February 3, 2010
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From Vancouver Sun – by Doug Ward

Anarchist punk ruled on the night of Jan. 22 at Victory Square, in the heart of the Olympic city. More than 200 anti-2010 protesters, some carrying black flags and burning torches, gathered for what had all the hallmarks of a dress rehearsal for the street protests that could erupt during the Winter Games just over two weeks away.

The crowd, mostly young, some wearing bandanas over their faces, had come to march against the “police repression” of anti-Olympic activism. A portable audio system jacked up the energy level with the opening chords of the Rolling Stones’ Street Fighting Man. “Everywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy,” howled Mick Jagger.

February 3, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Wednesday, 03 February 2010 Intensity and injuries in prisons Read.

Turn on the bloody morning Diavata prison in Thessaloniki on the occasion of the decision to issue a prisoner.
The other prisoners began knocking the doors of the cells and to swear, and, under unknown conditions, 9 were injured slightly.

At the request of the administration of prisons, police rushed to the spot where it remains until this time, in fear of expansion episodes.

The site found 2 ambulances and ambulance to provide first aid to the wounded.

February 3, 2010
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On the 3.2.2010 some anarchists payed a short visit at the greek consulate in Berlin, located at the Wittenberg square. With a banner reading in both greek and german „the passion for freedom ist stronger than any prison – freedom to Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulis“ we raised attention on the situation of the two comrades imprisoned in Greece.

February 2, 2010
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S partners have kept up.
You have just said that WHERE TO ‘YES bear rather the POLYKARPOU Georgiadis and Vangelis Chrysohoides.
ALSO SAID THAT been erected on the steps COPS AHEAD.
The trial has begum a half hour before I was informed that pulled out the half because the world stood up and applauded when

he entered and the first accused and the judge threatened Posh arest them all if not .. go and fighting with cops outside ..

postponement for tomorrow took the trial. Tomorrow in 9.00 important is that were removed by the room of court 10 comrades

afterwards by claping when was heard the name of Vangelis [chrisochoidi] these for today FREEDOM TO ALL IN THE


February 2, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Tuesday, 02 February 2010
Starts in Thessaloniki trial for kidnapping Mylonas

Disappeared remains Vas.Palaiokostas.

It starts today, Tuesday, the Three-Member Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki felonies, the trial for the kidnapping of industrialist Giorgos Mylonas, June 2008.
The dock will sit down … ten of the 11 defendants, including the main protagonist of the case, Vassilis Palaiokostas, remains at large after his escape from prison Korydallos, a year ago.
For the case will be tried on remand Vangelis Chrisochoïdis, Polycarp Georgiadis and Asimakis Lazaridis and seven other people face charges for seven felonies and 17 misdemeanors, as appropriate.
The former president of FING abducted in June 2008 and the hostage-taking lasted for 15 days.
G. Mylonas was released after paying ransom amounting to 10.8 million. So far have found only 5 million.
Please note that the case was heard 18 days before the expiry of 18 months provided for the detention of the accused.

February 2, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Antifa holds memorial for murdered anti fascists Antifascists gather in memory of fallen comrades



16th March 2003. 26-year-old Italian anti-fascist Davide Cesare is
stabbed to death by fascists after leaving a bar in Rome.

13th November 2005. 20-year-old Russian anti-fascist Timur Kacharava
is murdered by fascists in St Petersburg after a Food Not Bombs action.

16th April 2006. 19-year-old Russian anti-fascist Alexander Ryuchin is
stabbed in the heart by fascists on his way to a concert.

21st July 2007. 21-year-old Russian anti-fascist Ilya Borodaenko is
attacked by fascists during the night at a protest camp and dies from
head injuries.

12th November 2007. 16-year-old Spanish anti-fascist Carlos Javier
Palomino is stabbed in the heart by fascists while on his way to a
demonstration in Madrid.

18th January 2008. 18-year-old Czech anti-fascist Jan Kučera is
stabbed to death after confronting a knife-wielding fascist.

16th November 2009. 26-year-old Russian anti-fascist Ivan Khutorskoy
is shot to death by fascists at the entrance to his home.

Today, on Sunday 17th January 2009, Bristol and Czech anti-fascists
gathered beneath the Spanish Civil War memorial in Castle Park to honour
these fallen comrades. Like others before them, they have paid the
ultimate price for their beliefs. We will never forget the debt we owe
to every one of these men and women who gave their lives in defence of

But we do no justice to these heroes simply with words and monuments.
While the cancer of fascism threatens, we will continue to attack and
destroy it. And we will not stop until the disease is obliterated.

Even as we remember our fallen, we resolve to fight harder for the
future. Our message to the fascists is simple and defiant – YOU SHALL

Related Link: http://www.bristolantifa.org

February 1, 2010
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Incendiary series – Freedom to P.Georgiades-V.Chrysohoides-Groups of diffusion of class hatred

On 2nd of February Polycarpos Georgiades and Vangelis Chrysochoides are sitting on trial as defendants for participation in the kidnapping of the grandindustrialist Milonas in Thessaloniki. The comrades deny the police charges. What they are defending is their choice to stand in solidarity to Vasilis Palaeokostas, to an undisciplined and chased person that many doors in cities and villages would open in order to provide refuge and to house him.

