists, nor the police. The asylum belongs to the people in struggle, to the world of liberty. War against the state and the bosses. Solidarity to all migrants. Saturday, February 6: Anti-fascist gathering, 11am, Propylea.

– Anarchists, anti-authoritarians, anti-fascists.”

(This blog will be providing updates on the day)

February 5, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


| Anarchists enter the University of Athens building ahead of tomorrow’s gatherings: Fascists, no pasaran! Friday, February 5, 2010 At around 1300 hours local time, anarchists, anti-authoritarians and anti-fascists started gathering at the Propylea building of the university of Athens, ahead of tomorrow’s fascist gathering and the anti-fascist demonstration that has been called in response. The comrades inside have been quick to clarify the building is not, as of yet, under occupation; yet mainstream media report exactly that, possibly in an attempt to lay the ground for the police operations that are likely to follow tomorrow. A statement from the people inside the Propylea building will be coming out soon. Continuous updates will be published here

February 5, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

We call every activist to the open assembly at the Dean’s Office (Propylaia) at 8pm tonight, Friday Feb the 5th, to discuss tomorrow’s anti-fascist ga



Today February 5th we anarchists, anti-authoritarians, antifascists, decided to keep the Prytaneia (Athens University Dean’s Office) open as a space to collectively organize the struggle building. Our aim is the fermentation and the counter-informing in view of tomorrow’s antifascist gathering that has been called for at 11:00 am at Propylaia. A gathering that stands against nationalist and racist activities of fascists, who have also called a gathering in the same place tomorrow at 3:00 pm, a gathering that stands against the solidarity of the oppressed during a period of pronounced attacks on immigrants by state militants and para-militant groups.

We stand hostile against both institutional racism, as expressed through the recent proposed legislation on naturalization, and independent callings of misanthropes who aim to physically harm immigrants.

At the same time that the government targets centers of resistance in general, fascists attempt to invade a space, which after lengthy tough struggle belongs to the world of freedom and resistance. We are not willing to even allow a square meter to the state/police and fascists.

We call every activist to the open assembly at the Dean’s Office (Propylaia) at 8pm tonight, Friday Feb the 5th, to discuss tomorrow’s anti-fascist gathering at Propylaia.







Anti-racist Anti-fascist gathering Saturday February 6th at 11am at Propylaia

Open Assembly of Prytaneia

February 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow





February 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Protest at the prisons of Grevena

A protest took place yesterday outside the remote prisons of Grevena, in north greece. Slogans were shouted and the prisoners from inside responded. After the protest they returned to the city of Grevena and gathered in the central square of the city.

February 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Against bosses, states and their minions – we come for what belongs to us”

Tension is high across the country. The most farmers’ blockades of highways and other roads go on, entering the 3rd week of struggle with no perspective of coming to an agreement with the government soon. The strike of the egyptian fishermen in Nea Michaniona also goes on. For the issue a demonstration took place in Thessaloniki by the fishermen and people in solidarity and also a solidarity concert was held for gathering of money in order to help the fishermen to continue their struggle. In Exarchia the police continues the provocations and the government continues the announcements of new measures that enrage the population. Also the last week a series of direct actions took place. Some of them are:

23 January: About 20 anarchists invaded a supermarket in Chalandri (Athens), expropriated many things and gave them to people in the area. When leaving they gave flyers that wrote “Against bosses, states and their minions – we come for what belongs to us”. The people were congratulating the comrades.

26 January, 2.38am: Arson attack against some state owned cars in the Old Town of Thessaloniki. The action was claimed by “Arsonists for the materialization of the destructive dream”. They send their solidarity to the prisoner Polys Georgiadis, who is charged for participation in the kidnapping of Mylonas (president of the industrialists) and whose trial is on 2nd of February.

27 January: 3 incediary devices went off around the supermarket Carrefour in Argyroupoli, Athens. The action was claimed the next day. They say that their intention was to burn down the whole building, something that “unfortunately did not happen”. They send their solidarity to Polys Georgiadis and to Vaggelis Chrisochoides, who are both charged for the kidnapping.