The comrades acted based on value and politically reliably with their personal ways in the paths of refusals and fights. Who is criminal and who is not will not be indicated to us by the penal legislation. This exists in order to safeguard the wealth and the power and does not hesitate to criminalize even the personal acquaintances or behaviors that should be obvious. Who is criminal and who is not is judged by what one recognizes as his interests and by his value code, it is judged by his place and by his choices into the social relations. And as long as oppression and exploitation exist, these are competitive relations, belligerent relations.

In this war, the social and class war, no fighter is alone. Even though the forms of refusals and fights for the freedom are many and different, they are always found on the same side of the barricades. There is a line that connects them, they shared the same goal. The expression of solidarity means the recognition of this line, means the establishment of a real relation in between them, means the proliferation of their dynamics.

Expressing our solidarity and sending our warm greetings to the two comrades that are sitting on trial, we claim the responsibility for the incendiary attacks that took place from 28/1 to 31/1:
-two vehicles on UN in Nea Smyrni
-local organization of ND in Ano Nea Smyrni
-vehicle of General Electric in Zografou
-vehicle of the embassy of Georgia in Neo Psychiko
-vehicle of the ministry of international affairs in Chalandri
-central exposition store of Alumil (company that belongs to Mylonas) in Glyfada
-building of the 18th tax office in Neos Kosmos
-luxurious jeep in Kifisia
-luxurious car in Kalamaria in Thessaloniki
-bank in Kalamaria in Thessaloniki.

In this war, no enemy slips from our scorn and rage. Each Mionas, each industrialist, ship-owner or banker, each boss, owe his generous, conceited and socially detrimental existence to the daily kidnapping and captivity of our life in the labor prisons and the consuming mental hospitals. He owes it to the double and triple pillage of immigrants. He owes it to the continuous flow of blood of dead workers in the areas of exploitation. And they are indebted, they and their whole gang that serves the perpetuation of this situation, from the government officials up to the praetorians and journalists and from the unionists up to intellectuals and all kinds of favoured men.

At least nowadays no one can ruminate easily the fairy tales about social peace. The revolt of December is not forgotten easily and moreover the crisis makes more and more evident the reality of class segregation and exploitation. To the sacks from jobs, the expensiveness and the debts that are already for many a difficult everyday routine, are added now the repeated announcements for new taxes and reductions in wage and pensions. Only a small start of what the bosses study and plan in order to ensure their profits. And the based on the repugnant national ideology arguments for the interest of the country may be activated in order to retain a consent, but soon the prosecutors and the cops will be those that the bosses will need more and more.

If they make programs of stability and growth, we are not to ask simply less hard terms of pillage. Repeatedly this has been proven as a delusion. We premise the movement for the destabilization of the capitalistic system and the destruction of power. The movement that is born by each one of us, when he/she gets selforganized and counters attacks by the ways that he/she selects. The movement that expands as we meet more in the streets, the place where life finds its real meaning. The old world produces infelicity. The old world will be swept.


Groups of diffusion of class hatred

February 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

1.Announcement of “Educators’ Left Direction”:

The government of PASOK under the excuse of the economical crisis and the program of “stability” & “development”, which was prepared under the orders of the EU, started a brutal attack against the payments and the public social Insurance & Health System. Already, the Economy’s Ministry with the decision with protocol’s number 2/4431 of 25-01-2010 decided for the cutback of our allowances to 10%, thing that means at least 50 euros reduction for each month. With the same decision the government excludes from these cutbacks: parliament members, judgements, political officers, army members, police officers etc. PASOK and Nea Dimokratia that through their policies buried Greece under debts, enforce now the citizens to pay for the bill. They can take back the 28 billions that Nea Dimokratia gave to the banks and with this money pay for the debts that they created themselves.
The change on the character of the Insurance System doesn’t only mean reduce of the pensions. Establishment of a system with many „pillars“ has as a target to transfer the obligation for pensions from the state to the workers themselves. To change the Public Social Insurance System to a system with due’s characteristics, part of free market and finally lead us to private insurance. The robbery they did on our insurance bank during the past makes us today waiting for almost two years for the first pension’s money.

It is necessary now more than any other time before to join our voices together and show our opposition to the brutal attack against our payment and insurance. The massive participation of all of us in the strike is the only hope to stop this policy, which seeks for one more time from the workers to pay for the crisis.

On 10th February, we STRIKE and FIGHT:

-No cutbacks of our payments and allowances.
-Against the change of the social character of the Insurance System.
-Against the unfavourable change of our working relationships.

2.Announcement signed by several single syndicalists and base’ unions:


The government’s Stability Program, added with the recent announcements of Papandreou, doesn’t let us time for many words. The government of PASOK cheated openly the workers and brings in reality the pre-election program of Nea Dimokratia. The government of PASOK steps on the road of the country’s destruction, obey to markets, obey to the will of global capital, obey to the European monopolies, to the global non tolerance financial organisations. PASOK is on the government, the rich, the banks, the mega-contractors, the blood-thirsty crows in power. The priminister and his headquarters travel around the global mass media trying to make sure to the new age Conquistadores of the European Commission that they will fight against the workers and folk.
We don’t have many choices. Or we change or we sink. Or the workers will revolt, change the route of the country, break the chains of economical surveillance and debt’s terrorism or we will sink under poverty and bankruptcy of the working class.
The majority of GSEE (Pan-Hellenic Worker’s General Confederation) has chosen their side. They have turned GSEE into a government’s press conference office and into a parallel specialized Working Ministry. GSEE is out of any worker’s mobilizations or either condemns the last ones. GSEE continuously legalizes the fear of the crisis and shouts for workers’ obedience. The non announcement of strike on 10th February together with ADEDY is an arranged effort to back up the government’s plans to hit the rights of public sector’s workers, so all the workers’ rights will be hit later.

We demand from the leadership of GSEE to set the 10th of February as a day of general strike.

Everybody in the streets! For a workers’ rise up, so the government’s program will not come in reality!

3. Announcement from “Revolutionary Workers’ Party” (EEK-trotzkist):

…nothing is over…now we step for…

Everybody in the gathering-demonstration against the “Program of Stability and Development”.

– Down with the “Stability and Development Program – Continues General Strike – Action Committees everywhere – Panhellenic Rage Coordination!

– No “national consent” – no “public consultation” with the bosses. The crisis must be payed by the capitalists – all the power to the workers!

– Brake down the imperialistic European Union, delete the outlands debts and the private debts of unemployed people and workers, expropriate all the capital. For the United Socialistic States of Europe!

February 1, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


On the 16th of April 2004, plain-clothes cops arrest P. Georgiadis in a street in Thessaloniki and take him to the city’s police headquarters. After detaining him for hours, the media triumphantly present a police scenario about “a bomber having been arrested red-handed”. In the beginning, they present P. Georgiadis as the perpetrator of an unclear number of arsons that have taken place in the city… Finally, they end up accusing him of one “arson attempt” against a car, belonging to a private security company, which was parked in the street where he was arrested.

Denying all charges, he states that as an anarchist he was for long a police target. Even the cops who arrested him admit they knew him because of his anarchist activity. Georgiadis also stresses that passing from the place where he was arrested was part of his daily routine, something that the cops following him knew very well.

His arrest is the result of the desperate and futile effort of the police to solve the case of a series of arsons. Thus, the scenario fabricated contains everything that would help the police restore its prestige: incrimination for any unresolved case and conflicting reports about him having accomplices, so that the cops can claim they have achieved the “neutralization of a whole organization”. The latter leads in raids in houses of comrades and friends of Georgiadis. For the same reason, the scenario soon starts to collapse. The jabber about the “accomplices” will be eventually abandoned, along with the attempts to blame Georgiadis for the …dozens of actions the police was speaking about in the first place. In the end, even for the one accusation remaining, the cops who say they caught him in the moment of action are unable to present the incendiary device that would be supposedly used for the arson. With these fabricated charges, Georgiadis was sent to jail on April 20 and now he is in Koridallos prison of Athens.

His persecution is part of the state’s attack against society and specifically against those who resist, with any way they choose, the projects for the imposition of the modernized dictatorship of control and repression, exploitation and alienation.

Using the olympic games as a pretext and the doctrine of security as a spearhead, the state intensifies this attack, trying to extort the society’s consent and eliminate any social resistance. After all, the submission of society, the breakdown and the isolation of any voice and action of resistance are the most imperative aspirations of Authority. And any success in that level would be the darkest heritage of the olympic games.

Against state terrorism and the fabrication of social consent, we oppose solidarity, being aware that what the state wants when persecuting one militant is not having to deal with all of us.



Open Assembly of Anarchists-Antiauthoritarians

January 30, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Letter from vasilis Paleokosta in Eleftherotypia greek news paper in athens

First registration: Saturday, January 30, 2010, 18:58

In a letter to “stream” the newspaper “Sunday Eleftherotypia, Vassilis Palaiokostas gives his version of the chase took place in Alepochori last April, nearly two months after his escape from prison of Korydallos helicopter.

Vassilis Palaiokostas in his letter, refers to “physical extermination plan” from ΕΛ.ΑΣ and stresses that the police opened fire in Alepochori, throwing more than 150 bullets in order to kill him.

She blames the way the media (especially electronic) covered the event, the transaction ΕΛ.ΑΣ and made extensive reference to the unacceptable conditions of detention 13,000 prisoners. Also deplores the police violence and arbitrary killings and unjust convictions, and particularly young people.

At the end of his letter, Vassilis Palaiokostas gives a quiz for the Secretary of Citizen Protection, Michael Chrysohoides describing the inter-alia, as “deputy sheriff of a mountain village” and “passionate believer who loves the katadotismou informers and bounty ‘ while referring to the journalists say about the quiz: “Police officers who reported the find to enter the draw for an exclusive interview.

Below the signature and fingerprint by Vasilis Paleokosta.
Saturday, January 30, 2010

GREECE’S most wanted man has been arrested and linked to the kidnapping of a prominent industrialist, prompting a double celebration for police.