28 January: incendiary device went off at the office of Kostas Simitis (ex prime minister, until 2004). The arson was claimed by “Revolutionary Liberating Action”, a group that has claimed some more actions in the past.

The night of 28 to 29 of January many arson attacks took place in Athens and Thessaloniki. The targets were: a local office of New Democracy (ex ruling right wing party), 2 cars of UN, 2 cars of private companies in Athens, and at least 6 luxurious cars in different areas, an ATM and a McDonalds in Thessaloniki.

The night of 30 to 31 of January arson attacks took place at the 18th Tax Office in Neos Kosmos (Athens), at the store of the company ALUMIL (which belongs to the kidnapped industrialist) in Voula (Athens). Also a luxurious car and a diplomatic car were burnt in Chalandri and Neo Psychiko (Athens).

For the last attacks there is no claim of responsibility until now.

February 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Bank cash-machines damages: antiterrorism section called in France

A preliminary investigation is opened since december, about the 5 distinct actions made against banks ( see HERE) in several districts of Paris.
The articles of the bourgeois press inform these actions were coordinated also in Grenoble, and claimed online on several websites.
These cash-machines sabotages should be due to the „Ultra-gauche“.

February 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

THE BAD EXAMPLE of an anti-slavery struggle in Salento


Next February 10, a month after the unrest in Rosarno that showed the whole world the conditions under which poor foreigners live in Italy (exploited, hounded, rejected, deported), the appeal trial in Lecce of some anarchists who fought against modern slave masters a few years ago will come to an end.

If the damned of the earth in Calabria fall victim to the much deprecated forces of “organized crime”, in the area of Salento their hell was the notorious CPT (Center for Temporary Residence—a concentration camp for undocumented foreigners) of San Foca, il Regina Pacis. Kept under guard by the faithful uniforms and managed by blessed cassocks, inside, such violence was perpetrated that it could no longer be concealed by the walls or railings. There were those who had seen, heard and told. It was a huge scandal, and within the palaces of power a certain embarrassment spread. The bishop of Lecce was forced to take up the defense of the one responsible for the center—his altar boy Don Cesare Lodeserto—while it fell to the magistrature to begin the timid investigations. Meanwhile in the streets, rage mounted. While all the sincere democrats demonstrated in favor of legal rights and their norms, the anarchists supported rebellion against the concentration camp and its torturers.

We have just seen how the state—the state that foments war among the poor, by passing xenophobic laws and inciting racial hatred—has intervened in Rosarno to reestablish order: first it deported the rebels in mass, then it arrested a few local mafia bosses. In Lecce, it behaved in the same way, but in the opposite direction: first they arrested the priest who was the author of the abuses of power (in March 2005), then it investigates various anarchists, throwin five of them in jail (in May 2005). Set at liberty again after more than a year in jail, the latter were afterwards condemned in the first degree trial for “association to commit criminal activity” and other specific crimes, while others were sentenced to lesser punishments. Now that the Regina Pacis concentration camphas been closed and the torturer-priest has escaped abroad on a mission in the name of God, the Salentine magistrature would like to settle the outstanding accounts with these enemies of all borders. Not merely to confirm the sentences already inflicted in the first degree trial, but to make them even heavier.

If even for a large portion of the same institutions, the rebellion of the blacks in Rosarno represents an understandable venting, that of the anarchists of Lecce constitutes an unacceptable threat. The slave who rebels against yet another lash of the whip can be partially justified, as long as her fury isn’t too excessive and he quickly returns to the ranks (unless it is later used as an excuse for a mass deportation). Individuals who refuse the role of passive and indifferent citizens, who refuse any party discipline, get repressed without hesitation. Because they give a bad example. The state blames the conspiracy of silence when faced with private violence, but claims it as a civic duty before institutional acts of violence.

The anarchists of Lecce did what the best residents of Rosarno didn’t have the courage to do. They didn’t close their eyes to what was happening, they didn’t call on or wait for anyone, they chose to try to directly stop the infamy that was going on in the field. And they did it without political aims or missionary hypocrisy. They saw human beings in chains and rose up against the slave masters.

This is why they want to condemn them, in Lecce, next February 10.

This is why we cannot let leave them alone.

more enemies of all borders