Vassilis Palaiokostas was nabbed in northern Greece this week, two years after his audacious prison escape in a hijacked helicopter.

He has been unveiled as the mastermind behind the kidnapping of multi-millionaire businessman George Mylonas, a crime that has ultimately brought him undone.

“We arrested Greece’s most wanted fugitive last night. Evidence shows he is also involved in Greek businessman George Mylonas’s kidnapping,” a police official confirmed.

Police finally caught up with the escapee after raiding a house in Salonica in connection to the abduction of Mr Mylonas.

Three hooded men had snatched Mr Mylonas, 49, as he drove to his home in the same city in June.

He was released unharmed 13 days later, after his family paid a reported $19 million ransom.

Investigators tracked down his kidnappers after one of the men used traceable bills to buy a car.

The arrest has ended a remarkable chapter in the country’s criminal history.

Palaiokostas, 44, and his brother, Nikos, 47, are lifelong criminals with a penchant for armed robbery and extortion who are regarded as Robin Hood figures.

Helping to curry favour during years on the run, they had shared some of their ill-gotten gains with the poor.

In 2006, Vassilis Palaiokostas was languishing behind bars in the maximum-security Korydallos Prison, located outside Athens and home to 2000 of the country’s most dangerous prisoners.

He was serving a 25-year sentence for bank robbery and for kidnapping the owner of a factory that made halva, the Greek dessert.

The businessman in that case was released unharmed after the payment of a $2 million ransom, laying the foundations for Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping and a much larger payout.

In an episode ripped from the script of a Hollywood blockbuster, his brother and an accomplice hijacked a sight-seeing helicopter and forced the pilot to land inside the prison.

Vassilis and another inmate boarded the helicopter as his brother threw smoke grenades to provide cover. Confused guards initially believed they were undergoing a surprise inspection and then declined to fire a shot in anger.

“We cannot shoot down a helicopter flying over busy streets and houses,” one guard explained.

Under threat from a pistol and grenade, the terrified pilot dropped the group at a nearby cemetery, where witnesses saw them flee on waiting motorbikes.

Vassilis’s brother, Nikos, knew the prison inside out – he had broken out of Korydallos in 1990 and was still on the run 16 years later.

Nikos had originally been jailed for a series of bank robberies but was also charged in absentia with the same kidnapping as his brother.

He was captured soon after breaking his brother out of prison.

Police nabbed him after a dramatic car chase through the mountains of central Greece, and he is serving an 87-year sentence.

Although he had a stash of weapons on him when arrested, Nikos was no killer and had to be caught without the aid of informers, with a million-dollar reward going unclaimed.

Vassilis remained on the run until police investigating Mr Mylonas’s kidnapping hunted him down this week.

January 28, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Chronicle of solidarity protests of those persecuted Vincennes – September 2009 to January 2010

Below is a brief history of the mobilizations and actions taken to solidarity with the persecuted for the burning of the detention center in Vincennes in France. The translation was made by the English version released on the Internet.

The insurections tried on 25, 26, 27 January 2010 for the arson of the prison during the uprising in June 2008.

9/9/2009 – Paris: Triple escape from Vincennes.

19/9/2009 – Paris: Two ATM bank La Poste (a public French bank alleging undocumented immigrants to the cops) burned down in solidarity.

22/9/2009 – Paris: broken all the windows in the building of the Red Cross in the suburb of 9 and written slogans: “undocumented” and “cracked partners.

4/11/2009 – Paris: It is an attack in high school Theophile Gauthier (Highway 49 charenton, suburb 12) in the week of action against the prison. . This voluntary school specializes in education and prison guards and cops do not follow the mainstream secondary schools – offering direct … “vocational rehabilitation. The doors were locked with chains. The facade was covered with posters: “Warning! This form future cops! “,” The guard to monitor, “” Destroy your cell “,” Better than poor and rebellious cop or guard “…

5/11/2009 – Paris: large windows broken in the company Bouygues προάστιο 15. suburb 15. The slogan “build prisons’ left behind.

– 5/11/2009 – Paris: tear the tires on a truck and vans one of the ISS, in solidarity with the prisoners of the new detention center in Steenoekerzel in Belgium, where the company works.

14/11/2009 – Paris: To the Red Cross building in the suburb 10 painted with slogans: “Partners of the Red Cross” and “Fire in detention centers. Also, out of the French Anarchist Federation (FAF) (which published a leaflet in which proposed solutions to the humanization of prisons) are written the slogans: “Partners FAF”, “stinking traitors”, “The FAF wants to humanise prisons let them burn. “

σε 5/12/2009 – Paris: Sabotage banks against expulsions.

Each screen found stuck stickers saying: “Off The bank complained that undocumented migrants to the police. To sabotage the machinery of deportation. Freedom for all “.

The deportation of undocumented migrants is not only the police but by an entire machine, from the employment centers that control them, the humanitarians who handle evictions until the banks regularly “give” to the cops customers.

7/12/2009 – Lyon: ATM and destroyed large windows of a bank BNP against the deportation machine.

9/12/2009 – Paris: hung banners denouncing the banks BNP and La Poste, working with the machinery of deportation: “Destroy the detention centers,” to sabotage the machinery of deportation, “Long live the flames of insurection!”” These banks denounce undocumented migrants, “Solidarity with rebels of the detention center Vincennes».

10/12/2009 – Paris: A bulldozer company Eiffage (manufacturers prison) burnt in solidarity to prisoners who fight and those persecuted for the burning of the detention center in Vincennes. Also there are the remains of pyrpolimenou machinery on the site of the tram in Saint Mandé Paris.

12/12/2009 – Paris: Carry out a march in Belville, with banners “Freedom for all, with or without papers” of about 30 people afisokolloune areas Belville, Menilmontant and Couronnes. Some slogans “denounce immigrants” are written to banks.

16/12/2009 – Paris: It is arson in the architectural office of Alain Derbesse the suburb 14. This office participated in the building of detention centers in Vivonne and le Havre, as in the construction of prison Mans and a police station, and renovation of a judicial building.

– 21/12/2009 – Paris: According to media, many large windows and broken doors in government immigration office. They are slogans written “Fire in detention centers. Also reported a similar attack in October in Lille.

22/12/2009 – Grenoble: broken large windows in shops and Bouygues stencil written: “The Bouygues building prisons.”

23/12/2009 – Paris: March, stencils, posters, slogans on banks in regions Barbes and Goutte d’Or: “Fire in the prisons,” The cops are pigs “,” Government war = war on the poor “k . … s

Thousands of notices and pamphlets to passers-sharing and shout slogans like “Freedom for all with or without papers” and “Pigs cops Killers” …

. – 1/1/2010 – Paris: At midnight, fireworks and dynamitakia fall around the detention center of Villepinte and Vincennes, shout slogans for “Freedom!” To greet the prisoners.

9/1/2010 – Paris: Progress in Montreuil.

For 2 hours, about 20 people decorated the subway, banks and streets with hundreds of posters and slogans.

This course was as follow paths in areas Bellville and La goutte d’Or.


16/1/2010 – Paris: “Because you do not have to expect 15,000 people to act against what destroys us”

. There is progress in eastern Paris, a sign with undocumented workers, and the persecuted of Vincennes. Tramway Porte des Lilas,Menilmontant, The course went through the sites Tramway Porte des Lilas, and then in Menilmontant, which made strikes. Hundreds of posters and trikakia used, and major roads blocked. Exerted pressure on banks and other partners of the machine expulsions. Visit was 2 and other sources were strikes.

, 16/1/2010 – Bordeaux: moving about 100 people on a site the company Bouygues, and then in office. Posters cover the entire entry.

16/1/2010 – Angers: Moving with banner ‘Solidarity to the alleged arsonists in the detention center Vinennes “. Posters decorated town: for the week of solidarity and Sternokerzeel detention center in Belgium.

18/1/2010 – Paris: Arson at bank La Poste, in the suburb 19. Is it written the slogan “The La Poste expel. Solidarity! Vincennes “

– 19/119/1/2010 – Lyon: Write slogans on banks BNP and offices Vouygues.

– 19/1/2010 – Μπεσανσόν: a Butte. – 19/1/2010 – Besançon: Fireworks solidarity to prisoners in jail La Butte. “On 19/1/2008, Ivan and the Bruno (after the Isa, Farid and Juan) were arrested and imprisoned at Vincennes charged with involvement in the fight against the deportation machine. This case has not been heard yet. Και And even pay for it. On 19/1/2009 burned the detention center in Bordeaux, a storage center, people waiting for their deportation. On 19/1/2010 a companion was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment on charges of assistance (such as meat, media and entertainment) to the prisoners than the prison. . Now even he rots there.

19/1/2010 – Bordeaux: noisy demonstration by 250 people, fireworks, smoke canisters and trikakia.

– 20/1/2010 – Grenoble: Many banners and posters hung in the city.

– 21/1/2010, Grenoble: scaled sized banks from the center and the Hotel Ibis in the shop and Bouygues.
Large windows broken at a store Bouygues.
Many slogans are written in the city.

. – 23/1/2010 – Paris: Sabotage to 27 ATM.

23/1/2010 – Paris: Moving solidarity. Γίνονται περίπου 15 συλλήψεις, ένας κρατείται. Made about 15 arrests, one was accepted.

January 28, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”: Info-night and discussion on state strategies of counterinsurgency in Greece. Cowley Club, Brig

For more than a year now, Greece has been in a near-constant state of social turmoil. Shortly after the revolt of 2008 the Greek State initiated strategies of counter-insurgency, some strategies that in the past two months, have intensified to the extreme. What is happening in the country right now? Why do the Greek state’s strategies remind us so much of what has become a taken-for-granted social reality here in the U.K.? Join us for an evening of discussion with comrades from Flesh Machine, an anarchist journal from Athens, and Occupied London, an anarchist journal from the Big Smoke. Flesh Machine co-wrote an extended article on the Greek state’s strategy of counterinsurgency: http://www.occupiedlondon.org/blog/2009/12/04/136-just-a-spoonful-of-sugar-helps-the-medicine-go-down-flesh-machine-ego-te-provoco-comrades/ … and Occupied London has been providing translations and updates on the situation in Greece, at http://www.occupiedlondon.org/blog Friday 29.01, 6 pm @The Cowley Club, Brighton


January 27, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

The Attack Continues

Dear comrades,

Behind us we feel the strength of our gesture of insurgent love; informal and coordinated, lived and felt in as many ways as our creativity, our imagination, our desires and resources, (personal or material), have allowed and guided…

It seems to me that I am not the only one who has been moved by the interest that this hunger strike stirred up, by the demonstration of revolutionary solidarity and its results. I also don’t think I’m the only one that wants to see that all that was experienced and shared during these days remain “only” a gesture… Gestures are for remembering (monuments, comrades, situations, etc.), but IDEAS and ACTIONS are for continuing and advancing…

We have remembered our own, not with the intention of creating “sanctuaries” to mourn at every anniversary, but to keep our comrades present in our lives and actions.
Our comrades have been neither “angels” or “devils”, but conscious individuals who remind us why they fought, and continue to fight. Their death reminds us of the determination of their struggle, a determination that is still alive…
What was the “crime” of Salvador Puig Antich? And the one of Augustin Rueda Sierra? Or the one of Franco Seratini? Or the one of Giuseppe Pinelli? Or the one of Soledad and Edo? Or the one of Carlo Giuliani? Or the one of Paco Ortiz? Or the one of Xose Tarrio? Or the one of Mauricio Morales? What were the “crimes” of these comrades? Should we now be stuck on the organizational label from where their militant practice emerged (those who had one), or focus on the IDEAS they defended?
Do you know where the murderers of our comrades are? Do you know which targets they attacked? The existences they lead? What were their dreams?
I remember Flores Magon once wrote: “It is not the rebels that create problems, but the problems that create rebels”…
Of course! The worlds’ problems are not going to resolve themselves… this is our endeavor.
Personally I will not wait (to act) for the masses (the exploited, the oppressed, the ignorant) to “awaken” … I will also not wait for the “elite” to give up their privileges, for mercenaries to give up their paychecks or become “conscious” of their condition…
Some are guided by fear, others by greed or indifference, while most are buried alive by mental conformism… All of them remind me, day after day, that the solution to problems (personal or political) begins within ourselves. When I witness so called “comrades” scared to raise their voices, to speak clearly, or to take a stance in front of so much injustice, instead remaining silent…this convinces me even more that IDEAS, without will, are worthless. I hope therefore, that nobody is surprised if I continue to defend anarchists who practice direct action… all the Mauricio Morales and the Zoes…
We are not going to waste time and energy trying to convince those who have given up on direct action for a position in a union… or those who “talk shit,” but live a drab existence… They are not useful to the revolution.
From within ourselves we find the choice of being “object”, “subject” or protagonists of our own existence.
During these days of action, December 20th to January 1st, which are in memory and tribute to our fallen (or murdered) comrades, we have found many things that reaffirm our methods and confirm others: our IDEAS and desires will continue on the offensive (with unconfined expectations).
This initiative would have not been successful without all of those who participated and committed themselves to it; the comrades that took part in the hunger strike (from the inside) and those who contributed equally with their reflections; those who distributed and translated communiqués and texts, those who manifested (in hundreds of ways) and participated in solidarity demos or made murals, and those who sought the complicity of the night to place explosives and fire starters, or those brothers who grabbed their weapons and expropriated those capitalist temples of exploitation – helping the struggle and themselves meet material needs…and of course the great action in Tijuana where they kicked off the new year by machine gunning some mercenary patrols…
Yes, we are aware of everything that has happened and we’re proud of it! Thank you to everyone, comrades, for being there, for your solidarity, and for your revolutionary love…
With every action or demonstration we create bonds and feelings of complicity that make each other stronger in the current social war. Aside from this, everything that happens is being forged in our histories and in our warrior conscience…
Together we broke isolation and fake separations; we demonstrated our “operative” force, strength, anger and love, internationalism and combative commitment from a decentralized and anti-authoritarian perspective…
I am agreeing with what was written by comrades at “presos a la calle” (a big hug!) when they declared, “It is not possible to rely soley on affinity-based mobilizations, or, exclusively on those reactionary in character. There is a possible equilibrium, and it is imperative to know when to use certain specific forms of struggle. This is why we cannot write-off reactionary mobilizations (fighting for an end to raids, to isolation, to displacement etc..), but likewise, cannot dismiss those based in affinities, about which some deluded people say there is nothing concrete to be earned.”
So, even though we are often gaining nothing concrete (for example in our struggle against FIES, against raids, or against the evictions of our spaces etc.), even if we are engaged in retaliatory/vindictive struggles, we still keep going… On the other hand, struggles shouldn’t be measured in terms of value dictated by the market: either you “win” or “lose”… In fact there are “losses” that help us to grow, and “victories” that fall short (even though at first it doesn’t seem so). These struggles are not a competition, but processes that develop with the intention of changing or destroying the powers that destroy us.
Our ability to obtain the goals that we set, succeeding at what is projected or being left half-way there, depends on our own capacities and resources.
What can never be taken away from us is what we learn from these journeys (our memories and experiences) and above all no one can ever say that we didn’t try with all our means.
As hard as it is to admit this, not all the factors in these processes are in our hands, or only in the hands of the forces in power. But, we have at our disposal a huge theoretic and practical arsenal to put to the test. We will not make one method more sacred than another… some of them will be effective… it all depends on the destination that you chasing…
I take this occasion to greet those who were subject to the repression of the authorities during the demonstration in Santiago, Chile, on December 23rd: Strength to you, comrades!
I also send my greetings to comrades at Culmine and their projects: informal reflections, hunger strike not-til-death, international ties, informal insurrectional project… for those interested please check out culmine.noblogs.org. This is also a reminder that two comrades from Culmine will be sentenced on January 19th*… Let’s be alert and ready to express our solidarity towards these comrades. All my solidarity to them and all my disgust to those who rail against the anarchist!!
This is a call out to all my internationalist brothers regarding the arrest of the Mexican comrade Socorro Molinero Armenta… does someone know the address where I can write him?
Good, then for now I’ll stop writing… we shall continue to debate the proposals arriving from Culmine a
nd Presos a la Calle to deepen our thoughts on topics and questions brought up.
A strong anarchist and revolutionary hug to all our accomplices.
Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, concentration camp in Aachen, Germany
January 2010

*the two comrades were absolved in the first degree in the charges 270 bis and 270 (subversive association with intent against democracy)

January 26, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Tuesday, 26 January 2010 Political revenge against Alfredo Bonanno

Compañeras and comrades,
From within a climate of daily anarchist action and the brutal repression of every aspect of our lives I am taking the liberty of informing you of two important developments concerning the detention of Alfredo Bonanno.
As you already know Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos were transferred to Korydallos prison one day before the transfer of the murderer Korkonea to the prison of Amfissa.
There, the pharmacy refused to grant him his medication for diabetes and severe pain in the shoulder caused by a tumour diagnosed by doctors at the health centre of Amfissa.
Following pressure from their comrades a doctor sent by the Italian Embassy visited him in prison where his serious state of health was confirmed.
I would like to inform you that at this time the investigator in Trikala is deliberating the application for Alfredo’s release on bail.
Following the new detention measures of the Ministry of Justice, Bonanno’s advanced age (73 years), his compromised health and his detention for a misdemeanor (given that Stratigopoulos has assumed responsibility for the armed robbery), it is patently clear that his continued detention is an exemplary one of political revenge.
Alfredo Bonanno is a revolutionary anarchist comrade and a writer of many works. That why he is being held, if it wasn’t him, he would already be free until the trial.
But for us, for whom solidarity is our weapon and who know that in any uprising we will be dynamite, we will not abandon our comrade. We demand the immediate release of Alfredo Bonanno.
Freedom now for Alfredo Bonanno.
Eva Tziutzia

Ps. Thefollowing fax has been sent to the Minister of Justice Trasparency and Human Rights, Athens, the Italian Embassy in Athens and the press.

We wish to denounce the abusive and illegal detention of Alfredo Maria Bonanno in unacceptable conditions in the prison of Koridallos (Athens). The vindictive politic of the State is aimed at the physical and psychological annihilation of the 73-year old comrade who is facing serious health problems. Alfredo Bonanno is an anarchist, who has been involved in the movement for decades, militant in the resistance against the dictatorship of the Greek colonels (1967-1974), and writer and editor of many works.

We demand the immediate liberation of Alfredo Maria Bonanno
Solidarity initiative
to Alfredo M. Bonanno

January 25, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

In the past week, the German police raided two places in Berlin and Dresden in search of posters for mobilisations against the world’s biggest neonazi march in Dresden on February 13th with expectedly 7000 nazis from all over Europe. The prosecutors say appeals to block that march violate the law and are therefore illegal. All materials for the mobilisation they could find have been confiscated. Left politicians that pasted posters to protest against the police justice have been arrested. The mobilisation homepage dresden-nazifrei.de has been blocked which is in accordance with censorship in Iran and China.
It looks like Germany did not learn from history. In the shadow of democracy thousands of nazis may march on February 13th, which will be protected by more than 4000 police officers. The state of Saxony, which is ruled by a coalition of the conservative „Christian Democratic Union“ and the „Liberal Democratic Party“ made up a law who was to forbid both nazi and antifascist protests. While this law is likely to be rejected by the Constitutional Court and also contains vulnerabilitiesthat make it tough to use it to forbid the neonazi march, the state repression against the antifascist goes on. The State Institutions alienate law to their own purposes, most their action are likely to be declared illegal in hindsight.
Antifascist groups call upon all forces to come to Dresden in order to block the march. The bombing of Dresden 1945 was not an act of terrorism, but legitimate action in wartime, and may not be used for their purposes to spread hatred and their national-socialist ideology.

Talking is over – no place to hide for fascists, revisionists and nazis!

January 25, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

A local antiracist demo in Ampelokipoi, Athens, came under attack by fascist thugs, leading to the hospitalisation of one woman. More than 40 fascists

On Saturday 23 January an anti-racist demo of the Cultural Centre of Ambelokipoi in Athens was fiercely attacked by a fascist group of so-called “autonomous nationalists”. The demo was organised as a response to continuing disturbance of the functioning of the 50 year old Centre by fascist thugs who tried to burn it down last week. Before the official start-time of the demo, at 12, when only the organisers were in Panormou square, 40 fascist thugs attacked them with sticks leading to the wounding of three people, amongst which a 50 year old woman who has been hospitalised. During the attack riot police forces stationed in the square stood by watching, even moving aside to let the fascists strike. Nevertheless, the demostrators managed to counterattack chasing the fascists, despite police efforts to stop them.

Thr police finally intervened only after it became known that an MP was also amongst the people attacked. The police intervention has led to 44 detentions of fascists, who are being interrogated at the police headquarters.

The attack comes in a climax of similar moves that have been growing ever since the government announced a law that will legalise hundreds of thousands of second generation immigrants giving them the right to vote. The extreme-right has launched a campaign of hate in order to halt the procedure.

Ambelokipoi, the area where the attack took place, has a long record of fascist action, with leafleting at schools of the area coming under frequent attacks, once even at gun-point. This does not however mean that the neighbourhood is fascist as such. In fact, after the 50 year old woman was taken to the near by Red Cross Hospital, doctors and nurses came down to the street to join the demo in protest to the fascist violence. The demo formed a protest march towards the Athens police HQ which is also in the area.

The Coalition of Radical Left MP who participated in the demo has declared that “For one more time fascists are acting in the open with the toleration of the police against any kind of protest against racism and xenophobia. This terrorism will not pass. Fascism will not take root in this country”. The Left wing labour union umbrella “Autonomous Intervention” denounced the “Uncontrollable activity of neofascist groups which are provoking the democratic and anti-fascist sentiments of the people”.

It must be noted that recently Spartakos, the 30 year old “Network of Free Conscripts”, revealed that the Ministry of National Defense has been organising paramilitary training camps in Chalkdiki, where ex-soldiers and other militaristic elements have been trained in “counterterrorist” operations. After the revelations, Spartacus has come under the spotlight of the fascist parliamentary party LAOS, which has demanded from the Ministry the containment of the group. Spartakos has denounced efforts of detaining its members during leafleting, and has further revealed that a secret General Stuff document describing in detail the Network’s totally legal day-to-day activities has come to the Network’s possession.

Moreover, the escalation of fascist violence has inculded the torching of the Chania Synagogue which destroyed thousands of rare manuscripts and books. Regarding the torching (twice in one month), the police has arrested 1 greek and 2 british citizens as part of the anti-Semitic group that perpetrated the attack. The greek has confessed, while the british are denying any involvement in the act; 2 US citizens are also wanted for the same case. However, the police is refusing to follow the link to the torching of the Immigrant Social Centre of the city which occurred within the same time. Swastikas were found painted in the torched Immigrant Centre, while a slate of soap believed to be the group’s signature was found in the torched Synagogue.

The arrests come as a rare incident in a country where fascist action is tolerated by the state to the degree that it is often believed that fascist groups are in fact parastate terror organisations, similar to the ones kept by the state until the end of the junta.

January 24, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

in prison members from ELF / ALF

From 15 December held at the new detention center Abraham López Martínez, 16 years old and Fermín Gómez Trejo, 17

years old, accused of property damage and destruction caused to 9 luxury cars, a criminal organization and the bombing of

Delegation Harley Davidson who had taken the front for the liberation of the earth (ELF)

In 3 years imprisonment for the convicted Lewis Pogson, 18 January 2010 to participate in the release of 129 rabbits and

ferrets from the farm vivisection Highgate Farm

January 24, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

News from Germany Wiesbaden / Frankfurt 23 / 1

Fake parcel bomb sent to the Office of the Prime Minister of the state of Hessen, Roland Koch. The responsibility assumed the “Movement of Light Breakfast” protesting the decision to cut benefits.

Leipzig 22 / 1

Four police cars were burned. The responsibility assumed by the “Militant Group Leipzig” (militant group Leipzig).

Göttingen 22 / 1

Arson was in the premises of Immigration Service. S note denounced the expulsion of immigrants.

Göttingen 20 / 1

Burnt a Jaguar with losses of about EUR 3000.

Greifswald 18 / 1

Two cops who were on a patrol was attacked with Molotov 3.

Two days after the attack arrested three men, aged 16, 18 and 23 respectively.

Bochum 16 / 1

January 24, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Photos from the conflicts that erupted in France

Photos from the conflicts that erupted in France in the city Woippy (Moselle), Tuesday, Jan. 19, after his death 19 years old young man who was killed while trying to escape from control trochompatson and injuring two others aboard the machine.

In a spontaneous way spastikan approximately 200 people and burned police cars and other government vehicles and facilities.

Arrested a man and the cop accused of the murder of the young no evidence and released.